Emergency Room 24 Hours III

Reviewed by: sukting

August 29, 2005

Rating: three-point-five

How long
11 episodes

This sequel is shown in Singapore a few months after it was shown in Japan. Can it surpass the former of six years ago that Nanako and Egochi worked together in?


1. Yi Sheng is back!

A boy, Shen Wu suffering from asthma is being sent into Tokyo Chuo hospital and Feng tends to him. She is in the A & E department. Yi Sheng undergoes a checkup in France as he just returns from Africa. He is confirmed to be virus free and is fortunate to be out of danger from the epidemic area. He returns to Narita with a medical box with him. The customs check his belongings and he shows his card to prove that he is a representative doctor from Humanitarian Relief for a year.

Feng oversleeps and Chun Zheng wakes her up. A teenage girl who cuts her wrist is admitted. Ri Bi Gu predicts that she will be back again. Chun Jie finds him very cold. Shen Wu's parents decide to move to a village area where the mother's parents own an eatery. Chun Zheng doesn't imply they should move out. The other doctors discuss about it. Chun Jie has no children while Ri Bi Gu will only do it for women. Chun Zheng will resign if his family requests him to work in a rural hospital. Still, they can still promote medical aid outside Japan.

Yu Shu proposes to Feng to migrate to Seattle as his company sends him there and wants her to resign.
A nurse reminds Feng that she is the only more than 30 year old female A & E doctor and should plan for her future. Yi Sheng recalls his colleague saying that doctors have to keep moving because of countless patients deprived of medical assistance. Yi Sheng is very upset upon looking at the medical box. Feng is very calm in saving a drunkard, Shi Dao when he injures his head and his friend, Bei Chun brings him in. Her colleague laments that it will be a loss if she resigns.

Ze Ren dislikes interviews and additional responsibility of being a senator. He returns home early but is too busy to talk to his wife or daughter. Shen Wu promises to recover so that his parents will not worry for him. He requests Feng to talk to them on his behalf. Chun Jie tells the girl not to commit suicide again and Chun Zheng drags him out to tell him not to be a nosy parker. They have no right to tell patients what to do. Chun Zheng wants Chun Jie to rest at home for a few days and wonders if his own teenage daughter will do the same as he has no time for her lately.

Feng discusses the resignation matter with Chun Zheng and he encourages her to do it because a family is most important. Chun Jie is shocked that He Ye applies nail polish and skips his medical classes - why get into medical school then? Chun Jie has no intention to inherit his father's hospital. Feng accepts the wedding proposal and wears the ring around her neck. She still attends a seminar as she signs up for it.

Yi Sheng passes the medical box and photos to his colleague's wife. He feels bad for not finding out earlier that he is critically ill to save him. Yi Sheng can't attend the funeral too as he is the only doctor in Africa then. The lady only looks fondly at the photos to see how engrossed he is at work. She believes that her husband will approve of her to pass the medical box to Yi Sheng and Yi Sheng keeps it. The girl is discharged but Ri Bi Bu is sure that she will return. He tells Chun Jie to sharpen his medical skills as A & E is a place to repair machines in a stipulated time frame and have no time for chats with every person.

Yi Sheng signs on the register for the seminar and sees Feng's name. His colleague's wife is giving a talk on the consequences of an earthquake on the casualties and deaths. She is a geography professor and is in tears to tell all doctors to preserve their lives in order to save victims. Feng meets Yi Sheng during the interval and tells him about her resignation plan. Yi Sheng sees that she is reluctant to quit and decides to meet her again at 4 pm at her workplace before leaving Narita at night. Feng tells Yu Shu that she wishes to reconsider till next morning. She is sincere about marriage but reluctant to quit. Yu Shu is upset as he has told his superior about it and he decides to let it go. How can she be indecisive at such a critical moment?

Qian Xun lies to Wang that she has a stomachache so that Xiang Zhi will come to fetch her home. Wang wonders if she has problems at home. Ze Ren's teacher is happy that he marries the ex senator's daughter so that he gets a stepping stone to go into politics. Just as Ri Bu Gu predicts, the girl is back - this time slashing her own stomach. Feng operates on her. Shen Wu suddenly breathes abnormally.

