Dear TVB...

*Written by Bridget

Dear TVB,

I know you'll never read this, but as a disgruntled fan, I feel I've got to let my feelings be known, somehow. Maybe someday all my fellow disgruntled fans will join in and finally get you to fire the monkeys you've got working in your senior management, a.k.a. Stephen Chan and Virginia Lok.

Bart Simpson once said "It's hard not to believe everything TV says, because it raised us".

You know, you did have a role in raising me. You're the reason why I can speak Chinese fluently. Your subtitles are the reason why I can read and type Chinese today. Hell, Files of Justice is the reason why I almost went to law school. But... what happened?! You've changed so much over the last five years that I really do not know you anymore.

What happened to the thoughtful, intelligent scripts you once had? Where are today's The Greed of Man and Journey to the West ? What happened to the memorable characters you once had? Where are today's Tsui Fei and Lok Tin Yau? Where are the recognition and opportunities for your talented ke-le-fes like Rain Lau, Ai Wai, and Akina Hong? Are all your talented Gen X actors dead?

No, they're not. It's just you showed them your new-unimproved self by giving them moronic scripts when they're nice enough to return (Gallen Lo in When Dog Loves a Cat ). Or you decided to let them go (Patrick Lam, Kong Wah). My vote's on the fact that they were smart enough to realize what you've become to play in your stupid sham of a game and instead decided to get married and/or crank out a couple of kids. Hell, some of them decided to spend some time getting a divorce instead. Ada Choi, Kenix Kwok, Michael Tao, Esther Kwan, Alex Fong... how I wish they would just kill your monkeys off.

Oh, don't get me wrong. You've rewarded us with some exceptions over the past 5 years (Triumph in the Skies , The Dance of Passion , Misleading Track , La Femme Desperado , The Master of Tai Chi )... but then the 2006 Awards Show happened. And it all went downhill from there. I should have known, when you crowned Kevin Cheng and Charmaine Sheh Best Actor/Actress, that TVB was headed towards its darkest time in history. Do you know why Dodo Cheng was the only one who correctly guessed that the questionably talented Kevin Cheng would win Best Actor for a series no one remembers anymore? It's because she has seen, first-hand, what TVB has become.

You're not white, TVB. You don't have the resources nor talent to be the Golden Globes. I liked your witty skits and humorous hosting in your past award shows. Why did you have to fix something that wasn't broken?

Ever-optimistic, I decided to forget the 2006 awards ever happened and decided to count it as a silly indiscretion. Then came 2007... and with it came... what's that, folks? That's right: Heart of Greed . This series gave new meaning to the word "hype". Never, in my 10+ years of watching TVB, have I encountered such meaninglessly, undeserved hype. We all thought the hype was more than enough, but then you decided to let the stupid thing sweep the awards. You know... Bowie Lam deserved his Best Actor award. Roger Kwok deserved his. And to continue Bowie's and Roger's legacy - you give the 2007 award to Moses Chan? What the hell!? And then give everyone in the HOG party a piece of the pie, no matter how little they deserved it? The 2007 awards became little more than an incenstuous festival where TVB's PTP (Powers That Be) pat themselves on the back for fooling the audience for the second year in a row. Stephen Chan, you're nothing but a self-congratulating moron.

But thank the skies that I'm young, because with any luck, I will live to see the day that he no longer runs this circus. Maybe then TVB go back to what it was before. It's not too late.

Don't tell us you can't put on an intelligent, well-planned, moving show anymore. All you have to do is make sure Stephen Chan isn't holding the reins. You did that with Lydia Shum's memorial service. That redeemed the very little faith I had in you... until this year, when you decided to film Moonlight Resonance . Have you not tortured us enough!? Is there a light at the end of this long, dark tunnel?

Maybe we need to blame your senior management cadre. I choose to. I had never heard of Stephen Chan's name until 2005's over-hyped War of In-Laws . This man-devil is the reason TVB has morphed into this crap. He is fundamentally incapable of recognizing and/or promoting local talent... or is Hong Kong now so devoid of talented actors that TVB has to go overseas to find stars (Bernice Liu, Linda Chung)? Or better yet, focusing on people too lazy to go to acting school and instead joining Miss HK b/c they know the man-devil is stupid enough to go there looking for talent?

Go back to your roots, TVB, and start recruiting from the Acting Academy. Tavia and Raymond are alumni and they're doing just fine.

Sir Run Shaw Shaw, where are you? Can't you come back and fix this stupid charade?

TVB, is it that you just don't care anymore? If that's the case, just tell us, because then we will stop caring too.

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