Eden of the East

Reviewed by: spcnet

November 06, 2012

Rating: four

Eden of the East is a pretty modern story starting with a terrorist act called Careless Monday. Overall, it's a very futuristic and complex story that gets you into it by having the star Akira Takizawa showing up naked in Washington D.C. and having his memory erased by his futuristic phone. He meets Saki Morimi and their journey to unravel his memory and what he's supposed to do with his futuristic phone begins.

SPOILER ALERT (please stop reading here if you don't want to know more about the plot)

Akira learns that he's one of 12 people who have been given 12 billion yen to try and save Japan. They never really explain what's wrong with Japan other than perhaps economic stagnation. The concept of NEETS is also introduced. This stands for "Not in education, employment or training." This seems to refer to the younger generation in Japan which is technologically savvy, but has no real desire to work and pursue a profession. The first person to win, gets the prize and the others are sentenced to death. No one knows the definition of winning, though each has his own idea of what that means.

This initial concept is intriguing and it's cool to learn what he can do with his $10B yen and who the other players of the game are. But this story moves pretty quickly and you learn about Akira and some of the tragic activities each of the players has committed with their money.

I give this anime 4 stars mainly because it's only 11 episodes long. The concept is really interesting but it's hard to develop a strong plot line with the other players in such a short amount of time. They also leave the last episode as a cliff hanger and continue the series in 2 90 minute movies. So I guess you can count those as 6 episodes. Either way, the series starts out great and full of excitement, but the ending to me was a let down and nothing is really resolved.

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