The Legend and the Hero


Section:Chinese TV Series

Genre:Action, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Period

Number of Episodes:40

Language: Chinese (Mandarin)

Chinese Title: 封神榜

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The Legend and the Hero

Reviewed by: sukting November 07, 2009

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

Foreword I shall compare this drama with Gods of Honour and Wu Wang Fa Zhou since the storyline is so similar. How did the China production do as compared to the Hong Kong production? It has the collaboration with TCS, Taiwanese and Hong Kong cast as well. Story/Introduction on characters 1. Su Da Ji – Fan Bing Bing The Da Ji in the past is viewed as a vixen. She comes from the countryside and leaves the hometown because of the villagers. She also...

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Hai vu

08-02-2009 12:37 AM


Many of you guys said that Ruby didnt play her part but her character is different from the first part where the fox is possessed and really evil.

About the second part description from sources:
And about her evilness...
Evil Daji was dead in 1st part of FSB , and they make Daji reborn in this series again. This Daji is totally diffferent from previous Daji who is true evil. Ruby's daji is between evil and human. Lots of news said(when they filming series) This Daji is different with old one.

""This Daji that ruby lin playing is not longer possessed by the evil fox spirit, have to play the human type of evil. "

Honestly the second part sucks. I only watched because Ruby was in there.But she was hardly in there per se. They only casted her to make name for the series.


12-11-2008 03:59 PM


I have to agree with the others. The first half of this drama was really good. The second half was so so boring. The fighting scenes to me was done so horribly. All in all its ok to watch. Just make sure to have the remote to fast forward scenes. What I dont really understand though is why are there so many Gods in this movie. I feel that they are not really necessary when they play such a small role. I really like Ruby Lin so I have to give part 2 a chance.


08-28-2008 01:20 AM


What originally grabbed my interest in this movie is the cast. I thought Fan BingBing was a great fit for this role b/c she is extremely beautiful. Other actors are good, except for a few. It's true that the first half was very captivating, but like other Dai Loan movies, they tried to drag it out too much. Stories became less interesting and more boring. I saw that this is just the first part, part two is coming out later with the role of Dac Ki being replaced by Ruby Lin. That made me not want to finish it.


12-18-2007 05:48 AM


Unfortunately, there was just too much for this flat, and overly dramatic drama. It was just too long, and intended to be complex yet failed in all aspect. Although Fan Bing Bing looked good for the part of Tan Gei but her deliverance for this role was unsuccessful.


12-07-2007 12:05 AM


The first half of "Legend and the Hero" is pretty good at building up the story and characters. I kept comparing it to TVB's "Gods of Honour" (which was horribly dumbed down) and thought that it was great that China decided to respect the original story to most extent. However, I have to say, the latter half started to drag when most of the battles lacked excitement and strategy. Jiang Ziya goes to seek his master for help for most of the battles or they win just by recruiting someone 'stronger' to join the fight. Fan BingBing was great as Tan Gei though.

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