Suddenly, there is an earthquake. Chun Zheng injures his head but tells his team calmly to reset all equipment in order. But certain things are already damaged. Yi Sheng is in a taxi on the way to the hospital when it happens. He quickly runs to help a teenage boy to help his younger brother who is trapped under the rubble. He touches his fingers and is glad that he is still alive.

Yi Sheng uses all his strength to lift the roof so that his elder brother can help him out. Upon seeing the wound on the knee, he has no disinfectant but remembers that he has mineral water and quickly uses it. The boy's leg is dislocated and Yi Sheng fixes it back. Be baffled that he takes down his long scarf and the elder boy's tie to tie his leg with umbrellas!

2. Who should come first?

He Ye looks around frantically for his mother, Jing Zi upon knowing that she is missing. The hospital is in a mess. Yi Sheng helps to save others from the rubble. Chun Zheng shouts at all to stop work - wanting to know if all patients or staff is fine. Ri Bi Gu calmly reminds Chun Zheng that he is the only one with the head wound but he dismisses it as it isn't serious. Chun Zheng reminds all to remain calm and use whatever resources they have. Many rush to Dr He Ye's clinic, demanding for treatment.

Yi Sheng comes and offers to be the person in charge and Qi is relieved to get his help. Yi Sheng tells them to treat the severely injured patients only. They must use staggered relief as the medicine will not be enough. They have to reject the minor injured patients. Yi Sheng encourages Dr He Ye to change his mindset as they have to abort saving the dying ones.

The hospital can't receive channels or make calls. Feng calls Yu Shu and is worried when she gets no answer. The crowd makes noise when Yi Sheng tells them to leave because of minor injuries. One woman is sent in and Yi Sheng sees that her ear is bleeding and she is knocked out by a pillar. Although she is breathing, she does respond to light so Yi Sheng deduces that her chance of survival is almost zero. The crowd is appalled when he walks in and locks the clinic so that he can concentrate on saving 2 patients.
He is not bothered by the husband's shouts for explanations.

Yi Sheng displays his medical skills skillfully and Dr He Ye is impressed - through his years of experience, he has not seen such fast treatment. (Yi Sheng is already a fast worker in ER and after working in Humanitarian Relief, he becomes even faster.) Another patient has a wounded chest and yet he doesn't hesitate to operate without equipment. He cuts the sides and uses pincers. One artery is erupted but he stops the bleeding by clamping the arteries with a pincer. He tells the injured's sister to bring him to hospital.

Wang's father calls her anxiously, hoping that she will be fine. Wang wakes up to discover that Qian Xun is still unconscious on the bed. Ze Ren manages to save Xiang Zhi who is trapped under the fridge and her leg is broken. He is about to rush to the school to look for Qian Xun but he changes his mind. Yi Sheng decides that the mildly injured should go to hospital. The hospital staff wonders why there are no victims being sent in. Zuo Cang manages to get the oxygen tanks but the head nurse asks him to get blankets.

There is no water in the toilets. Ri Bi Gu wants to return home since there are no other patients. Some follow him as they are worried for their families. No one can withdraw the right of different priorities. Chun Zheng notices that Feng is worried for Yu Shu so he will not stop her from leaving. She considers his words and he is actually worried for his wife and daughter but he doesn't show it. When she leaves the room, he looks at his daughter's photo on the handphone.

Ze Ren carries Xiang Zhi on his back to Dr He Ye's clinic. Qian Xu knows that something is wrong between her parents as they are cold to each other so she often pretends to have a stomachache so that she will not return after school. Xiang Zhi has wondered if Ze Ren marries her for his political career. The old woman is dead and all blame Qi for rejecting patients.

Yi Sheng tells Ze Ren to join the queue or go to another hospital even though he is a senator. You will laugh when both doctors ignore him to tend to the patient instead to strengthen the bones of his fractured pelvis with cloths. Ze Ren is frustrated when Yi Sheng even tells him his name and he must go out. Ze Ren demands to know why he doesn't treat patients. He tells all to go elsewhere as Yi Sheng is an unethical doctor. They should not pin their hopes on him and Ze Ren will be responsible for their welfare.

Yi Sheng completes the procedure and walks out. He requests Ze Ren to use his authority to dispatch helicopters or trucks to send the crowd elsewhere for treatment. Yi Sheng is appalled when he refuses to help as his job is to rebuild Tokyo. Qi can't bear to chase the others away and sobs. Yi Sheng takes over to check the crowd's injuries. One has 30% of his body burned while another has a fractured knee.

