Bu Bu Jing Qing

Reviewed by: sukting

August 24, 2014

Rating: two

How long
30 episodes

It is a sequel of Scarlet Heart, continuing the story after the time traveling protagonist, Zhang Xiao, returns to her own time following the death of Ma'ertai Ruoxi. The story is not related to Tong Hua's novel 'Bu Bu Jing Xin' because the author never wrote any sequels, although some cast members from the first series have returned. Unlike its predecessor, the series does not involve time traveling and is set in the present, resolving the loose ends left by the cliffhanger.

Slowly, Yin Zheng and Xiao develop unspoken feelings for each other, but a gentle and considerate Si Han enters Zhang Xiao's world. It turns out that Zheng, Si Han, and Si Yu are all potential successors of Zhen Tian Corporation. Xiao suddenly finds herself in the center of a power struggle. Who will she end up with in the end?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Liu Shi Shi as Zhang Xiao
An unfortunate car accident caused Zhang Xiao to dream about her unforgettable love with "Fourth Prince". One day, she meets a man who looks just like the "Fourth Prince" in a museum. He is Yin Zheng. To find out what his relationship is to "Fourth Prince", she finds work as a designer at Zhen Tian.

Like any other ordinary newcomer to the business industry, Zhang Xiao is ostracised by her fellow colleagues. Luckily, her superior Yin Zheng sees her as a talented worker and helps her avoid difficult situations. However, fate plays with her again. Just as she's about to solve this mysterious riddle, an accident occurs, causing Zhang Xiao to lose her memory. Now with no more worries, Zhang Xiao works diligently at Zheng Tian.

Upon seeing the remaining ring, she realises that Lan is her sister. It takes a long time for her and Zheng to go through hurdles to be together. Shi Shi's sobbing scenes are torturing me. Her character is only mournful and sulking. I don't think others like this role too.

2. Liu Shi Shi as Lan Lan
She is Xiao's older twin. Xiao gets to know Lan Lan, Yin Zheng's supermodel girlfriend who looks just like her. Zheng gets Xiao to buy lilies for Lan to woo her. She keeps belittling Xiao, saying that she can't match her when Xiao asks if she has siblings. She not only has a tattoo on her back but she also has a dark past. She is ill-treated and badly raped by her foster father, Cheng Gui, when she was 14 years old.

Her name is Ma Wa then to escape to Thailand to be a drug trafficker and sex slave. She replaces her new identity when back in Shanghai to lie that she is from Australia. She has set up Xiao to be her double, hoping that she will get burned to death in a shooting scene. However, Zheng saves her while she is disfigured in a traffic accident. Zheng sees her past photos when Qing sends to him but destroys them. She is still the same Lan to him. Lan later escapes from the hospital to have plastic surgery to become Yi Nuo.

I prefer this role than Xiao. Shi Shi does better as Lan who has a dark past. The way she acts hysterically when the lift breaks down is natural. The snobbish way is well depicted too.

3. Wu Qi Long as Yin Zheng
He is the stepson of Zhen Tian Corporation's chairman to be the deputy CEO. Like Xiao, he also dreams of Ruoxi coming to him with the hairpin. However, Zhentian does not like him to be reckless so he disallows most of his proposals to take place. In order to seek revenge for his father's death as influenced by Cheng Gui, he ill-treats Zhentian and doesn't save Si Han when he is kidnapped.

He only regrets after knowing the truth and is prepared to lead a quiet life with Xiao. This role is boring. Despite looking youthful, there is not much arrogant air in him. It's just like he only wants to get over the job as fast as he can and there is no depth.

4. Sun Yizhou as Kang Sihan
Sihan is Zhentian's older son who opens his own cosmetics company, Z & X . Zheng deliberately buys over the company to force him to return to the company. Xiao calls him the black cat detective. He once falls for Xinyi and later for Xiao. His final romance is with Yinuo. He is a kind man but he changes completely after his kidnap. He disallows Zheng to see Zhentian the last time. He also frames Zheng for embezzling company funds and hurting Yi Nuo. Later, he repents to surrender to the police and is released due to good behaviour.

I dislike this role! When wooing Xiao, he is like a childish puppy which keeps appearing at her side. This is irritating indeed. The vicious side of Sihan is too deliberate till I can't take it. Despite not loving two women, he manages to make them pregnant for him?

5. Ye Zuxin as Jack
He is the managing department manager who often picks on Xiao. Later, he falls for Xiao He. I gasp in horror – how can he become a sissy here? Whose crazy idea is this?

6. Chen Xiang as Huang Di
He is an employees in Zhentian group. He is now her good friends and colleague to stay together. He initially harbour hopes to be with her again but later gives up.  

7. Zeng Ti Ke as Ling Dang
She puts on very dark makeup and works as a bartender. She likes Siyu but later goes steady with Di.

8. Cai Yatong as Mo Xiaohe
She is Xiao's colleague and is initially jealous of her. They later get along well.  

9. Gan Yu as Zhang Zejiang
He is Xiao's foster father and is also close the Zhentian. He is the twins's father, Hua's friend and is sad when Xiao's mother dies after giving birth to the twins. Unable to take care of both, he leaves Lan at the orphanage. He is a PE teacher and later retires. He is consoled when Xiao is still filial to him after knowing the truth.

