Death Note

Reviewed by: Anonymous

February 11, 2008

Rating: four

Originally I had no true interest in this anime, but somehow my brother convinced me to sit down and watch a few episodes. The opening is great on its own in my opinion, it caught my attention right off the bat. Unfortunately I didn't catch the very first episode, but luckily for me, I was able to catch on quickly. The show is slowly paced and is about a young man who finds a book that can be used to cause the death of others.

Something that is great about this show is that there are detectives following this trail of deaths, and they actually admit that there is a mysterious sort of "magic" going on behind them. I mean really, what kind of American detective would do that? One of the twists that I love about this is that the kid who is causing all these deaths with his little book is the son of the head detective following the trail. Irony is key in this anime. This anime reminded me a bit of this movie that came out on lifetime not too long ago called "The Devil's Diary" and I'm pretty sure watching that movie is what turned me off about this show, because it was so horrible for such an interesting idea.

Furthermore, although it is a bit cheesy I like the fact that the spirit that follows the book, also follows the young man who found it. You can see how the spirit manipulates what the young man does and why he does it. The last episode I saw was with a young lady in it and perhaps a future love interest for the young man causing all these deaths. To be honest, I don't think that having a love interest would hurt the plot of this show at all. Showing that the young man is human too can add on to his character and make you sympathize with him in a way that you never usually get from other animes.

There is this really interesting detective in the show who does not want anyone to know his name because he is afraid of being killed by the young man. Well I really appreciate the way he is drawn. He looks like the type of person who is living life alone and scared. He is also a peculiar character because he is the first detective to actually suggest that the deaths are not natural. You'll also notice while watching the show that most of the people who die are detectives in their attempt to track the young man. This happens because once the young man finds a detectives name out, he will add them to his list, just to ensure that they don't find him. His list isn't as simple as I just put it, it is actually very well thought out.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed watching this anime and I am so glad my brother is able to manipulate me, because it led me to this show. It is interesting and I cant seem to get enough of it. I watch it every week night and will continue to do so until it goes off air.

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