A man is about to hit Yi Sheng when he claims that he can't help them without the medical facilities and they have to go elsewhere. He stops upon seeing a tear in his eye. (Splendid acting from Yosuke! Others should learn from him to express grief without exaggerated motions.) This is Yi Sheng's only option and he will not change his mind. Those who can move should move around to help others.

Dr He Ye defends Yi Sheng - Jing Zi is still missing and he hasn't experienced such pain in treating patients. He even has to put his wife of 30 years aside to care for others first. He tells all to listen to Yi Sheng as he will apologise to others when this is over. They are all victims and the crowd decides to look for missing people under the rubble. The old man puts down his dead wife to join them. (A very touching scene to show him putting her down and telling her to wait for him as he will be back soon.)

Qi apologises for the outburst and promises to continue her work. Yi Sheng returns to look after the patient. Zuo Cang brings in the blankets and the head nurse tells him to check the water tank at the rooftop. He laments that the lifts are not working and if she is against him. But no, she is actually impressed with him. The poor chap has looked through the sea of keys for the correct ones to unlock the rooms to get the stuffs and now he has to climb all the way up to the top floor.

Shen Wu cries when his parents have not arrived and Feng consoles him. She also cries as Yu Shu hasn't answered her call either. The patient with the erupted artery is sent in. Feng finds the pincers to stop the bleeding and Chun Jie is sure that his father will not do it. He asks if it is a mistake but Feng knows that it is an intentional act. She is taken aback to see the medical procedure written by Yi Sheng.

Zuo Cang is at the rooftop and is stunned to see the whole city burning. Feng decides to stay. If she leaves, this defeats the purpose of her being a doctor. The staff is impressed with her. Chun Zheng informs her to be mentally prepared as the victims are coming soon.

3. A senator's authority

After Ri Bi Gu leaves, 2 doctors follow suit. Chun Zheng frowns upon seeing slow flow of traffic. Feng looks at the patient that Yi Sheng sends in. The girl wakes up. Feng will save lives regardless of different reasons. Yi Sheng calls in the next patient. Qi and Dr He Ye are concerned as he has not stopped since yesterday but he assures them that he is fine. He Ye carries Jing Zi on his back to the clinic. Xiang Zhi is now in hospital. Yi Sheng frowns when all supplies in the clinic are used up.

He decides to use sewing thread but Dr He Ye decides to send the others away. They have already tried their best. The others understand and leave. Yi Sheng examines Jing Zi's injured leg and suspects she may suffer from electrolyte disorder. This happens when a person is trapped under rubble for too long and Xiang Zhi is also having the same problem but Feng can only put her on drip because of limited supplies. The calcium comes to the blood stream to spread to the whole body. The symptoms will show in a few hours or days. Untreated will lead to heart failure. Dr He Ye scolds He Ye for being easily terrified and how can a medical student behave like this?

Dr He Ye will stay to treat the patients. Jing Zi understands him and he knows that only Yi Sheng will save more people in a big hospital. Thus he tells them to go to the emergency centre as Qi will help him. The firemen break into the building and save Yu Shu and others out. Ze Ren is overjoyed to know that he can be part of the political committee for an important meeting as many senators are dead. He has forgotten completely about Qian Xun. Only when she appears with Wang then he regains his conscience.

Feng wants Chun Jie to save patients but he asks - what happens if the injured is their loved ones? Wang's father is worried when there is no news. Wang's mother wonders if it is best to let her stay in Hokkaido to continue to be a nurse. Xiang Zhi is dismayed that Ze Ren is leaving for the meeting. Wang is about to talk when Qian Xun holds her back. Feng's advice doesn't work on him - he is no professional and will not stay. He tells her to call him when the need arises.

Feng tells Chun Jie to stop saving the patient when the heart beat is gone. Many patients are coming and Chun Jie blames them for letting Ri Bi Gu go. Feng worries - Xiang Zhi is dying but they lack calcium. Who is going to move her out as they don't have enough manpower. She is helpless but later when Yi Sheng comes in, she sees hope. (The way he comes in has a glowing spark - like her pillar of strength.) Yi Sheng joins the ER and Chun Zheng welcomes him, Feng is impressed with how he treats the chest patient earlier. Yi Sheng frowns as he can't treat Jing Zi here with too many seriously injured patients around.

