Double Score

Reviewed by: sukting

July 18, 2005

Rating: three-point-five

How long
11 episodes

Sorimachi Takashi is a maverick cop with an impressive crime-solving rate while Oshino Manabu stars as his clean-cut partner who does everything by the book. Can they work well together? Will there be friction between the two of them? This serial isn't seen on VCDs anywhere in Singapore so it is in detail in case fans can't find them overseas. I will get the vcds if I get to see them because it is quite highly entertaining.


1. Kawamura joins the team

Tachibana ruins his team's operation in dissolving an arms syndicate in a nightclub. They have wanted to nab the culprits for a year without success. Why? You will laugh at it. Takashi really makes a big sacrifice. Tachibana disguises as a blonde woman in a dress and his team members marvel at his slender legs looking from behind. He gives all the blondes a shock in the dressing room when he takes off his wig and arrests a woman for a theft (This is a must watch highlight of the serial). This happens before his female colleague, Hattori steps into the nightclub but she still insists on getting down the surveillance van.

The arms members escape and Tachibana manages to capture one guy. He is heartbroken when the guy breaks his car screen. The others are pissed off with him for only being able to catch a small fry and not the mastermind or the whole gang. They warn him to get prepared to get blown by the top again. Tachibana is annoyed as no one tells him about it since it is his off day. Most likely, they will not want him to interfere because he often kills their chances of success. They urge Tachibana to give in to the top to preserve his job. Moreover, the woman whom he handcuffs for the theft lodges a complaint to the top. Tachibana has linked her to a pole and that causes her hand to only being able to recover in a week's time.

At this time, Kawamura steps into the building. Upon seeing a cigarette butt on the ground, he picks it up and puts into the dustbin, adding water to the other cigarettes to diminish the flames. Tachibana steps into the lift and Kawamura greets him, recognizing him as the wonderful cop. Tachibana's eyes nearly pop out upon seeing Kawamura's name card. Kawamura is a Cadet Inspector who will undergo training for 3 months in his unit. From then, he is going to promote to Inspector after this.

Tachibana is too stunned by the information that he nearly hits his head on the lift door without looking when stepping out from there. He is being assigned to be Kawamura's 'nanny' and all warn him not to continue his investigations. Hattori is annoyed that they have to take care of 2 'infants'. Tachibana protests but all regard both of them as burdens and are so glad to keep them out of the investigations.

You will laugh – Kawamura may look cool but he is such an innocent chap. He asks Tachibana what is wrong with her. Tachibana brings him to observe how they question the guy through the door. They are unable to get information from him because he doesn't talk. Tachibana is unhappy when asked to distribute flyers with Kawamura. Both go for lunch and the outlet owner, Eriko presses Tachibana to marry her.

She has a 5 year old son. Kawamura is alarmed that Tachibana tastes such hot apple curry and he has ordered the same without knowing it. He quickly asks for more water. Tachibana nearly drops his chin upon knowing Kawamura is only 24 years old and yet he holds such a high post. Most likely, Kawamura will head a station after his confirmation as a high flyer. Kawamura advises Tachibana to teach him the ropes and disregard his rank. Tachibana feels inferior because he is already 29 but is still a normal cop.

They return to office and Tachibana is unhappy to see the 3 policewomen crowding around Kawamura. Kawamura looks young, nice looking and refined in a business suit. He is scholar-like in looks. The policewomen are also attracted that he graduates from the prestigious Tokyo University. Thus Tachibana decides to prove that he is stronger by challenging him to a duel. Here comes a classic moment. The guys are well prepared and Kawamura defeats Tachibana easily, landing him on the ground several times!

Tachibana is puffing and exhausted after the exchange but still acts tough to call it a day. He later learns that Kawamura not only continues his masters studies in Korea but is also a taekwondo expert. Kawamura thanks Tachibana politely for his guidance but Tachibana is not daring enough to challenge him again!

2. The mystery kidnap

Both walk to the police station entrance and a married couple who are tied fall in. Their son is kidnapped. They run out to see no one. Tachibana suspects that this case is unusual as it happens right outside the station and the kidnapper has not asked for a ransom. The child is also not coming from a rich family. Tachibana is fed up to go through the meeting and is about to express his view when his colleague leads him out to prevent him from making matters worse. Tachibana is flattered when Kawamura knows that his napping of criminals has a 95% success and his history from 1999 till 2003.

But laugh at Kawamura's speech later. Kawamura recalls that Tachibana chases a criminal to the airport runaway but this causes a flight to be delayed for 3 hours. Another case has Tachibana stopping a criminal on the highway and Tachibana recalls dreamily of his success. But Kawamura thinks that he has caused a major problem by creating a traffic jam.

Tachibana is alarmed that his car needs 3 more days for repair. His mechanic, Satsu is only willing to loan out a cement mixer truck to him. It is hilarious to see Kawamura examining Tachibana's car and the car light drops suddenly! He quickly fixes it back but Tachibana is already fuming mad over it. The mechanic then reveals that the chap captured is the mastermind and his nickname is 'Duck' because he has a duck tattoo on his left arm.

Tachibana jumps upon hearing it and returns to the station to inform the others. Hattori shows them a time counting down device and a note. The kidnapper kidnaps the child in exchange for the boss. He is not asking for any ransom. He has placed him with a breathing support under water. When time is up, the child will die from suffocation. He gives them 3 hours to think about it. Tachibana's superior, Sonezaki still wants to ask the top for permission to make sure that this is not a hoax while his colleagues decide to try to save the child. The kidnapper knows that 'Duck' is being followed and tells others to stop following.

Tachibana learns from Kawamura that the top will normally explain to the public over the case. If his colleagues fail to save the child, they will be punished. The top will have to acknowledge their mistake in public through a press conference. Tachibana decides to tail his colleague, Yong Jin with his truck despite Kawamura trying to dissuade him. Both have a shock in store for them. Yong Jin proves to be in cahoots with the kidnapper in order to get the money for his wife's hospitalization. The kidnapper kills Yong Jin and 'Duck'. Tachibana tries to stop him from running away but the kidnapper falls to his death before telling him the child's whereabouts.

Although Tachibana is very upset over the death, he remains calm because his first concern is to save the child. Kawamura starts to suspect that Yong Jin is an accomplice upon seeing the money lying around. Kawamura can't open the kidnapper's car so Tachibana becomes impatient. Kawamura's mouth opens upon seeing him throwing a brick to break the car window. Tachibana even searches the dead person's body for the car keys, handphone and car license. He later asks Kawamura for the gun but he recalls that both will not have any since they are distributing pamphlets.

Kawamura tries to protest upon seeing Tachibana getting the kidnapper's gun but Tachibana assures him that they need it for protection. You will laugh again - he gets so nervous upon seeing this when he runs to the car to join Tachibana but nearly trips because he steps on a can. He has a headache again when Tachibana searches the kidnapper's home without a search warrant. This pair is so hilarious - one of them is armed with the gun while the other has nothing but to take out his cop badge to follow behind him.

Tachibana even refuses to heed his advice to wear gloves when doing a search among the mess in the living room. He dislikes Kawamura's rigid style. (But I still think the precaution is necessary.) There it goes again – Kawamura steps on a can and accidentally trips again. He happens to lean against the wall to steady himself when he sees photographs on the wall. Both guys examine them. They notice that one photograph shows a group photo but there is water reflection on the glass.

Tachibana guesses that they are near a swimming pool but he still exclaims jokingly that the women in the picture are cute. He then searches the phonebook in the kidnapper's phone and manages to find his girlfriend's number. In the meantime, he informs others to look for the child at every swimming pool within the district. Tachibana lies that they met before at a pool party and cops are after her boyfriend for cheating another woman. Kawamura tries to stop him but get stepped on the leg. However, he is impressed that he lies so naturally and confesses that Tachibana is good at deception so he has a lot to learn from him.

Their other colleagues become frantic upon getting the news. They try to get an expert diver to examine the photograph sent by the kidnapper on the child. It shows him being gagged to two oxygen tanks under water. It is funny to see the 3 policewomen getting a chef to come over and the rest scold him because they are in no mood to taste Chinese food. They don't know that he is a diving expert!

