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Reviewed by: sukting

September 21, 2014

Rating: two-point-five

How long
36 episodes

It is the story of Li Xuan and Han Zhong Li finding the remaining 6 of the "Eight Immortals" whose mission is to obtain the magic herbs to save the world by the Jade Emperor's command. Their rescue efforts are being blocked by the East Sea Dragon King.

Story/Introduction on characters
1. Kwok Chun On as Han Xiang Zi
Being stubborn, he refuses to believe that he is one of the immortals.  He makes beautiful music with Yan Chai and is shocked that Yan Chai is pregnant with his baby. He risks his life to go to east sea but is saddened when she is killed when rescuing him from the east sea.
2. Jia Qing as Yan Chai
She is the dragon girl spirit and is also a princess. She falls in love with Xiang Zi after saving him when he tries commiting suicide as Xiao Yun leaves him. She discovers that he is the one whom she has been searching for 16 years. She knows his identity to pretend to be captured by the dragon king so that he will become an immortal. 

3. Hong Wah as He Xiao Yun
 She is a physician and has been in love with Xiang Zi. To her, the poor and sick matters the most so it doesn't take long for her to cut her ties with her loved ones. Xiang Zi is mad when Xiao Yun becomes Xian Gu and thus takes a long time to be at loggerheads with the rest.

4. He Zhong Hua  as Lu Dong Bin
He wants to marry Mu Dan but her poison works up on their wedding night. After her death, he becomes an immortal to harm others. Xiao Xin helps him to turn kind again.

5. Kwok Sin Nei as Bai Mu Dan
She is also a flower spirit but is kind. She doesn't want to be under the control of Yi so she wants Dong Bin to kill her. When he refuses, she kills herself. 

6. Mao Lin Ying as Lan Chai He
He is Guo's disciple and often disguises as a woman to trick others to get money.  His decision to become a deity hurts his lover, Luo Mei Qing and a tree spirit, Liu San Lang who believes that he is a woman.

7. Shiu Chuen Yong as Zhang Guo
He is the imposter but later turns over a new leaf. Guo's special weapon is actually given by Hua Long to hinder the immortals. 

8. Zu Hai Fei as Cao Jing Xiu
His sister is one of the emperor's concubines but he feels guilty towards his mother and younger brother. His younger brother is separated from his family when young. An imposter also tries to take over his position by tricking the other immortals too.

9. Chen Da Wei as Hua Long Tai Zi
  He is the prince of the east sea. He is in love with Yan Cai so he is jealous of Xiang Zi. He is the real Zhang Guo who later becomes one of the immortals. He is filial but doesn't expect his father to be so ruthless to want his life to prevent him to become one of them. 

10. Shi Yu as Han Zhong Li
He has a fan and is very composed to come up with plans quickly.

11. Ng Doi Yung as Tei Guai Li
He walks with a stick and is also as wise as Zhong Li. Being the most senior, he takes charge.

12. Wang Li as Huang Yi
He is the lizard spirit who is often against the immortals. He kills Xiao Yun when she tries protecting the commoners but the other immortals rescue her to make her another immortal. 

13. Lu Lin as Deng Xin
She is a small light that is easily ignored as she looks after the lights for the barefoot deity. She is too lazy and the books are burned. She is afraid of being punished so she comes to the common world. Hua Long rescues her so she obeys him. As she falls in love with Hua Long, she sacrifies herself to prevent the East dragon from killing him.

14. Guo Jun as  the East Dragon King
He is easily offended and bars all others from entering his territory. What happens to his son wakes him up and he gives in finally. The problem is the antidote island is also there so only the 8 immortals can get to cure the sick.
15. Wu Gang as the Jade Emperor
He rules the heaven world but has no control of the human world. Thus he sends the two deities down, hoping the resolve the crisis. 

Interesting facts
Xian Gu was supposed to be knowledgeable in medicine. Hong Wah wanted to handle this role better so she went to learn more about the hubs from a Chinese physician. She also learned the basic healing skills and  was able to cure common sickness.

It was Qing's first try for an imaginary period drama. She was scared before this but after reading the script, she found the personality similar to her own self. She was relieved and got tense again upon knowing that she would be working with Chun On. Chun On was nice and approachable. She was grateful to him for teaching her how to act naturally. 

The last scene had Zhong Hua falling into the lake. It was winter but he was professional to dip into it. The warm water added became cold and Zhong Hua was late when the others waited for her to knock off without complaints.  All the artistes were exhausted for the hanging wire scenes to look good in the air.

Most favourite character
A tie between Zhong Li and Guai Li – they really take care of their juniors well.                                                                                                                         
Most hated character
Long, he hinders everyone's movements and doesn't repent till the other immortals save his life. 

The theme song 献天缘 and subtheme song 逍遙無窮 are by the cast. We know that they are not professionals and they have done their best.

Time and tide really wait for no man, all have aged so much! I watched this drama because it has a strong cast of many who have not acted for a long time. However, the story is less than desirable as the immortals love one another – how can it be so coincidental? It confuses matters more when imposters deceive the immortals.   I still feel that the 3D effects are lower standards. However, acting wise, you will not be disappointed as the experienced cast offer stable acting throughout.
Sukting's ratings : 
On acting : *** (Scale of 5) 
On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5) 
On song :  **1/2 (Scale of 5)

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