Happy and Lucky

Reviewed by: sukting

February 10, 2004

Rating: three

How long
40 episodes

Interested to see how Ah Zi in the China version of ‘Demi Gods Semi Devils’ and Kwan Wing Ho pair with Cheung Wai Kin as a couple? This serial may be able to satisfy your curiosity to see this new combination.


It is about the ups and downs of the Dai family. It is famous in making porcelain pieces so Chun Yin and his younger sister, Ji You are pampered from young. Chun Yin is arrogant and doesn’t do well in his studies. His servant, Mai Bao often helps him with his studies to deceive the others.

Chun Yin is attracted to Ru Yi and tries very hard to woo her. The Dai family is haunted by the past. Chun Yi’s grandfather has brought a woman home with her son and Grandma accepts her with reluctance. She is indifferent to her as she thinks of the woman as his concubine. The old man has never mentioned her identity to her. One day, the woman is burnt to death and the son goes missing. It is said that the residence that she stays is haunted till this day.

Ru Yi likes a scholar, Situ Liang, instead and goes out with him to watch the meteor shower. Chun Yin asks for her opinion when he proposes to her. Hearing no response from her when he stands outside her room, he assumes that she agrees to it and raises it to her in the ancestral hall the next day. He is put to shame when she rejects him outright in front of all the villagers.

The blow is so bad that he refuses to send her off initially and drinks with the prostitutes. Wai Kin’s acting here is so fake and unbearable when he tries to be happy. Ji Xiang chides him for being timid to face his own failure. He puts a false front to bade Ru Yi farewell but he can’t stop himself from crying later.

However, tragedy strikes his family as the corrupt official finds opium in his home and confiscates his property. His father dies and two of his stepmothers leave the family. He is left with Ji You, Grandma, 2nd stepmother and Mai Bao. Unknown to all, Situ Liang is the culprit. He has thought them to be the murderers of his mother – he is the long-lost son of the woman. So he frames them.

Ji Xiang and her uncle Bai Shun go through thick and thin with him. At first, he falls into despair and becomes retarded selling buns. His enemies bully him and try to burn his house. His second uncle also takes over the family business and chases them away.

Ji Xiang wakes him up. He passes the scholar exams and becomes the top scholar. He befriends Suo Er Tu when the emperor is very impressed with his work. The three become good friends. He also meets Ru Yi who is staying in the capital. However, both are only treating each other as friends. Ru Yi is now with Liang but finds his love for her superficial. He does things to make her happy but at a high price. He knows that she likes blue flowers so he dyes a plot of land, making the flowers blue.

She is fascinated by it but is alarmed that all flowers die the next day. The farmers explained that the soil is completely ruined and nothing can be grown for the next 3 years. She decides not to accept Liang and makes him very upset. He goes horse riding and hurts his arm.

Ao Bai is unhappy and wants a duel. Do laugh at it. The first round is a sparing session of Chun Yin with a pugilist. But he admits defeat without a fight because he knows no martial arts at all! Ao Bai’s top archer loses to Ru Yi in archery. Ru Yi’s gun shots are better. As for Suo Er Tuo, he has a tougher win. His cruel enemy has tried to injure his horse with a whip. Chun Yin cleverly uses a mirror to distract his opponent using the sunlight and Suo Er Tuo emerges as the winner.

Chun Yin introduces Liang to the emperor. Liang ends up working as Ao Bai’s secret advisor instead. Chun Yin arranges for his family to join him in the capital. He builds up their new home, waiting for Ji Xiang to come eagerly and get married. He even leaves a plot of land and grows cucumbers and melons, hoping that she can see them on time. The emperor hears of his father’s whereabouts and decides to go to their province. Suo Er Tu is doubtful and impersonates as the emperor to see his father.

Sure indeed, the monks are sent by the ruthless Ao Bai to kill him. He displays his skills but is trapped when he tries to save a child. Ji Xiang comes to his rescue and he is attracted by her. She protects him but gets poisoned by a dart. He sends her home after curing her and realises that she is Chun Yin’s future wife. On their way back to the capital, they are ambushed again on the ship.