Kawamura examines the child's photo carefully and notes the time when the picture is taken. The diver deduces that the child is able to hold under water for about 1.5 h judging from the tanks' size. But they must also judge the child's state of mind now. Kawamura also makes the same conclusion – being blindfolded and frightened, the child may take in deeper breathes and use up the oxygen quicker. So they might only be having an hour left. So far, this is the only time that Kawamura is calm to make deductions.

They manage to find the woman and they are led to the house. Both frown upon knowing that the kidnapper and others sneak in to stay there because the owner goes overseas. The woman suddenly gets suspicious – if Tachibana has been there before, how can he not know the place? Tachibana suddenly gives her a cunning smile – doesn't her mother tell her not to take a stranger's car? He handcuffs her to the car and shows the car siren to prove that he is a cop.

Hattori discovers the kidnapper's van's trail and highlights the possible places for the swimming pool venue. All quickly race against time to seek the place out – from public to private property. They can't blow the matter up and have to peep at all pools from the outside. Kawamura shakes his head again – Tachibana should wait for reinforcements but he climbs in. Kawamura has no choice but to follow suit. Tachibana gets to the balcony and sees the child in it. He leaps in to save him.

This can be so hilarious – Sonezaki tries to put on the oxygen tank to test how heavy it is. But he accidentally damages the lock and he can't release it. When the station chief scolds him for being incompetent, he has to carry the oxygen tank with him to see him and he keeps sweating!

Upon seeing Tachibana having problems in untying the child, Kawamura also comes in to help him. Both manage to bring the child out of water but the hooligans get the kidnapper's gun to point at Kawamura's head. Tachibana laughs and says that the gun is unloaded. They may try to shoot if they please but this will offend the cops. They are stupid to offend Kawamura who is a taekwondo expert.

Kawamura steps on a can AGAIN and the hooligans are distracted. Tachibana carries the boy to safety while Kawamura handles the rest. Oshino's fans will be fascinated to see how he sends flying kicks in the air. Kawamura is annoyed to discover that Tachibana lies to him when the hooligan tries to fire a shot at him but lands into the wall. His anger is appeased upon seeing how soft Tachibana is to console the boy. Both leave Hattori and the rest to capture the rest while they release the woman. Hattori starts to smile upon seeing Tachibana being so capable to solve the case.

The 3 policewomen find Tachibana attractive. Tachibana and Kawamura need to report on how their colleague is killed. Kawamura knows that Yong Jin is Tachibana's mentor so he decides to cover up by saying that he is killed while trying to nap the crook. But Tachibana chooses to tell the truth although he respects Yong Jin. They must not cover the black sheep's misdeed because he nearly causes a child's death.

He goes to the outlet and Eriko detects that Tachibana may be upset over his colleague's death. She knows that Kawamura hopes to find him here but he will be drinking at a pub now to drown his misery. Tachibana will not be a cop for so long if not for his colleague watching out for him. He often tells Tachibana that bad guys never win. The words strike Kawamura but he chooses not to tell what happened.

Eriko laughs when Kawamura wishes to try the hot and spicy apple curry again. Only Tachibana is able to take it and Kawamura wants it extra hot? Sure indeed, he asks for an extra glass of water after tasting it. The station chief apologises to Kawamura for making the wrong choice in choosing Tachibana as his partner to nearly cause him to get killed. He offers to find another person but Kawamura chooses to stick with Tachibana because Tachibana is a dedicated cop.

3. Should cops open fire?

Kawamura is after a thief and both point guns at each other. Something unexpected happens – Tachibana jumps off a wall, sits on the thief and uses his hands to cover his eyes! He then signals Kawamura to throw his handcuffs at him to pull the thief's hands behind his back. He questions on why Kawamura doesn't open fire. Kawamura wants to give the fellow a second chance but Tachibana tells him that not to hesitate when a life is endangered.

Both sit in the outlet again but have no guts to taste new sundae sample. Eriko is unhappy with Kawamura's hesitations too – how can he rather hurt himself than to harm baddies? This is putting the public lives at risk. Tachibana interrupts her and says that this is more than necessary because Kawamura is better paid than him for the job! Suddenly they get a call from Satsu. Satsu is frightened of a man entering his garage secretly. Tachibana is more angered when his car still isn't ready.

The two cops are supposed to have their off day so Tachibana is unhappy that Satsu still asks him to work. He jumps when Satsu still modifies cars to keep ends meet as his garage boss is on the run away from loansharks. The two charge in and are surprised to see that the man is Satsu's friend instead. The four have a meal. Kawamura is suspicious when Satsu's friend claims to be an all-rounder. Get ready to laugh again – Kawamura doesn't know what cow belly is and Tachibana digs fun at him.

The two friends chat – Satsu doesn't reveal his friend's identity to the police when both join a gang so only Satsu is arrested. His friend is grateful to him so he gives him a credit card and tells him to forge his signature. Satsu is uneasy and returns to the restaurant to find that the two cops have eaten all the vegetables to only leave kimchi and white rice for him.

Satsu's friend actually steals 30 credit cards from his boss and he is later beaten to death when he doesn't reveal that the last card is with Satsu. The cops are about to pay the bill by dishing out their wallets but Tachibana's mouth opens wide upon seeing the expensive bill. Kawamura is only concerned on how Satsu is going to pay although he says that he just wins some money through lottery.

Both wait outside the restaurant for Satsu, not knowing that he uses the credit card. Kawamura feels uncomfortable to let the public do the paying. But Tachibana doesn't mind since fortune changes hands. Satsu's friend's body is discovered and all fingerprints are removed. The guys first recognize the car and later the body so they frown. Satsu is also taken aback to know the news on television. An investigator from the Security Department wants to see the two cops.

Kawamura guesses that it must be related to the fraud cases in credit cards links to Hong Kong. He has read it from the newspapers. This scene is so hilarious – the investigator shows the CCTV video from the restaurant and Tachibana is so excited to see himself appearing. It is also shown the three eating. However, both men are unable to explain the situation upon seeing Satsu with his friend outside the restaurant. The investigator wants to know the whereabouts of Satsu and the credit card but Tachibana knows none of both.

He rushes out of the station with Kawamura to the garage. This scene is quite unique – Hattori chases after them in another car and demands them to stop using the loud hailer. But he scolds her back by saying that her voice is horrible! Satsu only leaves a note with the credit card that he will investigate the matter. Hattori and Kitajima handcuff both of them back to the police station because their chief tells them to bring them back regardless of any methods used! Kawamura starts to blame Tachibana for putting him into this.

They only remove the cuffs in the station. Tachibana keeps the credit card with him and refuses to give to the investigator. The man decides to search the garage. Tachibana is angry with his attitude as a life is at stake but he isn't concerned. Later, the two guys rush to Club X in the car to look for Satsu after knowing that he is creating trouble there, demanding to see the boss.

Kawamura mentions that the counterfeit credit cards are serious crimes. It is very doubtful on how the boss's business can still prosper during the economic slump. He has read the discussions on large companies under the finance section in the papers. Tachibana says sarcastically – no wonder he knows all affairs but he doesn't know what cow belly is although he is from Tokyo University! He then asks Kawamura whether he has a gun with him. Kawamura replies 'yes' hesitantly because he knows Tachibana is up to something again. He shakes his head – they are in for this time again.

They are cornered by Hattori. Not knowing where to hide, they drive into a small lane and come into collision with the patrol team. The 3 policewomen drool upon seeing Kawamura. Thus they agree to switch cars with them. Tachibana promises to teach Kawamura how to write reports after the whole thing ends. They can find nothing from the club's staff – they keep mum about the riot. The guys reach the boss's home and he is celebrating his 20 year wedding anniversary with his wife.

Tachibana cooks up an excuse to wish to comment on the boss's wife's 15 years of safety driving. He doubts Kawamura's polite way of asking to meet them will work. But you can laugh when Tachibana's tactic backfires this time – the boss's wife doesn't have a driving license! Tachibana has no patience now – he shows the credit card – can they use this at their club? The boss wants to get it back but he refuses to give him. He brings them to see Satsu who is seriously injured in a warehouse.

The boss wants his men to silence them. The guys come to a point when the boss points his gun at Tachibana's head while Kawamura points at the boss's head. Kawamura hesitates to shoot. Tachibana manages to make Kawamura shoot directly at the man's head. Tachibana hits Kawamura's chest hard and smiles in relief. Upon stepping out, Tachibana is frustrated with the investigator who only asks for the card. He throws it on the ground in displeasure. Kawamura watches in silence as he helps Tachibana to bring Satsu out of the warehouse. Tachibana chides Satsu for trying to be a hero. Satsu replies meekly that he knows Tachibana will save him anyway.

