Young Wong Fei Hung

Reviewed by: sukting

September 02, 2003

Rating: four

How long
20 episodes


Wong Fei Hung is the only son of Wong Kei Ying and is thus pampered by his mother since young. Old Wong has problems disciplining him as his wife often protects him. Knowing that his son is interested in learning martial arts, Old Wong wants him to learn healing skills too as an exchange. Fei Hung is reluctant but he has no choice. However, he manages to cultivate an interest later.

Fei Hung is reckless and offends a court official’s nephew, Na Lan Guai Fok. This man is very vengeful and seeks to bully Fei Hung every now and then. Once, he even tried to set a trap to kill Fei Hung. But Fei Hung saw through his act and escaped unscathed. Guai Fok then wants to have a duel with Kei Ying. But Old Wong still hadn't recovered from an old injury (please forgive me as I have forgotten the details – not sure whether it is Guai Fok’s uncle, Na Lan Sai Kin’s doing.) However he still accepts the challenge as he knows that Fei Hung is not his match.

On the day of the duel, both men agree that it will be a friendly match. But when Guai Fok loses, he suddenly attacks Old Wong. The poor man is caught unprepared and faints after vomiting blood. Fei Hung is in tears as he knows that Old Wong will not be able to survive the injury. Kei Ying passes Fei Hung the sword that has been handed down to him by his ancestors. He dies peacefully later.

Fei Hung is adamant not to let the matter rest like this. He seeks Guai Fok out. Surprisingly, he kills him out of rage. Fei Hung is later a fugitive as Sai Kin is hot on his heels. He gets to know the Tam siblings, Tam Chi Tong and his sister, Tam Jing. Tam Chi Tong is a rebel against Qing rule and is a righteous man. Alas, he is a thorn in Sai Kin’s eye too. So he is captured and killed.

Tam Jing is upset over the loss. Fei Hung feels sorry for her and brings her home. In the meantime, Sai Kin pretends to forgive Fei Hung but in fact, he still hates him to the core. Tam Jing decides to continue with her brother’s unfinished plans. She leaves Fei Hung and Fei Hung misses her. His distant cousin, Yuk Yin comes to live at his home and falls for him. However, upon knowing he loves Tam Jing, she keeps her feelings to herself and even tries to persuade Tam Jing to spare a thought for Fei Hung.

Tam Jing refuses and asks her to take care of Fei Hung instead. Fei Hung gets to know a new friend, Bo Ching Wan (please note, he is not Wind in ‘Wind and Cloud’.) Bo doesn’t wish to be a court official but he has no choice as his father is dead and he has to take over. He spars with Fei Hung and is impressed by his skills. Both hit off well and even become sworn brothers although Fei Hung doesn’t like it that he works for the court. He had seen how his father had died miserably and tries in vain to change his mind.

A powerful eunuch, Siu Tak Cheung, is in Canton. Tam Jing plans to kill this wicked official. Alas, she fails in her attempt and is raped by him when he throws poison powder at her to make her unconscious. I still have no idea how a eunuch can do such a thing though. Tam Jing is very traumatized over the ordeal. Fei Hung is so mad with Siu Tak Cheung that he kills him in the end. Bo manages to clear his tracks to makes it look like the murder was done by a thief. However, the intelligent Sai Kin sees through the trick and vows not to let Fei Hung off.

Another wicked court official is present and Tam Jing pretends to be a sword dancer. Bo is also at the feast but he is helpless because Sai Kin recognizes her. He knows what she intends to do – to kill him and the official! Sai Kin quickly takes out a gun and shoots her. Then he gets his man to surround her at a cliff. Tam Jing quietly wishes Fei Hung to take care of himself before she jumps into the water (reminds you of how Duk Gu Fung dies in ‘Reincarnated’, doesn't it?)

Fei Hung is devastated by the news. Yuk Yin tries her best to console him. Through his mother’s advice, he realizes how much she loves him. So he marries her in the end. But their wedding day spells another tragedy. Bo is getting popular with the Emperor and thus a jealous Sai Kin kills him when he attends their wedding. Fei Hung fights hard to control himself as he is now the keeper of ‘Bo Chi Lam’ and doesn’t wish that it be destroyed in his hands.

How Fei Hung has mellowed after marriage! He starts wearing a long gown and keeps himself preoccupied in the medical hall to treat the poor. But he can be such a blur person. His wife has been feeling unwell for a few days yet he doesn’t even ask her what is wrong. Only when he sees her face turning pale, he then sets to examine her pulse. He is delighted to find her pregnant.

Alas, the Emperor has heard of Fei Hung’s skills and has grouped together 8 pugilists to deal with Fei Hung. He agrees to hand Sai Kin over to Fei Hung if he manages to defeat all of them. Fei Hung is impressive in his defeat of all the opponents and finally comes face to face with Sai Kin. He eventually kills him. Fei Hung and Yuk Yin have a peaceful life together from then onwards.

