Ouran High School Host Club

Reviewed by: timeless-x

July 12, 2010

Rating: four-point-five

Japanese Title: Oran Koko Hosuto Kurabu
English Title: Ouran High School Host Club
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama
Episodes: 26
Broadcast Period: April 2006 - September 2006

Main Characters
Fujioka Haruhi
Suou Tamaki
Ootori Kyoya
Hitachiin Hikaru
Hitachiin Kaoru
Haninozuka "Honey" Mitsukuni
Morinozuka "Mori" Takashi

Synopsis - WARNING! Major spoilers!
Fujioka Haruhi is a scholarship student at Ouran High School, a school for the rich and prestigious. However, not being able to afford a school uniform and due to a child sticking gum in her hair, she dresses in shaggy clothes and has cut her hair short. Thus, when she stumbles across the Host Club in the Third Music Room, she is mistaken as a boy.

The host club consists of six original members. There is Mori-senpai, who appears cold and mysterious, referred to as the "wild" type, but is actually very loyal and protective. He serves and is the cousin of Honey-senpai, whose childlike appearance hides the fact that he's very good at martial arts and can be quite terrifying if you wake him up from his nap. The twins are Hitachiin Kaoru and Hikaru, who had issues with their other classmates before joining the club, since people cannot tell them apart. They are mischievous and playful. Ootori Kyoya is second-in-command in the Host Club, and he's responsible for being the "cool" one in the club. Last but not least is the founder of the Host Club, Suou Tamaki, the son of the headmaster and heir to one of the richest families.

Haruhi accidentally breaks an expensive vase that was to be used in the school auction. To pay the club back for the vase, she must repay them by joining the host club. They give her a new hairstyle, a new uniform and some contact lenses and she looks like the perfect host. Kyoya figures out immediately that she is a girl, but does not say anything. The next to figure out is Honey, then Mori, then the twins, and finally Tamaki. They keep Haruhi in the host club and protect her at all costs.

Eventually, Haruhi, who did not think much about the club or its members at first, comes to develop close and unique relationships with each of them. She finds out that she has grown quite attached to them and cannot bear to leave the club. Tamaki, who has always believed that he loved Haruhi like a father loves his daughter, finds out that his feelings for her are not that simple. Although he truly loves Haruhi and will push aside his playful nature when it comes to her safety, Haruhi is oblivious to everything.

Soon, a girl by the name of Eclair Tonnerre shows up. She tells Tamaki to leave the host club and marry her, and she will let him see his mother. It is revealed that Tamaki had to leave his mother in order to be one day, hopefully, recognized as the heir of the Suou family by his grandmother who does not like him. Plus, he left so that the family would financially support his mother, who needed urgent medical attention.

Desperate to see his mother, Tamaki reluctantly agrees to close down the host club and marry Eclair. Haruhi is visibly upset, but it is never truly revealed that she loves Tamaki although it hints at the concept. When Tamaki is leaving, the members set out to bring him back. However, Hikaru gets hurt and cannot ride the carriage to get Tamaki. Haruhi takes over and leaves without them. She convinces him to stay, telling him that not only do the others love the host club, but she does too. This is the first time Haruhi tells him her feelings about the club.

Haruhi reaches out for his hand and Tamaki goes to take it, but is momentarily stopped by Eclair. However, Haruhi falls from the carriage and is thrown off the bridge, Eclair is forced to let him go. He thanks her before jumping off the bridge to save Haruhi.

Together they return to Ouran High School, where Haruhi shares a dance at the banquet with each member of her beloved host club. While she is dancing with Tamaki, his father and Kyoya's father come to respectable terms. However, there indicates a future yet somewhat friendly conflict when each of them expresses their wish to have Haruhi as their daughter-in-law.

The Verdict
Although the story itself is rather incomplete, and Haruhi and Tamaki never actually voice their true feelings for each other, the anime still is quite the watch. The manga is still ongoing, with its final arc coming out this month.

Ouran is a romantic comedy with an emotional twist. I found that the anime was much more in-depth than I thought it would be. Each member has their own past that they wish to overcome and joining the host club has allowed them to do so. Even Haruhi, who lost her mother at a young age and learned to depend on nobody but herself, was considered the rather ignorant and nonchalant heroine who really didn't want anything to do with the host club at first.

She believed that as long as she repaid her debt, then she would leave and put it all behind her. However, slowly even she became attached to the club and everyone in it. Along the way, she sparked feelings within both twins Hikaru and Kaoru, but moreso with Hikaru. She manages to get Tamaki to fall in love with her by the very first episode, although he believes this love to be a fatherly type of love.

My favourite character had to be Tamaki. He had so many different sides to him and the fact that he sacrificed so much for his mother was something that was unexpected, but the more you thought about it, it was so Tamaki-like. However, I was a tad disappointed when Tamaki's father wasn't as hilarious as he was in the manga. A lot of characters didn't get as much screen time as they did in the manga, but then again the anime was only 26 episodes.

I only wish that they would make a season two once the manga finishes. The anime left so much untouched, and I only wish that Tamaki could see his mother again. And that Haruhi and Tamaki can finally say that they love one another (although Haruhi has already done so in the most recent chapter of the manga). In fact, Haruhi was rather cold for the entire anime run, which is something I did not enjoy too much.

Honey-senpai and Mori-senpai were mostly comic relief. The adorable Honey had Mori wrapped around his tiny little finger, even though Mori looks like he wouldn't give a damn. However, I really liked that they still had their own stories, such as the Mori family serving the Hani family for generations until just recently, or how they each had some conflicts with their younger brothers.

Hikaru and Kaoru were the most complicated, and I think I liked their story the most. They are identical twins, and nobody has ever been able to tell them apart. They were emotionally scarred when a nanny that they particularly liked turned out to be a thief, after their family fortune and said that perhaps, even in the future, nobody could ever be able to tell who was Hikaru and who was Kaoru. They are shocked when Haruhi is the one to break this prediction, for she can tell them apart even when they hide the parts in their hair with a hat, or when they switch hair colours at some point in the anime.

Overall, I highly recommend this anime. It's quite hilarious with its sweet moments. You will definitely be laughing, perhaps maybe sometimes crying, and definitely enjoying this show. I give Ouran four and a half out of five stars.

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