Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack

Reviewed by: Dagger Lee

January 12, 2004

Rating: five

This Gundam movie continues 14 years after the original series Mobile Suit Gundam. The plot still revolves around the rivalry between Amuro Ray and Char Aznable.

In Universal Century 0093, Char Aznable has become the leader of the Neo Zeon, descendant of the Principality of Zeon [The bad guys in the original series]. He plans to punish the people of Earth by freezing the planet. In order to do so, he must ram two asteroids to the planet's surface. Opposing him is Amuro Ray, lieutenant of the Earth Federation's Londo Bell unit. Amuro fails to stop Char from sending one asteroid to Tibet and goes off to the moon. There, he meets a worker named Aoi Chan and asks for a status report of his Nu Gundam. It still isn't ready but Amuro ignores that and takes it to Londo Bell for preparation of his next battle with Char. Chan tags along and enters Nu Gundam's cockpit.

I was really excited to see this movie. I was glad to see Amuro and Char fighting against each other again. I thought that this was great since I really liked both characters. The only thing that was annoying was Quess Paraya. She is arrogant and hard headed that I wish I were in a mobile suit and could blow her to pieces! Everything else had what I hoped for: action, drama, twists. I'm really proud that I bought this movie on DVD. It came with other goodies that I liked too.

The action scenes were really good. I liked the mobile suits used in battle. I thought that this is what you would call Robot Wars! The mobile suits looked great and cool as usual. Also, I really liked the cockpit of the mobile suits. It looked like the pilots were actually floating in space! The Nu Gundam is what amazed me. It could survive through the earth's atmosphere, shoot funnels, and be the deadliest Gundam of all. This has the best battles I have seen in Gundam and shouldn't be missed.

The characters were cool as usual. I like Char's personality and Amuro's as well. Unlike other animes, the bad guy seemed likable to me. Char doesn't act like he's crazy and is a cool guy. Amuro seemed different but still likable to me. Now, he is more brave and cunning than before. I'm glad that they got one final battle to end everything. The character that really inspired me was Bright Hathaway. He was willing to look for Quess even if it was too dangerous. This is what I call true love. All the other characters were the same as before in the series.

I recommend this to fans of Gundam. It has the conclusion to Char and Amuro's rivalry and is the best Gundam yet! Don't miss this at all!


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