Chun Wong 秦煌

Chun Wong


Last Name:
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Real Name:
Leung Yat Shing 梁日成
Date of Birth:
June 20, 1948
Place of Birth:
Hong Kong
Blood Type:

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The King of Snooker 2009 (TVB Series)

E.U. 2009 (TVB Series)

A Chip Off the Old Block 2009 as Leung Hung Do 梁亭多 (TVB Series)

The Winter Melon Tale 2009 (TVB Series)

The Four 2008 as 朱二爸 (TVB Series)

Last One Standing 2008 (TVB Series)

The Seventh Day 2008 (TVB Series)

When a Dog Loves a Cat 2008 (TVB Series)

D.I.E. 2008 (TVB Series)

Love Exchange 2008 (TVB Series)

When Easterly Showers Fall On The Sunny West 2008 (TVB Series)

Survivor's Law II 2007 (TVB Series)

Marriage of Inconvenience 2007 (TVB Series)

Heavenly In-Laws 2007 (TVB Series)

CIB Files 2006 (TVB Series)

A Pillow Case of Mystery 2006 (TVB Series)

Face to Fate 2006 (TVB Series)

Under the Canopy of Love 2006 (TVB Series)

Maiden's Vow 2006 (TVB Series)

Au Revoir Shanghai 2006 (TVB Series)

To Grow With Love 2006 (TVB Series)

War of In Laws 2005 (TVB Series)

Life Made Simple 2005 (TVB Series)

Ten Brothers 2005 (TVB Series)

Healing Hands III 2005 (TVB Series)

Scavenger's Paradise 2005 (TVB Series)

Strike at Heart 2005 (TVB Series)

Food For Life (Yummy Yummy) 2005 (TVB Series)

The Herbalist's Manual 2005 (TVB Series)

To Love with No Regrets 2004 (TVB Series)

Lady Fan 2004 (TVB Series)

Square Pegs 2003 (TVB Series)

The W Files 2003 (TVB Series)

The Driving Power 2003 (TVB Series)

Eternal Happiness 2002 as 酈若山 (TVB Series)

The Battle Against Evil 2002 (TVB Series)

Slim Chances 2002 (TVB Series)

The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 2000 as Si For Long 史火龍 (TVB Series)

Crimson Sabre 2000 as Wong Zhen 黃真 (TVB Series)

Road to Eternity 1999 (TVB Series)

The Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain 1999 as Chiu Boon San 趙半山 (TVB Series)

Untraceable Evidence 1998 (TVB Series)

Duke of Mt. Deer 1998 as Mao Sup Bat 茅十八 (TVB Series)

Old Time Buddy 1997 (TVB Series)

The Demi Gods and Semi Devils 1997 as 岳老三 (TVB Series)

Ancient Heroes 1997 as 楊素 (TVB Series)

Mutual Affection 1996 as 盧百滔 (TVB Series)

Class of Distinction 1995 (TVB Series)

Before Dawn 1995 (TVB Series)

A Good Match From Heaven 1995 as 月老 (TVB Series)

The Intangible Truth 1994 (TVB Series)

The Mark of Triumph 1992 (TVB Series)

Drifters 1991 as 程大坤 (TVB Series)

Zu Mountain Saga 1991 as 神駝一休 (TVB Series)

Lin Shing Kuet 1989 as Ding Din 丁典 (TVB Series)

Two of a Kind 1989 as 李勁 (TVB Series)

Hap Hak Hang 1989 as Ding But Sam 丁不三 (TVB Series)

The Saga of the Lost Kingdom 1988 (TVB Series)

The Grand Canal 1987 as Ching Ao Kam 程咬金 (TVB Series)

The Legend of the Book and the Sword 1987 as Chiu Boon San 趙半山 (TVB Series)

Destined To Rebel 1986 as Ching Ao Kam 程咬金 (TVB Series)

The Return of Luk Siu Fung 1986 as Chu Ting 朱停 (TVB Series)

The New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 1986 as Chow Dien 周顛 (TVB Series)

Sword Stained with Royal Blood 1986 as 駝龍 (TVB Series)

General Father, General Son 1985 as Ching Ao Kam 程咬金 (TVB Series)

Yang's Saga 1985 as 孟良 (TVB Series)

The Legend of the General Who Never Was 1985 (TVB Series)

The Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain 1985 as Chiu Boon San 趙半山 (TVB Series)

The Battle Among the Clans 1985 as Fong Duk 馮德 (TVB Series)

The Smiling, Proud Wanderer 1984 as Mok Go Fung 木高峰 (TVB Series)

The New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung 1984 as Sit Siu Yun 薛笑人 (TVB Series)

The Duke of Mount Deer 1984 as Mao Sup Bat 茅十八 (TVB Series)

The Foundation 1984 as Kau Yim Hok 虯髯客 (TVB Series)

Love and Passion 1983 as 阿牛 (TVB Series)

The Other Side of the Horizon 1983 (TVB Series)

The Return of the Condor Heroes 1983 as Chow BakTong 周伯通 (TVB Series)

The Legend of the Condor Heroes 1982 as Chow Bak Tong 周伯通 (TVB Series)

Radio Tycoon 1982 (TVB Series)

Demi Gods and Semi Devils 1982 as Chau Yuk Monk 酒肉和尚 (TVB Series)

The Misadventure of Zoo 1981 as 朱祥分 (TVB Series)

The Shell Game II 1981 as 杜天 (TVB Series)

The Hawk 1981 (TVB Series)

The Shell Game 1980 as 花天嬌 (TVB Series)



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