4. The two guys as gigolos??

Hattori's colleagues are displeased when they lose out to her in arm wrestling so they coax Tachibana to compete with her. Both are about to start when some officers request to see her. Kawamura recognizes them from the investigation head office as he has meals with them before. All predict that a serious case is coming up. Kitajima teases Tachibana that he will never be chosen. Tachibana protests, saying he doesn't want to trouble them. What happens if he isn't around? All reply in union that they will have peace!

A top scotch gigolo from Looks Club is murdered in his apartment. Tachibana and his colleagues are amazed that he keeps Rolex watches and expensive cigars. He then calls Kawamura to check his car. His mouth is open when Kawamura points out to him from below that all the three Porsches below to the gigolo. They are puzzled – why are the expensive things still lying around? It is obvious that the murderer isn't after money. Tachibana deduces that the killer comes in from the balcony upon seeing a rope.

Hattori is told that a large batch of heroin is circulating in Japan. The investigation unit head wants her to apply more makeup. Tachibana's team finds out that the gigolo has many girlfriends. They do a check and are baffled as they consist of housewives, dance hostesses, office ladies and even high school students. They are disgusted by his act and thinks he deserves it. Finally they stop at an OL.

They mention about the killer looking for something. Her expression changes and denies getting anything from him. Tachibana and Kawamura meet the conceited head office investigators at Looks Club. They warn Tachibana not to investigate into the case and Tachibana quarrels with them. Kawamura drags him away and points out that if they continue checking, there might be conflict.

So they have to follow the rules. Tachibana frowns – why must he say this to him? Kawamura replies with a stern expression – because he is his superior. Tachibana gets worked up – why does he choose to follow him then? He walks away abruptly and Kawamura apologises to him later in office for being tactless. Hattori calls them to tell them not to investigate further. Tachibana gets fed up - why does she sound that she isn't one of them anymore? Sonezaki isn't happy too so he grabs the phone and scolds her.

But all sigh upon seeing how timid he becomes when the unit head calls him to follow the rules. Tachibana goes to Eriko's shop for a drink and pours his woes there. Sonezaki comes to join him and asks how to be a gigolo. Tachibana is puzzled and is shocked when the whole team comes in. They think this is a better place for discussion. Sonezaki decides to defer orders.

Tachibana is shocked when Kawamura is behind this. He has thought about it and if they don't do it, the head office will take the credit. (We never know that Kawamura can be so scheming!) They have the right to protect themselves as this is their territory. Kawamura does belong to the head office but he is now with them so they have the right to protect themselves to stand up against discrimination. This is so hilarious when all support him and Tachibana gets mad to kick Kitajima on his leg! Now the problem comes – who to act as undercover in Look Club?

Kitajima takes out his bright tie while Komiyama takes out his glasses. But neither has the looks nor the charm so Kawamura and Tachibana frown. So the duty lands on them again. Sonezaki tells them to observe the club owner because he has quarreled with the gigolo earlier. You will laugh when Tachibana introduces himself as Jimmy while Kawamura becomes Scott. Kawamura hates the name but is silent.

The two are sent to a customer but they are shocked to see Hattori. Hattori warns them not to moonlight but Tachibana tells her that they are undercover. He even orders 3 bottles of wine to charge to the police account. They then realize that she is chosen because she is young. Later, the two have to wait on another table. Thanks to their good looks – two old women lean on Kawamura's shoulders and he has a hard time smiling! He has no choice but to drown them in wine.

The heroin head demands the owner to hand over the drugs. If not, he will end up like the gigolo. The owner informs him that the drugs are with the OL. Hattori overhears everything but the stupid unit head contacts her at this time and she gets caught to be badly beaten up. Kawamura still keeps a clear mind – he notices that Hattori is away for too long. Both manage to save her before she is shot in the head. Both guys are shocked to see her state and beats the men up angrily.

They manage to nab the rascals but are alarmed to know that the killer is out to look for the OL. Tachibana hurries there with Kawamura. Hattori thanks them in a soft voice and hopes that they don't get to hear it as she is proud to admit that she loses out to them! The killer uses the same tactic again – to pry open the balcony window with his dagger and gets into the house from a rope. He stabs the bed but sees nothing.

Suddenly, the lights are on. Tachibana can be so humerous – why doesn't he switch on the lights if he is looking for something.?He is standing beside the OL while Kawamura gets a chance to show off his skills again. Sonezaki is upset to see Hattori badly bruised. How can the unit head not inform him in advance that she is given such a dangerous mission?

The unit head replies that the triad is busted so this is a small price to pay. Sonezaki gets so mad that he hits him on the face, causing a nose bleed. All are shocked but happy that he is so courageous. Kawamura receives the news and informs Tachibana. Sonezaki might be in trouble as there is blood this time. Tachibana offers to help him to write the letter of repentence since he is so experienced.

5. The cops as hostages!

Tachibana stretches his hand out to pretend to give a cigarette to a suspect but later pulls his arm. Why? The fellow is Satsu. He is being caught for speed driving with friends on the expressway. Tachibana shouts at him – why not appear on the next day to do this to call others? Why does Satsu always disturb him on his off day? Kawamura observes that Tachibana scolds Satsu but he is genuinely concerned about him.

Hattori wants the guys to choose their order from the eatery. The 3 will be doing nightshift. Tachibana tries to find excuses to get away as he hates night shifts. He protests against working 24 hours for the public. Hattori is surprised that Kawamura orders fried chicken and salad as she never knows that he is a big eater.
This is Kawamura's first time on night shift. Tachibana hates night shifts because unlucky incidents often happen when he is present. There was a night of arson cases when he never got to rest throughout the night.

Both guys see a drug suspect. Sonezaki wants Tachibana to wait for reinforcement but Tachibana refuses. The man is going to get away. Kawamura wants to arrest him when he is making a transaction but Tachibana will not listen. He bends the suspect's arm but he searches around himself for the handcuffs. This gives the suspect a chance to escape. However, the guys manage to nap him. Kawamura frowns as they have no arrest warrant but Tachibana uses the excuse as obstruction of duty as he finds an air ticket.

There are no drugs in the bag. Kitajima refuses to change shifts with Tachibana so he runs out of the room to persuade him. Kawamura is left alone to handle the suspect and he is so nervous. Komiyama is excited as his wife is giving birth so Kitajima has no choice but to agree. Tachibana dreams of having submachine guns in case the suspect's henchmen come. Kitajima wants to play word link games but Tachibana isn't interested. Kawamura is silent because he falls deep into memory in recalling how he likes it too.

A middle-aged man turns in for breaking someone's car window to steal a digital camera and briefcase. Tachibana and Kitajima pretend to want to patrol and get away but Hattori sees through their scheme. Tachibana knows the middle-aged man has no family and doesn't know how to adapt to the life right after release. So he decides to keep him in the station for the night. However, they are puzzled why the car owner doesn't complain about the loss.

Tachibana wants to sneak to Eriko's shop but Hattori has informed Eriko to lock him up so he is annoyed. A woman calls to complain that someone sprays paint on her shop shutter. Tachibana drags Kawamura out to breathe some fresh air. The camera is left on the table. The guys discover that even the woman's CCTV is painted. Hattori and Kitajima are bored with nothing to do. Hattori suddenly gets a burglary case report and charges out. Kitajima is left alone and he is so desperate to ask the suspect to play with him!

The guys help the woman to clean up. When the CCTV can be seen, Kawamura sees clips of a shop opposite and walks out. He suspects something amiss but doesn't know where the link is. He walks out and sees the shop. Kitajima looks at the camera pictures and wonders why a shop is shown. The security agency finds 2 uniforms missing but the owner tries to bribe Hattori to stop checking in vain although he wants to bribe her. Tachibana explains to Kawamura that cleaning up is part of their duty as a meaningful job. They do not notice a security van going past and stopping outside the shop.

Hattori recalls the car break in case is near the security agency so she calls Kitajima. Just then, the suspect's accomplice comes with a knife to point at his throat to force him to hang up the phone. You will laugh – the guys return and make coffee without looking at him! They don't even see that the accomplice is hiding behind Kitajima and the knife is right at his neck! They only realize it when the accomplice stands up.

