A Story of Du LaLa's Promotion

Reviewed by: sukting

October 07, 2012

Rating: two-point-five

It is on how an OL rises to the top from an unknown newbie to a professional.

Story/Introduction on characters
1. Du La La – Wang Luo Dan
After her university graduation, she works in a small company but her boss is a lecher. In
order to work together with Hong Ming, she resigns and gets into a big company, DB. It
takes her some time to accept the fact that Hong Ming is now romantically linked to Hong.
She focuses on work in the administration unit and hopes to get her promotion soon. She
is always positive, believes in seeking the truth and also slowly learns the rules of the
working game.

Her hard work pays off and her salary rises from 6800 to 10000rmb. Soon, she gets
20000rmb monthly and her wish of getting a big house in Shanghai comes true. Upon
seeing La La so successfully, Daisy takes a series of acts to force Wei out of DB. The fake
email of him collaborating with another company ruins him. Wei wishes La La to follow him
to England but she doesn’t wish to give up her position. Thus, he leaves on his own.

La La’s outstanding performance finally wins her the CEO position. But she pays a high
price of losing her love. She feels lonely when she gets home. Just then, Wei appears with a
car as a Christmas present and hugs her. Both are together again. Luo Dan’s acting is quite
natural on the different stages of La La’s maturing.

2. Wang Wei – Li Guang Hao
He is Daisy’s ex-husband who graduates from the famous Qing Hua university. He once
works in another American company and through the training programme, he gets to know
Daisy from Shanghai branch. He is too overbearing and thus DB doesn’t value him much
initially to post him outstation frequently. Thus his marriage fails.

He has shut himself out from all women to concentrate on work upon being hurt by Daisy’s
infidelity. Thus, he gets promoted fast. He is in charge of the marketing unit. He is a nasty
person at work and shows his temperament easily. He often looks down on women after
the bad experience and many call him Hitler. However, he is a righteous and generous
superior so he is often the talking focus of female colleagues.

He has once disliked La La for making many blunders at work. Soon, he discovers how
dedicated and serious she is at work, he starts to like her. After returning from a trip with
her from Japan, everything at the office changes when La La’s position is taken over by a
Singaporean. He tells La La about his fear of marriage, hoping that she will give him more
time. He keeps a distance from Daisy but this woman clings to him, giving him plenty of
trouble. Guang Hao definitely looks better in the poster than in the drama as his skin
complexion isn’t good. His performance is only satisfactory.

3. Daisy – Lee Choi Wah
She is Wei’s ex-wife who once works in DB customer service unit. She likes a luxurious life.
She leaves Wei for a foreigner who earns more than him. Crying poses no threat to this
foreigner. However, she is later ditched by him and becomes jobless. This woman is
shameless to find that Wei is rich now. She gets Wei to let her work in DB by looking
sympathetic. Wei can’t reject her and obliges to get her to work under him. But the
condition is she can’t pester him. Upon knowing that he hasn’t changed the house lock,
she feels that she still stands a chance to win him back.

She agrees on the surface but is determined to rope him till he patches up with her.
However, his heart is now with La La. She gets peeved and tries to find all ways to help him
at work to get close to him. He resists the temptation but has a one-night-stand with her
when he is drunk. Upon seeing them close, she reveals this to La La to cause her to go to
Japan in a rage. Wei has to go all the way to Japan to coax her back. Knowing that her
chance is zero, she frames him by selling information to another company but doesn’t feel
happy. She goes to stay with her aunt in England after realising her mistake to bade La La

Choi Wah looks so gorgeous with her wavy long hair and devilish expressions. A big
change from her usual demure roles and she does well here. Thumbs up for her acting!

4. Rose – Chan Wai Shan
She is head of the management unit. She is the interviewer and accepts La La into the
company to put her into her administration/renovating unit. Upon discovering that she is
pregnant, she dumps plenty of work to La La to go on leave. She doesn’t instruct her what
to do. La La takes over her duties and hopes for her promotion. However, her hopes are
dashed when Rose returns.

Rose finds that La La threatens her so she wants to force her out of the company. La La is
no longer the timid person. She fights back to send an email on a case that Rose is
involved. She doesn’t expect Rose to be really guilty and Rose has to quit and leave to go
to Singapore to be with her husband instead. Still, Rose thanks her for making her see her
mistake and makes the correct decision. As expected, Wai Shan does her part competently
as a woman trying to maintain her position well.

5. Vivian – Yip Tong
She is the head of the PR department. She is a single mother with a son after divorcing with
her husband. Even though her ex-husband remarries, she has to leave him under the care
of her ex-mother-in-law as she has no choice. Although worried over her son, she is still
calm to put on her make-up. Her years of hard work pay off with plenty of practices.
Sympathsizing with her for having to keep a balance, La La keeps her identity a secret.

Her subordinate makes a mistake and she makes La La take the rap. She can’t allow her
unit to have flaws. La La is peeved and proves her innocence. Vivian later leaves DB to the
U.S. branch. She also encourages La La to continue being herself as she and Rose have lost
their innocence in the power struggle. Yip Tong is also persuasive here. She tones down
her usual exaggerating ways to look natural here.

6. Li Hong Ming – Shang Yu Bo
He is La La’s ex-boyfriend. He finds life boring with her and finds Hong attractive. He
marries Hong but still likes to have flings with other women after marriage. He later finds
La La better and attempts to break her and Wei up by buying information from Daisy. Like
Daisy, he also wants Wei to be ruined. He can’t face himself and later owns up to his
company in order to answer to his family.