Ze Ren is about to attend the meting when all congratulates him for having a high chance of promotion. Feng then calls him to send a helicopter as Xiang Zhi's condition worsens. Ze Ren is angry with Yi Sheng for delaying treatment to cause this. He gets more hot-tempered when Yi Sheng speaks to him after getting the receiver from Feng. The hospital has no water tank and he needs the helicopter to save other patients too. Yi Sheng gets stretchers to send them to the rooftop.

Jing Zi tells Chun Jie to save others since He Ye will take care of her. Xiang Zhi doubts Ze Ren will save her as he only marries her for political reasons. Feng wants her to have confidence in him as Qian Xu nis following them but Xiang Zhi apologises openly for hurting her. Yi Sheng wants Feng to get pass this 48h critical period - after that, all will be fine.

After an internal struggle, Ze Ren stops outside the door of the hall and seeks help. But other senators ignore him - the helicopters are for more critical emergencies elsewhere. (This is ridiculous - what can be more important than this - and they are still in the mood to help themselves to good food!) Ze Ren approaches a reporter and is enraged when he mentions that positions don't help anymore. Ze Ren demands to know which press agency he is from to fire him.

Chun Jie wonders why Chun Zheng doesn't say something nicer to the demise's family. Chun Zheng replies that he has no time and Feng also tells him to stop showing moods to concentrate to save others. Chun Jie is overjoyed that Xiao Jiu Bao is now helping them to make the drunkard continue to breathe. They are delighted when he survives. Qian Xun knows that her father will come. Sure indeed, he comes in the helicopter after paying the reporter.

JingZi tells He Ye to take care of others. Xiang Zhi wants the whole family to go with her to the other hospital but Ze Ren tells her that he has more important things to do. He tells her that he will still marry her regardless what others say. He turns to Yi Sheng that he can use the helicopter to transport other patients to elsewhere but he will only provide this special service only once.

Zuo Cang treats He Ye like a servant to help in the water collection. He complains but still does the job. Da You is back and is apologetic for leaving at a critical time. Luckily all goes well. Feng introduces her to her mentor, Yi Sheng. Chun Zheng tells his daughter, Xiao Mei that he is fine. Yet he can't return home because he is a doctor but she understands him. Wang cries alone over the tragedy.

Feng never imagines to work with Yi Sheng again. She wants to continue this job but decides to settle with Yu Shu when everything ends. She knows how important he is to her now. Yi Sheng doesn't comment but only tells her to stitch up. Another hospital leaves a message in Feng's phone. Yu Shu is now with them and they need her to come over.

4. Shortage of supplies

The girl promises that she will not take her life again before she is discharged. The last food supplies come and no one has the mood to touch Da You's Chinese crackers brought from her hometown as they make them thirsty. Chun Zheng is glad that Yi Sheng wants to stay to help. All are grumpy as they are shorthanded. Chun Zheng tries to get electricity from the power station.

Feng is affected when she hears the message on Yu Shu and is frantic when the hospital can't find his name. The paper is dropped to the floor. The water supply is little and Chun Jie insists on giving the patients first although He Ye helps in the manual work. Both brothers find Yi Sheng impressive. Ri Bi Gu is back when his family is fine. All are not happy even though he brings them instant noodles.

Chun Jie tells him how much they suffer when he isn't around and Ri Bi Gu calls him intern. Luckily they are fine because of Yi Sheng. Ri Bi Gu wonders what is wrong with everyone. He Ye doesn't have a choice to stay here. Yi Sheng tells Feng to make a trip since the critical period is over but she stays when Shen Wu struggles again. He calms down later. Yi Sheng tells Chun Zheng to rest but he can't. He knows that they work in shifts but he has to force all to hang on.

Ri Bi Gu will take over some patients and it seems that Chun Zheng is the only one to welcome him back. He wishes Yi Sheng to tell him his story on another day. Da You wishes to be a health and fitness instructor like Wang. Her mother, an ex-nurse scolds her when she returns home. She never knows that being a nurse is so important. Wang's father decides to come to Tokyo to search for her with food supplies.