Introduction to the characters

  1. Wong Fei Hung – Wong Yuen Sang
    He is undoubtedly the best choice for this role! Who can doubt his agility in the fighting scenes and his powerful acting here! You will shake your head at how rebellious and careless Fei Hung can be at first. He breaks all his father’s antiques, offends so many people and his poor father has to settle all his disputes for him.

    But as time goes by, he becomes mature. In fact, the change is so different that you begin to question whether you are looking at the same man. In the later part of the serial, he wears a long gown that makes him so scholarly. This is so unlike his initial dressing. And he doesn’t get furious easily anymore. He has changed all his rebellious ways and is a lot more wiser.

    His chemistry with both actresses can be said to be matching. However, I preferred the sparks created by him and Cheng. Both are quick-tempered and get into quarrels easily. Yet there is undeniably a concern for each other. Ngai’s character is too quiet. Some may not like her for it seemed she turned our hero into an introvert in the end. But still I welcomed the change – it is rare to see Wong acting cheeky and also mature in the same serial!

  2. Bo Ching Wan – Lai Hon Chi
    He is such a loyal friend – what more one can ask for such a great pal? He is intelligent and helpful. If not for him, Fei Hung would have died countless times. Unfortunately, he is unable to save his own life in the end. Lai is very convincing as the friend whom we all wish to have.

  3. Na Lan Guai Fok – Lo Lap Lam (Ren Wo Xing in 96 State of Divinity)
    Lo makes a pest come to life! I really clenched my fists whenever he appeared. Serves him right when Fei Hung kills him in the end.

  4. Wong Kei Ying – Mak Tien Yan
    He has no choice but to be strict with his son. His teaching methods prove right when he can finally make Fei Hung his successor. This man really has a lot of foresight! However, he is too soft-heartened. If not for him sparing Guai Fok’s life, he will not have been killed. Mak is very impressive in the role – it is a surprise that he is still single in real life. How did he act so well as a father then?

  5. Na Lan Sai Kin – Chu Tiet Wo (now with TVB)
    This is another vicious role that cannot be forgotten. The many evil schemes that he comes up with shock you. Many will simply hate him – this shows that Chu is successful.

  6. Tam Chi Tong – Lau Kong (now with TVB)
    This actor plays his role well as a righteous man who never gives up his ideals. However, he simply lacks luck and is eventually executed. Before he dies, he wishes for Tam Jing to be happy. This scene is a very tragic one.

  7. Tam Jing – Cheng Mun Ngai (ex-Miss Hong Kong winner in 1979)
    She is pretty and also natural in her acting for a newcomer. She can be wild and also gentle. You’ll like all scenes of her with Wong together. Both of them have so much chemistry! What a pity that both could not be together in the end.

  8. Yuk Yin – Ngai Chau Wah
    She is also a newcomer. Her personality with Fei Hung initially causes conflict as both are the exact opposite of each other. However, when Fei Hung matures, their relationship starts to work out. Ngai did fairly well in here. Although not as pretty as Cheng, she is still beautiful.

Most favourite character
Fei Hung – for his multi-faced character – he can be wild and talkative. But later, he can also be quiet and reserved. His acting was formidable.

Most hated character
Sai Kin, because of his evil ways.

The song is sung by Lau Ying Hung. The first 2 lines are originally from a traditional piece which had been rearranged. It is still a nice song that many still like till today.

Interesting scenes
All the scenes where Fei Hong spars with others. It is unbelievable that a common loser can win his stronger opponents in the end. It it because he performs better when in rage?

How Guai Fok cheats to win – all will detest his undermined ways.

The tragic scenes depicting Tam Jing and Tam Chi Tong's deaths.

The last scene where Fei Hung pits his skills against the 8 pugilists is really an eye-opener. Although I have forgotten the faces, I can still remember how Wong deals with them using a spear, stick and sword. The only opponent I remembered was Lau Ying Hung and her devilish eyes and how Fei Hung goes into a trance whenever he looks into them. Later, he realizes his mistake so he quickly drinks a lot of wine. He masters drunken fists on the spot, grabs her long ribbons and traps her with it! What an unexpected ending!

Interesting facts
Apparently this serial was very well-received in Hong Kong. Many simply loved Wong in here and even complained that he should have smiled more often so they could see his dimples.

This serial was memorable because this was the last Cantonese drama that I watched on television. Even taxi drivers rushed home to watch this serial when it was aired.

So sorry that this review is so short. I have forgotten the details as I only watched it once and that was a very long time ago. Yuen Sang’s fans shouldn’t miss this at all – he plays the role so well that all attention is focused on him. No special stunts or effects – all natural movements! It is truly Wong’s one man show. He was just so skilful with all the different weapons given to him. ATV should have released this on VCD.

Sukting's Ratings :
On acting : **** (Scale of 5)
On story : **** (Scale of 5)

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