Emergency Room 24 Hours II

Reviewed by: sukting

July 10, 2005

Rating: four

How long
12 episodes

This is the sequel to 1999's Part 1. The lead actor is still Yosuke Eguchi. The lead actress changes from Nanako to Song Xue Tai Zi. Both are cool and cold in this serial. This is a sharp contrast to Nanako's character's warm nature in Part 1. Plus a new generation dude, Yi Teng Ying Ming, joins this strong cast, many feel that it is better than Part 1. Thus it is worth watching. The setting is changed to Gang Bei University hospital's ER but nevertheless, it is still on life saving.

I am sorry for the Chinese names but I don't know how to write most artistes names in their Japanese names as the serial only shows Chinese translation as well.


There is an explosion in a building and the young doctors are at a loss on how to rescue a fireman who is bleeding profusely. Yi Sheng passes by and helps them - it is the same method as in Part 1 - to use a saw to remove the broken pole and also using needles to penetrate the lungs to help him to breathe. The freshmen are tongue-tied but not You Ji. She has seen Yi Sheng using the same method to save someone before (This scene is actually reminding you on how he saved patients on the spot in the past).

The ER SMO, Xiao Tian Qie is impressed with his skills and persuades him to join them. Yi Sheng replies that he isn't ready and leaves. You Ji senses sadness in Yi Sheng and later discovers that his wife is dead. It is a fatal blow to him as he waits for a long time for her to wake up from the coma and yet they only enjoy happiness for a short while. He needs time to get over her death.

You Ji consoles him and knows that he has resigned from his previous job. She wishes him to devote his time into a new environment, hoping that this will help him to overcome his loss. After serious consideration, he decides to give it a try. His joining helps to lessen the workload.

Huan is formerly from the Cardiac department. She is talented but overshines her seniors. Her thesis offends her head because she is truly hitting the nail on the head. He gets so angry that he transfers her to ER to make sure that she suffers there. She is angry with the decision as she looks down on this department. Her heart is not on the job, making many colleagues displeased with her.

The young doctors idolize him and desire to be as professional as him. But still, they find his frank personality unbearable. Whenever he is unsatisfied, he is sarcastic. He is also unable to hide his emotions when angry and upset. Huan is still sore over the transfer. She is intelligent but she lacks experience.

A man with the name 'tian Zhong' falls into a pit and is rescued but loses his memory. Yi Sheng tells Chun Ping and Nai Jing to check through the telephone book. But later, he suspects Tian Zhong of feigning and checks that he fakes it to keep it from his family after losing his job. Huan knows that he has a heart disease and raises the issue to her superior, Professor Shen Gong. She wants to get into his good books so that she can leave ER. But after finding that he wants to commit suicide, Huan and Yi Sheng manage to dissuade him to do the stupid act to go for the operation.

The team is bored with too much work. They start to bet that Chun Ping will leave ER soon because he has Yi Sheng as a strict and cold teacher. Two dying patients are sent to ER so Xiao Tian Qie let the interns handle them. They try to make them happy in their remaining days. Huan discovers a patient's rapist's description familiar and gets Xiao Tian Qie to capture him after realizing that he is in ER. The police have not arrived so all get Shen Lin and Cheng Dao to chat with him to delay him.

The hospital gets a dying patient. He went to Africa and contracted a deadly virus. Huan discovers an infected wound and she happens to come into contact with it. She is worried of getting contaminated because 80% of the victims die. She is worried but doesn't dare to tell the rest.

A fireman is angry when the ER team is unable to save an injured man. He becomes sarcastic to them and all are upset. Xiao Tian Qie gets to know what happens to Huan. He tells her not to come to work to go for isolation. One lawyer comes at this time to claim to check the cause of the death. Yi Sheng gets to know Huan's case and is worried. He takes time to visit her after hiding this from others. At first, she is tense but upon seeing how the usual cool man is concerned about her, she feels contented (This scene reminds me how Jackie consoles Paul when he suspects himself of getting cancer in 'Healing Hands').

ER team rushes to another disaster site. They are dismayed to see the fire team again. But this time, they win their respect by saving all the victims. Cheng Dao complains to all for working non-stop for 48 hours. The others reply that they have not been home for 3 days too. Many discuss on how the busy schedule affects their family life, Xiao Tian Qie is frowning too.