Ji Xiang falls into the river and goes missing. Chun Yin can’t believe the bad news. He even thinks that Ji Xiang is playing hide and seek with him so he looks around for her. Bai Shun reveals that she is a non-swimmer so the chance of her alive is very slim. Chun Yin goes to the river and sees soldiers unable to recover her body. He refuses to give up and chides the rest for being superstitious.

Ao Bai sends him gold pieces for Ji Xiang’s ‘funeral’. Chun Yin is so angry that he brushes the gold to the ground and chases him away. He still tends to the garden plot, hoping that the vegetables will grow. Ru Yi is touched upon seeing how devoted he is. The others hope that he will forget Ji Xiang and accept Ru Yi but he will not listen to it.

A corpse wearing her clothes is found and Chun Yin nearly collapses. He spends sleepless nights in his room reading. Ru Yi realises that he is reading on explosives on how to kill Ao Bai and he doesn’t mind dying with him. She hurries to prevent the tragedy and is seriously injured. Chun Yin tries to get her ‘blue flowers’ from the top of a cliff – in reality, they are white but she is too weak to detect the difference. When she is awake, Chun Yin still doesn’t accept her love. She also discovers that the flowers are white – her wish is still unfulfilled. Liang is angry that Ru Yi rejects him and accepts Ji Rou’s concern for him.

But when Master Wan tries to get a son-in-law through public matchmaking, Chun Yin decides to accept her. Suo Er Tu gets Ji Xiang’s message that she is still alive. Someone has stolen her clothes when she is unconscious but ends up drowning in the sea. He finds her in a village which an epidemic is widely spread. He is affected on the way and gets ill. She takes care of him. Suo Er Tu tries to send Chun Yin a pigeon message but Bai Shun and Ji Rou shoot it down and cooks it for soup! They do not see it at all. She only gets to know the marriage news a few days later and rushes to the capital to stop them on the marriage day.

Chun Yin is at a loss on who to choose. He has always said that he wants to be devoted to one person and is now trapped. Both are unwilling to share a man. Even the emperor is at a loss – Ji Xiang rescues him. If not for her, he could have died. If not for Ru Yi, he could have lost the competition to Ao Bai too. Suo Er Tu suggests Chun Yin to observe both women for a year before making his mind. All agree to it.

They start quarrelling as both stay in the house. Grandmother places their bedrooms side by side so that they can’t complain that she shows preference. When it comes to meals, they sit beside Chun Yin, waiting for him to serve them food. Laugh when he uses each chopstick to act as a stick to get meat pieces for them to put into their bowls at the same time. Ji Xiang reprimands Ru Yi for being with Chun Yin only when he is rich. Ru Yi says that if not for her, he could have died in Ao Bai’s hands or due to despair over her death.

Laugh again at this scene too. Ji Xiang isn’t sure of Western etiquette and is at a loss on how to handle a European customer. She thinks that she wants to play fist games with her when he wants to shake her hand. But later when the button falls off his jacket, Ji Xiang mends it back for him. The European praises her for being capable and sweet in English. Chun Yin and Ji Xiang don’t know what it means.

Ru Yi lies that he is thirsty. However, Mai Bao gives the correct translation as he often reads English dictionaries. The two are determined to overcome their weakness. Ji Xiang chides her for not knowing how to do housework while Ru Yi says that she is uneducated. Ru Yi’s cooking is really bad but Chun Yin endures it initially. Later he goes to the latrine repeatedly. As for Ji Xiang, she causes an explosion in her room. Both women then decide to let things remain as it is when they find it impossible to change.

Both still pester him daily. Poor Chun Yin can’t take it anymore and hides in the ancestral hall. He knows the suffering of having more than one wife now. They are not even married and they are already yearning to control him. His grandmother pities him and lets him hide there.

Chun Yin’s second uncle owes others a lot of debts so he sells their porcelain at low prices and poor quality. Chun Yin can’t leave the capital because of Ao Bai. Grandma suggests getting Ji Xiang and Ru Yi to go and deal with him on his behalf. Both are framed for burning the furnace and are jailed. Chun Yin manages to rescue them with the help of a parrot. How? I shall leave viewers to find out.

