The World's Finest (Tian Xia Di Yi)

Reviewed by: mermaidmelody33

September 27, 2005

Rating: four-point-five

Number of episodes: 40

Roger Kwok-Chen Se Fei
Li Ya Peng-Duan Thian Ya
Wallace Huo-Kui Hai Yi Dao
Tammy Chen Yi Rong-princess Yin Luo
Gao Yuan Yuan-Liu Sen Phiau Xyi
Michelle Yip-San Kuan Hai Thang
Thie Tan Sen Hou-Damien Lau
Wan San Chien-Tong Jun Yeep
Monica Chan-Xu Xin
Dicky Cheung-Ku San Thong

(Warning! Contains Unmarked Spoilers!!)

"Tian Xia Di Yi" or "The World's Greatest" focuses mainly around the four young constables, Duan Tian Ya, Kui Hai Yi Dao, Sang Kuan Hai Thang, and Chen Se Fei. But the plot really focuses more on Chen Se Fei, the last constable to join Thie Tan Sen Hou's (the duke) force. Chen Se Fei was an ordinary guy who makes a life out of lying and gambling. Luckily, he met the world's greatest martial art artist who was defeated by Sen Hou, Ku San Thong. Ku San Thong then gave Chen Se Fei all of his martial art before dying. Chen Se Fei then met Princess Yin Luo, the emperor's sister, and rescues the Empress. For that, the emperor wanted him to join Sen Hou's force. But Sen Hou refused to take him so he wanted to test Se Fei first. And Se Fei failed the test but because of Yin Luo, Sen Hou has to take Se Fei in. And then the four begin to take down the evil eunuch and the real evil who was concealed between them, Sen Hou himself.

The Cast:

1. Chen Se Fei-Roger Kwok
Chen Se Fei is a usual typical hero who starts out low, then meets a famous martial art artist that gave all of his martial art knowledge to him. Yes, very typical. But Chen Se Fei is way luckier since the princess herself fell in love with him, the Empress respects him, and his biological father is nome other than Ku San Thong himself. How lucky can a hero be? But he felt that he had a bad life since he had to marry the princess who makes his life miserable and all. Chen Se Fei's martial art is awesome; every part of his body has a written martial art manual. And he can turn all into gold when he's really in danger. Roger Kwok has a role of a comedian in this series. He had a perfect funny face to his every joke. And he's funny in all his scenes with Yin Luo. All the others were definitely jealous of him and Yin Luo since they are such a perfect loving couple who had the only happy ending.

2. Duan Tian Ya-Li Ya Peng
Duan Tian Ya is the first to be adopted by Sen Hou. He spent his studying time in Japan and thus learnt the most powerful martial art from there. Tian Ya was adore by three girls, Hai Thang, Liu Sen Xie Ci and Liu Sen Phiau Xyi. His heart was broken by his first wife's death, Xie Ci, so he resented Hai Thang's feelings. But he ended up with Xie Ci's younger sister, Phiau Xyi because he thought that she sacrificed everything for him. And he married her and also had a son with her named Lang Er, but he never knew that Phiau Xyi was a spy who was set up by his side by his own godfather, Sen Hou. From his meeting with Phiau Xyi until marrying her, leaves with her to the Snake Island, all was a strategy that his godfather set up. And he never even suspected it, just like what Phiau Xyi said. At the end he was heartbroken when he finds out that the real murderer who killed Hai Thang is his own wife. But even after he finds out, he didn't have the heart to kill her. After Phiau Xyi committed suicide and asked for his forgiveness, he forgave her. And he went to Yi Dao and tries to commit suicide for the fault of his wife but Yi Dao doesn't let him, he wants Tian Ya to saves his life for the duel with Sen Hou, the real criminal. Li Ya Peng's role was o.k, but I hate all of his flashbacks. It was so boring. And even though he promised not to be married again, he did with his wife's sister. What's wrong with this guy? He also let Phiau Xyi bully him in some ways. What an useless husband! Other than that I think that he's o.k.

3. Gui Hai Yi Dao-Wallace Huo
Kui Hai Yi Dao is the only one who is not adopted by Sen Hou. His main goal in life is to avenge his father; that very main goal ruined his life completely. At the start, Yi Dao is very quiet. He doesn't seem to show any good emotions toward Tian Ya bacause Tian Ya was the sky and he was the earth. But he does show some affection for Hai Thang since he likes her because she helped him when they were young. He sacrifices so many things for her; he was hurt by enemies in order to save her. And plus, Roger loves to make fun of him because he is so quiet and looked so unfriendly. After he learnt the powerful martial art, Xiong Ba Tian Xia, he becomes a killer. He killed the four who were rumored to kill his father and he lost control of himself and killed more innocent people. Everyone in the pugilistic world then combined their power to try and stop him. So Yi Dao becomes the pugilistic world's most wanted. And he has to hide in his mother's cottage. But little does he know that his father's murderer whom he has been searching for is none other than his own mother. Yi Dao wants to avenge his father but he doesn't want to kill his own mother. So his mother, unsuccessful in committing suicide, becomes a nun. He was touched to see his mother protecting him and began to care for her. One time when he lost control of himself, and almost hurt Hai Thang and his mother, he chops off his right hand. He then went away for awhile to cure himself of his demonic traits. When he returned, he found out that his beloved Hai Thang was engaged to Wan San Chien to save him. He sadly went back to his mother's cottage but Wan San Chien sent killers to kill him, and his mother died in order to protect him. Yi Dao was grief-stricken and went to stop Hai Thang's wedding ceremony. Hai Thang went away with him but not long after she was killed by Phaiu Xyi. At the end Yi Dao was all alone, joining Chen Se Fei and Tian Ya to protect the people. Wallace is great in this series. He portrays his role well, he's especially good in showing care through his cold eyes.