The three policewomen look through the supper boxes that arrive. They find Tachibana boring for ordering the usual hamburger but Kawamura cute for eating so much. They don't realize that the delivery man is being gagged in the room and his uniform stolen by the accomplice. Hattori returns and tells the guys non-stop on the burglary case. The guys try to hint her to leave using eye signals but she doesn't get them. She wonders why the usual Tachibana is so quiet and is alarmed finally to see what has happened.

Komiyama returns as his wife is only having contractions. He starts talking about his wife and is oblivious to what is happening. He even tells Hattori to get coffee for him. So Kitajima can return since he is around.
The 3 have to signal at him and only then he realizes what is going on. The accomplice exclaims that he is such a retard and demands him to sit closest to him!

The 3 policewomen come and want to eat with them. The guys have a headache. Tachibana wants to chase them out in vain. The accomplice demand to know why there are so many cops at such a late hour. Tachibana tries to pacify him that no one will come in. The rest return suddenly and the accomplice is angry that he lies! Sonezaki and the station chief are drunk and also blind to what is happening. The guys close their eyes when Eriko and Satsu come too.

Satsu think of the guys when he patronises Eriko's shop so they get them food. Tachibana claims that they shouldn't have come but they protest, saying that they want to make the police station a friendlier place. All finally wake up at this time. The accomplice wants them to let the suspect go. All become his hostages. The suspect is released and walks close to Kitajima. Laugh at this change – now he will play word games with him. Kitajima says kindness but he says 'hard on you'!

He wants a car but Tachibana claims that he can't act without orders. Sonezaki walks out after drinking the wine and all are stunned. They are more surprised when the station chief decides to take over the responsibility. The suspect wants the station chief to be his hostage now. Eriko tries to sneak from behind to attack him in vain because she trips over a stool. Suddenly someone walks past and Tachibana pretends that it is the patrol guard to divert the men's attention.

Kawamura steals the chance to serve a kick at the accomplice but the suspect gets a penknife to point at Tachibana's neck. Eriko saves him by throwing a rubbish bin at the man. The development will send you sprawling to the ground. All start to attack the accomplice – he is so daring to come alone while he laments why there are so many cops on this night which doesn't happen on other days. Hattori finally releases the delivery man and they arrest the men.

The guys finally settle down for food. Hattori finds the night shift eventful. Tachibana finds it lucky that the accomplice is not present with submachine guns. Tachibana wants Kawamura to get coffee for him. He walks past and looks at the camera. He sees the pictures of security guards and opens the briefcase. It has the spray can and also strings of crime evidence. He knows that their night shift isn't over. The middle-aged man steals their things while they steal the uniforms.

The guys gather that the robbers are collecting money from the shop. They spray to block the camera lens. Hattori follows the guys in another car. The guys see a road block and frown so they get to another lane. The shop owner notices that the security guards are not the usual ones and he gets tied up after the two men flee with the money. Hattori arrives too late.

The robbers are happy with the money. Suddenly the two guys point their guns at their heads. The two should have called the police when the car window is smashed. Tachibana decides to go for a ride and asks Kawamura how long it will take. His reply is 5-6 years and that is considered short. They want the men to drive to the police station. Since there is a distance to go, the guys start to play work link games!

6. Gang vs gang

Tachibana's colleagues are annoyed that he claims himself to be a hero in charge of their district and many magazines do reports on him. Sonezaki has a headache when the public worships him and even praises him for using force to subdue violence. Tachibana uses the detention room to fix a jigsaw puzzle. Kawamura suddenly thinks that wearing a sweater like Tachibana to work isn't a bad idea so he tries on a black one. He asks Tachibana to look at him but is annoyed when Tachibana only thinks that he just has a haircut.

Hattori brings in a suspect and chases them out of the room. Tachibana is impressed when Kawamura manages to avoid others when holding the jigsaw piece so he praises him for being a Tokyo university graduate. The two teenage gangs – blue and red are in fights again. Sonezaki receives the call and in his haste – the whole jigsaw piece is dropped into smaller pieces again.

The police confront the gangs. Kawamura and Tachibana wear the same clothes and thus they have the same fate of getting injured on the face during the commotion. Tachibana jokes that he should not have copied him. Just on dressing isn't enough – he should also imitate the way he talks. Does he want to be like him? Kawamura denies and is so annoyed that he is in his normal suit and tie again the next day!

The 3 cops praise Komiyama for being a good future dad and husband. He starts to ponder their words – he hasn't been afraid of gang fights in the past. But earlier on, he is hesitant and suddenly becomes wobbly, causing Kitajima to get hurt too. Is he still a good cop? The blue gang destroys a flower shop. A person in a black helmet kills one member and allows another to escape. He claims to be Tachibana and shows his badge. Komiyama admits to Sonezaki about his fears. He asks to transfer to finance or admin.

Sonezaki agrees to think over. The red gang harasses a girl on the street and Komiyama turns timid. He even pretends that nothing has happened. The fights between the two gangs become intense. Now, a red member gets killed at a car park. Tachibana's colleagues are puzzled because no one reports loss of the police badge. It might be forged. Tachibana boasts to be popular now but wishes to kill the scumbags. Hattori wonders why one is killed while another is let go alive.

Kawamura gathers that the murderer wants the fellow to tell others to make Tachibana famous – or rather notorious. The station chief demands Tachibana to stay behind in the station. They know that he isn't the killer but the public doesn't know and reporters are present. Kawamura suddenly becomes stern that makes Tachibana put back his gun with an authoritative voice – he doesn't want reporters to harass Tachibana and this hampers their investigations. He walks out leading the rest with him. The station chief is impressed, saying that he will be a good young inspector.

Sonezaki assures Tachibana that the killer makes use of his name and all are as angry as him. He locks him up but sometimes he envies him for having the guts. Sure indeed, all should see their furious faces when they charge out. The killer claims that the scoundrels have affected normal lives for some years. The police is helpless so he will seek redress. Eriko shakes her head upon seeing local stations interviewing Satsu. Satsu calms that Tachibana is good with fists but he is better.

Eriko wonders why this fool talks nonsense. She senses that the reporters are outside her eatery. Thus she tells her son, Ryuma not to open the door. But he does to hit others with his own made pellets. Sonezaki wants Tachibana to check on previous records of past criminals that he has captured. Especially those on parole or recently released. All the cases related to gun records are given to him.

Tachibana reads the fax that the killer sends to the media on his killing declaration and protests against writing it. Komiyama knows it because he will not have the ability to write so well! The 2 gangs join forces to create trouble. Hattori senses that they have pride but don't know what to do. She is about to get out of the car but Kawamura stops her. It is too dangerous to deal with so many people with only a gun so they should wait for reinforcement. He is getting calm while Hattori is behaving like Tachibana!

Komiyama gets food from Eriko's eatery often after being injured by Ryuma's pellets. Komiyama's wife has asked him how much money she can get if found dead. Sakurba counts the increasing number of hooligans in alarm. Komiyama comes across a report on a pregnant woman being knocked down by a car and gets killed while trying to get away from the gangs. Her cop husband is so upset that he quits a month ago. Tachibana is alarmed to know that 300 bullets are being stolen.

Kawamura is at first calm in waiting in the car. But later he rushes to the scene and starts beating the hooligans when they injure an old man. The old man stands up against the hooligans to get hit on the head by a stick and has a massive bleeding. Kawamura's colleagues also join in because they can no longer tolerate such attitude. Komiyama also chips in to help the rest in teaching them a lesson. Tachibana seizes the gun from the drawer after watching the news.

He reaches the hospital and chides the old man for being more rash than him. He then looks into the studio's camera lens – is this what the killer wants? He is his opponent so he would come out now. Tachibana comes to the scene, wanting to know who hits the old man but none will dare to admit. The killer turns up and Tachibana doesn't want him to be foolish. He isn't upholding justice by killing as many as he can. A cop has limited authority.

Both men point guns at each other – is his wife consoled to see him like this? The hooligans are scums but he is a cop so he has to deal with him. The two fight and Tachibana wins. However, he understands him and remains silent. Tachibana points his gun at them. He is here not to help them so they better behave.