But Chun Yin later discovers that Liang is the mastermind of all. He also confesses to them. He is in cahoots with his second uncle too. Liang kills his second uncle to frame him. He quarrels with Ji Xiang when he signs the confession to admit to the crime. In a rage, she pushes him towards the wall and he hurts his head. He talks senselessly later. Ji Rou is angry with herself for being made used of.

The two women are devastated that he loses his senses again. They ask Suo Er Tu for help. He decides to help them send Chun Yin back to let the emperor be the judge. On the way, Chun Yin writes some words to Ji Xiang but she can’t make out what he tries to say. Ru Yi detects it and stops her from eating the pears that the constables offer her. They even try to kill Chun Yin on the way under Ao Bai’s instructions. Suo Er Tu and Ji Xiang manage to fend off others while Ru Yi kills one killer with her gun.

Actually, Ru Yi has found the constables vicious when she visited Chun Yin in the cell. She discusses it with Suo Er Tu and both decide the best idea is for Chun Yin to feign insanity. Ji Xiang is unhappy to be kept in the dark although Chun Yin has not wanted to worry her. He has tried to give her hints by writing the word pear in Chinese. But to her, they are only the two words ‘li mu’ since he writes them so widely apart. She thinks that Ru Yi is capable. She will not able to display her skills when she is drugged then.

They reach the capital safely and Liang is angry. Grandma finds out his motive and later recalls that he can be the son of an accountant, Lin Ah Wang, who they have fired long ago. Liang refuses to believe them so Ji Xiang decides to seek Lin out. She pales upon seeing his drawing. He is the cause of her fear for water. Her parents were killed and she was abducted by Lin when she was very young. He tortured her and forced her head down in water. She could not remember where he took her to although she often had nightmares.

Ru Yi decides to hynotise her to seek the truth. The scene is sure a classic one. The two men stand by her side in concern as the process may have brought her painful memories. Ji Xiang decides to face it bravely but she screams in agony when Ru Yi is too impatient to force the truth out of her. Suo Er Tu reaches her first to comfort her when she wakes up in cold sweat.

Chun Yin insists that she should not attempt a second time although Ru Yi promises to be patient and careful this time. The incident could have brought unpleasant memories for her and he doesn’t wish her to go through again. Ru Yi has a quarrel with him – doesn’t he get worried that he will get killed? Kang Xi senses that Suo Er Tu likes Ji Xiang but promises to keep his secret.

Ji Xiang approaches Suo Er Tu for help. To help her love, she is willing to risk her life. She wants him to help her as she knows his liking against her. She is sure that he will agree to it. He agrees reluctantly to press her head into the water. He nearly collapses when she stops moving. He is so scared that he might have applied too much force and kills her. He carries her back to the shore and is relieved that she is well to remember all the facts! Ru Yi admires her bravery this time.

Bai Shun wants to get Lin upon knowing the news but Suo Er Tu gets him first. They know the story then. Many years ago, Lin was with Grandpa Dai to a village to collect debts. With his flattery, he managed to win Liang’s mother, Piao Piao’s love and her body. A few years later, he was dismissed because he messed the accounts. He then sneaked into Dai’s home to steal money. He saw Piao Piao and Liang so he deduced that he is his son. But he was discovered by Piao Piao for stealing the porcelain to sell from the furnace.

Both quarrelled. Piao Piao owed Grandpa Dai for his help as he saved her from distress when she was penniless and even shouldered the blame that Liang was his son. So she tried to stop him but he accidentally caused the fire. He managed to escape but it was too late for her so she was killed.

Lin acknowledges Liang and Liang blurts out his crime upon knowing the truth. He is then shocked to see soldiers surrounding him to arrest him. He flees and hates Lin for betraying him. Kang Xi and Suo Er Tu manage to capture Ao Bai by drugging him. However, Liang saves him and demands for Chun Yin’s life for exchange in 3 days’ time. Chun Yin senses it although Kang Xi doesn’t tell him. Kang Xi has wanted to keep from him so that he can spend his last days happily.

