Paladins in Troubled Times


Section:Chinese TV Series

Number of Episodes:31


Language: Chinese (Mandarin)

Chinese Title: 大唐游侠传

Average Rating:       (out of 2 ratings)

Also Known As: Wandering Tang Dynasty Swordsman / Legend of the Great Tang Dynasty Hero / Da Tang You Xia Chuan


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Paladins in Troubled Times

Reviewed by: sukting July 11, 2009

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

Foreword This is an adaptation novel by Liang Yu Sheng. It is about the heroes who rise during the unstable Tang period. It is from the producer of the well acclaimed Return of the Condor Heroes and Sword Stained with Royal Blood . Curiosity comes to me upon knowing that Wei De is rumoured to come into Yi Neng Jing’s failed marriage. Moreover, I had not seen his dramas before. Story/Introduction on characters 1. Huang Wei De as Tie...

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06-16-2010 02:44 PM


3.5 out of 5 actually
Males hairstyle: too messy!
Females style: Tang look is not flattering for many of the actresses. Their faces simply don't carry the look well.

Vincent did a good job as the hero; the man certainly looks like one. Shen Xiao Hai was very suave and a worthy opponent AND he uses a fan to fight. There's also an umbrella fighter-Kong Kong Er played by TAE. In truth, supporting characters had personalities and styles that were more interesting than our hero LoL..but even that point seems intended for the character of Tie Mo Le in itself...he's quite normal.

Everyone in the series is incredibly smart, except the hero. Even the ladies outshine him in wit. He Zhuo Yan is cute but not beautiful enough to be a leading lady IMHO. She was also annoying sometimes. Lu Chen was beautiful but boring. Xia Ling Shuang was hands down the best female!

The beginning and ending were good, but in the middle they talk too much. Martial arts was well done!

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