Absolute Boyfriend

Reviewed by: sukting

July 25, 2009

Rating: two-point-five

How long
11 episodes


It is a literal translation of Zettai Kareshi- a manga written by Watase Yu. It has been a long time since Singapore television shows a Japanese drama so I follow it.


Riiko Izawa has never had a boyfriend and she is rejected by every boy she has ever had a crush on. She is
interested in her colleague, Yasushi. Yasushi hates cream puffs but she keeps making for him so he pretends to like it. Riiko also gives him a handkerchief but he passes it to Mika.

Riiko tells a salesman that she wants a boyfriend. The mysterious salesman, Namikiri Garu, directs her to his company website, by claiming that he can change her fate. Riiko ends up ordering a robot, which will be her boyfriend. She lists all the traits that she wants in him – handsome, comes to her when she needs, cooks well and waits for her after work.

Garu tells her the company will waive the bill if she will help them to collect data about women's feelings. He wants to use the data to come up with more models. Night is his first robot. Yuki has doubts that it might work but lets him try. Garu lets the robot wear a bracelet. If it turns red, it shows that his master is happy. If it turns green, he is angry. If it turns blue, that means that he is accepting signals or recharging.

Riiko has the intention of returning him after the free three day trial order. He comes in a box and is naked. The way to wake him up is to kiss him. When she does so, he is completely in love with her. She calls him "Night" since he's her knight in rescue. His full time is Tenjo Night after Riiko claims that he gets the surname from the name of the hot spring.

They start their cohabiting life. She forces him to sleep in the toilet. He only needs to sit on it to recharge his battery for the day. At first, her landlady has opposed to any man staying overnight at the apartment but her eyes sparkle upon seeing Night. Her heart flutters when he changes her light bulb for her and she drools when seeing his perfect physique when exercising.

Riiko claims him to be her cousin and the landlady allows him to stay. She often finds excuses to give him food and clothes but will not do so if he isn’t around. Riiko has a hard time shaking from Night at work. He catches a thief for her and Riiko uses him to get Yasushi’s attention. All are speechless to see her with a dude. He also works hard to get information on all her colleagues.

Kazushi is the CEO of the company while his younger brother, Sochi is the planning manager. Sochi seems that he hasn’t put his heart at work but his father believes that he has the talent. Sochi never likes the cakes produced as they never taste special to him. He calls the gals at work and gets Riiko to taste one. Riiko gives her comment as too sweet and not spongy enough. He tastes it later and finds it to be true.

Seeing someone wooing Riiko at last, Yasushi doesn’t want to lose and asks Riiko out. Both have a nice dinner and he later dates another woman after sending Riiko home. This is the day when a big celebrity is supposed to taste the cakes but Yasushi has remembered the wrong place. The stupid Riiko takes the rap for him when confronted by Kazushi.

Sensing Riiko is in trouble, Night rushes after the truck to get the food. He is out of order after giving her that. Gaku blames her for overworking him. Riiko gives Yasushi another box of puffs and overhears that he actually dislikes them and he is a two-timer. She is upset that he throws them to the floor and walks away. Mika also gives him a slap and returns the handkerchief to him as she also despises his act.

Soshi nearly punches Yasushi but Night is faster than him after Garu repairs him. Soshi tastes the puffs and finds the taste similar to what his grandfather has made and decides to promote them. His grandfather has made the puffs after learning from a confectionary when they are staying in Osaka. The boss decides to give Soshi a chance to develop new ideas and he proposes the puffs.

None of the directors are interested to taste them as they look too plain. All envy Riiko when Night keeps preparing lunchboxes for her. He also fixes meals for her at home, making every dish very delicate and appetizing. Riiko starts taking advantage of him, wanting him to do the housework for her.

Riiko has a headache of paying the fixing cost for Night. She even works at the bar, washing dishes and drinking with the clients. Meantime, sensing her lacking money, Night also works part-time at construction sites and restaurants. Soshi sees her at the bar. Afraid that she will be taken advantage, he takes her out but she is already half-drunk. He carries her on his back. Night then takes her over from him.

After paying back Gaku the money, She is relieved that Night is sent away. She then helps Soshi to prepare the puffs for his promotion. But after recalling what Night has done for her, she runs after Garu’s car. Her five-day trial is over, Riiko is soft-hearted to know that Night will be destroyed so she buys it. But she finds that she is stuck with a bill for 100,000,000 yen. She has to work for 70 years to cover it.

