Miracle Healers

Reviewed by: sukting

April 15, 2006

Rating: three

How long
40 episodes


Do you wish to see how Gao Yuan Yuan and Jia Jing Wen act as love rivals in this serial before 'Heaven sword, dragon sabre'? How is their chemistry with Chiu Mun Chiok? Can the rivalry between the Liu and Lu clans end? Will Ti Ying become a good physician?


Liu Xiang, Liu Xuan and Liu Shan are siblings. The two brothers are generals of the Liu clan while Shan is Princess Qin Zi's bodyguard. They work in court to win many battles but are against the Lus. However, Empress Lu still give them important commander posts as they are influential. The two brothers like Qin Zi and Xuan feels remorseful to Qin Zi because he caused her to trip into a lake. Since then, she has been very sickly. Empress Lu orders Xuan to get engaged to Qin Zi, much to Xiang's jealousy and dismay.

Xing Shan is an old man who has lived for more than 200 years because he has taken the immortal pill and the immortal portion. Empress Lu is aging fast because she has only taken the pill. Xuan gets the pill during his trip. On the way, he meets Ying and both pick on each other but they become friends soon. She imprisons Xing Shan who refuses to tell her anything while her maid, Mo Niang escapes after drinking both drugs to become young. So Empress Lu vows to hunt her down.

Niang grows to like Xuan after sparring with her when looking for Xing Shan for her teacher. Chun Yu Yi has two daughters, Ti Le and Ti Ying. He is busy under Empress Lu's command to come up with a new youthful drug. Xing Shan becomes his good friend and he promises to let him out if he can although the two are being locked together. Ying becomes Qin Zi's physician and discovers that her illness is only psychological as she is too dependent on Xuan but she promises to keep it a secret.

Liu Shan, the Liu clan leader buys over the Xiang clan's services to assassinate Empress Lu. A member betrays them and their mission fails. Shan dies and the Liu brothers grieve for him. The Xiang clan leader, Yun has wanted to kill himself after his men die in the ambush but Ying manages to save him and even shields him from the court. Yun is touched and falls for her.

Xiang is unhappy that Xuan becomes Empress Lu's henchman and plans to assassinate him. He doesn't know that he is planted as the clan's spy. Why is Xuan chosen? Because he is calm and not like the reckless Xiang. Xuan is seriously injured but Niang saves him. Xuan has more than what he can bargain for as 3 women like him now. A 40 year old woman falls for a 20 something year old man – Xuan can't accept this and tries running away despite his injuries – Niang even breaks his leg. Can you imagine that he becomes so firm that he jumps into the sea just to get away from her? (Do laugh at his determination.)

After this event, he staggers all the way……not to his home but to Ti Ying's home. Ti Ying is shocked when he faints into her arms in blood before telling her how much she means to him. When he wakes up to see her pets around him in her room, he touches his bandaged leg – unlike the way that he removes Niang's bandages on him to carry Ti Ying in joy later to embarrass her in front of the crowd.

Qin Zi, Xiang and Shan are on the way to visit Xuan upon knowing he is found. When having a walk with her in the woods, he finds it hard to tell Ying what actually happens. How can he tell her that Niang likes him to save him? He makes her jump when he wishes to break off the engagement with Qin Zi.

When he tells her that she is the only one on his mind when he struggles to the clinic – not for treatment but because of love, she nearly drops from the tree. How can this be when they quarrel daily? But she can't deny that she is worried when he is missing. Xuan suddenly becomes gentle and hugs her close to him – can't she understand him? The talkative Ying also becomes silent for a while. But this moment is broken by Shan who charges at them with her sword.

Xuan falls to the ground with the crutch but still shields Ying from the attack with his body. Qin Zi comes along to see this but still refuses to break the engagement with Xuan. She promises to change for him and also threatens to die if he does that. Xuan gets worried when Qin Zi faints and wants Ying to treat her. It is only now that Ying blurts out Qin Zi's secret. Xuan gets relieved as this weighs on his mind for years.

Ti Ying frowns upon treating Xuan's leg. How can he recover when he keeps walking around? She applies medicine on his leg in anger. He frowns but says nothing as he knows that he is in the wrong. Seeing how close they are, Yi expresses his opposition so Ti Ying becomes quiet. Xuan is concerned when Shan injures Ying again on the street and rushes to the clinic. Yun saves her from Shan and teaches Shan a lesson. Upon seeing an unconscious Ti Ying, Xuan gets very worried but is dejected when TiYing wants him to treat Qin Zi well and she doesn't wish to offend Shan.