He gets an invitation to become an old folk's home's head. The pay is higher and the duties are lighter too. He is interested in it. A dying old cancer patient is admitted and loses his will to live. Yi Sheng feels like having a stab in his heart upon seeing him so negative. The hospital fears that the patient is too old to go for the operation and rejects him despite Yi Sheng and Xiao Tian Qie's protests.

Huan sees that Yi Sheng is overly concerned for the old patient. Later, they discover that the old man is an ER doctor too - in fact he was Yi Sheng's teacher! He is remorseful for spending too much time on his work and doesn't even know that his wife suffers from cancer. After her death, he also loses the will to live when his family blames him. Yi Sheng risks the possibility of being fired and operates on him. Xiao Tian Qie supports him by helping him out. They save him and Yi Sheng finally changes the old man's mind.

A newly married man needs a liver transplant but his newly-wedded wife refuses to donate to him. Huan is puzzled but Yi Sheng tells her not to hurry things. The impulsive Huan acts a last resort - to get the separation papers for them. Another is a boxer who is having a serious brain artery problem that hinders his career. The doctors manage to resolve their problems for them.

An attacker comes to the hospital to assassinate his target again. Huan is attacked and Yi Sheng injures his hand in the process. Xiao Tian Qie advises him to rest and Cheng Dao takes over. Cheng Dao is too eager to perform and offends the colleagues. You Ji is unfeeling after working for long and starts to question the nature of her work. Yi Sheng has a good talk with her.

A person is locked in the freezer for too long and his heart nearly stops. Xiao Tian Qie fears that Cheng Dao can't handle it. Yi Sheng is anxious but his hand has not recovered. He decides to let You Ji assist him to regain her confidence. Sure enough, he is successful with Huan's help too.

Jing Nai is 25 years old and her mother arranges her to go for match-making sessions. This makes her very angry. Ma Chang is middle-aged and is still single. He tries to date all the nurses and suddenly a beautiful patient comes. Many wonder why this woman still wishes to go for plastic surgery since she is pretty. Huan sees that Jing Nai is troubled and gets to know her problem. But she herself is single at 30 years old and is unable to provide much help.

Huan sees a younger Jing Nai troubled and her own friends already married. She is anxious too but she is career-minded and also ambitious. She doesn't wish to be tied down by marriage. The pretty patient invites Ma Chang out but faints. Ma Chang then realizes that she is weak because she just had an abortion and not due to anorexia as claimed. He is so angry that he injures her boyfriend. The woman finally straightens her thoughts to give the heartless man upâ?¦but she only regards Ma Chang as a friend.

A man dies of a heart attack but the doctors can't bear to tell his wife the truth. He is sent to hospital from a brothel. Shen Lin is overjoyed that his wife, Bai He is pregnant. She is already 43 years old so he waits eagerly for the baby's arrival. The man's wife tries to find out the truth of her husband's death from the hospital and gets to know about it. She has an overdose of sleeping pills so Chun Ping decides to lie to her.

A couple is involved in a car accident. The man needs to sever his right hand. His girlfriend is shocked as he is a swimmer and swimming is his life. She hesitates telling him. Yi Sheng has to break the harsh news to him. Seeing that he gives up, Yi Sheng and You Ji offers counseling to tide over the crisis.

A movie extra is often admitted because of the dangerous stunts that he performs. Despite the pain, he likes to joke with others. A couple is sent to hospital. The wife is fine but her husband is comatose for 2 years. Chun Ping's classmate is his daughter.

You Ji decides to apply to be a special nurse but she needs a year to prepare for her exam. She is hesitant to leave and is disillusioned when Yi Sheng is cold and doesn't show her care. Chun Ping's classmate suspects her father to be involved in his company's crime deeds. The man's condition worsens and Yi Sheng is appalled to see Huan not saving the patient. He asks for the reason but she avoids telling him.

Xiao Tian Qie and Shen Gong try to seek for the truth. They frown because the media link the corruption case to the man's death. Chun Ping's classmate is a lawyer and can't condone her father not being saved and decides to sue Huan. The hospital set up a committee to probe into the matter. Yi Sheng and Teng are summoned for questioning. When asked, Huan revealed that the deceased's wife stops her and wants her husband to die in peace. He is indeed involved in the scandal and she wants to hide the truth from others.

A bride is admitted after fainting at the wedding ceremony because she tries too hard to lose weight and is under too much pressure. Her in-laws are disgusted over the incident but her husband is worried for her. Shen Gong worries that their department will be the target of attack during the selection of the hospital director post. Their department is also the department which spends the most money.

