Wu Lin Wai Shi

Reviewed by: sukting

March 08, 2008

Rating: three

Wu Lin Wai Shi (The Martial Arts Chronicles)

How long/Year produced : 40 episodes done in year 2000


An adaptation from Gu Long's novel 'Wu Lin Wai Shi' The story only follows about 20% of the novel. Qiqi is definitely NOT Kuai Huo Wang's daughter and Feifei is TRULY his daughter. I wonder why the producers change the story? But this is still acceptable to me as along as the main characters still preserve their main personality. Before this, I have not watched any China serials -- all along I think that they are draggy, their dialogues are difficult to stomach and their acting is more suitable for stage performances.

But this serial changes my mind. Well paced with attractive scenery and appropriate cast selection (for most and not all), it is as entertaining as any Taiwanese or Hong Kong production.

I introduced a friend, Gin to watch it. She likes it more and ends up finishing her review much faster than me. For me, I will like to reveal the ending to all after watching the whole serial as I don't like keeping viewers in suspense. It may be difficult for some to purchase/rent it overseas.

Story/Character introduction

1) Shen Lang - Huang Hai Bing

He is witty, highly-skilled and humorous. I like this character right from the start. Qiqi is abducted by villains. He saves her and yet this woman doesn't appreciate his efforts. Being very forgiving, he can bear with all her nonsense and forgives her - even after Qiqi injures him and accusing him for killing her father while in actual fact he saves Zhu from being killed from Kuai Huo Wang.

Qiqi falls for him but he likes Feifei, known widely as Ghost Mistress. We can see how different he treats the two women. With Qiqi, he likes to joke and yet harsh to her at the same time. But with Feifei, he is so sweet and gentle. He is so anxious and concerned whenever she is hurt or goes missing. He treats her like a fragile china vase, which can be broken easily!

Although he knows Feifei's real identity, he tends to forget that she is highly skilled and showers her with concern and care at all times. To the extent of scolding Qiqi for not looking after her when she is missing! Feifei's mother, Bai Jing forbids her to fall in love with him. She leaves so many whip scars on her back. Shen Lang feels pained upon seeing them accidentally when she bathes in a stream. Later, Bai Jing injures both with her 'Yin Yang Sa' skill. Initially they wish to die together after spending their remaining days.

Upon seeing Feifei in pain, he sends her back to Bai Jing for treatment and is close to Qiqi later. Poor Feifei -- any normal woman is jealous to see their man being so intimate with other women. Qiqi even hugs him from his back to snatch his chess piece. Shen Lang doesn't explain himself to her, which makes matters worse. Bai Jing cures her while Shen Lang recovers after mastering his family's skill 'Tian Jue 3 strokes'. This turns Feifei to be a revengeful woman and refuses to trust him anymore.

He has tried to make up to her. So nice to her that he tells Qiqi that he doesn't believe that Feifei has changed but he has known the truth himself all along. He is trapped in the Ghost Valley and is disappointed that she still doesn't tell her real identity to him. It is sad to see that she still ties him up and he requests to drink a cup of wine to break all ties with her. He makes use of this chance to escape and uncovers her mask to confirm his doubt. We can feel his disappointment when he does this.

When seeing that she is injured in Kuai Huo Wang's home, he does suspect her intentions but being soft-hearted, he still saves her. Little does he know that he is being lured to get trapped again by Kuai Huo Wang again. Upon seeing how she has changed and how she uses her beauty to make use of Song Li, he gives up all hopes on her and is firm even though she pleads to be together with him repeatedly later.

I am very puzzled on how he falls for Qiqi so easily. His affections for her isn't shown in the first place as he scolds her so often. The confession of his love for her doesn't move me but anger me instead - he changes too fast! Only his anxiety is shown when she disguises herself to fit into the beggar sect to uncover Lian Hua's evil scheme. At first, he finds it difficult to accept the fact that he has fallen for his enemy's daughter. After seeing how Kuai Huo Wang has changed, he forgives him. However, his choice of selecting Qiqi to lead a quiet life together sure annoys all the viewers.

Huang Hai Bing fits in the role comfortably, showing wits and humour. He handles all the fighting scenes with gracefulness and agility. He does fit the image of a swordsman well. He is actually not slim but when compared to Zhuo Fan and Zhu Hong Jia, he is thin. He looks dashing in white and light brown clothes in the opening episodes. However, he looks dull in the black robe, which he dons most of the time in the last 15 episodes. Is this to portray his maturity and seriousness? I wonder why the make-up artiste has such bad taste to apply so much make-up for him too. It makes him look a bit girlish.