Shen Wu is in danger but Wang gives him the medical aid in time. Yi Sheng notices that and thanks her but she wishes him to keep it in secret. She refuses to help. Once a young patient dies under her care. Although it is the doctor who makes the wrong diagnosis, she blames herself as she is the one giving the medicine. She has no choice but to save Shen Wu earlier.

Yi Sheng wants Feng not to worry for Shen Wu as he is under good care. She is a doctor but she can be a normal person too. Feng recalls the past of Yi Sheng caring for Zao Ji even though he is working in ER. Yu Shu has enlarged chest cavity and needs to be treated but he leaves the hospital on his own to come to Tokyo hospital as he is worried for Feng. Yi Sheng knows that his artery will erupt. Shen Wu's parents are in another hospital but they call up to know that he is fine.

He Ye has enough of the life here. Chun Zheng is desperate finding a solution as many want to return home. Ze Ren sends canned food to Qian Xun but is dismayed that she shares with others. He sulks as he is so close to getting into the cabinet but loses the chance. Chun Zheng thanks him as they have dried food for a long time but why no supplies are coming in? They are too busy to get the food themselves. Ze Ren agrees to help - he wants to boost his popularity.

Chun Zheng sees the repairman and is glad that one problem is solved. Feng regrets not agreeing to Yu Shu's marriage proposal but still gets down to work. There are conflicts in the ER when all quarrel on how to save the patients. But Yi Sheng tells them to stop as one patient is dead. The staff is never close before this and it is worse now. They are too tired being victims themselves.

Yi Sheng is an outsider and he should not interfere but the morale is really too low. He reveals Feng's case but she is still working here. The rest are touched. Yi Sheng apologises for telling but she feels better. He wants her to rest a while - it will make a lot of difference. Yu Shu is found fainting outside the hospital. He loses consciousness after seeing Feng. Feng gets upset but Yi Sheng wants her to help in saving him. Ze Ren comes to the school but is dismayed that so many have left. Both brothers discuss again - Yi Sheng is swift and accurate but Chun Zheng is cool too.

All nurses thank Da You for working swiftly and help themselves to the Chinese crackers. Wang overhears everything and decides to help as a nurse. Chun Zheng requests Yi Sheng to handle the hospital for 2-3 hours as he finally wants to sleep now. He is too exhausted. Yi Sheng nods and sees that Feng is sleeping beside Yu Shu. He wonders how things will be in future.

5. Parents

Chun Zheng tells daughter that he will return home soon after everything is settled. The two children are touched by Yu Shu's love for Feng and grow to be close to him. Chun Zheng tells Ze Ren that he needs supplies but he tells him that he is unable to help. Ri Bi Gu tells all to take note of Yu Shu's condition although he is better. Many wonder why Wang can't get along with her family as she doesn't call home.

Wang's father slaps Wang when he sees her. He has been so worried for being unable to find her at the victims' quarters. Dr He Ye has a high fever but insists of staying. Ze Ren is troubled - how does he help others? He is upset that there is no publicity. He finally gets a close-up when the supplies arrive. Wang hears Feng calling her parents and Yu Shu's parents and considers her mistake.

Dr He Ye faints and Ze Ren carries him to hospital. His two sons are anxious over him but Chun Jie finds He Ye a hindrance and chases him out of ER. Yu Shu finally sees Feng at work for the first time. They smile at each other when she takes care of him. He Ye nearly leaves impulsively but Zuo Cang stops him - how can the head in charge of volunteers leave like this? Chun Jie tells Dr He Ye that he should recuperate with his mother in another hospital.

The medical equipment can't get into Tokyo and Ze Ren keeps saying that he has no power. Wang is surprised that He Ye stays. He decides to stay put because of the patients. He reveals that he dislikes his father for making comparisons with Chun Jie so he has not talked to him for 1 year. Feng is Chun Jie's mentor and tells him that he is outstanding but is tactless. He must care for the patients' feelings too. He Ye is shocked that Wang doesn't talk to her father for 2 years.

He often forces her to do things against her wishes. She tells him about the past - her father always asks why she quits being a nurse as he is so proud of her. Since she is innocent, why doesn't she continue working? But she simply feels guilty. Parents always think that they are right. Dr He Ye refuses to leave Tokyo - who will help the patients then? Chun Jie describes him as an old and feeble doctor who can't do much. Feng tells Chun Jie that it is important to talk to victims.

