The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber

Reviewed by: vcuong

January 09, 2011

Rating: one

If you're a movie critic then you wouldn't want to watch this version... Unless for the chicks. 1 point for the Chick! Zhao Min is so pretty.

This is by far the worse Script / Acting / hence Directing version ever.

Reason are there are So many unecessary scripts, which makes the characters look like IDIOTS, or pretender when they are suppose to be Evil but cool.
Most important part is: When the Ming sect is being attack! They talk and act like Fish Monger... When they started the fight The "Can't Tell guy stood their and Laugh about it" Other guys are just outside yelling like Girls... LOL and the guy push the monk in to stop the fight?? WTF? They are all great Fighters and confident in themselves!!! especially when they plan to stop the fight... LOL NO we don't trust you, you pull your hands first... The Wise "Left Hand protect" look like an idiot.

And When Zhang Wuji Fight against "Kill ALL NUN" to protect the "fire section"... It suppose to be because are being outnumbered and tried to protect other guys to run etc.. To show not only they have guts but also honorable... NOT SHOW THEM AS BLOODTHIRST.. This part just make Everyone Kill everyone badly.. And the fire clan just being beaten because they want revenge instead of protect someone so they can run away.. And just doesn't want to kneel to beg for mercy...

This would only Show how bloodthirst they are.. Not how honourable!

LOL that alone wouldn't make Zhang Wuji Who Has always been Told that the Ming sect are EVIL... Which the Director Doesn't direct well to show any honourable acts to make Zhang Wuji protect them.

AND Directing?? LOL at the Ming sect being attack part again. when Zhang Wuji was in the BAG... THIS bag Suppose to be AIR PROOF and everything.. How is their light sheds inside? And proof of all these Scripts are just so lame. This guy may only qualify for graphical degree not directing degree.

And there so others, which Im sure some would pick up. Not worth watching at all.

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The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber

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