Night works as a cleaner in her company so she lies to everyone that he is her cousin. But Mika is still suspicious. They can’t take it when he declares love for Riiko repeatedly even when cleaning the glass. He gives each person a different flower – even to the men. Hajime finds him cute but the other men declare that he must be shot as he is their enemy. Mika initially thinks that she is the only one getting a lily but seeing every woman gets one and Riiko gets a rose, she nearly bursts!

Soshi’s plan to promote the puffs is rejected by Kazushi. So he approaches Takeru for help to promote 50 puffs at his branch. Shiro agrees after tasting it. Mika gets close to Night but he prefers to stick to Riiko. He tells her that he must wait for her at home. He expresses his jealousy when Riiko only finishes making the puffs at 5am. Night nearly wants to break through the locked company glass door but stops on time.

Garu gets anxious when Riiko ignores Night’s feelings. Riiko sets off with her colleagues to the hot spring and Night follows. Soshi is enraged when Kazushi threatens to fire Takeru. Riiko learns about it and hurries back. In her haste, Night breaks her handphone accessory and spends some time fixing it back. Mika gets close to him but he is unaffected.

Sochi coaxes Kazushi to taste one puff. He does and his expression changes. He still insists that Sochi is wrong. Sochi takes the responsibility and is suspended from work for 1 week. Mika kisses Night and from then on, Night tags her. He is programmed to like someone who kisses him. He makes dinner for her to bring to her home and surprisingly, he suggests doing things that Riiko loves to do to provoke her.

As Sochi is unable to use the company kitchen, he borrows Fujiko’s place after work. Fujiko is Riiko’s friend who owns a beer shop and Riiko often pours her woes to her. Night comes and asks Riiko what Mika likes. Riiko doesn’t want to see him and Sochi asks him to go back.

Garu urges Riiko to kiss Night back but she doesn’t want to. Garu tells Rikko that if she doesn’t make Night return to her and Mika learns about his background, she will have to pay Kronos 10 million yen as compensation. She tries in vain to kiss Night and he even insults her for not knowing how to love. Rikko gives up on him and helps Soshi to promote the puffs to other confectionaries instead. Their plan still fails.

Mika initially finds Night a bother but now likes him. Night has told one of her boyfriends off for dating other women. Because she is always with this kind of men, she also never learns to love. She covers him with a blanket when he is sitting near the lamppost below her apartment at night.

Yuki threatens to annul Riiko’s contract if Night isn’t reprogrammed within 2 days. Garu is anxious when Night refuses to leave the café despite a fire. He has promised Mika that he will wait for her there. Not wanting him to get destroyed, he seeks Riiko’s help.

She rushes to kiss him upon recalling what he has been doing for her and faints due to the thick smoke. He carries her out and she hugs him, glad that he is fine. Mika storms away upon seeing this. Garu is puzzled why Night has remains of Riiko’s memory. Night returns to Riiko and she finds him bothersome again. Sochi insists of getting Riiko’s puffs to the Tokyo exhibition. Seeing that Riiko has success in both career and love life as Night still avoids her, Mika gets very jealous.

Garu changes a part in Night so that he can monitor him at all times. He discovers that Night has his own feelings now and his vision will become blur with jealousy with Sochi around. He can throw dishes on the floor and Riiko’s handphone when seeing the label that Sochi sticks on it. Riiko thinks that it is part of the programme set but Night has no recollection of it.

The sales of the puffs are poor but Sochi is still glad that he tries. This is due to Mika placing poisonous remarks online. Kazushi intends to dismiss Riiko but Sochi is willing to step down from his manager post to keep her back. Hajime replaces Sochi but he is okay with it. Kronos decides to make mass production and Garu deliberately keeps Night’s condition from them.

Riiko is touched to learn that it is an insider who tarnishes her reputation and Sochi stands up for her. Sochi jokes that he is more comfortable being an assistant and tells her not to read too much into it. Riiko stands for a while and he touches her head, feeling no fever. She finds herself getting drawn towards him. Riiko finds Night too familiar to Garu and he agrees as he is the one who invents him.

Night works for Fujiko and earns enough money to buy the pastier book that Riiko is interested to buy but it is too expensive. He discovers Mika typing the remarks and tells her not to upset Riiko again. He saves her from a falling shop plate and damages his wrist. He gets jealous to know that Riiko is working overnight in the office. Instead of charging in, he only waits for her outside. Garu senses the change in him.

