InuYasha - The Final Act



Genre:Fantasy, Animation

Number of Episodes:26

Average Rating:       (out of 2 ratings)

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04-17-2012 10:24 PM


Its great that they finally decided to finish the anime. But the whole thing was too fast paced unlike the seasons from before. I felt that the this season followed the manga too strictly. But the openings and endings were lovely as usual.


11-26-2009 02:33 PM


@lUckY_keNy: The first few episodes are out already. We have some links in our Videos section.


10-26-2009 07:44 AM


when will this series of Inu-yasha gotna airs ???


10-11-2009 10:42 PM


Finally, InuYasha will pick up the story and finish off the series!

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