Reviewed by: Crimsonyu

January 14, 2007

Rating: four

The anime is about a family of vampires, the Marker, or Maaka family, who moved to Japan. It centers on how vampires can be seen, not as a threat, but to produce different effects to people after biting them.

The members of the family are:
- Henry, the father
- Carrera, the mother
- Ren, the elder brother. He is attracted to blood of stressed people and has a lot of girlfriends
- Karin, the elder sister. She is different that she is a blood-producer
- Anju, the younger sister. She is attracted to blood of jealous people
- The grandmother, Elda, who doesn't appear from the beginning but has a big role later on after she appears. She is attracted to blood of the people who have love on their minds

The story begins with an introduction to the family showed every chapter. There are 24 episodes in total. We have Karin going to school like a normal person, and meet a transfer student called Usui Kenta. When Usui first comes into the story, Karin finds herself attracted to his blood. Karin, despite her uniqueness in being not a blood sucker but rather, a blood producer who puts blood into her victims, is unable to stop her blood increment and leaks it out and faints. Usui saves her and has to clean up the mess.

To avoid biting him, Karin dawns on an idea to cheer him up. She makes him a lunchbox every day. At the same time, her family is worried that she will fall for him and to add on to this, Usui has found out she is a vampire and is frightened that one of her family members will take his memory from him – he is to keep the truth a secret, which he does.

Another student, this time an arrogant and overconfident vampire hunter called Winner Sinclair, who doesn't have much potential, appears and seems to have a crush on Karin. In fact, when Karin was younger, she had her first blood increment and bitten him. This had created his overconfidence and lead to him becoming a vampire hunter. Karin's best friend Tokito Maki also has a crush on him like how he has a crush on Karin.

Not long after Karin's look-alike grandmother wakes up from her slumber in her coffin, Winner's grandfather comes to Japan with a mission to eradicate the whole Marker family...

Character Design:
I find that Karin's hairstyle and hair color pales in comparison to her siblings. Karin has very dark brown cropped hair, while her sister Anju's hair is silvery grey in color and has elegant curls. Ren's hair is blue-green. Elda, who is a Karin look-alike, as Karin inherits her looks from her grandma, has lavender hair with curls like that of Anju's. I would have preferred Karin with lighter brown hair and longer hair.

Karin's brother Ren has extremely pointed ears. I know he is thin, but he is definitely not an elf! Another comment I would like to voice was on Usui Kenta's eye size. He has extremely small eyes, and I do not understand why Winner says, "I just hate it when you stare at me like that." It is just a matter of small eyes. What I found uncomfortable about his character design is that they could do better on his eyes.

Overall comments
I found Karin really funny, especially when she thinks of ideas to get Winner away from her. And, her encounters with Usui are really funny in the beginning. I can't help laughing when she leaks blood, drawn by the animator as red flowers, and then Winner faints because of seeing blood. She finds garlic cute.

Usui Kenta is a pretty normal young teenager who is often expressionless. However, he changes when he meets Karin, and they do feel for each other. However, I don't understand how he brings back to life the members of the Marker clan by letting Karin, who has turned into a monster from the rage of the deaths of her family members, bite him.

The Marker family: It is just amusing when Carrera bumps Karin on the head with her slipper due to her stupidity/carelessness. It is also entertaining to see Karin's worried father sneaking into the school to check up on his daughter and gives a little boy a fright when he passes the child in his weird attire. Anju is just adorable but her feelings for her sister are complicated. Ren, who has one whole episode about himself, does not own enough screen time to express much about his character.

Winner Sinclair is overconfident and overly exaggerated. At some times he appears just annoying. He is just simply jealous of Usui and thinks he's better. He never realizes Maki's feelings for him until the end. However, the Winner character is not very realistic as he seems to never use his brain well enough. For instant, the part when he looks for vampires in a city, and when he sees Karin's father he says: "I will help people like this friendly man by eradicating the city from vampires."

The anime is more of an anime series like Saiunkoku Monagatari as different things happen in each episode. For example, Karin's brother's story and Karin failing her English test, etc. Eventually we have a funny ending which is hard to comprehend, but in overall, the series is very entertaining and suitable for children to watch. Some episodes don't relate much to the story itself, but when you treat it like a series; you just wish it'll never end.

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