Ti Ying knows of the assassination plan and wants Xuan to concentrate on resolving his clan matters to put his personal matters aside. Xuan has to bear with the humiliation from the soldiers and has to rule them with an iron hand – to implement harsh punishment when they do not listen to him. He misses Ti Ying when she is chased out of the clinic by Ti Le for creating so much trouble but he has no idea where she stays. Ti Ying has to give all her pets away as the new place she sets up is too small.

Xuan sees Ying's cat and although he doesn't know where it will go, he writes a note to tie on it, hoping that she will get to see it. The cat is so cute as Xuan ties a the golden ribbon and yellow note to it. (Never know a general like him can be so thoughtful and also presents beautiful handwriting.) It does bring it back to Ti Ying and also tears to her eyes. Xuan gets so drunk that he sleeps in Qin Zi's chamber by mistake.

Shake your head when he yells – why can't he come since he will be her consort soon?! He regrets his blunder when he wakes up and is speechless when Empress Lu finds him here, thinking that both have slept for the night. And Qin Zi doesn't explain it!

Empress Lu wants Xuan and Qin Zi to get married in 10 days. The poor man can't say no. Xiang has another bitter understanding when Empress Lu passes the Marshall seal to him. Xuan has a hard time training the troops as they see him as Empress Lu's hackery. Other times, he will get drunk to numb his nerves. You will laugh – there is once where he thinks he hears that it is the time to get married!

He gets cold feet – how? He isn't ready!! Then Ti Ying appears in front of him, telling him to accept his fate and later disappears. He runs out of the tent and Qin Zi is there – he thinks that it is his imagination. It is such a big shock to him when she really comes that he faints! He returns home – one day before the wedding. Instead of getting ready, he practices his martial arts skills in the courtyard.

Ti Ying can't suppress her thoughts of missing him and comes. She is shocked when he faints again. The servant informs her that his second master has been training the troops non-stop and tortures himself with sessions during his free time. Even though he is sick, he flares up upon him mentioning the word 'physician'. Ying leaves the dagger he gives her reluctantly beside him and leaves.

Xuan wakes up, wondering why he senses Ti Ying's presence in his sleep. Upon seeing the dagger, he charges out with it despite feeling unwell. He is shattered when he can't find her but…..gets trapped by Niang instead. He refuses to postpone the wedding and she leaves a love bite on his lips before running away. Of course, Qin Zi refuses to give in because of this as she has been waiting for his big day for a long time. Empress Lu even offers the throne to their unborn child in future when she is dead. This is, of course, an empty promise. How can she die if she has taken the immortal portion?

Xiang learns of the conspiracy and jeopardizes Xuan's plan of assassination on the big day. He tells Empress Lu of it as he doesn't want Xuan to have Qin Zi and he is hungry for power. So vicious that he kills his own men who go against him. So Empress Lu wears a metal vest to protect herself. Xiang even shoots 3 arrows into Xuan's chest. (That is a magnificent sight that all should not miss.) Niang is determined not to let Xuan's body land into their hands and lets it float away in a raft. But Xuan's determination to stay alive to see Ti Ying again is so strong that he holds on to the last breath.

Shan falls out with Xiang for betraying Xuan. Qin Zi is determined to stay as Xuan's wife despite what happens. Xiang gets so angry that he nearly rapes her. Feng rescues Xuan. The stupid Qin Zi gives herself to Xiang in order to save Xuan but is angered upon knowing that she is deceived. She escapes from the palace. Fu captures Niang but gets punished when he pleads with Empress Lu to spare Niang's life. Niang is touched and falls for him. Ti Ying finally finds Xuan and takes care of him.

Niang hopes to get the elixir now so that she can be with Fu forever. Qin Zi meets Yun and his gang. She sobs upon seeing Xiang's state. Xuan breaks Xiang Yu's coffin accidentally but Yun is grateful to him as he discovers that there isn't any corpse in it except the armour. Qin Zi fulfills her last wish to see Xuan and wants to kill herself. Yun stops her on time but gets injured instead.

Que stops Niang from getting into the clan. While bandaging Yun's wound, Qin Zi and him understand that they are unable to break Ying and Xuan up. Both start to like each other now. Ying learns that her father is in the mountains and sets out. Yun deduces that Xiang is nearby since Fu is around so he captures him. Ying tries in vain to convince Niang that Fu is evil. But Niang gets suspicious of Fu and finds that he is indeed Empress Lu's spy. She gets so mad that she kills him.

Ti Ying's father finally finds out the formula and makes the elixir. He insists of completing it despite Shan's objection. Niang kills herself as her heart is dead. Xiang wants to set up an ambush but Yuns' troops defeat him. Qin Zi kills him out of rage. Ying finds her father and is sad that he is blind. Empress Lu drinks the potion and becomes young. But something goes wrong and she can't move or talk anymore. The clinic is open once again. The two couples stay together to have a peaceful life.