When Ji Xiang and Ru Yi ask Chun Yi about his choice, he says that he was too persistent to have only a wife. Now he loves them equally and wants both of them. They quarrel and then Chun Yin lies to each that he is marrying the other. Both leave him in anger. After they leave, Chun Yin leaves his family pendant that Ji Xiang returns him. He has known Suo Er Tu’s feelings towards Ji Xiang and wants him to take care of her. Both go to see the Emperor.

Su Er Tu secretly wants his servant to send the pendant to Ji Xiang. Both women then realize that Chun Yin is courting his own death and rush to stop him. Both want to die with him. Kang Xi finally tells his plan. Suo Er Tu will pierce Chun Yin but Chun Yin will feign death. However, Suo Er Tu loses his confidence when he is practising his skills – how is he going to injure him without piercing his heart? Ji Xiang comes to ensure him that no one will blame him if it becomes a fatal wound as long as he has tried his best.

And indeed, Liang slashes Chun Yin so hard on the meet that he kneels on the ground! He is taken aback when Suo Er Tu adds a sword to strike him at his heart. He lies that Kang Xi wants to give him an honourable death. But alas – Liang only agrees to hand over Ao Bai’s corpse. Suo Er Tu runs after him. The two women rush to Chun Yin’s side in anxiety with the royal physician. Upon seeing Chun Yin thirsty, Ji Xiang rushes to get him water.

Ru Yi tries to keep him awake. Chun Yin is half-conscious and holds her hand. Ru Yi is shattered when he thinks she is Ji Xiang, asking her whether they have succeeded. Liang is about to torture Ao Bai to death when Ji Xiang and Suo Er Tu rescue him. The 3 pit against Liang and he is outnumbered. Chun Yin is willing to die on his behalf but Liang decides to kill himself. Chun Yin manages to dissuade him.

Chun Yin feigns that he is still in pain although he has recovered to let Ji Xiang cook his favourite dishes. Ru Yi sees through his ploy and goes out with him, knowing that he is bored. She tells Chun Yin that she has decided to leave – she knows that he loves Ji Xiang more. If not, he would not have mentioned her name first when he thought that he was dying. Chun Yin confesses that he has known who he loves more but he tried to evade the issue because he doesn’t know how to break it to her.

Ru Yi goes overseas and sends seeds home to grow blue flowers successfully. Bai Shun marries Mrs Dai and they have two daughters. Liang is jailed but he is happy carving wooden sculptures. He also becomes the tutor to Kang Xi’s sons.

It is Ji Xiang’s birthday. Kang Xi knows that Suo Er Tu is still single and shakes his head. Chun Yin gives Ji Xiang a red egg and she finds it boring. He should have spent time giving her better gifts instead. Suo Er Tu gets an ostrich egg from a friend and turns it into an Easter egg. Chun Yin and Ji Xiang admire the flowers. Chun Yin proposes to her and she agrees to marry him. All might be happy with the ending but I find it incomplete. It never tells us what happens to Ao Bai! How can the producer forget about him???

Introduction on characters

1. Dai Chun Yin – Cheung Wai Kin
His mother commits suicide because his father takes in many concubines. So he decides to love only a woman. Ji Xiang and her uncle come to work in his home as servants but he treats them like his own family. Chun Yin has a strong sense of righteousness and helps a young maid who is forced to marry an old man. Still, he is rejected by Ru Yi. This is a big humiliation for him. All along he has never suffered and this gives him a hard blow. However, Ji Xiang helps to build up his confidence again.

The family’s downfall changes him from a loafer to a mature person. His uncle bribes the magistrate to make his examination piece invisible. However, he manages to persuade another important official to look into the case. This shows his wits when he gets a foreigner to pretend to be able to make the words visible again. The emperor is fascinated by his wits and makes him his right-hand man after he is the top scholar.

He is set to make Ji Xiang his only wife but later he finds himself falling for Ru Yi too. Trapped by his own promise, he avoids both of them when both force him to marry with either one of them. I am so amused – he can’t return to his own home so he decides the best place to hide is the palace. Never does he know that they actually come all the way to seek redress from the emperor for help.

