Magical Needle


Section:Chinese TV Series

Genre:Martial Arts

Number of Episodes:40

Language: Chinese (Mandarin)

Chinese Title: 幻影神針

Average Rating:       (out of 2 ratings)


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Magical Needle

Reviewed by: sukting March 15, 2009

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Foreword This is said to be Wan Bik Ha’s last drama. It is also the only drama that has Leung Siu Bing and Lee San San in it. With three beauties in the same drama, are they able to create miracles? Will they be able to change your minds of China dramas? No. of episodes - 40 Story/Introduction on characters 1. Jin Cheng – Yu Bo He is handsome and yet cold. He attacks his opponents like a wolf. He is brought up by...

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Member Ratings


07-05-2010 11:01 AM


I love the mainland tv siries becouse thats was i want to got it the magical needle dvd.


07-05-2010 10:41 AM


im like the magical needle becouse have irene wan,she very beutyfullll for me and im like it the every episode in have.


04-22-2009 12:11 AM


I wish this tv series has english sub title i love yu bo tv series he good actors and handsome i am still looking for anothers tv series that he play with kathy chau that tv series was made at 2005 or 2006 i was"t show about it if you can find it i dont care how much i thank you a head of time mainland has a lot of old tv series and a lot of story behinded hong kong movies now is to much violance and killing before it was good then

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