When Love Walked In

Reviewed by: sukting

March 30, 2013

Rating: three

How long
32 episodes

It is a Taiwanese drama starring Song Qian of f(x), Chen Yi Ru of Fahrenheit and Zhou Mi of Super Junior-M. How do they fair as some act as their first time? Three designers are known as the talented three. Their friendship is tested on love and career. Are they able to overcome them?

Story/Introduction on characters
1. Song Qian as Shen Ya Yin
She is Chairman Yuan's long lost granddaughter. Hao Tian tries every means to track her down to search for her and to separate her from her father, she and her father often moves houses and hide. Eventually, her father falls ill and dies in Singapore. Since then, Ya Yin dislikes him as he ruins her childhood happiness.

She befriends Yu Jiang at the orphanage before she is taken care of by Xiao He. Xiao He doesn't treat her well to let her stay in the storeroom. She works part-time at the delivery company and full time at Bao Ming's Italian restaurant. She often sends letters to Yuan Group, not knowing that it belongs to her grandfather. Xiao He sends her to Singapore, fearing that her identity will be leaked.

Yu Jiang gets the guys to look for her and bring her back. It takes her some time to accept Hao Tian as she can't forgive him for belittling her father. Both reconcile and she pleads with him to have the heart operation. She stays with Xiao He when Hao Tian is homeless. She witnesses how Yu Jiang and Yu Ru are together. However, she is determined to fight for herself now. Qian only has some signature expressions and likes protruding her lips. Her crying scenes are better managed and she has done okay as a newcomer.

2. Chen Yi Ru as Qin Yu Jiang
He is young, talented, and handsome. He is Yuan's secretary. His parents die in a car crash while searching for Ya Yin. Feeling remorseful, Yuan brings him up like his own grandson. The crystal ball they leave for him gives him ideas for designing. He does not know that it is from Ya Yin's father. Unlike Ya Yin addressing him as maternal grandfather, he addresses Yuan as his paternal grandfather.

He receives orders to look for Ya Yin. He is taken aback to know that she is his long-lost childhood friend from a Singapore orphanage. He longs to get away from Yuan so as not to restrict his ideas, Yuan sets up Chuan studio for him. He later rises to become Yuan's personal assistant. Yu Jiang gradually enters Ya Yin's heart but refuses to admit his love for her because she's Chairman Yuan's granddaughter.

The two evade their own feelings. He even pretends to be going steady with Ming Qiong. He never realizes that this hurts Qing Feng instead. After going steady with Ya Yin, he also tries giving her up to Shang Lin after knowing that he likes her and he is ridden with the company debts. After many twists and turns, they get married at last. The door separates the mwhen young but their hearts are already together.

Acting wise, Yi Ru looks bored and troubled frequently. Can you imagine him looking similar in supposedly-happy scenes too? He tries hard to be formidable during meetings but he doesn't have the commanding presence. He isn't in top form and I wish that he has tried harder. He looks uncomfortable with the two female co-stars – there is no chemistry between them.

3. Zhou Mi as Li Shang Lin
His father is the GM. He is Chairman Yuan's secretary and also Ming Qiong's elder brother. He is the most approachable – when Xiao Fen wants an autograph from the three, only Shang Lin is the one who obliges. He is attracted by Ya Yin's innocent personality. When Brat scorns at Ya Yin over her simple dressing at the introduction party, he stands up for her and even teaches her how to dance.

He is enraged to know that Yu Jiang shares a bed with Yu Ru and beats him up. He is appalled when Yu Jiang chairs a press conference to admit his mistake for Yu Ru's attempted suicide. He chides him – this makes Yu Jiang feel better but this makes Ya Yin feel worse as their engagement is called off. Yuan wishes Shang Lin to be his mole to find out Brat's moves. Shang Lin agrees and has to bear the pain of falling out with the others. That includes forcing Yuan out of his home.

Yu Jiang is the only one to know that and notifies the rest. He knows of Ya Yin's feelings so he is contented to go out with her only for a day as her boyfriend. He has seen the ring that Yu Jiang has given her during her childhood days. Shang Lin does his part well to seize Brat's illegal trade documents. He is badly beaten by Brat's men after passing the evidence to Yu Jiang.

Xiao Fen takes care of him when he is in a coma and he turns to realize who he loves now. Mi is quite successful in his debut. Out of the three, he looks more convincing as the rich man. His romantic scenes together with Qian are highlights to watch. They are really cute as a pair.

4. Li Shao Xiang as Gu Qing Feng
He is the son of the CEO and Yuan's secretary. He is stubborn and is offended when Ya Yin criticized his works at an exhibition. He likes Min Qiong and after seeing her falling out of love, he consoles her and they become an item. Upon knowing that Xun betrays the company, he moves out and will not condone her doing. Shao Xiang is stiff in several scenes and looks terrible in crying scenes so he can do better too.