2) Wang Lian Hua - Zhuo Fan

He is Kuai Huo Wang's son but hates him for ditching his mother. Appearing with a fan, he looks refined, pretending to be a good friend of Shen Lang and Mao Er. He steals the manual and masters 'Tian Jue 3 strokes' on his own but nearly goes berserk after practising the wrong way. Shen Lang has kind intentions to cure him but this suspicious man questions his good will. To win Qiqi's love and trust, he pretends to be a captive of his mother and escapes with her.

Later, to stop Shen Lang from saving Feifei, this wicked man lures him into the Ghost Valley to get killed by Bai Jing. Little does he know that Shen Lang's skills are now superior to Bai Jing and can defeat her easily. Shen Lang sees through all his evil tricks and warns Mao Er. One thing puzzles me though, Shen Lang injures Bai Jing with one blow and yet, he takes so long to fight with Lian Hua. This doesn't make sense to me. Both guys are dismayed to find Qiqi deciding to marry Kuai Huo Wang. He tries all means to stop that by getting his mother involved in his rescue plan.

Knowing that Feifei is his half-sister, he treats her quite well and even hides her true identity from Shen Lang. This man isn't totally heartless. Be amused by a part where he is caught by Qiqi and is dressed up like a woman to get loved by another swordsman. After knowing that Feifei is his sister, his whole world is crushed and he kills Feifei by mistake when she tries to protect Shen Lang. His death ends the tragedy.

Zhuo Fan is very stiff in his acting. His evil side is too clearly shown. By right, he should look upset upon knowing that Qiqi is his sibling but he doesn't! No wonder he is still an extra in TVB after so many years. He is muscular and boorish - not in my mind the way that a real, refined young pugilist should look.

3) Xiong Mao Er- Zhu Hong Jia (Xiao Jian in HZGG2)

He is a joker in the serial. He creates so many laughs in the serial. His likeness towards wine often ends him in trouble when he gets drunk. Being Shen Lang's friend and also Kuai Huo Wang's foster son makes him sandwiched between the two. He tries very hard to hide his identity from Shen Lang and please both sides. Being very filial to his godfather and knowing Mei Niang's death, he finds it hard to reveal this fact to Kuai Huo Wang. Even after knowing that his godfather kills his father, he still forgives him.

He is interested in Qiqi and is so blur to Bai Ling's affections for him. He is at first interested in Qiqi but finally likes Bai Ling in the end. Mao Er is very quick-tempered, forgetful and too trustful. Although Shen Lang has warned him that Lian Hua is evil, he still treats him like a friend.

Yet, he is still witty. Initially I had hoped that Mao Er ends up together with Feifei. Since they can't be together in HZGG2, why not in here?? I get the wrong idea upon seeing how desperate he tries to save her in the first episode. What a disappointment! Zhu is fine in his acting but he should attempt to lose weight. His sleeveless outfit only exposes his plump frame with the two huge wine bottles dangling in front of him. His hairstyle makes him look like an owl too.

4)Kuai Huo Wang - Wang Jian Xin

A ruthless leader should not be soft and always pinning for love. This man is different to keep on thinking about Mei Niang. To the extent of crying over her for many times! He does nothing but his four poor subordinates have to search for this woman everywhere - not knowing whether she is dead or alive. His four subordinates are known as messengers of wine (Mao Er), lust - a master of disguise (played convincingly by a man - another good choice for the role of Dongfang Bubai), strength (Song Li) and riches. All except the last man are faithful to him for 20 over years - Song Li and Mao Er are brought up by him since young. I am still doubtful on how this weak man can command so much faithfulness by his followers? Kuai Huo Wang kills Shen Lang and Mao Er's fathers but I don't think he looks vicious to me.

I don't understand why Bai Jing and Wang Yun Meng fall for him. He is not even handsome in his younger days. Because of him, Lian Hua and Feifei create havoc for the others. He is an irresponsible father as he doesn't acknowledge them as his own children. And yet he showers so much concern on Qiqi. Just because she resembles Mei Niang? This is so unfair!

After knowing Mei Niang's death, he sets eyes on her daughter Qiqi and wants to marry her. Luckily he realises that she is his daughter before creating the big mistake. He tries to be a nice father to her and they reconcile. I don't really like this character but I like the scenes of him with Zhu fighting over to care for Qiqi. He talks more and fights very little. Very boring to see him indeed.

