Florence Kwok Siu Wan 郭少芸

Florence Kwok Siu Wan


Last Name:
First Name:
Siu Wan
English Name:
Ethnic Name:
Date of Birth:
August 25, 1970
Place of Birth:
Hong Kong
Blood Type:

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5 stars

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Come Home Love 2014 (TVB Series)

King Maker 2012 (TVB Series)

Gloves Come Off 2012 (TVB Series)

Wax and Wane 2011 as Ko Wai-ting (TVB Series)

Forensic Heroes II 2008 (TVB Series)

Best Selling Secrets 2008 (TVB Series)

The Gem of Life 2008 (TVB Series)

The Ultimate Crime Fighter 2007 (TVB Series)

On the First Beat 2007 as Sa姐 (TVB Series)

Dicey Business 2006 (TVB Series)

Forensic Heroes 2006 (TVB Series)

The Dance of Passion 2006 (TVB Series)

Men in Pain 2006 as Wong Duk Wai 黄德蕙 (TVB Series)

Women on the Run 2005 (TVB Series)

Colorful Life 2001 as Sit Siu Siu 薛小小 (TVB Series)

Seven Sisters 2001 (TVB Series)

The Legend of Lady Yang 2000 as Concubine Mo Wai 武惠妃 (TVB Series)

Needing You 2000 (Movies)

At the Threshold of an Era II 2000 as Sandy 何佩琪 (TVB Series)

The Legendary Four Aces 2000 as Liao Yu Fa 柳如花 (TVB Series)

Feminine Masculinity 1999 as Lei Fun Fong 李芬芳 (TVB Series)

At the Threshold of an Era 1999 as Sandy 何佩琪 (TVB Series)

A Matter of Business 1999 (TVB Series)

Justice Sung II 1999 as Empress Chi Hei 慈禧太后 (TVB Series)

Detective Investigation Files IV 1999 as Sung Si Si 宋思思 (TVB Series)

Dark Tales II 1998 (TVB Series)

As Sure As Fate 1998 (TVB Series)

Recipe for the Heart 1997 (TVB Series)

Show Time Blues 1997 as Tse Kok Hong 謝菊紅 (TVB Series)

Time Before Time 1997 (TVB Series)

Old Time Buddy 1997 as Sin Je 仙姐 (TVB Series)

Justice Sung 1997 as Empress Chi Hei 慈禧太后 (TVB Series)

Once Upon a Time in Shanghai 1996 (TVB Series)

A Kindred Spirit 1995 as 李多欣(Ella) (TVB Series)

Plain Love 1995 as Chong Yuen San 鍾婉珊 (TVB Series)

Gentle Reflections 1994 as Sun Shuet Gor 孫雪娥 (TVB Series)

Man of Wisdom 1993 (TVB Series)

Vengeance 1992 (TVB Series)

The Greed of Man 1992 as Sing Goo 聖姑 (ep 25, 27) (TVB Series)

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