5. Mi Zi An as Li Ming Qiong
She is also Chairman Yuan's secretary in the PR department. She likes Yu Jiang and is willing to help him to deceive others. She is kind-hearted and shows Ya Yin the ropes when they work together. Even after knowing that she is her love rival, her treatment towards her has not changed. She is gentle but doesn't approve of Yu Ru's ways.

She is often wary against her and tells Yu Jiang not to be with Yu Ru just to force Ya Yin to accept Shang Lin. She later realizes what Qing Feng has done for her to accept him. Zi An looks sweet in the role but I can't detect how good she is as this role is very one-dimensional.

6. Cai Zi Yun as Xie Xiao Fen
She is Ya Yin's friend as they know one another through the delivery service job. She later joins Yuan Group and idolizes Shang Lin. She will stutter in front of him when she is nervous. She trusts Shang Lin and that is why she can never believe that he will betray his friends. She is always beside Ya Yin when she is down. She later ends up to be with Shang Lin.

7. Tong Xiao Yan as Chen Yu Ru
She is Ya Yin's scheming and evil elder cousin. She is against Ya Yin as Bao Ming dotes on her more. She is jealous of Ya Yin and keeps looking for short cuts to success. Xiao He arranges her to impose as Ya Yin to dupe Chairman Yuan into thinking that she is actually his long lost granddaughter. Yu Ru enjoys the feeling of being treated as a princess. Yu Jiang keeps a distance from her and she finds him attractive.

After her identity is revealed, she escapes in shame and takes some time before she returns home. Yu Ru becomes an obstacle between Ya Yin and Yu Jiang. She makes Yu Jiang drunk and pretends to sleep with him. She is dismayed when Ya Yin forgives him so she pretends to commit suicide and uses her parents to add pressure on him. She stays in Chuan studio as Brat's spy. In return, Brat has to engage Yu Jiang.

Brat and Xun do not like her tone when she wants to raise her conditions. They are not at her beck and call so Xun warns her. Yu Jiang dislikes her attitude of complaining to Bao Ming for cooking the same dishes and the taste is too bland. He decides not to give her any hopes to tell her family that he doesn't love her.

My jaw nearly drops upon knowing that she graduates from Shanghai Acting Academy. Is this really acting – she is so pretentious in the way she talks. My eyes really suffer from her fake ways of acting whenever she appears even though her pretty looks is a mix of Kwan Chi Lam and ex ATV actress Cheung Ma Lei.

8. Liu Cao as Chen Xu Yang
He is Yu Ru's younger brother and Ya Yin's elder cousin. Blinded by greed for a sports car, he plays along with Xiao He and Yu Ru. When the lie is uncovered, he repents and treats Ya Yin better to work diligently at the restaurant. He is Yu Ru's accomplice to take Yu Jiang half nude photos in bed with Yu Ru. He feels bad and later reveals the truth to his family.

9. Shen Xiao He – Ge Lei
She is Yu Ru's mother and is a saleswoman. After getting Yu Ru to stay with Yuan, she gets into the company to advertise her products to make money. She is displeased with Yu Jiang for ignoring her presence and wants Yuan to kick him out. To her dismay, Yuan can never allow this to happen and reprimands her. Luckily, Yuan doesn't report her to the police over her lying to let her off.

From then on, she becomes kind and concentrates on helping Bao Ming. She pleads with Yu Jiang to be with Yu Ru after her attempted suicide as now she is a loving mother. But after knowing that Yu Ru has deceived her, she is hurt to slap Yu Ru but doesn't hide the truth from Ya Yin.

10. Wang Zhi Qiang as Yuan Hao Tian
He is Ya Yin's grandfather and Yuan Group Chairman. No one dares to go against him. He is cold and gives Ya Yin a poor impression when they meet for the first time. Ya Yin helps to change him. He snaps at Yu Ru when she is about to show their bed photos. He knows Yu Jiang well and he can never like Yu Ru.

He is especially fond of Yu Jiang and plans to make him his grandson-in-law. He also plans to let him manage his company after his retirement. To his dismay, none of the young ones are willing to be his successor to prefer working in Chuan studio to pursue their own dreams. So he still has to manage it with Xun and Mo after his comeback.

11. Zhang Zhi Wei as Uncle Mo
He is Hao Tian's personal assistant. Qing Feng and Shang Lin find Yu Ru fishy. Thus, they get Ya Yin to
deliver food to Yuan's residence so that Mo can get her hair to do the DNA test. They do not approach Yu Jiang as he is too honest. Mo has never done something sneaky before but agrees as he also wants to look for the rightful successor. When Yao Tian has no home to stay, he puts him up at his home. He is very loyal to the company and Hao Tian. The young ones respect him and regard him as their uncle.

12. Wang Gang as Chen Bao Ming
He is Ya Yin's uncle and dotes on her. He never approves of the others of deceiving Yuan but he can't go against them. He knows that Ya Yin suffers a lot and treats her well. But when coming to Yu Ru, he can be selfish to ask Ya Yin to give Yu Jiang up as he thinks that Yu Jiang is a two-timer after being brainwashed by Yu Ru who claims that Yu Jiang only loves her.