All the injured cops nurse each other's wounds. Tachibana jokes that they can't solve the case without him. The 3 cops try to dress Kawamura's wound but he tries hard to avoid them. He has a worse fate when Tachibana's clumsy hands hit him hard on the face when he tries to place the medicine on him.

7. A copycat bank robbery

A spate of similar bank robberies occurs and the cops come to the scene. The robber wears a metal helmet and uses a metal bat. Hattori notices that Tachibana is restless. The rest guess that he behaves strangely as Kawamura is on leave. Moreover, Kawamura will become his supervisor after the training. Kawamura calls him to talk about her. Tachibana wonders why he still does that on his off day??? Tachibana asks in a sheepish voice whether he is meeting girls now. His reply is he is only surrounded by glorious food. Tachibana chases a thief. Both guys land up in the rubbish corner and Tachibana shouts that it stinks.

Kawamura's classmates sneer at him upon knowing that another similar case happens and isn't he tired? They think he is unlucky to pair up with a violent partner. They are collaborating with FBI to learn new technology. The nasty Special Investigations Unit head (remember he asks Hattori to act as a woman looking for men at the gigolos' club to disregard her safety?) appears at the lunch function. He asks Kawamura to transfer to his unit since he is the best among trainees. He should leave the dirty job to others.

Tachibana watches the CCTV and notices that the culprit is left-handed. He recalls a case that happened 5 years ago. He chases the man up Tokyo Tower till he has to surrender to him. He uses his hand phone to lure the people away from the counter so that he can get the money. The others check the records and discover that he is released early due to good conduct. Then why does he commit the crimes again? Tachibana and Komiyama sit in the car, feeling puzzled. Kawamura suddenly comes to join them. They ask him how his meeting with them goes. His reply is – meeting with classmates doesn't help in napping criminals! It is obvious that he is annoyed with them.

They bring the man in but he denies doing it. However, he doesn't recall where he is at that moment and without an alibi, he will remain a suspect. Kawamura reminds him of that. The guys learn that he is divorced upon release. Thus Komiyama gathers that he robs the bank for the alimony. The man confesses that he works very hard to get paid for the extra hours. He is too tired so he parks his company van near a park to sleep. No one sees him then because he hides the van under a tree. Kawamura wants Tachibana to let him go despite his protests as this is the rule.

Tachibana reminds the man of his vow – he has promised Tachibana not to do it again. Tachibana tells Kawamura that he isn't the culprit. But he can't prove it. Feeling frustrated, he says that it is cops' instinct and Kawamura is simply not cut out for it. The man calls Tachibana up to maintain his innocence. He can't stay long because he has to meet his son for their daily meeting. If he is late, his ex-wife will not allow it. He has unstable jobs and a bad temperament after being released. That is why his ex-wife divorces him.

He asks Tachibana what he should do. Tachibana advises him to meet his son first before going to Eriko's shop to meet him. He must turn up otherwise he will chase him up Eiffel Tower although it is not his territory. Sonezaki sees that Kawamura is still around and tells him to return home but he stays to follow up the case. They have asked people around and all give negative comments. Tachibana stays outside the office and overhears it to frown. He knows his colleagues have labeled the man as their top suspect.

The police officers from another branch try to stop the man from seeing his son. He escapes to Eriko's shop after knocking one cop out and taking his gun. Sonezaki considers him a dangerous man and Kawamura is still puzzled on why Tachibana still thinks that the man is innocent. What reasons does he have to prove it? The man calls Tachibana up for help to find the real robber. He is going to hold Eriko and Ryuma as hostages. The others follow him to Eriko's shop. Eriko urges the man to let Ryuma go as he is only 5 years old. The man is reminded of his own son.

All reach the shop. Sonezaki is about to take off his windbreaker to get into the shop when Tachibana reminds him that the man is armed and he puts it on back. The special unit comes again to tell Sonezaki to disperse the reporters. He tells Kawamura to consider his transfer offer again. Ryuma tells the man to be calm. Tachibana takes off his jacket and moves towards the shop. He also tells him to let the child go. He asks the man if he has told anyone on how he committed the crime in the past. He denies because he wants to forget everything. He agrees to let Ryuma go if they withdraw the snipers.

Tachibana can't tolerate the headquarters' high-handedness. He dials the shop's number using his handphone to contact the man and discovers the phone line tapped. He gets frustrated and stands to get Ryuma. But the unit head tells two snipers to shoot if there is a chance. Sure enough, the man gets agitated upon seeing the snipers and Tachibana gets shot while shielding him. He doesn't move and all get worried. He later crawls to the shop's door and tells the man to let him in. he still wants to handle the negotiations.

Eriko watches the scene on television and wants him to listen to Tachibana. Upon seeing his condition, she worries that he might bleed to death if the wound is not dressed. Tachibana tells the man not to be so rash in future (who is the real rash person??) She was an ex-nurse and takes care of him. She is relieved that the bullet only brushes his skin and doesn't penetrate into his organs. Tachibana feels faint upon lying on the sofa. He calls his only hope – Kawamura to find the real robber. Someone has imitated the man's style.

He trusts that Kawamura can do it but he wonders how??? Kitajima hops into his car and offers to help him. Both hurry to the office to read the past newspapers. Kawamura is puzzled that they do not relate further on the crimes – not to mention about the phone calls and the culprit being left handed. Thus the person must be present at the scene to be so clear about the procedure. Both guys conclude that they must either be the investigators or the victims. Tachibana tells the man to trust that Kawamura will succeed.

Kitajima and Kawamura arrive at the bank. Kitajima frowns as they have no search warrant. Kawamura says that he will find a way to know who are at the scene. The staff is unwilling to release the confidential staff particulars although they show their police badges. Kitajima is speechless when Kawamura nearly climbs over the counter in a rage to scare the tellers. This concerns letting the wrong person go and wronging a person. Kitajima shakes his head – Kawamura is behaving like Tachibana and this is a very serious crime to commit.

They look through the files and photographs. They must seek the copycat out. They noticed that a manager has retired 3 years ago. There is a photograph of him playing golf wearing a right hand glove. This shows that he is a lefthander. They go to the manager's apartment. Kawamura asks is Kitajima is scared? He rings the bell and says that they are courtier service! Kitajima is shocked that Kawamura lies again! Upon reaching the ex-manager's home and he opens the door, Kawamura wants him to confess as he lacks patience. The culprit tries to run away and the guys are after him.

Laugh when they land up in the same place – where the rubbish is and the two shout that they stink! Sonezaki contacts the man's family to persuade him to surrender. Tachibana's phone rings and he answers it. He frowns when hearing the news from Hattori. Does the man wish his son to see him in here? The unit head decides to get his men to get ready for forced entry. He finds Sonezaki outdated.

They are about to move in when Kitajima and Kawamura arrive with the culprit. The unit head is disgusted when they stink. Kawamura tells him that he will give his invitation a miss. Tachibana thanks Kawamura and he helps him out. But he still chides him for taking so long! Kawamura promises not to do it again and Tachibana assures him that he will be fine after an injection.

8. Tachibana in love?

A criminal pretends to be sick and is on the way to the hospital with 3 policemen. Suddenly, a truck blocks the way and the criminal escapes after hurting the 3 policemen. The cops run out upon hearing the news, nearly knocking into Tachibana. He shouts as his wound has not completely healed. They check the records and discover that the criminal has stolen 500,000 yen but he keeps mum about the whereabouts. Tachibana and Kawamura are given the task of watching his girlfriend's movements.

Tachibana grumbles in the car as he hates being motionless. That is why he dislikes hide and seek. The woman is working as a florist. Kawamura consoles him as the team gives him the surveillance task, knowing that he is hurt. Tachibana's sixth sense tells him that the woman is not ditched since she keeps long hair – which is different from the photo that she has taken with the criminal 2 years ago.

Upon seeing that she is harassed by hooligans, Tachibana comes to her rescue and his wound tears. She bandages it and Tachibana is struck by her beauty. The team is surprised to see Kitajima and Komiyama back. The two are equally shocked that they are rejected. Normally Tachibana will complain after a day of surveillance but he can hold out for 3 days this time!

