Absolute Boyfriend Special

Reviewed by: sukting

December 26, 2009

Rating: two

How long
2 hours

Three years later, newly-engaged Soshi and Riiko return from Paris. Night awakes to stand between them. Are they able to resolve the problem? This is a continuation to the previous success as the grand finale.

Riiko (Aibu Saki) returns as a successful pastry maker with Soichi (Mizushima Hiro) 3 years later. She thinks she is mobbed at the airport but the reporters are there for a model, Sally. Sochi shows his concern as she is being knocked down and helps her up. He is amused that she still calls him manager and coaxes her to call his name.

Riiko marvels at Sally’s boyfriend’s looks, but Sochi suspects him to be a robot. All celebrate their return as Soichi announces that they are getting engaged. Riiko is silent when someone asks about Night’s whereabouts. Riiko walks home alone. Yoshioka's (Minemura Rie) company has come up with new robots – even European ones to be sent overseas.

Night (Hayami Mokomichi) awakens and saves Riiko from being harassed by gangsters. She faints as she thinks that it is just a dream. She is startled when he appears to clean her place as he remembers she likes cleanliness. However, he is only partially programmed as he doesn’t remember the four-leaf clover story. Sochi shares his idea of returning to the basics with Kazushi (Yamamoto Kei) and he agrees with him.

Sochi notices that the sales have dipped and Kazushi jokes that he is lucky without Sochi to worsen the sales. Sochi discovers that his father, Masashi (Nakamura Shunsuke), is suffering from heart failure and is keeping it from them. He gets very worried. Riiko recalls that Sochi wants to taste her cream puffs and prepares the ingredients at home.

Riiko still keeps Night’s memory chip but she hides it inside his red scarf. Night is no longer the same to her for now. Yoshioka gets to fix other robots but he can’t forget Night, which is supposed to be beyond repair. He gets Riiko’s call and thinks that she is joking when she tells him that Night is at her home. When hearing Night’s voice, he immediately comes to Riiko’s place.

His superior, Dr Ayumi (Kuninako Ryoko) arrives first with her assistant, Jun (Uchida Asahi). Yoshioka is alert to hide in the toilet. She is the one who activates Night. She requests Rikko to hand over the chip to her so that Night can recall his memory completely. Jun reveals that he is a robot that Ayumi created and Yoshioka is startled as he has not seen through that. Riiko is in a dilemma and asks for time to consider.

Riiko and Sochi prepare for a branch’s opening. She gets tense when reporters question her and she is unable to answer. Sochi is equally troubled when he finds Night at her home. The same thing happens again – Night keeps declaring his love for her at work. Ayumi can’t wait any longer and gets Jun to program Night to look for the chip at home. Night gets it and Riiko is surprised to find her home in a mess. After planting the chip back into Night, both are puzzled why he still hasn’t regained his memory.

On the actual day, the wrong ingredients arrive and reporters walk away when they know that Riiko can’t come up with new pastries. Night gets the ingredients that she has at home and asks her to make new puffs with it. She completes them but all except one reporter have left. The reporter is actually a famous critic and he praises her skills. They have returned to the basics as Riiko retains the original taste.

Masashi suddenly has a heart attack. Night carries him to hospital on time but he damages his ankle. The two brothers thank him for his help. Kazushi blames Masashi for keeping his condition from them. Masashi is contented that he has left something for them and it is now up to them to continue his dream. It doesn’t matter how long he lives. Night registers these words in his memory.

Jun and Ayumi fix Night on time as he also has low power. Riiko confronts him over the theft at the rooftop. Ayumi promises to help her to get Night back. Riiko dismisses her claim – what if the same thing happened and she loses Night again? Night loses his power and falls down the building when trying to retrieve the four-leaf clover card. Riiko tries to help him but ends up falling with him. Night regains his memory and he promises to guard her as he did three years ago.

He also recalls the contents of the letter but he confesses to Soichi that he still wants to be with Riiko. Soichi has to control himself from hitting Night and walks away. Knowing Night’s importance to Riiko, he deliberately treats her coldly. Night comes daily to fetch Riiko home. Jun discovers that Ayumi has made him to look exactly like her dead boyfriend. She transfers Night’s memory to Jun so that he can become human with feelings to complete his wish.

Ayumi has arranged with her dead boyfriend to open the wish capsule that they planted under the tree the next day. The two arrive to dig it up. Ayumi discovers that his wish is to protect her and bursts into tears. This wish can never be fulfilled since he is dead. Jun consoles her as she has produced him. But he can never have a family with her and can never grow old. They can never be together.

One gangster European company eyes Ayumi’s invention and comes to kidnap her. Yoshioka is startled to face so many military robots coming out from the truck. Jun and Night lose their power when trying to stop them. Yoshioka manages to strike the gangster out and stops the programming of the robots. Night ponders Jun’s and Masashi’s words. He asks Yoshioka to destroy him.

Riiko meets Night the last time and puts the 4 leaf clover card into his hand. They thank each other for the happy memories. Night sheds tears upon seeing her leaving. Soichi feels troubled as he cleans the outlet for the opening and is overjoyed to see Riiko finally returning to him.

This special is very redundant. It is just a repetition to create the same sad ending and tries to squeeze tears from the audience but it fails to do so. I get so sleepy when watching it. It is a complete waste of my precious time. So I will discourage all from watching it.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ** (Scale of 5)

On story : ** (Scale of 5)

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