10. Jiang Jingfu as Kang Siyu
Lan gives birth to him after marrying Zhentian. He has no ambition and owns the bar. His brothers treat him well. Like his brothers, he also likes Xiao. He manages the company when Sihan is kidnapped. He is beside Xiao whenever she is down. Inconsistent acting from this actor – sometimes overly cheeky and other times too slow to react for emotional scenes.

11. Ye Qing as Meng Xinyi (She is Ruoxi's foster sister, Yutan in part 1)
She is Yinan's only daughter and stays with Xiao during their study days. Both promise to be each other's bridesmaid when married. She is pregnant with Sihan's baby and is shattered when Sihan wants to break up with her. Sihan changes his mind when she faints as she is about to have an abortion under his request. They go through the wedding ceremony and Zheng shows Xiao's photos with Sihan.

She gets agitated and runs out to get killed by a car. (This scene is too exaggerating to see her flying in the air.) Xiao feels very remorseful and takes a long time to forgive Zheng.

12. Lau Chung Yan as Kang Zhentian
Before Yong Zheng's death, he sends his jade ring and Ruo Xi's wooden hairpin to Xi Bei. Both things are lost in a sandstorm to be discovered by Zhentian and his friends. He treats Zheng well and even wishes to improve his relationship with him by sending Sihan overseas. This results in both sons distant from him. He is nice to Xiao and recognises her talents. He has a stroke but is contented that Zheng finally accepts him now.

Chung Yan is a veteran actor but I can't help feeling disappointed that his role isn't having any breakthrough as he doesn't need to inject anything extra into the role.

13. Liu Xin You as Ma Yinuo (Lan Lan)
She is Lan after plastic surgery to stay in the desert to often listen to Buddhist verses. How can a person be so unlucky again? She is under the mercy of the kidnappers and becomes a drug addict. She has mellowed down to cover her face with a scarf and goes into hiding.

She escapes with Sihan and hopes to start a new life with him. He accidentally hurts her and she gets into a coma. She is pregnant with Sihan's child and gives birth to a son after she wakes up. Xin You only looks pretty in the role and there is no excitement when she talks listlessly. Luckily, there are only a few episodes for her to act in this terrible drama.

14. Zhao Chulun as Han Qing
He is Cheng Gui's servant who likes Lan all along. He is her first love but she ditches him in order to get away from Cheng Gui. He is the one who does the flower tattoo behind her back.

15. He Yin as Zhao Lan
She is Zheng's mother who hopes that Zheng will get along with Zhentian but her plan fails. Upon seeing how Zheng treats Zhentian, she finally blurts that she is raped by Chengyi to marry him but Zhentian doesn't mind her past to marry her and treat him as his own. Still, this is too late when Sihan hinders the two to patch up.

16. Wu Li as Qiao Qi
She is Zheng's assistant and she helps him for Zhentian's downfall. She doesn't like Sihan to work under him for a while. More so when Zheng gives up his CEO position to Sihan out of remorse.

17. Yin Zhuzheng as Yin Chenggui
He is Zheng's uncle who is wheelchair bounded. All do not know that he is the one who kills the twins' father in the dessert. His own son dies so he wants to make use of Zheng to get back everything. He influences Zheng for a while but his greed get better of him to make Zheng report to the police to cause him to get jailed so that he can't take over Zhentian Group.

18. Da Li as Wang Tiecheng
He is often opposing Zhentian and is the one who arranges the kidnap. He also causes Siyu to get drunk so that he will be unable to save Sihan. Sihan still escapes anyway to get reunited with him. Wang is later jailed.

19. Zhuo Yue as Zhang Xiang
He is Sihan's loyal friend who helps him to set up Z & X. He is overjoyed when seeing Sihan alive at his own funeral after he accuses Zheng of delaying his rescue.

20. Gu Yan as Meng Yi Nan
She is Yin Feng Group's CEO. She does not know Xinyi's relationship with Sihan beforehand and opposes strongly to her abortion. The wedding becomes a funeral so she can never forgive the couple.

Interesting facts
Chung Yan felt excited upon knowing that Qi Long and Shi Shi become lovers. He joked that he gave them his blessings as his ‘father' and was proud to be the witness to it. There were mixed reviews for it. Some said the love rectangle was intriguing with a setting on the business world. Others found it disappointing as they thought more would be touched on the unending love from the first drama.

Most favourite character
None, all of them survive due to their own thirst for staying alive.

Most hated character
Cheng Gui, he ruins everyone's lives and they have to hide their dark secrets due to him

The only thing redeemable for this drama are the songs. The opening theme is 'Every Step' by Mayday while the ending theme song is 'Dust' by Jia Jia.

How do I feel about this drama? The plot is too deliberate in the arrangement of events. How old fashioned can it be for two friends to love the same man – needless to say about all brothers to love the same woman? The sequence is messy and many chains are broken. There is no logic to explain why this happens. The setting is dark most of the time. It doesn't help when the cast wear mostly dark clothes too. The lines are of low intelligence. Please don't waste your time watching it - it is simply not worth your time.

Sukting's ratings :
On acting : **1/2 (Scale of 5)
On story : ** (Scale of 5)
On song : *** (Scale of 5)

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