5) Song Li - Wan Hong Jie

A subordinate of Kuai Huo Wang who is supposedly smart. However, after being injured by Bai Jing and being taken care by Feifei, he falls hopelessly for Feifei. He follows all her instructions and becomes a man who has no backbone. Even seeing how Feifei attempts to kill his master, he can still beg him to let her off on his behalf. When she is severely poisoned, he still tries to heal her.

Upon seeing this, Shen Lang shakes his head and gives up hope of trying to persuade this man to prevent falling for her. Later he is severely injured by his master for letting Feifei off again. Both escape and have some quiet moments together. However, her death makes him become a monk in the end. I am still puzzled why he isn't attracted to her beauty when he abducts her to give Master Zhu as a gift to exchange for Mei Niang for his master in the first episode?

6) Bai Feifei - Wang Yan (Qing Er in HZGG2)

She is brought up by Bai Jing to seek revenge on Kuai Huo Wang. Many will be tricked by her demure and gentleness to believe that she doesn't know martial arts. In fact, she is the Ghost Mistress. In the beginning, she is kind and does evil deeds against her own will. But after being cheated by Shen Lang once, she becomes vicious and becomes an unfeeling killer.

She no longer trusts men and although at first she wishes to forgive Shen Lang, her hatred is so great to overcome it. She even disfigures Qiqi and injures her seriously. After she knows the truth of Bai Jing trying to separate them, she doesn't repent but still poisons Qiqi further. When she is injured by Kuai Huo Wang, she doesn't appreciate Shen Lang's kindness for saving her. Now, she is turning evil and willful while Qiqi becomes demure. The transformation is too fast and I can't accept this.

She makes use of Song Li to get close to Kuai Huo Wang. However, she is touched by his concern for her. Too bad Shen Lang still stays in her heart and even begs him repeatedly to accept her again. Later, she even protects him from being killed by Lian Hua. Up till this end, she finally knows that she isn't Bai Jing's natural daughter and dies miserably.

Wang Yan is very pretty in her special outfits like a fairy. She is like 'Xiao Long Nu' in Jin Yong's novel - wonder if she has been approached to play this role? Her hair ornaments looks like leaves and also her outfits with bright coloured flowers. She is also elegant looking - even in the purple ghost mistress gown. But I shake my head when Shen Lang doesn't know her identity all along because the answer is too obvious. Her mask is translucent and we can see her whole face, unlike the opaque mask that her mother is wearing. She is very graceful in the dance scene for the Kuai Huo Wang wedding celebration too. Besides having an attractive outlook, she sure acts wells too.

The soft side of her being sweet to Shen Lang is very convincing. I really like the scenes of them together - sweet and romantic as they match well in looks. With tears in her eyes or a faint smile, she is so beautiful that it is little wonder that Shen Lang chooses her over Qiqi. But later as a revengeful woman, her expressions can be so fierce. What a waste as the love scenes are considered as highlights of the serial. She proves to be a good actress who doesn't only rely on looks.

7) Li Mei Niang/Zhu Qi Qi - Zhang Yan Yan

I am very puzzled on how this woman is chosen to be the lead. As Mei Niang, her elegance is so artificial and pretentious. Her long, triangular face isn't suitable for a period drama in the first place. Normally, I can accept an artiste who doesn't have a striking appearance but can still act. But for this woman, it is a torture for me to see her appear in every episode. Her trying to acting cute makes me detest her even more. How on earth can this actress graduate from the acting academy????

Qiqi is supposed to be skilled and pretty in the novel. But in this serial, this character is the direct opposite. The actress's terrible and exaggerated acting is so unbearable. In fact, I practically HATE her for breaking up Shen Lang and Feifei. Shen Lang hasn't like her as yet but this woman can ride on his back??? Wah - will ancient women do this??? No wonder Feifei gets the wrong idea upon seeing this and hates Shen Lang from this moment onwards, believing that he has a change of heart.

She is very arrogant, willful and thinks too highly of herself. Shen Lang promises her father to take care of her. The way that she repays him is through unfounded accusations and even pierces him with a sword! With no brawns, brains and beauty, she is really a good-for-nothing for creating worries to all by landing herself in all sorts of trouble. She can't surpass Feifei in beauty and gentleness too. I will discuss more in detail later in my review on why I detest this horrible pest.