Riiko’s parents come to visit her and her father is displeased that she cohabits with Night. Night is chased out and Fujiko advises him to work hard to get her father’s recognition. Meanwhile, her mother is pleased to know that Riiko gets to know handsome guys in Tokyo. Night asks Sochi how he feels of Riiko. He replies that he feels nothing for her and he should be delighted. Riiko can’t help feeling disappointed.

Riiko’s father passes to Sochi two boxes of carrots. He finds them tasty. Kazushi intends to send their top pastier to the international pastier contest. Sochi can hardly be bothered with it as their team can never get into the finals yearly. He just thrusts the file aside. But after tasting the carrots, he intends to come up with something that Rikko can do so that she can participate in the contest.

Night offers to go on a day’s trip with Riiko’s family. He gets them to take a photograph. Riiko’s father chides Riiko for doing things midway and wants her to return to Hokkaido with them. She refuses and tears their family photo up. (I begin to dislike her for ill-treating now. And what insolence to do this – I will definitely be disowned if I do this.)

Riiko returns to the company to try different recipes with Sochi. After hearing Garu’s conversation with Tetsuko, Chiho reports the case to Yuki. Yuki flies into a rage – no wonder Garu doesn’t look as eager as he should be when he proposes the mass production. Night stays in the forest the whole night to find the torn pieces of the photograph to paste them together.

Sochi and Riiko try many ways and something is still lacking. Knowing that her parents are leaving, Sochi tells her to send them off. Night comes on time, giving them the photo. Riiko’s father replies that he is glad that she is in safe hands and requests him to take good care of her. He tells Riiko to inform Sochi that mixing their carrots with brown sugar gives a better taste. Night is overjoyed that he finally gets his recognition and wishes to date her. She agrees and gets him to wait for her at home.

Yuki forces Garu to pick Night up and destroy him at the company immediately. Upon seeing how delighted Night is over their coming date, Yuki drives him in his car but has no heart to tell him that. Riiko tries the new way with Sochi and it works. She is delighted but suddenly faints as she has not slept well for 2 days. Sochi is concerned and holds her in his arms.

He suddenly hugs her and she breaks away from him. Night is taken back for repairs and Garu can’t find out what is wrong with him. he can only lie to Yuki that everything is fine. Riiko doesn’t understand why Sochi hugs her and confides in Mika. She objects strongly when Mika reveals that she wants to date Night.

Sochi wants to use Riiko’s cream puffs for the international desserts contest. Kazushi objects and gets Homi, a famous dessert chef from Paris to help him. She is Sochi’s ex and Sochi gets uneasy when she wants to be with him again. Sochi and Riiko get busy with the carrot flavour cream puffs so she has little time for Night. Night still cheers for her at work.

Homi receives a parcel that comes with the carrot puffs and informs Sochi. Riiko gets too exhausted that she faints and has to be hospitalized. Fujiko hears about the nurse talking about Knight behaving strangely and suspects him of being a robot. Riiko decides to come up with something new after her discharge. She overhears on Homi’s conversation with Sochi and leaves. Homi knows that Kazushi yearns to have Sochi’s freedom although he keeps complaining about him being immature.

Sochi runs after her but loses her. She doesn’t pick up his calls. Kazushi arranges Sochi to help Homi. That is actually Homi’s request. Riiko is jealous to see them together and Night being over enthusiastic to her at work bothers her further. Chiho reports of Garu’s doing to Yuki so they come up with another robotic lover, Toshiki. The company wants to compare him with Night, giving him extra powers to see who Rikko will really love. The weaker robot will then be destroyed.

Riiko learns that Mika is the one spreading the rumours about her. Mika admits that she has never treated her as a friend. Riiko is so slow and makes plenty of mistakes. Yet, she has two hunks to love her. Riiko tries to talk to her but she ignores her. Sochi’s father sees that Sochi resembles his granfather who can be stubborn at times to get his own way but ends up hurting others.

Toshiki keeps the truth about his background from Riiko and gets to stay beside them. Riiko begs Fujiko not to tell the rest that she is keeping a robot. Fujiko is amused by her buying Night but warns her that she will not get any boyfriend if Night keeps staying with her. Riiko decides to give up and keeps her things in a box. Night knows that Riiko wishes to go to the astronomy centre and gets 2 tickets.

Seeing the things in the box, he urges her not to give up her dream. Night frowns about seeing Toshiki at work and getting steak for Riiko while his lunchbox for her is only the fried little fish rice. Mika is delighted that Night looks for her but ignores him when he wishes her to help Riiko. Sochi overhears that and decides to resign to help Riiko fulfill her dream.

