The Legend of the Crazy Monk 3

Reviewed by: sukting

September 28, 2014

Rating: three

How long  
42  episodes

It consists of 8 stories just like other segments. It is translated from Guo Xiao Ting's《济公全传》and other folktales. How does Chan Ho Mun fare as the legendary character again?
1. Chan Ho Mun as  Ji Gong
He is the reincarnation of Xiang Long Arhat and now wants more peace but trouble keeps brewing and he has to help out. All must be glad that his entanglement with Yan Zi is finally resolved. 

2. Lam Chi Chung as Guang Liang/Fat fairy
He is Dao Jji's senior and dislikes his untidy ways and not following the rules. He is in charge of the temple's management post to be jealous of his success. He is better now after many misadventures but is still a glutton and a miser.  

3. Ye Zu Xin as Bi Qing/thin fairy
Same as Guang Liang, he is also a glutton although skinny but is now showing more respect to Ji Gong. However, he seems to have lower intelligence than before to keep on getting captured by the demons.   

4. Lin Jiang Guo as Zhao Bin/Lin Chan Zi
He is still as reckless as before. This time round, Xue loses her memory to become a demon under the control of Jian Kun Cave Lord so he tries his best to get her on the right track.

5. Rong Zi as Bai Xue
She is a rabbit spirit and is Ling's junior.  She is still as silly and talkative as before. 

6. Zhang Liang as Chen Liang
He becomes a demon to be controlled by Jian Kun cave lord in order to rescue Ling. Ji Gong takes a long time to expel the demon out and he is reunited with Ling.   

7. Yang Xue as Bai Ling
She is a white fox spirit who is trapped in the formation that Jian Kun cave lord. Ji Gong also rescues her and she is willing to give up her magical skills to become a human to be with Liang.

8. Lou Ya Jiang as Hei Feng
He is a wolf spirit and is Ling's senior. He likes her and even forces her to marry him. Bin and Xue help Liang to kill him. 

9. Chen Zi Han as Yan Zhi
She is Xiu Yuan's supposedly wife to be. She becomes alive here to learn about her past before she marries another man. She realizes that she is also a small deity in the past sent to test Ji Gong so she lets go to return to the heavenly world.    

10. Liu Yi Dang as Zhang Xiao Hui
She is a squid spirit but is a scatterbrain. She is killed by Ji when she wants to attack Bin. Is the producer trying to dig fun at someone of the same name? Still think that the person has gone too far.

11. Zhang Bao Wen as Lu Ji
She is a lizard spirit who is the most senior among them. She is often angry to pair up with Ji and falls in love with Bin. She is at loggerheads with Xue. Bin is grateful when she loses her life to save  him to get killedby Jian Kun Cave Lord.

12. Zhang Mao Tong as the abbot of Ling Yin templ
He puts up with all the nonsense caused by Dao Ji. Thus, Dao Ji protects the temple from harm.  

13. Lou Ya Jiang as Da Peng Niao
He is the enemy of the two fairies. The two are glad to kill him this time.

14. Ding Yu Jiang as Xiao Feng
He is a bat spirit who likes Xue. He is evil by nature and never stops harming others to get killed by Xue. 

15. Wang Ying Ying as Zui Yun 
She is a bat spirit who likes Feng. So she is jealous and often reminds him not to trust Xue too much. She is also killed by Xue.

Most favourite character    
Liang, he is kind and also generous to others.              
Most hated character
Guang Liang and Bi Qing still get a tie here. They are less annoying and their jokes are of low intelligence.

This drama is slightly better than 1 as they rope in special guest stars like Hung Tin Ming to act in. I did not get to watch 2 as Mediacorp bought it as local actress Fan Wen Fang is in it. I must say that all other actresses are prettier than her. Regardless of villains or kind roles, they slip in effortlessly. 

I don't understand why she looks tired and underperforms in this drama. The stories are less long-winded this time with better dialogues. Still, I am puzzled why Ji Gong becomes redundant here as Xue is the one who kills the most demons or the demons destroy each other themselves. I must saythat I finally get to watch a more decent period drama after watching plenty of low budget productions on television till I run out of things to write.

The fighting scenes are improved. I am also glad the producer reduces the number of squabbling scenes between the two monks but why are the jokes still so modern? They have stretched their imagination too far. Did they forget that they are shooting a period drama? 

Sukting's ratings :
On acting : *** (Scale of 5)
On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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