I don’t really like Wai Kin’s portrayal here. Neither do many viewers. We find his rubbery and comical expressions exactly the same way he presents in ‘Duke of Mount Deer’. We get quite sick and annoyed of it. Still, many will like the tender way he treats both women – I like the part when he thinks that Ji Xiang is dead and how hard he tries to keep Ru Yi alive. He is still good in sentimental scenes.

2. Situ Liang – Lin Ming Lun
He is a man with a dark past. But he is well educated and knows martial arts well. Since young, he is looked down by Dai family because of his mother. Many thought his mother was a concubine of Chun Yin’s grandfather. He is filled with hatred when his mother was killed. So he plans his revenge. He initially gets close to Ru Yi to foster better ties with the Dai family. Then he tries to create havoc in there, reminding them of the tragedy. Later, he makes us of Ji Rou’s love for him – how despicable he can be!

I must admit that I have never like Ming Lun’s lifeless acting all along. There is no exception for this one. He does better in hosting television variety shows.

3. Suo Er Tu – Guo Liang
He is a loyal subject to the emperor. To protect him, he is willing to risk all dangers. Unlike most officials, he has the brains and the brawns. Unlike Chun Yin who knows how to sweet-talk, he is more mature. I like the part where he first meets Ji Xiang. Both really pair up well to rescue the little boy from danger. This is the ONLY fighting scene that I find intriguing. Both really fight gracefully and with poise!

He can’t help admiring her guts and looks at her tenderly! When she is poisoned and faints, he holds her close to him and tries his best to save her. All should not miss his shy expression when he removes the poison needles from her chest! And to make sure that he doesn’t ruin her reputation, he stays outside the temple in the cold night after covering her with his outer clothing.

After knowing her identity, he is disappointed. He likes her openness and cheerfulness. When Ji Xiang is missing, he gets hot-tempered when his soldiers can’t find her ‘body’. Upon finding a corpse, his grief is no less than Chun Yin's but he calms him first. Upon receiving Ji Xiang’s letter, he is overjoyed to know that she is still alive (still beats me why Ji Xiang doesn’t send the letter to Chun Yin instead).

When he is sick, he wakes up and is touched to see her by his side. This is the scene that melts many women. Upon seeing her sleeping, his eyes can’t take off her face. But when she opens her eyes, he quickly avoids her glances. This is sure funny! Knowing that his illness has delayed their journey home, he still brings her back on time to stop the wedding ceremony. He does not take advantage of her at all. He is such a loyal friend.

This righteous role wins viewers’ hearts. It is a change from Guo Liang’s evil role in ‘The Book and the Sword’. He has given in all his best again.

4. Kang Xi – Yuan Ding
He is a weak emperor but he is wise not to come into clashes with Ao Bai openly. He trusts the right people to help him out. Suo Er Tu understands his frustrations and also joy to be an emperor. But Chun Yin understands him as a friend. Thus he is in anguish when he is being forced to hand him over to Liang. He looks young but is not authoritative enough to be an emperor. I doubt no one can reach Tak Wah’s standard after his outstanding performance in the role.

5. Ao Bai – Li Qing Xiang
He controls the emperor like a child. Annoyed with Chun Yin and Suo Er Tu, he always finds ways to harm them but to no avail. But he is foolish to believe Liang and gets tortured by him.

6. Chang Bai Shun – Long Shao Hua
He is Ji Xiang’s uncle and is a braggart. But he cares for his only niece and doesn’t want her to lose to Ru Yi. He is at first interested in Ji Rou but is later interested in her mother. This role only creates laughs here.

7. Mai Bao
He is Chun Yin’s servant but he is very knowledgeable. He often does couplets for Chun Yin to hand in to his teachers because his master is very lazy. He likes reading so much that he is also well versed in geography, chemistry and also English! Not losing to Ru Yi at all – I am very impressed! He is very close to Ji Xiang and treats her like his elder sister.

He follows Chun Yin to the capital to make sure that he doesn’t fall for Ru Yi. I crack up at one scene. He gets suspicious when Chun Yin boils eggs for Ru Yi. He even uses his brush to draw a smiling face on it – just like the way he uses to tease Ji Xiang. Chun Yin closes his eyes and doesn’t know that Ru Yi has left the room with the egg. Suddenly he feels a hand touching his chest repeatedly and his cheeks turn red. He thinks Ru Yi is touching him and he nearly can’t control himself!

