101 kaime no puropozu

Reviewed by: sukting

December 09, 2009

Rating: three

An unlucky man has failed his marriage proposals for 100 times. Can he
be successful for the 101st try?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Yabuki Kaoru - Asano Atsuko
She is an extremely beautiful and talented cellist. Her fiance dies on
their wedding day in a car accident. She can't forget her dead fiance
and lives like a corpse from then on. She only goes on dates to please
her father. She doesn’t like Tatsurou but soon discovers that he has a
heart of gold. This unlikely pair is going to get married when
Yoshiyuki appears. She struggles for quite some time before deciding
that Tatsurou is the one for her.

2. Yabuki Chie – Tanaka Ritsuko
She is Kaoru’s younger sister who tries to create chances for Kaoru as
she doesn’t like her to be so down after the tragedy.

3. Yabuki Takao – Kosaka Kazuya
He is the sisters’ father. Worried that Kaoru will get depression and
she has indulged in sorrow for too long, he arranges dates for her,
hoping that she will forget the sad past.

4. Hoshino Tatsurou – Takeda Tetsuya
He is a down-on-his-luck man who has gone through 99 arranged dates
with the intention of marriage. But he is quite plain, short and also
walks like a crab. He isn’t rich as he works as a foreman at a
construction site. On the 100th date, he meets Kaoru and falls for her
– which I believe that he has fallen for her appearance instead of her
inner beauty, as we can see later on how she makes him suffer for her.

He works hard to bridge the gap between them. He studies hard, hoping
to pass the university entrance exam to read law. To make himself stay
awake, he uses hot candle wax to press on his palm. He fails miserably
and thinks that he has lost his chance but is overjoyed that Kaoru
still agrees to marry him.

5. Hoshino Junpei – Eguchi Yosuke
No one will guess correctly that the two are brothers. He is brainy
and is grateful to Tatsurou for bringing him up after they became
orphans. Thus he is protective towards him as he knows that he can
never make it to university without him. I have always disliked guys
to keep long hair. There is no exception here even though Eguchi is my
favourite actor.

6. Okamura Ryoko – Ishida Yuriko
She is Junpei’s love interest. She is also interested in Junpei later.

7. Makabe Yoshiyuki and Fuji – Hasegawa Hatsunori
Fuji is Kaoru’s fiancé. Yoshiyuki is another man who looks exactly
like him. That sets her wondering if she is really in love with him or
with his face. After getting to know him better, she realizes that he
isn’t a very responsible divorced father to his daughter and treats
love matters lightly. Thus she decides to leave him.

Favourite character
Yosuke – on one hand, he hopes that Tatsurou can get married. On the
other hand, he is also afraid that Kaoru will hurt him. Normally an
elder sibling will do the worrying but not in this case as he knows
that Tatsurou has a one-track mind which no one can talk him out of
him once he makes a decision.

Most hated character
Kaoru – she is indecisive and selfish to dwell on the past. She sends
Tatsurou going in circles as she does not give him a confirmed yes for
a long time.

‘Say Yes’ is by Chage and Aska. It is one of best songs that I have
heard so far in Japanese dramas. Their strong voices brought out the
romantic feel well – it is the best song for wedding proposals.
Although the drama isn’t up to mark, the song has scored well with all
who watched this drama. I heard Aska singing it live at his 2008
Singapore concert with an orchestra. He was really good.

It has a predictable storyline but the acting is remarkable. It is the
Japanese version of 'Beauty and the Beast'. Poor Tatsurou – just
because he isn’t handsome, he is rejected so many times. Even though
it is a classic, I still can’t bring myself to believe that a well-
educated cellist can fall for an old, slightly plump and less-educated
man. And to think that those around her keep asking her to marry him!!
Does that imply she is unwanted? Why is she so desperate?

They are a total mismatch – is it really love that binds them together
or because they are just two lonely hearts? Can love really conquer
every single obstacle? The percentage of success is less than 10.
Moreover, there are too many scenes of Kaoru weeping in addition to
the deliberately arranged misunderstandings. I can’t wait for her to
stop her tears from forming a sea. What touch me more are the sibling
ties. The two pairs show why they are so close together.

Those who feel that they need to get away from tragedy or overly long
dramas might want to consider watching this one. Although it is 12
episodes long, I have wished it to stop at 9 as many plots are
repetitive. If it weren't for the supporting cast who gave their best,
this drama would have be easily ignored or forgotten.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

On song : ***** (Scale of 5)(definitely the best of all time)

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