Young Detective Files II

Reviewed by: psychoanalyst

January 24, 2010

Rating: five

Young Justice Bao II

R/N: A sidenote: I’m taking time away from studying for my finals for this review because I want to show how much I LOVE this series. It’s actually a continuation of my fandom of Lu Yi. So please bear with me.

Lu Yi as Bao Zheng
Ren Quan as Gongsun Ce
Shi Xiao Long as Zhan Zhao
Fan Bing Bing as Xiao Qing Ting
Li Hui as Lu Xiang Xiang

First of all, I’d like to point I watched it in Vietnamese but I’d prefer to use the Chinese names since it’s more accurate that way. There is going to be SPOILERS. So read at your own discretion. The review is purely of my opinion so don’t flame.

Small Summary:

Bao Zheng, Gongsun Ce, and Zhan Zhao embark on many adventures while solving difficult mysteries along the way. They encounter the rambunctious and carefree Xiao Qing Ting who occasionally hinders and assists with their cases. Included in the liter is the obstinate Lu Xiang Xiang who is Gongsun Ce’s betrothed since childbirth.

The cases are numerous so I won’t delve in them too much but they will be referenced along with the character analysis.

Bao Zheng played wonderfully by Lu Yi:

As the young Bao Zheng, he is perfect persona of it. And I am not biased, I have watched all three parts and he embodies every aspect that the respectable and immortal Bao Zheng is. Since this series chronicles the events during his youth, we were able to witness a childish aspect of him that we seldom see in the previous portrayals. Of course, we were also able to see his earliest romantic relationships. Although, in all three parts, they’ve all differed. Most noticeably in part three, whereas it seems like the director cut off all relations to the first two parts. In part two, there were at least some references to Bao Zheng’s previous adventures in part one. His most winning performance was during….(I think it’s the whole thing but let’s narrow it down) the case of the switched Kings. I’m not quite how they named the case but I believe it was his most rewarding part. Since we see the difficulty and turmoil he endures when for the first time in his life, he was unable to solve something.

However my favorite case was the one where he helped find the murderer of Qing Ting’s father. The case was especially memorable to me because it had the most interactions of Bao Zheng and Qing Ting. However, it also touched me when he became her shoulder of comfort for all the tears she cried. In this case, it was so wrenching to watch the layers and layers hidden in one murder. It was puzzling and curious to watch the murder unravel.
Gongsun Ce played by Ren Quan:

I believe that after this series, I actually developed a major crush on Ren Quan. Who could deny this charismatic and handsome actor the recognition he deserves? It was painful to watch his slow descent into blindness, figuratively and mentally. He was tricked by the King’s brother into revealing the murderer too early however, I believe the audience cannot blame him since he wanted so badly to best Bao Zheng one last time before he loses his sight. What I found so profound was their reunion together by the roadside shack, the unspeakable happiness that transcended between Bao Zheng, Gongsun Ce, and Zhan Zhao was very tearjerking.

We don’t see much of a romantic development between him and his betrothed since there was only one case that involved both of them. However, the reactions of Gongsun Ce whenever Xiang Xiang appears is quite the comic relief. I also observed that Gongsun Ce fell for her too quickly (compared to part one, which took a long time) and same goes for her. His most winning performance during this series is when he goes blind. His eventual acceptance of his blindness as well as being Bao Zheng’s sidekick was very satisfying to watch.

Zhan Zhao played by Shi Xiao Long:

Who cannot love this spunky little squirt who used to play that adorable little monk in Shaolin Popeye? He was also equally lovable in this series as well. Out of all three series, he was the only one that was kept. Bao Zheng was played by Zhou Jie (I), Lu Yi (II), and Deng Chao (III). Gongsun ce was played by Ren Quan (I &II) and Zhao Yang (III). Shows how special he is, (or the fact that the actors had a bigger role in other dramas).

