Bu Bu Jing Xin

Reviewed by: cina

October 03, 2012

Rating: five

One of the best drama of all time! A tear-jerking drama that left my heart soaked in tears even after re-watching the drama more than 2 times. My lacrimal glands were swollen and dry from the I don't know how many of hours of crying. Staring Nicky Wu as Fouth Prince and Cecilia Lui as Ma'ertai Ruoxi. Their love was beautiful but between was schemes, hatred, and rivalry between the Princes for the throne.
Rumor said that there will be a sequel to this drama starring Rouxi and 14th prince in modern day. It has been a while therefore I'm not sure and haven't heard any news. The point is that I really supported Rouxi and 14th relationship and will look forward to it if there is a sequel.

Main Cast of The Drama

Cecilia Liu as Zhang Xiao/Ma'ertai Rouxi
She traveled back in time and got stuck in Rouxi body. She there on lived as Ma'ertai Rouxi and begin to get involve with the princes of Emperor Kangxi. Cecilia did a splendid job in playing her role as Ma'ertai Rouxi. I envy her because most of the prince loved her and protected her even though all the prince are plotting things against each other. She knew the history and know what is going to happen. She lived her life scared and try to live carefully but couldn't help but get involve.

Nicky Wu as Yinzhen , the fourth prince.
Yes Fourth Prince loved her so does the 10th , 13th, 14th, and 8th Prince. Fourth was ruthless, he did everything to get the throne even using Rouxi but still claim his love for her and I have to say he is still very damn sexy for that age (Nicky is 42 years old btw). He was a quiet man but deep inside he is hiding secrets and planning something big. He loved Rouxi when he first met her but kept in inside for a long time before confessing his love. I loved their chemistry together. Of course she acted like a 21st century girl toward him, which would be consider disrespectful and not proper for a lady, but he accepted her for who she is.

Ye Zuxin as Yin'e, the tenth prince.
10th puppy loved her but she never loved him back, later they remain good friends and found his true love.
13th loved her as a friend and a great friend everyone wished for. He knows her best,a loyal friend and her best drinking buddy throughout the drama. 13th also was 4th only and best, faithful, truthful, and loyal brother.

Lin Gengxin as Yinti, the fourteenth prince.
14th the biological brother of 4th having the same mother and father doesn't seem to bond their brotherhood at all. He seems harsh and hot tempered but he loved Rouxi all along and the only one I see staying faithful and loving her without any gains for himself. He was also in favor of the throne after winning many battles as the army commander. Although he did not have any interest of the throne he later seek interest of the throne so he can love and protect Rouxi. Although I have mix feeling about 4th and 14th I really wish she could of love 14th. Kangxi "gave" or wrote a decree for him and Rouxi to marry but he never use it because he know she doesn't love him. He would later use it to save her from the palace.

Kevin Cheng as Yinsi, the eighth prince.
8th Prince was Rouxi first love when she first traveled back in time. Another thing is that he was her brother-in-law!! This disgust me and I couldn't get over that fact. 8th Prince was destined to doom and Rouxi knew therefore she asked him to give up the throne for her. Which of course he couldn't so they broke up. He was a gentleman, a man every women would want as a husband but his ambition destroyed his and Rouxi relationship.

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