Toshiki locks Night in the store room, declaring that he is better than Night. Despite a program warning him to stop hurting himself by destroying a property, Night pushes the door down and gets after Toshiki. Riiko discovers the astronomy ticket that Night gets for her and he signs on it, telling her not to give up. She decides to meet Night instead. Toshiki forcefully pulls her to his motorcycle and causes her to drop the ticket on the floor. Night comes on time and both robots fight.

Garu gets the signal and comes with Tetsuko. Seeing the ticket, Riiko goes to pick it up and nearly gets knocked down by a car. Toshiki wants to save her but stops as the program in him warns him that he will be destroyed if doing so. Night disregards his own safety and saves her but he blacks out. Garu hurries to fix him but is surprised that he can do his own self repair. Riiko is adamant that she will not change Night for Toshiki. Night loves her but Toshiki doesn’t.

Knowing that both will be on a date, he throws his jacket to Night. Fujiko gets worried as she sees Riiko being drawn to Night. Garu reports to Yuki about it and Yuki shuts down Toshiki. Night becomes heaty and often shuts off. Sochi’s father shakes his head over Sochi’s resignation while Kazushi also chides him for being reckless. Sochi insists that he will not want in the present company.

Kazushi and Homi comes to Fujiko’s shop upon knowing that Sochi is working as a waiter there. Night notices that both brothers have a lot of affinity to answer the same words although they often quarrel. Sochi wants to work here to look at customers’ faces. He only wants to work in somewhere to see customers smile. Mika resigns and doesn’t wish to stay although Night advises her.

Riiko and Sochi join the contest. Kazushi is pleased that Homi gets into the next round but is also dismayed that the same thing happens to Kiiko. Homi wins the contest but can see how depressed Sochi is to see Night so intimate with Riiko. She encourages him to woo Riiko as it is too late for her to get Sochi now since they have missed the three years together.

Sochi reveals his feelings to Riiko and Riiko also admits that she loves him. When hearing that, Night nearly malfunctions but tells Garu that he will not give up. Fujiko laments that she needs to repair her television and Garu offers to fix it for her, giving him her namecard. She finally knows who he is when seeing him fixing Night in secret.

Yuki discovers that Garu has lied to him from Tetsuko. Tetsuko is worried that mass production of Night can cause a lot of problems and notifies Yuki about it. Yuki is enraged and locks Garu up, confiscating his handphone. Riiko notices that Night is getting heaty and calls up Garu, getting no answer. Tetsuko comes with another person, attempting to get her to buy another model. She agrees to consider.

Garu requests Tetsuko to add a cooling device for Night but he doesn’t want to. He wants Night to be scraped. Garu sighs and reconsiders Fujiko’s words that he is toying with women’s feelings to come up with the robot. He starts to ask himself if this act is right. Sochi comes to Riiko’s home to celebrate with her and Night. The landlord lady likes the carrot puffs that Riiko makes.

Sochi tells Riiko that the French chef admires her talents and wants her to go to Paris to learn pastry making from him. He will not force her and wishes to know her better. Riiko agrees to consider but she can’t bear to leave Night for 3 years. Sochi requests Night to help Riiko change her mind. Upon hearing that, he almost trips. Sochi touches him and feels that his back is very hot.

At first, Riiko only sees Night as a household appliance. When she finds out how deep Night's devotion to herself is, Riiko finds herself falling in love with him. Night begins to develop real human emotions, enabling him to truly love Riiko but also resulting in system malfunctions.

Sochi wants to send him to hopsital but he declines, not wishing to add on to the repair cost. Riiko is concerned and lets him sleep on her bed. Sochi is depressed to see that. He happens to find the robot instruction manual on the mat and reads it. He is speechless – how can this be? Rikko in love with a robot? He quickly gets her an air ticket and she can fly off in 3 days’ time.

Riiko looks up Mika and explains to her over Night’s behaviour. Mika realises that is why Night shows no response to her. She has been jealous of Riiko all along but after resigning, she realises that it is Riiko’s undying personality to win over the guys. Night nearly breaks down when trying to get a four leaf clover in the garden. He encourages Riiko to go to Paris after baking a cake for her.

When Riiko almost loses Night due to the malfunctions, she realizes that he is the one she really loves. She demands Yuki to return Night to her. Strange enough, Night’s resistance against memory breakdown by the device is strong enough to retain what he remembers of Rikko. Garu breaks free and helps them to escape. He is surprised that Night returns to normal but he doesn’t know why he is still so hot even after adding the colling device on him.