Nothing really needs to be said about him besides how huggable he looks when he smiles in this drama. The only case that was centered in on him was the one involving the Mystic Island. It was also which he developed a love interest. The case was not all that interesting since it did not involve a high level of mystery; in fact there was no mystery at all. Since the only difficult part of the case was finding the island and solving the riddle behind the treasure. But it was very enjoyable watching Zhan Zhao interact with the princess.

Xiao Qing Ting played beautifully Fan Bing Bing:

I honestly think that she was one of the most underrated actresses in the Chinese biz. Every time she went on, she stole the entire screen along with Bao Zheng if they were together, since most of the time they are together, they argue without end.

Beautiful, flighty, and most especially, lucky, since she was able to steal the heart of Bao Zheng. To those disputers out there, please go back through the series and watch all those times, whereas he tries to keep her by his side all the time. Regardless of her father asking him to, there was no need to lock her by his side. It was totally for his personal agenda. I mean all those times, where she turned her head and hugged him out of fear, did he ever stop her? There were also key scenes which I felt signified their love for each other. The first time she was injured he held her and we could see the anguish on his face because he was worried for her well-being. For her, we see her reaction when the Ho Family tried to assassinate Bao Zheng when she realized that he was well, she hugged him immediately in relief (what I love also is that he returns it too).

I also described her as flighty since she has extraordinary flying skills, taught by her talented godfather. But when I say she played this role beautifully, that doesn’t go unjustified. I’ve talked about her playfulness but she also has a serious side. She is a kind girl and sacrificial like her mother (such as when she chose not to be known as her father’s daughter because she did not want to maim his reputation). We also see her ability to cry during the case concerning her godfather.

Lu Xiang Xiang played by Li Hui:

Pardon me for saying this, she falls easily in love. After a few interactions, she already felt enamored of Gongsun Ce. How did that happen?

There’s not much to elaborate on her since there were few scenes of her. I’m surprised that Gongsun Ce and her fell in love so quickly. I do admit one thing. She is pretty and I wouldn’t be shocked if they fell in love, given the right development.


Bao Zheng/Gongsun Ce/Zhan Zhao

The most notable relationship in the series is the friendship between these three. The reunion scene. The comedic banter between them. The closeness that they share. We can understand how the three developed such connection that lasted for years. Especially during the scenes Gongsun Ce hugs Zhan Zhao, we can see the genuine fraternal love they share.

Bao Zheng/Xiao Qing Ting

My favorite relationship BAR none. Their funny arguments, the romantic development between them, the care they show for each other. I’m such a hopeless romantic for watching them.

EDIT: I just noticed another scene. When Bao Zheng loses concentration during his first case after realizing that Gongsun ce became blind, he sits on a boat and meditates. He feels lost and directless. But Qing Ting comes and sets him straight. She's become his source of inspiration in his times of need. This similar scene occurs again during the last case of the series. She seeks him out while he's on a boat to boost his confidence. While on the boat, he remembers this memory and looks around, hoping to find Qing Ting. She's not there when he first looks but she comes around. She comes and knocks him out of his boat. It was really adorable when they share the same lines as the first time. What's even cuter is when they hold hands after this scene. TWICE.

Ending Note:

At first I was always puzzled when the ending scene did not include all the couples ending up together. It was equally frustrating as well since I dearly wanted Qing Ting and Bao Zheng to end up together. This is the FIRST time I asked my mom a question about plot development and why, since she seems to be knowledgeable about the Bao Zheng series since she’s watched EVERY single one of the series or any one with include Jin Chao Qun, the original actor who played Bao Zheng. I say this for a fact because she was willing to endure the horrible quality of VCDs just to rewatch the series. She told me that he couldn’t be connected with anyone. He lives in a world where he has more enemies than friends, therefore he can’t afford to have a lover or a wife in the traditional sense. She didn’t elaborate THAT much, I just concluded it by myself. I give this series five stars without hesitation, because I think watching it MORE than five times already constitutes a love that is eternal (and buying it as well). I apologize for the grammar because I am TRULY lazy to edit.

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