The Return of the Condor Heroes


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Genre:Martial Arts

Language: Chinese (Mandarin)

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The Return of the Condor Heroes

Reviewed by: mimigirl165 November 23, 2010

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

This drama failed to amuse me. Everyone was great, except for Crystal Liu but that wasn't a surprise, seeing her from Chinese Paladin and Forbidden Kingdom. The problem with that is because since she is one of the main characters, she affects the drama a lot. If she was a minor character such as Wanyan Ping, this drama would probably receive a 4.5 from me. Since she is the major character, her poor acting skills affect the entire course. Cast...

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The Return of the Condor Heroes

Reviewed by: Ian Liew January 22, 2007

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

"Condor Hero" was the English name given to Zhang Jizhong's 2006 adaptation of Jin Yong's "Return of the Condor Heroes" (ROCH), and marks Zhang's fourth series adaptation of Jin Yong's fifteen wuxia stories. Zhang started off with a bang, 2001's "Smiling Proud Wanderer" (SPW) quickly being a firm favourite of wuxia fans, even though it was generally underrated by the public. "Legend of the Condor Heroes"(LOCH) followed in 2003 and continued to thrill wuxia...

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The Return of the Condor Heroes

Reviewed by: 0-0-0 December 28, 2006

Rating: 3.0 out of 5

Return of the Condor Heroes 2006 (Shen Diao Xia Lu 神雕侠侣) Casting: Huang Xiao Ming as Yang Guo 黄晓明 饰 杨过(3/5) As the young Yang Guo, Huang Xiao Ming was unnatural in the role and overacted the immature, playful Yang Guo. As the older, more mature Yang Guo, Huang Xiao Ming did a pretty decent job though. One of the things that made his performance less enjoyable was the fact that...

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The Return of the Condor Heroes

Reviewed by: Dolphin_bay August 21, 2006

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Cast Huang Xiao Ming as Yang Guo Crystal Liu Yi Fei as Xiao Long Nu Wang Luo Yong as Guo Jing Kong Ling as Huang Rong Ba Yin as Jing Lun Fa Wang Meng Guang Mei as Li Mo Chou Cheng Zi Han as Guo Fu Yang Mi as Guo Xiang Zhong Zheng Tao as Gong Suen Zhi Gao Hu as Huo Du Yang Rui as Lu Wu Shuang Wang Jia as Cheng Ying Fu Miao as Gong Suen Liu E Suen Li Hua as Wan Yan Ping Introduction Out...

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Member Ratings

El Ha

04-08-2013 07:17 PM


Nice drama, except for the two main characters ;)


11-17-2012 12:41 PM


Few weeks ago, I watched both HK (1995) and China (2006) series of the 'Return of the Condor Heroes'.

Even though the HK 1995 version is older than China 2006 and has less scientific and graphics impact to drive the casting, I still find HK version is better than China.

Firstly Carmen Lee acts better than Crystal Liu Yi Fei as Xiao Long Nu. Yes Crystal is younger and cuter than Carmen, but in term of acting, I believe Carmen is prettier and has the internal ladies look than Crystal. When I first saw Crystal, I was attracted by her outer look as she looks like those Japanese and Korean actresses, charming but too common look alike.

Louis Koo is also better than Huang Xiao Ming. I don't like Xiao Ming all of a sudden yelling/screeming out of joys in some scenes, especially near to Xiao Long Nu, I really pity her to suffer ear problem. Huang Xiao Ming also has too much facial plastic surgery as one can compare his current 2012 look (chin etc) with 2006.

Apop Harris

10-23-2011 09:17 PM


I like how they make improvement for most vital fighting scenes; the Peach Blossom Island rock formation is awesome, the scenery and landscape fulfilled my imagination about the beautiful places in the book. GongSun family are better cast than previous version, the actors/actress are much more beautiful than 83 version, but not better acting though. Somehow I found "looking at each other's faces" between Yang Guo and XLN are too much, over dramatization, forced chemistry, not natural, Li Yu Fei is very beautiful but not perfect XLN. complicated costumes and too young. But still a must see if you are a fan of this series!


05-15-2011 01:38 AM


This review is made by someone who just started the condor trilogy, so I didn't see the old versions of ROCH, just LOCH 2008 and ROCH 2006.
First of all, I loved the ending with Yang Guo killing the Khan with a spear.
But the reason why I'm not giving this first star despite the weeks of joy this drama brought me, is mostly because of the Guo Jing of this version.
I know that it's probly suppose to be like that, but after seeing a really kind and silly GJ in LOCH 2008, I could hardly accept the image that this GJ was projecting: willing to sacrifice his family for his country and kicking YG out because of his love for his teacher.


04-27-2011 02:50 AM


I think there was too much stupid "drama" with the two main characters... especially with all those scenes with them looking dumb and staring at each other, or with the lady reaching her hand out or looking cross-eyed. It's okay, just not really worth it to watch.

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