She doesn't know martial arts and the 3 guys, Kuai Huo Wang or Bai Ling have to save her repeatedly. This actress isn't pretty and yet the 3 guys like her????? This woman even thinks of poisoning Shen Lang to death - yet Mao Er and Lian Hua find her adorable and frank? This is a terrible mistake!

Many may pity her for being disfigured by Feifei and treated harshly by Shen Lang. Well, I don't - in fact I am so happy over it as she deserves such treatment for torturing Shen Lang for so long! I don't like any scene of them together but I do enjoy seeing how Shen Lang makes fun of her every now and then.

Later in the process of getting cured by Kuai Huo Wang, she clings so close to him and wants him to tell her stories or sing her songs to keep her company. Please restrain and behave yourself, woman! The way she holds his hand is like treating her closed one. Perhaps she has displayed her charms unknowingly. Even before Kuai Huo Wang can see her face, which is under wraps, he has fallen hopelessly in love with her. In order to spite Shen Lang, she can agree to marry Kuai Huo Wang. How stupid she can be!

And to ask Shen Lang whether he will treat her the way he treats Feifei when she thinks she is dying from Feifei's poison - it's just wishful thinking on her part. But I nearly puke when reading the synopsis to realise that she will land up in the end to pair with Shen Lang! Why? She hasn't done anything special that moves me. After being Kuai Huo Wang's foster-daughter, she throws her weight around again. After knowing her identity, she doesn't look that upset - how can her reaction to be the same as Lian Hua? Are both as unfeeling as their natural father? Very weird indeed!

Most of the time, she proves herself to be so lousy in acting. She can't smile, cry or laugh properly. Her face looks crooked in a way. The way that she rolls her eyes and twists her mouth make her uglier indeed! Moreover her over-colourful outfits and hair ornaments make her look like a clown.

8) Bai Ling - Shi Ke

She calls Mao Er big brother but she is in love with him. She is the daughter of a constable and thus she can discover someone's whereabouts/identity very easily just by looking at the footprints. Being intelligent and caring, it is puzzling why doesn't Mao Er like her from the start? She is Mao Er's good helper in solving cases. Even though she likes Mao Er, she still treats her love rival, Qiqi well even though she is jealous. Shi Ke is okay in this role. Her boyish red outfit is very striking and stands out from the other ladies. She looks demure in another simple red dress that she wears towards the end. Qiqi should learn how to dress properly like her.

9) Bai Jing- Yang Yang

She is Kuai Huo Wang's second wife and is disfigured when he tries to burn her to death. She adopts Feifei and lies to her about her parentage. She breaks up Shen Lang and Feifei, forcing Shen Lang to agree to avoid seeing Feifei again after she treats her. She only wants Feifei to concentrate on helping her to seek revenge - how selfish she can be! First, she can be so vicious to whip her and fill her wounds with honey. Then she injures both of them to leave them dying. I call this retribution when Shen Lang finally injures her later. She is killed by Kuai Huo Wang on his wedding day. This role doesn't require any acting as the face is always covered by a mask.

10) Wang Yun Men - Dai Chun Rong ( The evil Empress in HZGG)

Being Lian Hua's mother, she spoils him rotten. She is another woman of Kuai Huo Wang who wants to seek revenge on him. However, she is half-hearted on what she really wants. She hates him and yet she loves him at the same time. Finally she decides to kill him by impersonating Qiqi on his wedding day. Of course her plan fails. How can Qiqi be sitting there and doing nothing while others around her fight as she will normally create havoc for others? Her repeated scenes of crying and begging Kuai Huo Wang to forgive Lian Hua irritate me every now and then.

Exciting/Funny/Touching scenes

Mao Er is so funny as a nosy person. He sees Feifei being abducted into the Zhu mansion. He thinks that he is so great and sneaks into it. To his alarm, he is unable to open the lock that ties her hand. He really sweats in horror when this happens. Shen Lang even has to cover up for his escape out of the window.

Qiqi thinks that Kuai Huo Wang asks for her hand in marriage by showering the expensive engagement gifts. This is what her father thinks too and sends her away hurriedly. However, she is embarrassed that who he wants is actually her mother instead! I really like the disappointed look on her face!

Qiqi disobeys her father and sits in the marriage sedan, wanting to see how Kuai Huo Wang really looks. However, the sedan is snatched and brought to the brothel by Yun Meng. Mao Er walks around aimlessly to search for her and offends Yun Meng accidentally. If not for Shen Lang's wits to pretend to abduct Lian Hua, he will suffer from more beatings from her.