7. Xia Hong – Tu Li Man
She is La La’s roommate and best friend. She is unable to tall La La about getting involved
with Hong Ming so Hong Ming seeks to reveal for her. She later marries Hong Ming to have
a son and becomes a housewife.

8. Helen – Chen Yan Fei
When La La gets into DB, she is her close aide to alert her of the people around her. She is
a receptionist. She also turns La La into a makeover to make herself more presentable at
work. She feels guilty leaking the email address to John to give chances to Daisy to harm
Wei. Thus, she resigns to marry someone.

9. Qiu Jack – Zhang Liang
He is from HR unit and looks down on La La. He often gives her nasty tasks to complete.
He doesn’t like La La to promote so much and doesn’t help her when both are interviewing
the newcomers.

10. Maggie – Deng Jiu Yun
She is La La’s subordinate who helps her a lot in her work. She wants a promotion but La La
observes her for a longer period to affirm her ability before agreeing to write her report.

11. Pamela – Mu Zi
She and Zhou Liang are hired by La La when Wen Hua resigns and Scott gets La La to take
over Wen Hua’s position. Their working attitude is beyond her expectations and unlike
Liang, Pamela is arrogant. She often belittles Maggie. Finding her bypassing her to meet
the top frequently to provide wrong information, La La fires her but Pamela thinks that it is
because La La finds her too capable to threaten her position.

12. Zhou Liang – Zhang De
Liang recognises La La as a woman he has met before during a blind date. He is a sweet
talker. La La has tried hard not to get him into DB but the others think that she is too
biased. When she discovers that he only tell lies to please her and keep his job, she fires
him. Like Pamela, he also finds nothing wrong with his attitude.

13. Howard -Sheng Tian Jiao
He is Wei’s foreign marketing customer. He gets to know La La and often gives her tips at
work. Like Scott, he speaks good Mandarin too despite being an American.

14. Scott – Da Qiao
He is a foreigner MD working in DB but he speaks very fluent Mandarin. He follows by the
books and will hardly change unless someone gives him good suggestions. He just wants
to retire quietly. La La changes him by wishing him to look into Wei’s case. He helps her up
and signs Maggie’s promotion form before he leaves.

15. Li Wen Hua – Li Kun Lin
Unlike other nasty heads, he is a married nice guy. He is grateful to La La for helping his
mother who is locked out of her home to climb over the gate to open the door for her.
Knowing that La La has to preserve her job, he helps her to find out Rose’s nasty doing to
throw her out of the company. He later dislikes how the company runs to promote La La
faster than him and resigns to return to his hometown. He can never accept this treatment.

16. John Chang – Lei Jia Yin
He has the same position as Wei. Scott gives both of them a chance to fight for the MD
post. Daisy initially wants to help Wei but he doesn’t want to use dirty methods to win. Wei
isn’t like that in the past and Daisy is furious that La La has changed him. She helps John
instead and DB becomes chaotic after the scandal.
La La doesn’t want to let him off for causing Wei’s resignation. She finds evidence of the
email and also the calls that he makes with Daisy. Scott looks into the matter and finally
gets John to resign too. With 2 heads leaving at once, the top decides to break their rule
not to get a person overseas but to get La La to take over Scott so as to reduce the impact
to a minimal.

Interesting facts
It is translated from a novel of the same name by Li Ke. Many said that it was more
interesting than Bill Gates’ book of working accomplishment. I have yet to read it so I have
no comment. The cast found that after acting in this drama, they dreamt of working normal
hours but feared on how to handle office politics. The fun part was how to project La La as
a person who did not know how to use the photocopier and order takeaways initially. They
got Luo Dan to work in 2 companies to experience the life. When she dressed like an OL,
all praised her.

Wang Wei was not mentioned much in the book but his presence was increased in the
drama to become the lead. The love parts are minimal in the book. Even the author
thought that he suited the image best. Wei was thought to be the working godfather to
give La La pointers at work when she faces obstacles to make her grow faster. As for the
clothes, Luo Dan got on her own and Guang Hao also had almost 40 sets of clothes. Choi
Wah also enjoyed going on a fashion parade with bright-coloured clothes.

The director is a Taiwanese. He has shot ‘Prince turns into a frog’ and ‘You’re my destiny’.
Still, he promised that he shoots more office scenes than love scenes to have a balance
although many parts of the novels were changed. Luo Dan was initially given the role of Xia
Hong but she fought hard to become La La instead.

Most favourite character
Wei, although egoistic, he looks at many events from a broad perspective to protect the

Most hated character
Hong Ming, he is selfish to think only for him and not his family as he has claimed to be.

It is anything is possible by S.H.E. It is a very catchy song.

I must confess that I might not have started watching if not for the three Hong Kong
actresses. They have not appeared in a drama for a very long time. I have difficulty
following the drama as I am unsure of how China companies function. There are too many
units involved and strangely, La La has a hand in everywhere or everything. I am lost along
the way.

The part where she fights for promotion to get them fast is unbelievable. Although chances
play a part, she also proves her ability. It is also weird when the staff prefers to be called
English names as they speak pitch-perfect Mandarin. Acting wise, it can be a bit over the
top and I also take time to know the new faces.

On the whole, the drama is watchable but not as excited as I expected to be. Perhaps those
in similar working environment will have the feel when watching it.

Sukting’s ratings :
On acting : **1/2 (Scale of 5)
On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)
On song : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

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