Hattori realizes that Tachibana is interested in the woman. Eriko laments that the two of them should keep long hair to attract him then. Sonezaki checks the records and is puzzled why she invests on Royal Trading. The criminal calls his girlfriend. Kitajima frowns upon seeing Hattori with homemade food for the two guys – he has experienced lousy cooking from her but he doesn't know that they are from Eriko. The guys stay in a unit opposite the woman's apartment. Hattori asks Tachibana's purpose.

He exclaims what is wrong with that? He enjoys Eriko's putting of more chilli to give him a wake up call. Hattori points at the awful colour combination of flowers that he buys from the woman. Tachibana lies Kawamura buys them to woo Hattori! Kawamura lost his mother when young so he longs to have a strong girlfriend. But he wants her to keep mum because Kawamura is shy. Kawamura is delighted to taste the nice food – it is just like the way his mother prepared for him when young.

Tachibana gives Hattori the flowers and she is happy. Upon seeing her leaving, Tachibana pushes burgers to Kawamura as he dislikes them. Tachibana confesses that the woman resembles the girl he likes when young. Kitajima notices that Hattori is blushing although she claims to buy the flowers as a cover up. She gets fluttered when the 3 policewomen ask about Kawamura. He is a good catch and must have many girlfriends. Hattori replies that he like mature women.

Kitajima never knows that Hattori also gossips. She lies to him that one of the three policewomen is interested in him and he never knocks his car into a pillar. Hattori discovers that he is indeed interested in her. Tachibana asks Kawamura why he wants to be a cop. Is his father one? Tachibana is totally wrong! Kawamura's father works in the Economics department after transferring from Finance. His grandfather is from Communications. All 3 are from Tokyo University.

Kawamura dislikes the unspoken rule that his family must follow the refined tradition. He is rebellious to do something else. Tachibana chides him for being childish but confesses to be a cop because he likes a policewoman. Kawamura is amused – who is childish then?? The guys see the woman being attacked by a courtier and rush to save her. She is puzzled how Tachibana saves her twice. Kawamura jumps when Tachibana gives away their surveillance location. That defeats the purpose but Tachibana argues that he hasn't divulged their cop identities.

Sonezaki is alarmed and mad with him too and tells the rest to take over. Poor man – he is too taken aback that his blood pressure shoots up when he tests it on the machine. The criminal calls the woman – he has gotten his friend to drive the truck. He also act as the courtier to see if she is being watched. Now, it confirms his suspicion. He tells her to keep the key for him and she is not supposed to tell others. Tachibana lets nature takes its own course after seeing her captivating smile. Kawamura sees her coming out and suddenly disappears.

The guys become frantic – what if they miss her when she meets the criminal? They are speechless when she knocks on their door. She brings homemade burgers for them to thank them. Hattori and Kitajima come and are taken aback too. Tachibana lies that Hattori is Kawamura's girlfriend while Kitajima is Hattori's younger brother. Sonezaki demands Kitajima to explain to him about it after knowing it. How can all of them be sitting and eating together? Kitajima nearly gives the slip of the tongue that he is returning to the station and quickly alerts to say that he is returning to the company.

Tachibana lies that he likes hamburgers and Kawamura is amused but also worried. How is this going to end? Hattori is flattered when the woman finds her and Kawamura compatible. Tachibana chases the two out and Kawamura can't stand his style. He shouldn't have fallen for the woman but Hattori adds that fate is abstract. Kawamura finds her mild suddenly and isn't used to it. It is more like her when she raises her voice. Hattori gives him the hamburger and tells him not to walk in with her into the office. He is puzzled.

Sonezaki jumps – how can this be another form of undercover? How can Tachibana's approach work and can he keep his cool? The others discover that the convict becomes agitated after reading a news report. Sonezaki worries for Tachibana as he doesn't wish history to repeat itself. He doesn't wish to remind Sakurba of the past but he assures him that he will do the talking to Tachibana. He calls Tachibana – he and chief entered the force together at the same time.

Yet he is still a small fry because he fell in love for a target during a surveillance after looking at her day and night. The heads discover this and he is severely punished. He wants to resign but Sonezaki persuades him to stay on. Tachibana hangs up the call and suggests the woman to have a walk with him. The team realizes that the woman invests in trading to rent a car space although she has no car license. But the company is going to fold and the car park will be demolished soon.

Sure enough, when both are out, the culprit tails them and wants her to throw the car key to her. He gets it and runs away. Tachibana jumps down from the overhead bridge to run after him and hurts his wound again. But he manages to catch up with him. The woman shields the criminal from being shot. Suddenly the criminal takes out his knife and holds her as a hostage.

He is happy to see her after 2 years and is glad that she keeps her promise to keep her hair longer. He then pushes her aside and Tachibana is enraged to see him getting away. The criminal gets to the car park and gets the key to open the car boot. So the money is there and his accomplice comes to ask for his share. The criminal is about to kill him when the team surrounds him. He insists of driving although they use their cars to block his car. The most interesting scene comes.

Kawamura stands right in front and points to the man with his gun. The criminal has no guts to knock him down and Kawamura commands him to get down. The team arrests the criminal and Hattori advises Kawamura not to do it again. Kawamura is cool on the surface but he is afraid secretly as he is also playing his chances. Tachibana tells the woman about the news and handcuffs her.

She is upset – she lies but isn't he lying too? Tachibana asks her out to lure her boyfriend out. He sees her being led away by the police and ponders her words. His wound tears again and Eriko nurses him. So he gets jilted again and serves him right for not believing her. He only has her all along. Does the woman really resemble his first love? But he doesn't answer because his wound is too painful for him to speak.

Kawamura gets a burger from Hattori and she hopes he will not mind her poor cooking which is nowhere to his mother's standard. Kawamura laughs as his mother is alive and kicking. But he feels like getting one now. She snatches it back and says that the supply will stop today. She gives Tachibana a kick before running away. Kawamura finds Tachibana's grin hideous and knows that he is up to something again but of course, Tachibana will not tell him.

9. Kitajima loses his gun!

Kitajima is with the three policewomen to explain road safety to the kindergarten children. They admire him for his good rapport with the children by using the puppet. He is unhappy because he seems to be insignificant in the team. The rest have gone to capture a robber. You will laugh if you watch this scene. The poor fellow is cornered by them in different directions in a house. The occupants are too shocked but only know how to stare at them with chopsticks frozen in the air!

Ktajima complains that he has not handcuffed a criminal before since joining the force for 3 years. The policewomen console him and they are shocked to know that he is 24 years old. That means he is as old as Kawamura. Poor man – he is even more pressurized. They quickly change their stand – how can he compare himself with a all rounder graduate from Tokyo University?

They remember his birthday and give him a puppet. He is overjoyed as he has wanted to buy it for a long time. He brings it back to office but all ignore him, as if he doesn't exist. When Sonezaki exclaims that there is a robbery in a convenience store, all charge out. Kitajima insists of following. Tachibana pats his shoulder – it is better for him to give road safety talks to kids since the job suits him.

Kitajima is so angry that he breaks the puppet. Tachibana has said that he has not caught a criminal for 3 years. Kawamura finds the remark too hurting. Hattori wants Kitajima to cool down when both are in the car. He sulks – why does everyone treat him like a kid? He sees the robber and gives chase despite Hattori's warning to wait for reinforcements. What happens – the robber grabs Kitajima's gun and escapes.

The others immediately carry out the search while Tachibana calmly asks Hattori to bring Kitajima back. All look at him pitifully but waste no time now. Kitajima sobs and apologises to Sonezaki for the mistake. He discovers that there are 5 bullets left after the robber tries in vain to shoot him once. Kashiwada calmly searches for the fingerprints on the spot.

The station chief tries to block the news from the press. All are on patrol to prevent the robber from firing another shot. But he worries that the news will leak. Sonezaki tells Kitajima to go to another kindergarten in the afternoon to continue his speech. It is better to keep the kids happy instead of making himself miserable. Kawamura and Tachibana catch an informer. Sigh – see how Kawamura is becoming more and more like Tachibana now. He is so angered when the informer leaves a cut on his hand that he hits him. But too bad, the informer has no news for them.

The poor guy is already frightened of Tachibana – he yells – why on earth is there another violent cop like him? Kitajima is restless during his presentation and the kids get bored. One policewoman, Tae pulls him aside so that the other two can continue the job for him. Don't forget that they have sharp ears and they know what has happened. Kitajima runs away in shame.