Introduction on characters

1. Liu Xuan - Chiu Mun Chiok
He is the second of the three siblings. Being chivalrous, quiet, charming and also highly skilled, he wins the heart of three women. Besides being a war strategist, he also writes good calligraphy. It seems that he is perfect in all areas but his fate is also sealed. He has initially thought that he likes Qin Zi so he approves to the engagement. He realizes that Ying is in his heart but to restore his clan power, he has to forsake her.

To win Empress Lu's trust, he has to bear with the insults and complaints from his own clan and siblings. Only Ying understands his predicament but when she is not there to listen to him, he has to resort to drinking. This poor man often falls ill or gets injured as a result. When his mission to kill Empress Lu fails, he nearly goes mad after implicating his clan men. Luckily Ti Ying helps him to face the facts and nurses him back to health. He finally recovers and helps to destroy Xiang's troops.

Chiu is unnatural in romantic scenes in the past but how much has he changed here! He has chemistry with his female co-stars. His acting has improved tremendously. We do not have to doubt his ability in projecting marvelous fighting or war scenes so he has done well.

2. Liu Xiang – Sun Yun
He is the eldest sibling and is also a commander like Xuan. But why is Xuan given the biggest responsibility? He is reckless and can't hide his emotions to show them so clearly on his face. Unlike Xuan, he has brawns and no brains. He loves Qin Zi but his love is never appreciated or returned.

He is initially a kind man. Upon knowing that Xuan is the undercover, he gets jealous and because he wants Qin Zi for himself, he betrays Xiang. From then onwards, he becomes evil and even changes his surname to Lu in order to be a marquis, much to Shan's disgust.

This actor can be over exaggerating in his acting at times but do marvel at his features. He really has a striking resemblance to Chiu and they are convincing to act as brothers.

3. Xiang Yun – Lu Xing
He is the head of the Xiang clan which also aims to overthrow the Lus. But it doesn't work with the Liu clan initially – they only combine forces after Xuan's failed mission. This man is cold and has wanted to end his life when his mission fails but Ying changes his mind. From then, he can't stop thinking of her. But knowing who she likes, he gives up.

One day, Liu Xuan goes bersek and ruins Xiang Yu's grave. There goes his clan's hope of reviving him. But he discovers that the coffin is empty and finds out that he is deceived all along for an empty dream. Cheer for him when he becomes a couple with Qin Zi.

4. Lu Fu – Liu Heng Yu
He is Empress Lu's henchman who is more than eager to replace Xuan's position in the army. But Empress Lu will not give him the chance. He finally fights for his chance to win Niang's trust and love. But when she discovers his scheme, she kills him.

5. Xing Shan - Zhang Tie Lin
He goes against nature for having such a long life. But his price to pay is to stay as a prisoner. But luckily he manages to get released and gets to be with his lover again.

6. Chun Yu Yi – Lu Yue Li
He is the sisters' father. Knowing that Ying is more talented, he trains her well. But his interest in developing the drug is too much. What a big sacrifice to make to lose his freedom for it to serve Empress Lu! He regrets not listening to Ying but he has no way to turn back.

7. Tang An – Zheng Liang
He is Ying's senior who is in love with her. But his love isn't appreciated although he goes through thick and thin with her. He always says something bad about Xuan, hoping for a slim chance.

8. Shen Yu Ji – Wang Gang
He is Empress Lu's meek servant who stays by her. He loves money and power which she can satisfy him with. He can't go far as Empress Lu only treats him as her secret lover.

9. Chun Yu Ti Ying – Jia Jing Wen
She is Yi's younger daughter. She is clumsy, talkative and careless. But she has a clear mind when it comes to important matters. Her healing skills are poor in the past so most patients prefer to approach Yi or Le. She only dares to use animals as samples and she grows to love them to keep them at home. However, Yi knows her talent and gives her chances to improve herself. She later becomes confident and many come to her. She is very loud and talkative. That is a complete opposite of Xuan's nature.

Xuan has disliked her to tag along when he goes in search for the immortal pill. Through her, he becomes chatty and is no longer reserved. Realizing that she has fallen for him, she keeps a distance from him to avoid hurting Qin Zi – who is her patient and also friend. Sigh – how wrong she is to hurt herself and Xuan. Xuan gets so miserable that he resorts to drinking while she pins for him.

Jing Wen acts quite well – she makes Ying very irritating indeed. You will have the same urge like Xuan – to shoot her down like a bird to make her shut up. When she is quiet, she is so adorable. It is this nature of hers and her sensible character wins his heart finally.

