Ranma 1/2

Reviewed by: Minnie

January 26, 2008

Rating: four-point-five

This was one of my favorite manga/ anime of all time! This series was about a half boy/ half girl name Ranma Saotome.

Ranma Saotome - He was a stubborn Japanese boy (16 years old) who went to study martial arts near the Jusenkyo Water grounds with his father. However, our young hero would never predict that a visit to this place changed his life forever. It turned out that anyone who fell into the Jusenkyo water would be cursed with the form of whichever drowned there before. (Ex: If you were to fall into the pond which a rabbit was drowned there before, you would turn into a rabbit). Unlucky for Ranma, he fell into a pond where a pretty girl drowned before. Now, Ranma turned into a she and hoped for life to be a big mess. From then on, a splash of cold water turned him into the girl, and a splash of hot water would turn him back to himself.

Genma Saotome - He is Ranma's father. He was the one who persuaded Ranma to go to Jusenkyo (this was because he never knew that there was a problem at the place since he couldn't read Chinese!) Genma too was cursed by the water. He turned into a panda when touched with cold water.

Akane Tendo - She was a popular tomboy in her school. Every boy wanted to go out with her. Her father Soun, made arrangements with Genma to make Ranma and Akane marry each other. Akane and Ranma disagreed with this arrangement passionately (But we all know that they're crazy for each other through events). She was also a very good martial artist.

Happousai - Okay everyone, the comic relief and mischief in this series is the most memorable. Happousai was the horniest, most perverted character I ever known in my anime experience. Happousai was Soun and Genma's master. He was a very strong martial artist, but his main weakness was beautiful women. He spent his days stealing lingerie and undergarments from the neighbors. He called his time for ironing panties as a way of meditating. You got to see it to believe how perverted this guy was!

Ryoga Hibiki - He was Ranma's rival. The thing was that he always loses to Ranma. Ryoga hated Ranma with a passion because it was he (Ranma) who caused Ryoga to fall into the Jusenkyo water. Ryoga thus turned into a small black pig when touched by cold water. Ryoga had a very bad; I mean bad sense of direction. He walked inside Akane's house for three days to find the exit (Her house wasn't big either). Ryoga also developed a crush on Akane. He tried to break Akane and Ranma up many times

Shampoo - She was from and Amazon Chinese Tribe. Shampoo was defeated by Ranma previously. The rule of the tribe was that, "If you were defeated by a person of the opposite sex, you must marry that person". Shampoo then became obsessed with Ranma. She, like Ranma, was cursed by the Jusenkyo water. She turned into a cat when touch with cold water.

Mousse - He loved Shampoo. He tried to pursue her every time, but Shampoo had eyes only on Ranma. After that, Mousse hated Ranma and tried to defeat Ranma to shoe Shampoo who was the strongest. He was cursed as well by the water. He turned into a duck.

Some minor characters:
Kasumi - She was Akane's oldest sister who was very kind. She took care of the Tendo's household.

Nabiki - She was Akane's second older sister. She swindled rich guys for money.

Tatewaki Kuno - He was a very strange person. He was crazy for two people: Akane and what's this - Ranma's girl form. He hated Ranma because Ranma defeated him and 'took' Akane away from him. (Akane could care less about him)

This was briefly some of the characters in the series. There are a ton of more characters with their own funny story. They all became affiliated or became rivals with Ranma.

Short synopsis
I just want to say this briefly, because I don't want to spoil much. After Ranma and Genma were cursed, they traveled back to Japan so that Ranma could choose his fiance. Also, they had to avoid Ranma's mother (Genma's wife) because they made a promise to her. They promised that their training would make them man above man or else they would have to commit a Japanese ritual suicide. Yet, in this case, Ranma became woman above man.

At the Tendo's house, Ranma had three choices to pick a fiance. The two older sisters chose Akane for him, and that was where the story began. Ranma lived in the household and met many other people and faced many problems that helped him improve his life while he faced his curse.

Final saying: A must see for a true anime fan. You don't know what you're missing. Even if this series is about a very sensitive issue, (a guy turning into a girl) it's just too funny to skip this series. Everyone that I recommend this series to have loved it. Go see it.

Extras: The series are available in VHS and DVD. Also there are a couple of movies for Ranma available. They are very funny and enjoyable.

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