Tachibana smokes by the river. He recalls his words said earlier and regrets. Kawamura analyses that a habitual criminal will use the gun to commit more crimes soon when he is broke. So they must nab him soon. Shouldn't Tachibana bear responsibility to cause Kitajima to be deeply hurt by his remark? He should not deny this. Tachibana notices that he never ceases to analyse every case. So he will make it big a day.

Kawamura is taken aback as he seldom praises him. Tachibana reminds him that they are tarring at the edge of law earlier and could have gotten into trouble although this always happens. Tachibana estimates that Kawamura will report to the headquarters in 2 weeks' time. So he should keep a distance from him otherwise he will tarnish his record. Kawamura smiles and protests against this. Suddenly they get a tip off from Sonezaki that a robber is discovered at a deserted ground. They hurry there with their guns.

Both are startled when the stupid fool, Kitajima is there to confront the robber alone. The robber shoots at Kitajima and both guys freeze. They are relieved when it is only a toy gun and they only find toys in his bag. The culprit is only a teenager wanting to have some fun. Kawamura tells the teenager to leave while Tachibana scolds and punches Kitajima. Does he have brains? What if it is a real gun? He can't answer.

Tachibana drags him to Eriko's shop, wanting her to tell him what has happened to her husband. Although she is uneasy with it, he begs her to do it before leaving with Kawamura. The team is disappointed with the wrong information. Kashiwada checks the records – the criminal is a member of a violent gang. He was caught 3 years ago for robbery. Hattori went to his home and finds no one except records that he is heavily in debt and is an impulsive gambler. Sakurba wonders how Kitajima provkes a hardcore criminal. They find many convenience shops circled on his map. Which is his next target for attack?

Eriko reveals that her husband (or rather lover because they have not registered) was a patrol officer and was Tachibana's close buddy. His gun was seized from him from the patrol post and he searched for the culprit around with Tachibana. They found him but he was shot to death by his own gun. Tachibana had said that he deliberately let the criminal shot him. The first few shots missed except the last one. He did it to protect Tachibana. Kitajima is puzzled why she still buys a toy gun for Ryuma.

Ryuma doesn't know anything about his father but he loves guns. He has the blood of a cop. She gives him apple curry and consoles him, telling him to bring food back to the station for the rest. During this time, Tachibana manages to find the robber's buddies and demand to know where he is by pointing his gun at them. These people are sitting down to have their meal. Sonezaki calls Kawamura – he demands to know if they are doing anything illegal since they don't report back. This scene is hilarious – he denies but Tachibana is still pointing his gun at them and they are walking backwards towards the wall because they are so frightened of him.

The robber uses his gun to injure a shop assistant and one bullet lands into the wall. Witnesses see the robber getting away in a white station wagon. Kashiwada calmly extracts the bullet for testing. All wonder – are the bullets from Kitajima's gun? The station chief has instructed the patrol unit and assures Sonezaki that he will handle the rest as he doesn't wish Kitajima's career to be ruined. The test is out and the three frown – it is indeed from Kitajima's gun. Kitajima brings food back and happens to hear it.

Kashiwada taps his shoulder before joining Ken who is at the scene searching for more details. Kitajima is in tears – he begs Sonezaki not to let his gun to be used to hurt others. Sonezaki sits still on his chair, shaken by the news but still assures him that everyone knows that and is working hard. Kitajima salutes to all his colleagues' tables. Sure enough, the camera transfers to how they run for him. Ken is at the scene examining the bullet pieces while Saburka nearly loses his temper with the robber's friend for talking back to him. The others are busily questioning others too.

The 3 policewomen are touched that Kitajima agrees to join them to go to another kindergarten for another talk. Tae suddenly stops the car because she sees the station wagon. Kitajima recognizes the driver and he notices them too. They drive behind him and the reckless Kitajima runs after him again alone. Tae is worried and follows suit. Tachibana and Kawamura receive the news and are a step ahead to surround the robber in front to tell him to surrender.

Tae comes and is taken as hostage. I wonder why she arrives first before Kitajima too. Kitajima is behind them and hides in a corner. The robber fires a shot into the air. Kawamura sees Tachibana winking at Kitajima – what is he up to as Kitajima is unarmed? The robber shoots another time. The robber tells all of them to place the guns on the floor but Tachibana is the only one who still points his gun at him. Tachibana cites that he isn't afraid of the robber even though he has 3 bullets in his gun.

Kitajima is confused – 3 bullets? He starts counting but Tachibana signals him to run quickly behind the robber. He also hints Kawamura to distract the robber. Kawamura gets the hint to kick the gun aside and the robber looks at him. Kitajima grabs the robber from behind. The robber shoots at him and the bullet cuts across his face, leaving a scar. The robber laughs and wants to shoot another bullet but there isn't any more left. The robber has finished firing the 5 bullets! Kitajima laughs – how silly he is to believe a cop!

He finally subdues him. The rest are about to run to him when Tachibana stops them. Tachibana throws his cuffs at Kitajima to let him do it. The rest smile at him and says congratulations on his first successful attempt. Well done and keep it up! He does it in delight. All discuss about the case back at the station. Kitajima notices that the puppet is glued back. But the neck is a little slanted.

Hattori cites that only 1 member of the team remembers Kitajima's birthday and that he hasn't caught a criminal for 3 years. That person is Tachibana and Kitajima is touched. Kawamura knows that Tachibana cares for Kitajima. He likes him although he teases him. Tachibana says it is not that reason. It is because he treats Kitajima as a buddy.

10. A political scandal

Time flies fast and Kawamura's 3 month training is almost up. He will be Inspector officially soon. He will remember to call Tachibana after returning to headquarters. A politician's ex-secretary is killed. Later, a reporter is killed. Before he dies, he passes a teddy bear to his girlfriend and she escapes with it. She is surrounded by a group of hooligans on the street. Hattori and the team discover that the reporter is famous for uncovering political scandals. They suspect the ex-secretary handing some dirty information to the reporter so they are being silenced.

Tachibana and Kawamura help the 17 year old girl by chance. She runs away, leaving the teddy bear. Tachibana is puzzled and picks it up, wondering why so many people are after her. When they return to office, they learn the news. The ignorant Tachibana even asks who the politician is. Kawamura notices that he is the only one who doesn't know as the man's face is all over the newspaper.

As usual, the reckless Tachibana confronts the politician, wanting to bring him back for questioning. Kawamura has a headache – this is not illogical reasoning and they have not asked for instructions. He tries in vain, telling him not to be rash. Sure enough, the whole station is being sued for slander. (I feel like beating Tachibana for screwing things up too.) They discover that the bullets might come from the same gun and suspect the killer is the same person.

The station chief decides to be responsible and he might lose his job. All decide to check on all the clues available but Sonezaki gets a call from Headquarters. Headquarters is checking his wealth now. So their clues are invalid and they are to stop their investigations. Tachibana senses something in the teddy bear and uses a penknife to cut it open. He discovers a diskette.

Kawamura opens the files and finds monetary transactions of the secret accounts the politician has dealings with the underworld. The proof of guilt can be used to arrest him. The underworld boss suddenly calls them – he has gotten the girl and they are to exchange her with the diskette. Stupid Tachibana – he grabs the diskette and wants Kawamura to follow him to save the girl. A life is more important than anything else.

The small fries offer the two hot coffee and one deliberately spills it on Tachibana's lap. Tachibana kicks him and the underworld leader is pleased that he gets the correct diskette. Still, his men will not let them off easily. To save the girl, the two guys allow the scumbags to beat them up. The young girl wonders why they save her. Every death brings regrets and she is still a child. Hattori sends the grateful girl home.

The guys have a meal at Eriko's place. Both are disgusted when the politician acts as a hypocrite to be kind to children. Even Ryuma finds him a nice guy. Tachibana storms out of the shop. Kawamura sees that he is not walking in the way to the station. He tells Tachibana that everything is over. What else can he do? Does he want to get the diskette back but gets killed. He can understand his thinking and feelings. Tachibana interrupts him – doesn't he know how important the diskette is?

Kawamura answers calmly – if Tachibana wants to go, he will go with him. But Tachibana doesn't wish to ruin his future. Both guys start fighting but Kawamura is no match for him. Tachibana leaves his police pass, gun and cuffs with him. He then steals a motorcycle to confront the scums alone. Tachibana tries to hold a crook as a hostage but the leader kills him cruelly. Tachibana then pretends to be shot and lies on the ground. He finds a chance to spring and gets the leader as his hostage.