Huan discovers that the bride has a serious heart disease and needs long-term treatment. Her in-laws oppose to them together but they manage to go through the odds. Xiao Tian Qie is troubled when Chun Ping can't handle the stress and decides to leave ER. He suddenly has a heart attack due to fatigue outside the hospital. Yi Sheng and the others are shocked when he is sent in. They try their best to save him but to no avail.

Chun Ping feels very remorseful and with the working pressure, he decides to transfer to ETN department. Jing Nai's classmate dies due to a car accident and she doesn't know how to break the news to his fiancée. The ER expenses accumulate to a big deficit and gives Shen Gong a big headache. The hospital considers to close down this department. The SMO who replaces Xiao Tian Qie is a very practical person who orders all to cut the expenses. He wants the poor patients who can't afford to pay the expenses to leave.

His act angers all and they miss Xiao Tian Qie. Huan gets an invitation from Chicago Hospital to join them. She is delighted but she has become close to her ER colleagues. Moreover all are in turmoil now so she is reluctant to leave them. The selection of the director takes place and because this concerns ER's future, all are worried. When it comes to the second round of the selection, many workers are sent in because of a gas leak incident at a chemical plant.

Huan is supposed to meet a Chicago Hospital doctor and gets hold of the news. At first, she hesitates to give up the chance. After deciding that saving lives is more important, she returns. The others are puzzled to see her back but are relieved to get a great helper. Chun Ping hears the news and comes to help. During the process, he discovers that he misses all of them and decides to return. The new head has wanted to drive the poor workers away. At this moment, Yi Sheng can control his temper no more and reprimands him for being inconsiderate. The others stand beside him to give him support. The head is speechless when they openly choose Shen Lin to replace him!

Shen Gong wins the selection after showing that he gives his staff the support and the doctors manage to save all the patients. Huan is taken aback that she hasn't lost her chance as the doctor admires her stand to put patients' lives in the first place. She discovers that she likes Yi Sheng now and has dinner with him. He gets to know about it and advises her to go. Although he starts to like her now, he thinks it is best for her to improve her medical skills and this chance is rare. They part in reluctance when he sends her off.

A special addition of a telemovie!

A boy is sent to ER after a shooting incident. He refuses to speak and his teacher is in a critical condition. The attacker flees and can't be found anywhere. The doctors know that the boy, Tai Lang needs time to recover and are patient with him. Chun Ping brags to the interns on the work and all are amused.

The ER is still as busy as usual. Cheng Dao is very busy with work. He suggests to Sha Jiang Zi to let the marriage planner to handle the job. She chides him for not treating it seriously. He then works up an excuse to think over. Shen Lin reads Huan's postcard and is excited that she is returning to celebrate Christmas and New Year with them. She is having a vacation and all look forward to see her. Yi Sheng smiles faintly but says nothing although he is equally elated.

All are excited to see Shen Lin promoting his book on television. They can see that he is tense and are very amused. They wonder how he is going to be their superior in future although he is their temporary head now. They wait eagerly to watch the part where he is demonstrating on how to give the kiss of life when the news is suddenly cut. There is an injured sailor that needs medical attention on a cruise. The attacker, Ying Xu (guest appearance by popular young actor, Oshino Manabu) is holding the guests there as hostages. All turn stern and they get the call at this time. Yi Sheng goes there with You Ji and Chun Ping.

They confirm the list and are mortified to find Huan's name there. The normally calm Yi Sheng turns worried although he says nothing. He decides to go on board to save the victim despite his colleagues' protests. He wears the protection vest underneath his dark sweater and stands right in front of the police boat to reach there with a policeman. His other colleagues are tongue tied to see this scene on television. Shen Lin is equally concerned when he rushes to ER to learn of the news.

Why is Ying Xu killing? He falls out of love with a bakery owner's daughter, Shan Kou Jia Nai Zi. Knowing that she and her family are on the cruise, he tracks them down. Huan is desperate to save the sailor. Things become worse when Ying Xu is agitated to learn that the teacher is dead from television and he shoots another man. He even points the gun at Huan and threatens to kill her. She is terrified although she tries to ignore him by using ice to dress the injured's wound.

She then goes to the deck to calm her nerves after this. Yi Sheng sees Huan and shouts her name. She is relieved to see him. Both doctors try in vain to stop the bleeding. The other policemen manage to break the windows and bring the hostages out. Yi Sheng is left alone to grab the rifle from Ying Xu. This scene is tense when we can only see them struggle in the dark with gunshots. Huan is concerned and returns. Ying Xu fires a shot at Huan's arm and she falls into the sea. Ying Xu is then shot unconscious by the police.