Xiao He and Bao Ming get anxious when Yu Ru leaves home after insisting to be with Yu Jiang. This is when Xu Yang finally tells the truth to disappoint him. He is depressed further after knowing that Yu Ru conspires with Brat. He and Xiao He beats her up badly to force her to tell the truth to Yu Jiang and Ya Yin.

13. Tian Miao as Li Xun
She is Qing Feng's mother and wants him to be better than the other 2 guys. To her dismay, he is their buddy not just at work but also in squash. She is determined to bring him back to Yuan Group when he insists to work in Chuan Studio after he finds out that she betrays the company to work with Brat.

Xun soon regrets her choice when she learns that Brat doesn't consider the company's interest. She keeps stealing Chuan studio's chances. After Chairman Zhu strikes a deal with Chuan studio due to the crystal ball that Yu Jiang has produced, she tries to fight back. She is later stopped of her duties. Chairman Zhu helps the company to buy the crystal ball copyrights and this settles the company crisis. Hao Tian later revives her duties and she is grateful to him.

14. Wang Xin Min as Li Dao Guang
He is the GM and is also wary of Yu Jiang's talents. Thus, he gets his children to work in Yuan Group. He is unhappy to work for Hao Tian who is overbearing. He resigns to join another company and also conspires with Brat to trick Hao Tian to sign a contract.

This causes Hao Tian to lose the company funds and also loses his chairman position. But this is also part of Hao Tian's plan. He is in tears beside the injured Shang Lin's bed, telling him that he has not betrayed the company so that he will not wrong him. He even helps the company to rope in other clients but he refuses to return to Yuan Group as he wants to strike out on his own.

15. Lazarev-Andrey as Brat
He is the deputy chairman who eyes on Hao Tian's position. Knowing that Xun and Dao Guang are unhappy with Hao Tian, he ropes them to help him. He even stays in Hao Tian's home, claiming it as the com pany's property. He corrupts the company funds and Shang Lin seizes the documents for Yu Jiang to hand over to Hao Tian. He is later arrested overseas.

Interesting facts
The 3 singers knew each other well so they were close off screen to share food provided by their fans. After filming, they discovered that they put on weight and they vowed to lose weight. Qian was popular with the working crew as she smiled often. Even the child actress as Ya Yin's childhood left notes on her weibo that she was approachable and often chatted with her by holding her hand. She was sure that she could be a good mother in future.

Yi Ru explained that this role really tested his acting skills. Yu Jiang has many emotional scenes and he hoped that his performance would be perfect. Mi had shown that he was talented in singing and compering so many had high hopes on his debut drama. This drama had the most kissing scenes but Shao Xiang also pointed out that there were many crying scenes too.

The person having the hardest time was Yi Ru. Not because the filming schedule was tight because he had to endure loneliness. He had to act as a mature introvert. The director wanted to rest not to talk to him unnecessarily off the set so that the characters could keep a distance from each other. He knew that Yi Ru loved joking with others. Yi Ru lamented that he could only play games on his handphone. He joked that he thought they ran away from him to badmouth him secretly.

Most favourite character
Shang Lin, he is mild-mannered and takes care of others well. He is protective towards Ming Qiong and Ya Yin. Thus, if anyone bullies them, he can lose his temper to beat them up.

Most hated character
Yu Jiang – how I hate this guy! He only knows how to hide and give up his love to please others – he is so indecisive! This is not being noble – he has never asks what she wants and does what he thinks is right. How can he accuse Shang Lin for hurting Ya Yin when he is the culprit? A close second is the revengeful Yu Ru who loves to manipulate others to get her way.

The theme song is by B2 of the same title while the subtheme 'passing by' is Zhang Jing. I find the subtheme better than the theme song. The theme song is too kidish for me.

It is their debut for some so we can't expect too much on their acting. I have never seen so many skinny artistes in a drama – they are overly lanky to the extent of being bony. What have they eaten? Even though they have many scenes in playing squash, they are more suited to play with dumbbells in a gym.

At first, I thought it might turned into a weepie as the leads befriend each other in an orphanage – isn't this similar to 'At The dolphin bay'? Luckily, it doesn't lead to a sad ending. But why a 32 episode drama? Some redundant scenes only expose their weak acting. Crying scenes are too much for them to handle.

Unlike other dramas where we have heroes as the lead, this drama offers a coward who just withdraws into the shell to give up his chances to others. I am taken aback by the ending when Ya Yin goes to Singapore to search for Yu Jiang. This is not being noble or self-sacrificing. This is pure stupidity.

I am totally disgusted by his act. The veteran actors also don't shine. Those who act as evil people only roll their eyes and offers stage-like effects. If not for the leads who look like poster boys/girls, I might not have continued watching. It is just an average idol drama but it is watchable if you do not demand too much.

Sukting's ratings :
On acting : ***(Scale of 5)
On story : *** (Scale of 5)
On song : *** (Scale of 5)

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