The Legend of the Crazy Monk

Reviewed by: sukting

August 06, 2013

Rating: two-point-five

How long
42 episodes

It consists of 8 stories. It is translated from Guo Xiao Ting's 《济公全传》and other folktales. How does Chan Ho Mun fare as a legendary character again?

1. Chan Ho Mun as Li Xiu Yuan / Ji Gong He is the reincarnation of Xiang Long Arhat and is born as Xiu Yuan. He suddenly recalls his past in the midst of his wedding to ditch his bride to become a monk. He is known as the living Buddha after the weak. I found his presentation weak – he did not portray in depth.

2. Lam Chi Chung as Guang Liang/Fat fairy He is Dao Jji's senior and dislikes his untidy ways and not following the rules. He is in charge of the temple's management post to be jealous of his success. Ji Gong knows his past and that is why he can condone all his nonsense.

3. Gao Hao as Bi Qing/thin fairy Same as Guang Liang, he is also a glutton and is boastful. He is the monks' junior but seems a little smarter than Guang Liang.

4. Lin Jiang Guo as Zhao Bin/Lin Chan Zi He is initially the guard of Fu Mo Hall. He is impulsive but good in marital arts and looks down on Ji Gong initially. Later, he is impressed by his skills to become his disciple. He is Liang's god buddy. He likes Ling initially but later likes Xue after she saves her with her personal elixir.

5. Xin Zi as Bai Xue She is a rabbit spirit and is Ling's junior. She likes Bin and is very innocent. She is kind and thus, Ji Gong often gets her to help Ling to change her mind of creating evil.

6. Zhang Liang as Chen Liang After Ji Gong saves him from Ling, he becomes his disciple. Ji gong imparts his Huan Ying sword and Pi Li sword formation. He later learns of his past with Ling of rescuing her in his previous life and falls for her. He is trapped in this as their love is not acceptable.

7. Yang Xue as Bai Ling She is a white fox spirit. She is evil in the past and is now forced to do evil deeds against her wishes. She is spiteful towards Ji Gong initially for ruining her chances withLiang but is won over by his skills. Her spirit is later destroyed by Da Peng in a rage.

8. Lou Ya Jiang as Hei Feng He is a wolf spirit and is Ling's senior. He likes her and even forces her to marry him. Bin and Xue help Liang to kill him.

9. Chen Zi Han as Yan Zhi She is Xiu Yuan's supposedly wife to be. After he dejects her on the wedding day, she becomes upset as she is viewed as a jinx. She throws herself over a cliff but is rescued by Da Peng and becomes evil. She later sacrifices herself to rescue Ji Gong and dies in his arms, contented..

10. Xue Peng as Fu Hu He is one of the eighteen arhats. Ji Gong often gets him for help. He is a good buddy indeed.

11. Zhang Mao Tong as the abbot of Ling Yin temple He offers Dao Ji a place to stay. He closes an eye to what Dao Ji has done and is very helpful to him.

12. Zhang Gong as Da Peng Niao He is the enemy of the two fairies. He injures Ling Chan Zi to get captured after destroying Buddhist sculptures but he escapes from the two. He then gets the three spirits to be the disciples of the mysterious Jian Kun cave master. Thus, Ji Gong can't even guess his identity.

Most favourite character
Liang, he is kind and also generous to others.

Most hated character
Guang Liang and Bi Qing get a tie here. They are very annoying and long-winded. The jokes they create are not funny at all.

This drama is acceptable but not outstanding. I have read the stories before but I don't understand why the supposedly exciting version can become so boring on television. I find the stories very draggy. Each story can take up a whole lot of 5 episodes. My patience is totally drawn. Furthermore, the two monks keep pickering with each other and my interest completely dies with them around. There are two more sequels to this but can they be better than this one?

Sukting's ratings :
On acting : **1/2 (Scale of 5)
On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

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