Upon knowing what has happened to Huan, Yi Sheng immediately removes the protection vest and jumps into the sea! All are speechless again. He carries her to the deck and is alarmed to hear her weak breathing. He anxiously gives her the kiss of life and is glad when she spits water before going to save the others. Shan Kou and Jia Nai Zi injure their leg and neck during the commotion so they have to stay in the ward.

The two victims are dead while Ying Xu survives. All are amused that Huan becomes a patient to meet them for the first time upon her return. All give her warm smiles and Jing Teng quietly visits her after they are gone. He tells her to rest more and she is touched. Jia Nai Zi quarrels with her father. Upon seeing how busy ER is, only one intern decides to stay. Chun Ping is disillusioned but still tries his best to coach him.

Huan has a nightmare after the ordeal. She keeps dreaming of Ying Xu killing her. Shen Lin looks at his pregnant wife, Bai He's photo affectionately upon listening to her call. She is coming to celebrate Christmas with him. All are surprised to see Huan back at work but are glad as they are shorthanded. Yi Sheng notices something amiss when she ignores his advice to nurse her wound as she has not recovered.

He confirms his suspicion when seeing her turning pale upon watching Ying Xu being transferred into the lift to another hospital. She is so frightened that she overturns a trolley of the medical utensils. She imagines Ying Xu holding the rifle at her again. He wants to talk to her but he needs to help in the transfer. Huan is back in office and is still shaky. Yi Sheng sits beside her and urges her to tell him the truth.

At first, she denies that she is weak. But she can control her fear no more. So she relates her experience and nearly can't continue talking. She collapses to the ground and Yi Sheng holds her gently, telling her not to be frightened any more but this is not helping her much. He knows that she has to deal it on her own. (Please cherish this valuable scene because this is the only scene that they are so close after so long!)

Tai Lang is unable to speak and keeps looking for Ma Chang at night for consolation by taking the lift. Ma Chang knows that he imagines Ying Xu coming after him from the dark. He doesn't mind it and feels that it is best for Huan to talk to him since they have similar encounters with Ying Xu. She tells Tai Lang that she still can't forget it and also thinks that Ying Xu is still around. But they have to overcome it. Ma Chang observes that Tai Lang is braver after the chat and thanks her. He doesn't know that Yi Sheng is also another quiet observer who is also glad that Huan reveals her feelings too.

He wants her to go to Tokyo Police Hospital with him to see Ying Xu. She tells herself not to be frightened as she approaches his bed. She opens her eyes after the illusion and wipes off his sweat. He suddenly holds her hand and she puts it back gently. She thanks Yi Sheng for helping her but he praises her for doing well. Ying Xu's father thanks them for coming and blames the school for not controlling his son.

Yi Sheng can't forgive Ying Xu for the killings and hindering them from saving lives. It is the saddest thing for doctors to see them dying helplessly. Ying Xu wakes and regrets what he has done and sheds a tear. Both return to the hospital together just in time to taste the nice dishes from Bai He.

Bai He goes to the other wards and suddenly feels a pain in the stomach. She shouts to Tai Lang for help. Tai Lang wants to take the lift but all are down. He has no choice but to charge through the dark corridor to ask for help. Huan helps Shen Lin in the delivery while Yi Sheng helps to press Bai He's stomach to loosen the muscles. The others watch in delight when a baby girl is born. Tai Lang is proud when Ma Chang thanks him for being brave.

Jia Na Zi quarrels with her father to leave the hospital but returns when he has a heart attack. Upon seeing how he survives narrowly after Yi Sheng and Cheng Dao save him, she changes her willful ways and decide to learn baking from him. Shen Lin accompanies Bai He and their daughter in the ward while continuing to write a new novel on an addition life.

Cheng Dao has his wedding on the yacht. All congratulate him and Sha Jiang Zi. Jia Nai Zi and her father bakes a wedding cake for them. They are touched. Yi Sheng and Huan have a talk on the deck. Huan is returning to the U.S. but promises to return soon. She suddenly asks Yi Sheng who gave the kiss of life earlier on - she was in a coma then and didn't recall who did it for her. Yi Sheng smiles shyly and asks her to make a guess. She only grins as she already knows the answer.

