Eddie Cheung Siu Fai 張兆輝

Eddie Cheung Siu Fai


Last Name:
First Name:
Siu Fai
English Name:
Ethnic Name:
Date of Birth:
February 04, 1963
Place of Birth:
Hong Kong
Blood Type:

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3.8888888888889 stars

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Golden Chickensss 2014 (Movies)

Sniper Standoff 2013 (TVB Series)

Til Love Do Us Lie 2011 (TVB Series)

Fatal Move 2008 (Movies)

Police Station No. 7 2002 (TVB Series)

Love is Beautiful 2001 (TVB Series)

Armed Reaction II 2000 (TVB Series)

The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber 2000 as Yeung Siu 杨逍 (TVB Series)

Road to Eternity 1999 (TVB Series)

The Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain 1999 as Tin Kwai Nong 田歸農 (TVB Series)

Ultra Protection 1999 (TVB Series)

The Hitman Chronicles 1997 (TVB Series)

Dark Tales 1997 (TVB Series)

Ancient Heroes 1997 (TVB Series)

I Can't Accept Corruption 1997 (TVB Series)

Unnatural Born Killer 1996 (TVB Series)

Against The Blade of Honour 1996 as Lau Yuk Chong (TVB Series)

Plain Love 1995 (TVB Series)

Cold Blood Warm Heart 1995 (TVB Series)

The Emperor and I 1994 (TVB Series)

Being Honest 1993 (TVB Series)

Heroes From Shaolin 1993 (TVB Series)

All About Tin 1993 (TVB Series)

The Bare-Footed Kid 1993 (Movies)

The Hero From Shanghai 1992 (TVB Series)

Be My Guest 1991 as 謝迪文 (TVB Series)

Where I Belong 1990 (TVB Series)

The Enforcer's Experience 1990 (TVB Series)

The Hunter's Prey 1990 (TVB Series)

The Black Sabre 1989 (TVB Series)

The Saga of the Lost Kingdom 1988 (TVB Series)

Love in a Decadent City 1987 (TVB Series)

Withered In The Wind 1987 (TVB Series)

Turbulent Decade 1986 (TVB Series)

Soldier of Fortune 1982 (TVB Series)

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