The Legend of the Condor Heroes

Reviewed by: kblyear

August 15, 2008

Rating: four-point-five

There are 4 productions of this story, and also the novel, I think is quite familiar. So I will skip the details about the plot.

The cast
Huang Rong
This Huang Rong was really captivating, she could bring many side of Huang Rong’s characters, she was able to look as a young teenage girl who likes to play and naughty and yet more mature, when Huang Rong’s character grown up. With Barbara Yung, they are my favorite one . I really like the part when she tricked OYF. Without her acting, I think this series will not be good as it is.

Guo Jing
As far as I watched all 4 productions, there are no one who was closer as Guo Jing the novel, each of them has their flaws, there was no calmness in this Guo Jing, he looked childish as for a man who came from a hard life in the desert, I noticed, it always surfaced when he acted “ dumb” kind a way. But when the character grown up, this Guo Jing became more acceptable, despite his lovely scene with Huang Rong, I didn’t think his scene with Yang Kang was lovely too, it was annoying imo

Yang Kang
His acting was good, I saw him in yang clan, he was able to look evil and yet charming too, unfortunately the unreasonable plot didn’t make his acting more shined though, but then he still successfully made me hate his evil Yang Kang.

Mu Nian Ci
I can not tell much about her performance since the character way different from the novel, but I think she was not able to bring her character real, sometimes her expression kind of blank, and didn't leave any deep impression

Ouw Yang Ke
His acting was good, although I prefer the original character of him, I like this one too, he managed to perform Ouw Yang Ke’s characters very well, his contradiction character little bit confusing and interesting in same time, his thirst of someone’s love, and not even doubt to take someone’ life. Too bad I can’t see Huang Rong and Ouw Yang Ke’s scenes more when they cast ashore in the island

Other cast
Among the 5 including Zhou Botong, I like the beggar chief more, he can look adorable sometimes, but then I’m a big fan of him since his performance in Huo Yan Jia. As Mei Chao Feng, I feel sad when she died in front of his teacher.

Other than the cast
The CGI was really awful, I don’t know is it because the budget or what, the fighting scene was not good either, besides this story itself is full of martial art, they should pay more attention of the fighting scene.

And something missing in the death of Guo Jing's teacher scenes, it didn't leave any tragic atmosphere. And what was it about the reminding many times, that Huang rong had the same brain like her mother,“once read then never forget Rong."

And the alteration of the plot, I don’t mind as long if still reasonable but in this series sometimes it didn’t make senses, how come Yang Kang who did a lot of evil, became suddenly kind just because he was defeated by Guo Jing in the war, how many times he was defeated by Guo Jing and Huang Rong, and he never realized his faults, I just thought there were no strong reason for his sudden changing personality. He was good before, able to accept his real father, and how come he became so evil and able to kill a lot of people without even a blink, and the ep 42 scene, geez, luckily I enjoyed fast forward Mu Nian Ci's scenes, and the death of Yang Kang kind of drop from nowhere

I really like this series, although there was something missing in this production, that prevented this series from being wonderful which I can’t describe despite other deficits that I’ve mentioned above. I really like the cast, and many sweet moment scenes. But then I like this series more than Chinese Paladin (I don’t like Chinese Paladdin), since both were made by the same director.

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