Introduction on characters

1. Dr Jing Teng Yi Sheng - Yosuke Eguchi
He is very responsible, skilled and dedicated to his job. But the death of his wife affects him and he is sunken into despair for a while. After changing to a new environment, he becomes his normal self again and wins respect from his other colleagues. Some may dislike him for being sharp in his remarks in pointing out the mistakes. But after realizing that he is right, they come to him for advice or help.

Huan isn't appealing to him at first. In fact, her sloppy attitude angers him and both are always against each other. But after showing her concern when she thinks she is dying, they become friends. Love unknowingly blossoms and he slowly discovers himself treating her differently from others. They are both a remarkable pair at work and sharing thoughts too.

Eguchi is truly well reputed to be Japan's answer to George Clooney's role in ER. He injects profession into the role well - making every saving scene come alive. The acting in here is even better than Part 1. You will be amazed on how he handles the needles and the life-saving scenes. He practically makes you glued to the chair, wondering whether the patients will survive in the end. No wonder in both serials, Yi Sheng is given the teacher post to teach the interns because he is young, talented but experienced.

Despite the change in 95% of the cast, he still maintains good chemistry with them to work as a team. But I like the character more in Part 1 than in here. He shows his affections openly for his wife although he says nothing to her (because he has no chance to.) However, the development of how he starts to like Huan is not as rushed as other serials - it comes naturally.

Both never say 'I love you' to each other because they are not used to reveal their true feelings. However, the way they show concern to each other is so obvious. This is evident in the telemovie - from how Yi Sheng jumps to the sea to save her, giving her the kiss of life and hugging her when she is in distress.

2. Dr Xiang Ban Huan - Song Xue Tai Zi
She is pretty, intelligent and arrogant. She often thinks that only non-specialists will stay in ER. But Yi Sheng changes her mind with his brilliant skills. The others change her with their professional attitude. She manages to blend into the department in the end. Being a cool queen, she stresses too much on work but she slowly opens up to Yi Sheng. She also overcomes her nervousness to handle sudden situations tactfully and calmly.

3. Dr Shi Bu Chun Ping - Yi Teng Ying Ming
He is a young intern who has dreams. But the harsh reality hits him upon discovering that he has to overcome a lot of displeasure working in ER. The pressure, the impact of death and also the high expectations that Yi Sheng has on him which he thinks he is unable to meet toil on him so he decides to transfer out. However, he discovers his passion for the job and volunteers to return in the end.

4. Dr Nai Jing - Tian Chan Zhi Zi
Despite being petite, she is determined to stay on the job although Chun Ping backs out. The nurses are happy for her as they have hoped to see more female doctors in ER. However, she may be too soft-hearted and Yi Sheng has to teach her how to summon enough courage to break sad news to the patients' families.

5. Dr Shen Lin - Xiao Tian Xiang Wen Shi
He is a quiet person who has to join the hospital because he has to close his clinic due to poor business. He is very down to earth and thinks that it is better to work for others than to be his own boss because he can't manage it well. He has a flair for writing and enjoys writing novels relating to patients. Finally (This reminds me of Henry in Healing Hands 2) He often imagines that he has a child in the novels that make all tease him. He is overjoyed when his wife is finally pregnant. He is so happy to have their first child that he is with them in the ward - even with the uniform!

6. Dr Cheng Dao - Gu Yuan Zhang Jie
A young doctor who is very arrogant of his skills. He is regarding the hospital as a stepping board to set up his own clinic in future. He believes that staying on will not make much money. He is finally convinced by Yi Sheng's medical skills when he sees how he does the stitching job efficiently and observing minor details. He then decides that he still has a long way to learn.

7. Dr Ma Chang - Gong Po Bo Zhi
Another doctor who is comical and makes all happy as he knows how to cheer them up. He has a way with children and many like to get close to him.

8. Dr Xiao Tian Qie
He is ER's SMO and knows how to recognize talents. He is treating Yi Sheng like his successor and always let the younger doctors handle patients so as to expose them to different situations. They demand a lot of medical expenses and he is willing to be reprimanded by the top to let their dream come true. Like them, he believes the best should be given to them. However, all are sorry when he passes away as he is a good boss.

9. Nurse Ying Jing You Ji - Xu Teng Li Cai
She is a cheerful l and helpful nurse. She is the only person who works with Yi Sheng in both hospitals and is the only person who knows him well after working with him for so long. She knows what he requires for every operation. She helps others to understand him as he has problems communicating with them. That is why he senses quickly when she is immune to deaths and comes to counsel her to help her regain her interest again. In fact, I have the wrong impression that she is carrying a torch for him all the time since they are so close since Part 1. The part where she learns that his wife is deadâ?¦..I even think that she is going to replace his wife but it turns out that I was wrong. They are only friends instead.