The leader cites that Kawamura is too late – he has given the diskette to the politician. Tachibana is too shocked – he is shot in the left arm by the killer but Hattori comes to shoot the killer dead. She tells Tachibana not to play hero by himself. His team comes to surround all. Tachibana stands in front of the politician's car, blocking him from moving. The politician calls up the commissioner, demanding to know what is happening. The driver is about the reverse his car but he stops.

Kawamura is behind, aiming his gun too so the car is sandwiched by the two men. Isn't he going to come out? The two guys get violent – they are about to break the glass window when he walks out. They get the diskette from him and the team smiles with them.

The commissioner sighs – if it is taken to court, he will lose his job. Although Tachibana is successful, he uses radical methods and should be fired. Kawamura is certain after 3 months of training that the police force requires policemen like Tachibana (IS he sure that he really wants it???) The team is relieved that Tachibana is fine. The team wants to have a drink with Kawamura but he has to work straight away. Sonezaki is pleased – that means that the headquarters think highly of him so he has a bright future.

They notice that Tachibana isn't around and joke that he must be crying somewhere as he misses him.
Eriko, Ryuma and Satsu bade their goodbyes to him. Ryuma gives him a toy gun. Eriko hopes he still comes to her eatery while Satsu promises to give him a good deal if he needs a car. Seeing his colleagues back at work, Kawamura reluctantly salutes to them before leaving. He walks out and sees Tachibana.

He believes that he can do a good job as Tachibana's partner now. Tachibana replies that it is good enough for the station to have him as the only reckless cop. Kawamura thanks him for taking good care of him. Both salute to each other and they part. I know many will scream – is this the ending? But what to do!

Introduction on characters

1. Tachibana - Sorimachi Takashi
He dresses simply in a singlet with a jacket for most moments. But he has expensive taste because he wears Reebok shoes! Some may think that he is just reprising his role in GTO as the reckless cop. I feel so too – I don't really like Tachibana although he cracks most cases here. He is too eager to do one man shows and disregards his team's actions. I don't like his stuck up attitude – as if the team can't survive without him.

He may seem to protect the public but he does it by breaking the rules which few (or none) don't usually approve. So it is better to limit this kind of impulsive people to be part of the force. They don't put the public's lives at risk but they put theirs or their colleagues' lives in danger.

2. Kawamura - Oshino Manabu
He looks cold, inflexible and arrogant but in reality, he is clumsy and soft-hearted. Although he may be inexperienced, he is observant and analytical. Knowing Tachibana's 'glorious' record, he is always there to remind him from committing more mistakes. But shake your head when he becomes as violent as him.

I have expected Kawamura to curb Tachibana but I never expected him to become more and more like Tachibana, imitating his impulsive ways to get tough. Luckily, he still has a clear mind to prevent Tachibana from screwing things up most of the time instead of joining him.

3. Hattori – Ajima Kazuyuki
She is the only female cop in the team to think very highly of herself. But she still cares for her colleagues to provide them help. As tough as she may seems, she has a soft side – especially when Tachibana deceives her of Kawamura falling for her. Does she love Tachibana in the end although they like to pick on each other? Too bad there is no answer to this.

4. Eriko - Chun Shang Li Jia Zi
She is Tachibana's buddy's wife who owns an eatery. She is strong and do admire her bravery for staying calm even though she is held hostage twice. There is something that puzzles me – is she in love with Tachibana or just joking with him?

5. Sonezaki – Xiang Dao Yi Zhi
He is the team's head. He may seem mild and timid at times. But when the need arises, he isn't afraid to stand up for his team and fights for their rights. I applaud for him to punch the investigation unit head for causing Hattori to suffer in her mission without telling him.

6. Komiyama – Shi Wan Jian Er Lang
He tones down after his wife is pregnant. He worries for his family's future if he is killed on the line of duty. But he discovers that he loves his job so much that he overcomes the fear to continue with it. The thing that makes me laugh about him is how oblivious to Kitajima being held as hostage.

7. Sakurba -A Nan Jian Zhi
He is the oldest in the team besides Sonezaki. The young ones go to him for advice when Sonezaki isn't around. He has a sad past love life that only Sonezaki and Tachibana know his past love life.

8. Kitajima – Zeng Gen Qi Long
He is as young as Kitajima but he isn't as successful as him although he joins the police force 3 years earlier than him. He is too eager to present his ability and this gets him into trouble when he loses his gun. All members treat him as their younger brother so that is why they make him go for talks and not to endanger his life. However, they allow him to join them upon seeing him yearning to be as good as them.

9. Station chief
The old man who stays in the office who often worries that his team will get him into trouble. Whenever something happens, he has to block the press and also makes sure that the young cops are not affected. He may seem nasty but he is a caring superior.

10. The 3 policewomen
The three are pretty and caring. They consider Kawamura as the man of their dreams and crowd around him, making others jealous. But they are also nice to Kitajima and not looking down on him. they are so thoughtful to get him a birthday gift.

11. Kashiwada
He is skinny and always armed with a notebook, recording details. No one's fingerprints can be missed under his watchful eye.

12. Hashimato
The only bespectacled and nerdy looking cop among all but he is also experienced.

13. Ryuma
He is Eriko's son who is playful but also sensible. He likes to play with toy guns and the male cops dot on him although he often injures them with his toy bullets.

14. Satsu
He is Tachibana's close friend who is a car mechanic after his release from jail. He is boastful and can be tactless at times to get Tachibana into trouble.

15. The investigation unit head
This arrogant man is so conceited. Although he holds the same post as Sonezaki, he always belittles him as he thinks his own unit is the best. He is only concerned of gaining glory and is past caring of his subordinates' safety. He knows that Kawamura is a talent so he tries his best to persuade him to join his team whenever he has the chance.

Most favourite character
Kawamura – he may seem cold but he is actually caring to all and also wise in making decisions. One more plus – he is young and is a martial arts expert – this is so perfect! It is so amusing that he becomes more and more like Tachibana although he is able to curb his temper.

Most hated character
Tachibana – he only wants to do whatever he pleases without thinking. Without the others' help, he could have been suspended from duty or retrenched from the job.

The theme song 'It takes two' is by Chemistry while the subtheme 'bounce' is by Bon Jovi. Both are great songs and I like the latter more.


The two guys make a marvelous pair. I find myself so pitiful – who knows how long I have waited for a decent Japanese cop drama! I used to watch quite a number of them in the late 80s on television and I never grew tired watching them although I knew none of the artistes. This serial makes the old good memories flooding back. It creates suspense and also action. Many will like the two main lead actors who are splendid in delivering punches (too bad no kisses with anyone).

The serial could have scored a 4 if not for its bland and abrupt ending. The last episode is supposed to be a highlight but it fails my expectations. Tachibana may be stupid to bring the diskette to save the girl but don't the others have brains to save another copy on the hard disk of the computer? This only takes a few seconds! This is a serious mistake by the producer which can't be forgiven.

Moreover, Tachibana and Kawamura are so stupid to get beaten. What happens if the underworld decides to kill them brutally and secretly? The two are too daring to seek their own death! What if they break their promise not to let the girl survive since they are seriously injured? That doesn't make sense to me! The last of the two blocking the car is another absurd move. If the chauffeur is ruthless, both will be killed – isn't it better to use cars to stop it moving? It seems that the story writer only wants to end the story without proper planning. The ending……..more can be said but too bad the precious chance is being let go.

On the whole, it is still a highly entertaining drama. The first few stories were intriguing and I enjoyed watching them. The cast gives a better than average performance although certain parts were exaggerated and unbelievable. The two guys are good with perfect chemistry. Both look so cool and attractive with their guns in the opening theme. Their fans will definitely by blown away. Be prepared to see them going through thick and thin, up and downs. They simply make you laugh with their expressions and dialogues.

I only have complaints on the last episode. There should have been a grand showdown but it wasn't there. Why not at least tell us where Kawamura is transferred to? Is Tachibana in love with Hattori or Eriko? Is Kawamura in love with any of the 3 policewomen? Can Kitajima get Tae? We have no answer to all these questions. Is it because a sequel is coming up? I am looking forward to it.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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