He has a shock of his life when he discovers that it is Mai Bao! Mai Bao reminds him of Ji Xiang and warns him that he will not let him off if he is unfaithful to her. I’m surprised that a servant can talk to his young master in this way! Knowing that Ji Xiang is losing, he helps her to fix the buttons on the European’s jacket. He detects that Ru Yi makes the wrong translation and corrects her to give her support.

I like this character. Although he is ordinary looking with beady eyes, he has a heart of gold and is helpful to others. Knowing that Ji Xiang wants to beat Ru Yi by learning English, he is doubtful but still helps her.

8. Wan Ru Yi – Chen Hao
She is educated in the West and keeps a lot of foreign stuff. That is why she dislikes Chun Yin in the beginning for being a useless country bumpkin who is too dependent on his family riches. She likes the educated Liang and belittles Chun Yin. Many will be speechless to find her so skilful with a gun!

She speaks English well and helps Chun Yin in his porcelain business. She is elegant and intelligent. I dislike Ru Yi for being a snob at first but I grow to admire her for being frank to reveal her feelings to Chun Yin. Although she knows that Ji Xiang may have an upper hand for knowing Chun Yin longer, she doesn’t give up and is willing to work with Ji Xiang to help Chun Yin overcome his obstacles.

I can see why Chen Hao is popular and why she is chosen to be Ah Zi in China’s version of ‘Demi Gods, Semi Devils.’ She has a sweet look and I believe that acting vicious should not be a problem for her since she acts well in here. Many will like her character in here.

9. Chang Ji Xiang – Kwan Wing Ho
She is a simple village woman but her martial arts skills are high and is a great cook. She endures a lot of hardship to grow up in poverty. She helps Chun Yin to cope with reality well. The separation from him brings her agony when she discovers that he loves another woman so soon. Like Ru Yi, she refuses to give up. She is firm and the other Dai members no longer treat her like a maid. They treat both women equally.

She uses her martial arts to solve a lot of problems. Being illiterate, she tries hard to improve herself and she doesn’t feel inferior to Chun Yin anymore. She knows that Suo Er Tu likes her but she can’t reciprocate his love. She only treats him like a friend. Both keep it from Chun Yin. This character deserves to be loved by two men – she is just too nice and forgiving.

Wing Ho acts well as always but I dislike her hairstyle in here. In the beginning, she looks so ugly with a thick fringe. I like the style she wears in scenes where the family is in distress. But when they are rich, it is back to square one again! This is so annoying. Luckily she looks better in later scenes.

10. Dai Ji Rou – Xue Jia Ning
She is Chun Yin’s half sister from the second wife but both siblings are close. She can be very wilful at times to bully Ji Xiang. But both get along well in the end when she reveals her feelings towards Liang. Ji Xiang even teaches her ways to win his heart. But alas, she is only a tool to him in seeking revenge. Although she hates him, she is cheated by him again and again. Is love that blind?

11. Grandma Dai
She is a wise woman who cares a lot for her two grandchildren. She does not give up when her son and the family business collapses. She is persistent to hold the forte and finally gains success again. She likes both Ji Xiang and Ru Yi, and also finds it hard to choose between them. So she helps Chun Yin to escape from reality. I don’t approve of her way but I find her a wise person to tell truth and lies apart.

12. Mrs Dai
Unlike other widows who flee after their husband’s death, she sticks with the family to go through thick and thin. She is an expert in porcelain as she can tell the true and imitations apart. She is a big helper in the family business. She pampers her daughter but through the hard times, she also makes sure that she becomes mature. I really laugh when she falls for Bai Shun. They are a total mismatch because they are at loggerheads all the time. But both do make a funny couple.

13. Qiu Ju
She is Ru Yi’s maid who can be as snobbish as her mistress. But unlike her, she is a great cook.

14. Master Dai – Yue Yue Li
Chun Yin despises him for taking in so many concubines after his mother’s death. He sees nothing wrong with it and insists on matchmaking him with Ru Yi to consolidate his business. At first, he is uninterested but later upon seeing that Chun Yin is interested in her, he is delighted. He is consoled when Chun Yin is finally interested in the family business to prove himself. However, tragedy strikes the family and he is framed for having illegal opium in his home. Unable to overcome the torture, he dies of an illness.