4. Princess Yin Luo-Chen Yi Rong
Princess Yin Luo is definitely my favorite character in this series. She's funny, cute and pretty. Yin Luo may be a bully, feared by others but she still looks so cute. It was really funny to see her bullying Chen Se Fei, especially when she was jealous of Xu Xin who received Se Fei's attention. She shows her nice side when she took care of Chen Se Fei, who was at the time poisoned and returned to a state of mental younger age. She definitely uses tricks to make Chen Se Fei marry her. Even after they were married, a lot of little problems occured but they were solved. I like Chen Yi Rong in this series very much, she look so cute in her costumes. Her arrogant attitude doesn't change her appearance, it makes her look cuter. I was really surprised to see Chen Yi Rong as a funny figure especially after I saw her in "Lavender", it was surprising to see her in a sudden different personality.

5. San Kuan Hai Thang-Michelle Yip
Even though I've seen Michelle's performances, somehow I didn't like her in this series. First she start off liking Tian Ya, but he rejects her feelings and she was o.k. with it even when she loved him soo much. She loves her godfather so much and when he doesn't trust her any longer, she fell into despair. When she finally relized that she loved Yi Dao, she had to give him up to save her godfather. She is smart enough to realize that Phiau Xyi is the real criminal, but she's not smart enough to keep her mouth shut and pretend that nothing had happened. If she did that then she might have a happy ending with Yi Dao. The reason that I dislike her in this series is because she was portrayed to be weak. I've seen several of her other series like "Eternal Happiness" and "Lofty Water Verdant Bow". In those series her strong personality stood out. But in this series she was portrayed to be so weak, so understanding and so self-sacrificing.

6. Liu Sen Phiau Xyi-Gao Yuan Yuan
Gao Yuan Yuan is a very pretty actress, very pretty, the prettiest actress in this series but I hate her. Why can't she take another role, a kind role instead of a bad one? In this series Gao Yuan Yuan is evil. She was all along a spy and a killer set by Tian Ya's side. For her obedience she would rather marry a guy that she doesn't love (but she really fell in love with him after they were married) and has a child with him. She also killed Hai Thang that had been nice to her since they first met. I totally dislike her role in this series.

7. Thie Tan Sen Hou-Damien Lau
The series may start off by portraying Damien as a good guy but the truth is he's the real enemy that Chen Se Fei, and the others must face. He is indeed evil; he raised the three to be his helpers that will help him to accomplish his goal. First he learnt powerful martial art thanks to Ku San Thong, who found the manuscript and was nice enough to share it with him. But Sen Hou doesn't repay Ku San Thong's generosity; instead he tries to take San Thong's fiance then took him prisoner as well. And his biggest dream is to wake Xu Xin from her sleep and live happily ever after with her. For that, he had everything planned out but he doesn't know that Chen Se Fei interference may lead him in his doom. At the end he died because of Xu Xin.

8. Gu San Thong-Dicky Cheung
Dicky is actually a guest star in this series. Yes, the poster was indeed deceiving. Dicky only appears onscreen in flashbacks. And those flashbacks are so short; all of them combined couldn't even form an episode. In the flashbacks though, Dicky is still funny and mischievous.

9. Xu Xin-Monica Chan
Monica Chan took the role of Xu Xin in this series, a very wrong decision. Xu Xin was portrayed to be Sen Hou's and San Thong's lover. After San Thong broke up with Xu Xin, she went with Sen Hou but then she reconciles with San Thong and had a baby boy with him, who turned out to be Chen Se Fei. Xu Xin then fell into a deep sleep as a result for interfering in Sen Hou's and San Thong's duel. She was sleeping inside a glass coffin until she woke up twenty years later. Even though she was able to keep her beauty, Xu Xin was confused after having woken up from a twenty-year sleep. After she witnessed Sen Hou sacrificing a lot of things for her, she fell for him. She discovered that Chen Se Fei is her son and she marries Sen Hou as well. When Sen Hou turned evil, she committed suicide to stop him. Because Xu Xin died, the three were able to take Sen Hou down.

The Theme Song:
The theme song was sung by none other than Gui Hai Yi Dao himself (Wallace Huo). The song was great and it fit the title of the series. Wallace Huo sung this song for the purpose of this series.

I think that this series is great. A lot of the actors and actresses contributed to the success of this series. I definitely love the funny scenes between Chen Yi Rong and Roger Kwok. I think that this series is worth my time, the plots are well-planned. There are surprises, romance and action. I definitely don't regret watching this series.

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