Cowboy Bebop



Number of Episodes:26

Language: Japanese

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Cowboy Bebop

Reviewed by: lumaniac January 26, 2008

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

"Gather everyone up. 3-2-1. Let's Jam!" Cowboy Bebop was produced in 1998, copyrighted by Emotion, Sunrise, and Bandai (Didn't they make Power Rangers?). First of all, the name Cowboy Bebop refers to a spaceship. The people onboard at one time or another are Jet Black, Spike Spiegel, Edward, Faye Valentine, and a dog named Ein. The story takes place in the far future when humans have mastered space travel and so on. Jet, Spike and Faye...

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02-08-2009 06:49 PM


Cowboy Bebop is an awesome anime and it's now a classic! It's a must watch for any anime lover. It's great because each episode can be watched as a stand alone show and you don't need to watch all of them in a day long marathon (though you may still want to).

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