10. Chun Yu Ti Le – Zheng Tong
She is Ying's nasty elder sister. She has motives to control the clinic all along. You will be shocked on how harsh she is to chase her out of the house when she is frightened that Ying will implicate her for saving Yun. Upon knowing that Ying is more popular than her, she steals all her medicine.

11. Lu Qin Zi - Gao Yuan Yuan
She is Empress Lu's niece and has a very weak nature. I really dislike her to be so weak to get Xuan's attention. I bet no other princess will declare her affections for a man so openly in the periodic times but she breaks the tradition. She is really so open and throws herself into Xuan's arms that he can't tolerate it. Especially in her eagerness to marry him…..I really shake my head – this is not the shy princess I have in mind. Even though she knows that Xuan doesn't love her, she insists of having him.

Through her search for Xuan who goes missing, she becomes stronger and is willing to give up her status for him since he is a fugitive now. She finally finds her love, Yun. Phew – cheers for Xuan who finally gets rid of her. Yuan Yuan makes her to be a very irritating princess. The whining and pinning……I simply detest so much! No wonder Xuan wants to avoid her as much as possible. Luckily she becomes a stronger woman or I think Yun might not like the previous her too.

12. Mo Niang – Dong Xiao Yan
She was Empress Lu's maid in the past. She is in her 40s but she looks like she is only in her 20s after taking the immortal pill and portion. Not only that, she also practices skills with her bats. The bats can carry people away to safety or attack enemies whenever she blows the flute. She is more highly skilled than the Liu brothers so both find it a big challenge to capture her.

She falls for Xuan but he will never fall for her. Jealousy fills her heart and she vows to kill Qin Zi and Ying. She is very revengeful but the two manage to escape from her.

13. Liu Shan – Zheng Dan Lu
She is the youngest and is Qin Zi's bodyguard. But they are as close as sisters. Thus she supports Qin Zi – not Ying to be her sister-in-law. Sigh – how can she so insensitive to Xuan's feelings to upset him so much?! She can be equally reckless as Xiang so Xuan prefers not to share his secrets with her.

Shan keeps leading Qin Zi on, giving her false hopes to win Xuan's love. But upon discovering how Xiang turns into a scoundrel, she is badly affected. She talks back at him and breaks ties with him. Pity her when she dies by Xiang's sword.

14. Empress Lu – Liu Xue Hua
She has power but youth is leaving her. Time is running fast as she tries in vain to retain her youth. She is such a vicious woman to kill when all can't get the immortal portion for her. Nothing matters to her – even family ties. She even thinks of engaging Qin Zi to the despicable Xiang when Xuan goes missing – even though she knows Qin Zi likes Xuan. Xue Hua is a veteran actress and you will not be disappointed by her acting. What a change from her usual weak Qiong Yao roles!

15. Xuan Que – Yang Le
She is part of Xiang clan but she doesn't talk like a subordinate. She constantly reminds Yun of revenge and plans for all the clan activities. Yun initially bears with her but finally shows his temper when she wants to kill Xuan – saying that Yun is a coward to let him off. They finally exchange blows. This woman should know her stand in the clan. She is lucky that Yun doesn't take it against her for talking in such an arrogant tone. She has been defending on luck too far and long enough.

Favourite character
Xuan, he always measures the importance before he does anything. He never allows his emotions to rule his head. I like the scenes where he shows how fond he is of Ying – cute and romantic! But alas, she always ends up breaking his heart and he results getting injured or sick because of this.

Most hated character
Xiang, love becomes hatred to cause him to betray his clansmen and also siblings. Serves him right to get killed by the woman he loves.

Interesting facts

This is a serious drama but I try very hard not to laugh. It must be hard on Dan Lu to see how Mun Chiok romancing with his female co-stars in front of the camera. It is said that she tried to avoid being around when the scenes were shot.Both are them are married with a daughter now.

It is also amusing to see how Ying and Qin Zi make different approaches towards Xuan. In 'HSDS', their prize is Wu Ji where the competition starts with Zhao Min taking the initiative while Zhi Ruo takes a backseat. In this case, Ying tries to run away from Xuan while Qin Zi pesters Xuan fiercely. What a vast change but I like it!


I like the war and fighting scenes. They are well made. It shows clearly the rivalry between the brothers well. They are supposedly to be close but things change due to women and also political interests. But it doesn't really touch more on Ti Ying being a genius, though. I still think her skills are mediocre – it is her father or the two veterans who are successful.

The actors put in a lot of hard work. But the dialogues can be too long and boring. It is very draining on me whenever Ti Ying makes a speech. I feel the need to make her into a mute as she talks too much and fast. Especially at times where she doesn't allow Xuan to talk at all – what a nuisance!

However, the story is still alright to me although it has a very rocky and slow start. It starts to pick up towards the end. It is still worth your time if you wish to watch a serious periodic drama.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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