Mao Er and Shen Lang see that Qiqi is rescued by Lian Hua. They doubt Lian Hua's intentions and also to teach Qiqi a lesson for being so willful, they hide on the roof. Only upon seeing more and more people appearing, they show up reluctantly. Shen Lang even has to carry her over his shoulder to stop her from moving about when this woman doesn't appreciate his help and even wants to stay in the brothel!

Qiqi is so daring to want to confront Kuai Huo Wang to protect her father that she sneaks into his mansion. However before this, she falls into a puddle of mud and turns so ugly that he can't recognise her even when he visits her in the cell and talks to her face to face.

Seeing that Bai Ling is angry, Mao Er thinks that his subordinates are the culprits and scolds them. In fact, he himself is the culprit for neglecting her. Mao Er is so hopeless that his subordinates give up droppiing him hints and tell him the truth straight in the face.

Qiqi wants her maid to poison Shen Lang. The maid scoops up a bowl to taste if it is ready. Suddenly Qiqi taps her shoulder and she drops the whole packet of laxative into the whole pot of porridge. It is funny that Shen Lang doesn't get poisoned but the rest are his scapegoats. The victims include Qiqi herself as well!

Later Qiqi talks to her cat doll before sleeping. She says that she will hug the human cat doll which steals her heart. Mao Er overhears it and thinks that she is referring to him. He is so delighted. After discovering his mistake, he can't hold his head high in front of his followers, as he is so embarrassed.

Shen Lang hasn't recovered from his sword wound caused by Qiqi. Bai Jing sends her maids to capture Feifei back home. Shen Lang is so anxious that he rushes out and has a fight with them. Feifei decides to return to her mother and there are tears in her eyes. In his anxiety to stop her from leaving, he runs out and nearly tears his wound again. Later they have a good chat and they are so close that their noses nearly touch. Mao Er and Lian Hua make fun of them upon seeing this. A very touching scene.

Shen Lang is injured by 'Yin Yang Sha'. He feels hot and old every now and then. When Feifei holds his hand, he gets so affected that he jumps into the lake. Feifei gets hit by her mother when protecting him. Both decide to spend their remaining days together. Another touching scene.

Feifei threatens to kill herself and Shen Lang rushes to the forest, he is amused to see that she is on a very short tree. She will survive the fall but yet Mao Er is so anxious to catch her from falling. Both step on an explosion trap and their faces turn black. Shen Lang walks away after avoiding it. However, Qiqi pushes him to step on another. Shen Lang falls and closes his eyes. She thinks that he is dead and cries. Lian Hua he bends down to look at him. Shen Lang winks at him and still pretends to be unconscious. Poor Mao Er is so concerned that without checking his pulse, he carries him on his back. After knowing the truth, he gets so mad that he throws Shen Lang on the ground! This really shows the playful side of Shen Lang.

Shen Lang is very troubled when Feifei's condition gets critical. Qiqi has chosen a bad timing to come to apologise to him with food after knowing that her father is fine. She really overdresses herself. Shen Lang is unmoved as he suspects that she wants to poison him again. He gets even more suspicious when she suddenly calls him Brother Shen instead of Shen Lang. Lian Hua and Mao Er are attracted by her but he doesn't. He remarks that she looks like a yuanxiao lantern (which I completely agree with him.)He is usually not fierce to her but this time round he is so upset over Feifei's condition that he storms out quickly.

After Shen Lang's recovery, he visits the Zhu Mansion and Qiqi is preparing for his bath. He is so shocked to see her funny Indian make-up(so do I). He finds it so unbearable that he presses her head into the water to clean it off. The way he teases her about her liking him is wacky. Her two servants hide behind the bushes and think that their little mistress indeed likes him while the fact isn't.

Qiqi is upset after knowing her mother's sad story. Shen Lang places a hand on her shoulder to console her. Mao Er takes his hand off to put his hand on Qiqi. Bai Ling removes his hand to put it on her. How funny this can be! This scene really shows jealousy between all these people.

Qiqi is captured to be sold as a product and yet she doesn't know an auction for her is going on. If not for Lian Hua, she is into deep trouble. She is so shocked when knowing Lian Hua's affections for her that she stamps on his foot and runs away.

Bai Ling dresses up nicely to attract Mao Er but he tells her that she is ugly.

All are trapped in a maze. Shen Lang uses his wits to pretend to be poisoned to trick the villain. He even injures his palm, pretending to kill himself to save Qiqi. He finally defeats the fellow and saves his gang. But he can't recognise Feifei under her mask. He can be smart and yet stupid at the same time!