10. Nurse Sha Jiang Zi
Unlike You Ji, she is a nurse who doesn't show her warmth easily. However, her concern and care for them is no less than her. It is her professional attitude that wins the heart of Cheng Dao. But she emphasizes a lot on formalities. That is why she is unhappy that Cheng Dao is lazy to leave all their wedding plans to a wedding planner - she feels that he should spend some time to make their big day special.

Most favourite character
Needless to ask, he is Yi Sheng. I adore his seriousness in work - he is right in a way. ER doctors can't afford to make any mistakes. That is why he can't tolerate others for making blunders. He may be insensitive but he means well to make others reflect their mistakes. Although harsh, many improve under him. He is a nice senior to share his experience.

Most hated character
Shen Gong - many may think that he is a nice man but he is only doing things to strengthen his position. He is eyeing the director's post for long and pretends to support his staff just to be in the media. He scolds Xiao Tian Qie often and disallows Huan to return to Cardiac department because he knows she is more talented than him. He is such a hypocrite - I definitely dislike him.

It is by dreams come true. The same song used in part 1.

Interesting facts

This serial wanted to be as serious and professional to shoot the tense atmosphere in the real ER. Another challenge was to portray the warmth without being overboard. So the shooting unit obtained the real stuff - from the minor details of bandages to the major life saving equipment. They spent 2 billion yen in all!

The normal summer season had low ratings for most serials. But when this serial was shown in July 2001, many felt that it surpassed the original with the close knitted plot and natural scenes. It received good reviews and thus the ratings shot to 20% to become the highest rated drama for the season.

The producer was the same person who made Kimura shot to the highest Mr 30 position with the serial, 'Hero'. This serial confirmed his talents in creating plots. Many asked for Part 3. The producer felt that he needed more time to do research to make into a serial. But he doesn't wish to disappoint the viewers. So he made a telemovie to satisfy their crave. He joked that showing it in 2002 was only a year after 2001, unlike Part 2 which was out only 3 years after Part 1.

After watching Part 2 on television, I craved for Part 1 but the station never showed it. I scouted round for the vcds for nearly 1 year. Thanks to a friend, Gin, I finally found them at a 2nd hand shop selling at S$6. After watching, I found the ER scenes paling slightly in standard with Part 2 but it is more touching. I will relate it in another review. By the way, Part 3 is out in 2005 with Nanako back.

This serial won the best drama and Egochi was chosen as the best actor in the Japan drama awards. Just like in year 1999 after the first part was shown. This was never happened in history.

Normally sequels aren't better than Part 1 but there are a few exceptions. This is one of them. The scenes are closely knitted and 12 episodes are explored to the fullest with the minimum of 2 cases for each. This is natural as accidents do happen daily. The cast is good and we can see that they have done a lot of preparation for the roles. Even the guest stars are impressive as patients.

I dislike the arrangement of Yi Sheng's wife to die. This is the 'in' thing for sequels - to get rid of the lead actors' love to find another replacement. Part 1 has Nanako as the lead but both are in a definite teacher-student relationship as Yi Sheng is faithful to his wife while Feng has a boyfriend. This sequel makes him like someone. But unlike other serials who will find a woman to melt his heart, they find another 'snow mountain' to match him. This can be quite refreshing but also risky as they have few lines that show personal feelings. Yet, both present themselves well.

Another minus will be arranging Xiao Tian Qie's death. I deem it unnecessary. They could just say how they are forced to succumb to pressure and how he endures pressure for them. It is best if they tell on how all overcome the crisis to retain their ER department. This death scene is just there to create some tears.
I find some resemblances of Part 2 with 'Healing Hands 1 and 2'. Many have said the latter copies ideas from the former. I do think 'ER Part 2' has more warmth than 'HH2'.

Actually I have wanted to buy Part 2 but after seeing the sad and incomplete ending, I changed my mind. The telemovie is a wonderful ending to the story. It shows that Huan isn't as strong as she seems and all will be glad for Shen Lin or Cheng Dao to have a complete family. And of course, who will complain to see Yi Sheng so often and also acting as a hero? Do buy it if you get to see it to have a perfect ending!

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : **** (Scale of 5)

On story : **** (Scale of 5)


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