Riiko apologizes to Soshi, who decides to go to Paris with her. Sochi is heartbroken that she chooses a robot over him. He tells Riiko that he knows about it. He has wished to be with her to grow old together although they might not depart from the world together. Kazushi learns that Soshi decides not to go and becomes mad with him. How can he throw this chance away because of Rikko?

Sochi then learns that Kazushi has fought the chance for him so he makes up his mind to go alone. His father has told him that Kazushi also wishes to preserve the taste too. Sochi’s colleagues hold a celebration for him at the bar. Yochiro has problems removing the cork from a champagne bottle but Night removes it with ease. All are stunned to see that. He replies that is due to him as a robot. Mika overhears it and declares that he is drunk.

Rikko discloses the truth and all dismiss it as a joke. Hajime even says that he will be an elf if that happens. They relate how much they like Night. He is touched and replies that it is also his honour to know them. He gets a scarf from Riiko and wears it. It has a letter ‘N’ on it. Rikko has promised to make him a pair of mittens and also a sweater, forgetting that he will not be afraid of cold. He makes a wish for her to be forever happy upon seeing a shooting star.

Night begins to grow sleepier and sleepier. The problems developed by him and the ‘duel’ with Toshiki have eventually causes his IC to stop working. He then returns to Garu. Garu is sad when he is helpless although he is able to repair other machines. Night lies in a box and never wakes up. He has the scarf over it. Yuki knows how obssessed he is with Night and keeps him there. He sees the four leaf clover in Night’s hand and has realised that love isn’t as bitter as he thinks as it can actually be sweet.

Before he dies, Night writes a letter directed to Soshi telling him what is happening and asking him to take care of Riiko. Garu gives Riiko some time to grieve by giving her the memory chip that Night passes to him. She bursts into tears to watch their last scene on going dates together. Why doesn’t she treat him better then? She then decides to fultil Night’s wish to go to Paris.

Kota decides to keep her room empty – just in case Night returns to look for her. When sending Sochi off at the airport, Kazushi tears Sochi’s resignation letter, indicating that he has to return to work when back. Riiko looks at the chip before she boards the plane.

Introduction on characters

1. Hayami Mokomichi as Tenjo Night

He is a robot and follows everything according to Riiko’s instructions to be her perfect boyfriend but he starts to have his own feelings later. He cooks, cleans, is hot in an apron and helps her to earn money by taking up part-time jobs at restaurants or construction sites. He helps her when she is in trouble and is possessive about her. His persistance wins over Riiko. Although he can never wake up again, he is imprinted deeply in her memory.

2. Mizushima Hiro as Asamoto Soshi

Soshi is the manager of the company. He starts to fall for Riiko because of her innocent and sweet personality. He admires her ability to make yummy cream puff to help her out. He is a man who pursues dreams with all his might. He believes in working in his own way and thus often quarrels with Kazushi.

3. Aibu Saki as Izawa Riiko

She dreams of having a perfect boyfriend so she buys Night. I don’t know what she really wants. She can be very indecisi ve to give up easily if not for Night’s encouragement. After staying with him, she finds him irritating and can’t wait to get away from him. When she starts to treasure him, he must get away from her. This shows that life doesn’t give a second chance for some people.

4. Sasai Eisuke as Shirasagi Yuki

He is the boss who owns Kronos Heaven. He often threatens to end the project if it is not successful. He often presses Riiko to pay up her instalements. Strict as he may seem, he actually has a soft heart.

5. Ueno Natsuhi as Ito Mika

She is Riiko’s colleague and claims to be her good friend. She is a player, always with different men. However, she is jealous when Riiko gets Night’s attention. Despite what she does, she can’t win Riiko. Luckily, she realises her mistake and tries to cover up Night’s identity from others.

6. Satoi Kenta as Hirata Hajime

He is their team leader who is bossy. He brags of his position when taking over from Sochi.

7. Nekoze Tsubaki as Adachi Kyoko

She is considered their big sister and commands a lot of attention. She is often the one to plan their company outings and is very knowledgeable in reading up on chefs.

8. Kaji Masaki as Tanaka Yoichiro

He is an excellent worker and is a comical character. He works in the beer shop. He is jealous when the two hunks work in Fujiko’s shop. He complains that the shop is too squeezy with too many helpers but can’t help it as business is too brisk.