Qiqi feigns to be ill to capture Shen Lang's attention from Feifei. She pretends to yell in pain but Bai Ling finds it unreal. Later, she accidentally hits her head on the bedpost and gets knocked out. Shen Lang is alarmed when feeling her irregular pulse. Bai Ling praises her for good acting, not knowing that it is real!

Another hilarious part showing how biased Shen Lang is. All are near the lake enjoying the scenery. Qiqi pretends to faint. Her acting is so bad and fake. It is so obvious that she is trying to create a scene. Shen Lang holds her and Feifei is furious. But when Feifei screams, he runs to her quickly and drops Qiqi hard on the ground. Shen Lang gets so fed up with Qiqi's act that he nearly throws her into the lake.

Feifei is captured by Kuai Huo Wang's men. Shen Lang rescues her and can defend himself with his sword without looking backwards. Lian Hua kills them with his evil skills. Both scenes are remarkable.

Mao Er is angry with Shen Lang's poor treatment to Qiqi. He gets so mad that both fall into the water in the middle of a fight. Shen Lang later confesses to him that he suspects Feifei's identity when finding so many of her ornaments on the way to save her. It is not possible for a weak woman to be so cool and level-headed when in a dangerous situation. He can't help being harsh to Qiqi because he is in a foul mood.

Shen Lang and Feifei break their ties with each other by drinking the wine. Later he escapes from the ghost palace with Mao Er's help. An impressive fighting scene.

Shen Lang and Qiqi try to get away from Kuai Huo Wang as Qiqi regrets her decision to marry him. Shen Lang uses his wits to use animals to throw the dogs off their tracks and even has a full meal by returning to Kuai Huo Wang's place where no one is guarding there.

Wang Lian Hua is seriously injured. Angry with him for framing Mao Er for killing the beggar sect members, Qiqi dresses herself as a man while him as a lady. Lian Hua is alarmed when Mao Er's friend set eyes on 'her' and Qiqi is eager to marry 'her' off. A complete failure as Zhuo Fan is too tall in built to disguise as a woman and Zhang Yan Yan is definitely ugly plus girlish as a man.

Mao Er is poisoned by Lian Hua and Shen Lang tries to force out the poison, using his inner strength. Qiqi comes in and taps Shen Lang's shoulder, demanding to know why he doesn't tell her that he is back. This affects the two and the poison spreads quicker instead. Shen Lang gets so mad with her that he chases her away. Luckily Kuai Huo Wang gets the antidote to save Mao Er. I really dislike her so much for creating so many blunders.

This is another part that puzzles me. Qiqi gets into the beggar sect. Kuai Huo Wang is worried over her safety and sends the lust messenger to protect her. Qiqi's disguise as a beggar is only through wearing tattered clothes. She doesn't dirty or make any changes to her face or wear a mask. She can be so daring to confront Lian Hua face to face but yet he can't recognise her! What a joke! She should do something like the lust messenger who pretends to be her mother and has done it well!

Lian Hua tries to kill Shen Lang with´┐Ż..modern archery version of the bow and arrow but hits feifei instead! Well I am completely baffled! Shen Lang is so enraged that he cuts Lian Hua's throat with his sword. Shen Lang then swings Feifei's arms around his shoulders to make her stand when he refuses to believe that she is dead. This is another joke when he does it clumsily that creates the comic effect instead. After erecting a tomb for her claiming her to be his dead wife for half a year, he goes back to Qiqi again - this happens too fast in 10 minutes.


The song 'yi xiao zhong' is sung by an unknown singer Gao Zheng Yang. The music is appealing but sometimes he sings so fast that I need to refer to the lyrics found by Gin from the website to know what he is actually singing. Sometimes I feel like questioning the producer why the lyrics isn't displayed on the screen to play together with the theme song?


This serial will be better if they include more fighting scenes and lesser talking scenes to maintain the pace. The first few episodes are interesting but get boring in the middle. I find this a common trend in all period dramas that I have been watching lately. Shen Lang and Mao Er crack many jokes at the start but they become very serious from then onwards. I am no used to this sudden change. Plus if they can get a better actress than Zhang Yan Yan, all will be perfect. I wonder how those who bought this set of vcds at an expensive price of SGD40 can tolerate her presence in every episode?

Sukting's Ratings:

On acting:* * * 1/2 (Scale of 5)

On the story: * * * (Scale of 5)

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