15. Dai Ren Guang
He is Chun Yin’s second uncle. He frames his brother and causes his death. He wants the business but he doesn’t know how to manage it after his brother’s death. He gets into debts instead and ruins the business. He is so glad when Ji Xiang and Ru Yi offer to buy it over from him. But he can be so ungrateful. When they help him to clear his debts and make new porcelain, he demands a high purchase price because the name is now valuable. However, this is under Liang’s command. But his greed for money gets over him and he is killed by Liang.

Favourite character
Suo Er Tu. He is highly skilled and compassionate. He knows that Ji Xiang will never love him but he does things for her without any regrets. How touching!

Most hated character
Chun Yin. He is unable to stick to his principles so he is swallowing his words back. He asks for it! And please stop making the same expressions, Wai Kin. I simply can’t tolerate it anymore.

The theme song ‘A flower, 2 fruits’ is sung by Wai Kin himself. The song title gives the wrong hint and I am misled. However, I welcome the ending. The subtheme song ‘Being carefree is the best’ is by his girlfriend, Cheung Sai. It is unaccounted for on why she isn’t in this serial. Why?

Interesting facts

What amuses me more is not how Wai Kin pairs up with Wing Ho. They make a good pair. But the eye-catching part is her clothes. They are all in red!! It is said that Wing Ho nearly fainted upon seeing her wardrobe for the whole serial. She worried that she would look like a red packet for the whole 40 episodes. But all assured her that she looked pretty in them so she was relieved.

Who has the most number of clothes? It was not the actress – it was Wai Kin! This is to match his status as a rich man – he has about 20 sets, much to the jealousy of all. Ming Lun and Guo Liang were exhausted after filming the scenes but Wai Kin was so energetic. All are shocked that he could still talk non-stop and fool around. They also admired his good memory for remembering many pages in a day.

Wai Kin had a major problem after that. His hair never grew much and he had to wear caps. He was worried – could he be shaving his hair too many times for Qing dramas and causes the problem? Guo Liang gets more Taiwanese female fans. They love his role so much, saying that he has done what a man should do. They like the part when he looks at Wing Ho tenderly when Suo Er Tu wakes up from his illness.

Many can’t believe that Wai Kin is 38 this year. Even the actresses asked him the secret of his success. He never knows the actual reason because he could not quit his heavy smoking. But he normally went home to sleep after filming because previously he had overworked till he was hospitalized for ‘A journey to the west’, so now he took good care of his health. He also drank a lot of water daily – could it be the cause?

Channel U’s viewership for the final episode was 52%, the highest record for the station so far since it was established.


The race between the women can be hilarious. They keep on feeding their man with food. They also quarrel on the things to grow. Ru Yi wants flowers while Ji Xiang wants vegetables. In the end, both divide the plot of land equally to grow the things they want. They also want to follow Chun Yin to the hometown to settle his second uncle’s case. One says that she is witty while another says that Chun Yin needs protection. In the end, both are unwilling but to prove that they are capable, they go together when Grandma says that this is a test to see who can be her future granddaughter-in-law!

The ending can be quite boring, though. But I am glad that Chun Yin has kept his word – to marry only one wife. Otherwise, it defeats the purpose of saying the words continuously. This will be blank talk. The producer can be so unoriginal. I don’t find this story appealing because not many act well in here. This is considered only an average production. It involves a lot of talking and is definitely a martial arts drama.

Wai Kin fails to give in his best. It is a joy to watch his serials but this is not the same case in here. It can be so boring and lifeless to see him repeating his style. I even think that it serves him right when Ru Yi humiliates Chun Yin in front of everyone. He doesn’t deserve two women to love him so much. Suo Er Tu deserves it instead! The incomplete element is – why are Suo Er Tu and Ru Yi still unattached? Don’t they deserve to have their own happiness too?

Sukting's Ratings :

On acting : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)


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