The Legend of the Condor Heroes

Reviewed by: thythy

December 25, 2008

Rating: three

After I have heard about the hypes centering this series, I gave it a shot. I was/am always a fan of Felix and to me, I thought during the time I was watching the new version, he was and is going to be The Guo Jing up to date. This story is very popular so I am going to save the details for those who have read the novel many times. I am just going to go through the characters and express my opinions.

Introduction of the Main Characters:

Hu Ge as Guo Jing (4/5)- I think that the actor did a good job portraying the foolishness of Guo Jing very well, up to a point that you want to laugh at his honesty. He had good chemistry with his mother, his masters and his brother. However, at some point, his acting was somewhat wooden and becomes boring to watch. Overall, I think the actor did a good job, especially in the last episodes. He acted better when he became a mature person. He did not have much chemistry with his co-star Lin. They seem like big brother and a ten year old sister most of the time.

Ariel Lin as Huang Rong (2.5/5)- After hearing many people said how Lin was not eye candy as Huang Rong, I still did not care and decided to give it a shot. She was not the beautiful Huang Rong. She was cute though, but not beautiful like the story portrayed. She was supposed to be so beautiful that Oh Yang Ke was lusting after her non stopped and wanted to own her for himself. But I finished the series anyway because I want to see another remake of my all time favorite novel.

Her acting was that, Acting. She tried very hard to be cute in front of the camera when she stick her tong out multiple times while fighting Oh Yang Ke. She jumped up and down like a ten year old kid. When I saw her appeared as a beggar, I immediately thought that she will tried very hard to be charming and adorable. She did not live her character, but instead acted her character. She did not look clever enough for my dear Huang Rong. She tried to show her cleverness but all that time, I thought that she was playing her baby games with her baby friends instead of fighting a fight or battling a war. That is probably because her facial expressions and gestures were centering around the cuteness effect and not the character itself. When she tried to look angry, her tempered scenes did not catch my attention. It looked at if she tried to be whiny. I don’t know how she could consider to be clever, because her acting made Oh Yang Ke and other people seem really patheic instead. I ended up past forward or ignored her scenes. No chemistry with Guo Jing.

Yuan Hong as Yang Kang (3/5)- He was a good looking Yang Kang, no doubt. He played his prince character and as an evil person well. However, because of the big change of the story, it was weird. It was like watching another story of LOCH. He needed more practice when he tried to be irritated because that did not show on his face most of the time. Instead, it was a blank gesture. However, when he showed his happiness moments as well as his obedience (sometimes) and love toward his mother, it was very acceptable. I liked his chemistry with his adopted father a lot. It was believable. He is somewhat new, so overall he was doing a good job.

Liu Shi Shi as Mu Nian Ci (2.5/5)- I liked her after seeing her for the first couple episodes but after that she was in the back of the picture. Nothing new about her beside her mopping all over the floor and looked as if someone stole her wallet (even when she supposed to be happy). She looked good as Mu Nian Ci no doubt. When she was with Huang Rong, my eyes were only focusing on her only, which was weird because Huang Rong supposed to stole the show for that period. So I guess this new version made more sense as to why Oh Yang Ke was loving Mu Nian Ci and died by her in the end. I thought that the new version acted as so that Oh Yang Ke was lusting for Huang Rong but loved Mu Nian Ci. At least that was what I saw from the characters’ acting, or disconnects from interpreting the characters’ acting. I also did not like that scene after you know who died! Mu Nian Ci overall was naïve and would drop dead without her Yang Kang.

Li Jie as Oh Yang Ke (4/5) – Playboyish guy, very clever or supposed to be clever until Ms. Lin made him pathetic. I felt that somewhere in the background the director was hiding in the bushes and told him to lose for Huang Rong because there was no way his cleverness lost to her baby/childish games. Once again, she did not do him justice with her acting. I liked this character a lot, despite my hatred for this actor after seeing him in Huo Yuan Jia with Ekin. You will like him a lot later in the story. If this series made out to be the Legendary of Yang Kang the next remake should make it the Legendary of Oh Yang Ke. I would watch it.

Guo Liang as Wan Yan Hong Lie (4.5/5)- I loved his character but he was so blinded by love. I thought it would be great if he focused more on his country instead of one woman. She did not even care for him. Sometimes I wished her husband never showed up so Prince Wan, Yang Kang and his Bao Xi Ruo would be so happy as a family. But that would go against morality since he was the key to the whole vengeance. He is a very good actor, especially he is a comedian in real life so trying to be evil and serious in a series? He did it. I thought his story stole the show. His final scenes where memorable and heroic despite the fact that he brought destructions to many people.

Other Characters:

I give more credits to the supporting casts. They did great. Kathy Chow stole the show even though she is so much older than the main casts and so did her husband. Guo Jing’s mom was good and caring. The Beggar Master Hong Qi Gong was so funny. Ou Yang Feng was really cool and creepy, which is great because he was supposed to be for his poisonous skills.


I thought the music and lyrics were good. The sound track was appropriate. Good picture and quality. Plus good fighting scenes. Though a lot of Computer effects.

Overall, I give it a 3/5. The series is good if you have nothing to do. The main casts are all right. Their acting need to be improve. Some disappointments with the change of the story lines. The clothing I thought are pretty and good choice of colors in the fabrics. Good scenery. I did not like the birds. Too fake for my taste.

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