Absolute Boyfriend


Section:Japanese Dramas

Genre:Romantic Comedy

Number of Episodes:11

Language: Japanese

Japanese Title: 絶対彼氏

Average Rating:       (out of 1 rating)

Also Known As: Zettai Kareshi


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Absolute Boyfriend

Reviewed by: sukting July 25, 2009

Rating: 2.5 out of 5

How long 11 episodes Foreword It is a literal translation of Zettai Kareshi- a manga written by Watase Yu. It has been a long time since Singapore television shows a Japanese drama so I follow it. Story Riiko Izawa has never had a boyfriend and she is rejected by every boy she has ever had a crush on. She is interested in her colleague, Yasushi. Yasushi hates cream puffs but she keeps making for him so he pretends to...

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