9. Minemura Rie as Yoshioka Tetsuko

He is Garu’s capable assistant who runs with him whenever Night gets into trouble. He is able to fix his parts quickly. Seeing how Garu helps Night, he helps Garu in the end.

10. Erena as Ono Chiho

He is Garu’s colleague who is very jealous of his success. That is why he reports Night’s defects to Yuki when he discovers it. He also invents Toshiki to compete against Night. Toshiki is said to have a higher success rate than Night. However, he can’t win as Night can sacrifice himself while Toshiki can’t.

11. Sakuragi Ryosuke as Morikawa Yasushi

He is Riiko’s senior whom she has a crush with. But he proves to be a scum to break her heart.

12. Irie Jingi as Hayashi Kota

She is Riiko’s landlord. She marvels at how Riiko knows many hunks and drools over them. See how hungry she nearly pounces on them, you will simply crack up. She allows Night to stay with Riiko although she has disapporved of men staying there all along. She doesn’t hide her interest in Sochi and Sochi runs away fast while Toshiki gets a room from her in order to get close to Riiko.

13. Yamamoto Kei as Asamoto Kazushi

He is Soshi’s elder brother who is the senior manager of the shop. He often disapproves of Soshi’s ways, always thinking that he is right. He is very capable to open a few branches within a few years but he works too hard and envies Sochi to be relaxed. Thus he gives him support to learn pastry making in Paris.

14. Nakamura Shunsuke as Asamoto Masashi

He is the brothers’ father. He gives them a free hand to do whatever they want. Knowing that Sochi is more rebellious, he spends more time on him.

15. Sasaki Kuranosuke as Namikiri Garu

He is the one who recommends Riiko to buy Night. He programmes him. He always makes a close watch on them, repairing him when the need arises or sets things right when it goes wrong.

16. Maya Miki as Wakabayashi Fujiko

Rikko has her to thank when she runs out of money. She can come to earn some allowances in her beer shop. She also gives the young advice on love matters.

Favourite character
Night, despite Riiko treating him badly, he works hard to achieve her target of having absolute boyfriend.

Most hated character
Chiho – this man will never stop his scheming tricks to ruin Garu as he isn’t as talented as him.

It is Okaeri by Ayaka. 飯田 絢香. Quite a nice song to listen to.


Absolute boyfriend is absolutely childish. Riiko is obviously being driven crazy by Night in his open ways but she asks for it as this is the type that she wants in the first place. I am sure that all will not mind having Night for a boyfriend who is not just smoking hot with a good physique and charming face but also with an endearing personality. It can be funny but also too cheesy.

It is a dopey science-fiction dream of true love between a human being and a robot. I don’t really like Japanese dramas that much as the feelings can be very fake. Many scenes can also be overly redundant. At first, we think that Night will stay with Riiko for good after he changes his fate but later, they are separated. Why must we go through so many tests? The Japanese director wants to squeeze tears from us?

But Saki doesn’t know how to do convincing crying scenes to make us cry with her. And she doesn’t seem to get more touched than the audience over what Night has done for her! She treats him like dirt and the poor man has to be her maid. What is the part I love most – when Night isn’t at home to cook and she goes hungry. Kota comes over with pig trotters, wanting to give Night a treat.

But she leaves without leaving any bones for Riiko after knowing he isn’t back. That is the sweetest revenge for all of us. Saki seriously needs to work a lot harder. Her delivery of lines is bland and her dressing looks more like maternity dresses. Really one of the worst dressing that I have come across. The clothes unit can be overly lazy – how can Night be wearing the same shirt for 3 days?! To save laundry expenses as robots do not need to change?!

I find myself missing the 90s dramas more. Although the stories can be equally unreal, the acting is more presentable and the procedure is smoother. There is also a focus. This drama has no cliffhanger. By right, the two hunks Night and Toshiki should have an exciting and tense race. But no, I don’t feel anything at all. I am only touched when Night saves Riiko. No wonder Japanese dramas lose popularity these days.

The guys are is the only ones who shine in this drama. Although not really tall, Hiro’s lazy air is noticeable. Mokomichi’s robotic gestures are very lifelike. It is not his fault to make cheesy smiles as he is made to be so. Otherwise, his other scenes as a caring boyfriend gets thumb ups from most people. Wu Zun and Cai Yi Lin will be shooting a Taiwanese version soon. I wonder if it will be better than this one.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On song : *** (Scale of 5)

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