She understands that he worries for his father but he should persuade him to recuperate tactfully as part of his assignment. Yi Sheng sees that He Ye sits away from him and tells him that everyone is grateful to He Ye. He Ye describes that they are from different worlds. Yi Sheng is too perfect and is a top doctor for saving many lives. Yi Sheng replies that he also loses many too in anguish - he is reminded of his dead wife - Zao Ji. He can't save Dr He Ye and only He Ye can now.

Wang's father suddenly remembers that he has lots of vegetables in his van and cooks all the food for all the victims and the hospital staff. (He owns an eatery and is a good chef.). All are grateful to him and are relieved to know that Wang is still alive. Dr He Ye will not listen to a doctor but he will listen to his family.
Qi is happy to see both brothers eating with Dr He Ye. Dr He Ye leaves and tells Chun Jie not to work too hard and He Ye can do something else he likes instead of being a doctor. He will not force him anymore. He leaves his sons with Yi Sheng, hoping that they can learn from him.

Wang doesn't know He Ye asks about her father. He tells her that he will cry if his father cries. Feng feeds Yu Shu. He dreams of them having a wedding. Suddenly, she runs out of the church when her handphone rings. He tells the pastor that it is ok since she is an ER doctor. He feels sorry - how can he ask her to quit since she likes this job so much? They can relook their future to find a solution to make her happy.

Wang listens to her handphone messages - her father leaves many messages in it - telling her how much he misses her and also how worried he is when he is unable to find her. She weeps and eats with him in his van. He tells her not to listen to the messages as he has said embarrassing things. Yi Sheng also enjoys food with the rest. Chun Zheng looks at the last post-kid on the fridge - the last thing to wait is the PCPS supply. All problems will be solved then but Yu Shu has difficulties breathing.

6. Yu Shu's death

Yu Shu's condition suddenly turns for the worse and all doctors try in vain to save him. Feng cries over his death. There is no morgue and they have to place his body in the conference room. Yi Sheng is about to console her when another patient arrives. All are stunned when Feng calms down and helps in the saving.

Chun Zheng blames himself for being unable to save Yu Shu. Yi Sheng shares his experience with Humanitarian Relief - he has to say goodbye to many when there is shortage in medical supplies. That pricks his conscience but life has to continue. Shi Dao recovers from his head injury so he and Bei Chun join the volunteers. The rest laugh at them for being the oldest among them but they are grateful to them.

He Ye is angry with one volunteer who asks where to have lodging or food after working for the day. The fellow is also unwilling to wash the toilets. He gets so angry that he beats the person up. Ri Bi Gu gives him a bottle of mineral water. He can either use it to wash his face or drink it. This usually unfeeling man actually praises him for doing well. He might not be as bright as Chun Jie but he can still be a doctor.

Ze Ren is glad that he gets more coverage on television. The station comes to film him helping the victims when he manages to get more food supplies for them. But when they scold him for not doing enough, he turns angry and scolds them. They are only dependent on him but don't help others. He is also a victim himself, worrying about his wife but he stays here. The station films everything down and he is shocked. Qian Xun informs Ze Ren that Yu Shu has passed away.

Although the station don't show the segment on him scolding on television later and the station reporter will do future follow-up, he isn't happy and is very remorseful over Yu Shu's death. He apologises to Chun Zheng when recalling him requesting for special support but he declines. Chun Zheng feels that he has tried his best and Yu Shu might not survive even with PCPS. Chun Zheng watches silently when the equipment is fixed in the evening and hangs up Shen Wu's drawing on Yu Shu by the side of the staircase.

Feng breaks the sad news to Yu Shu's father and tries her best to get an ambulance to send Yu Shu to his hometown but fails. Yu Sheng tells her to keep on trying as he will help her to take care of the patients.
Another casualty comes and she joins in. Feng is later distracted when she forgets to connect the tubes which an MO will do it. She later tells Yu Shu about the mistake and Yi Sheng consoles her.

He has managed to get the paramedics to agree to send Yu Shu back and coaxes her to return to his hometown with him. Chun Zheng also agrees that she needs a break. Yi Sheng recalls that he also feels lost when his wife is dead. Chun Zheng and Yi Sheng send Feng and Yu Shu to the ambulance. Feng is in tears, wearing the ring in the ambulance. She hugs Yu Shu and cries.

7. Cope with the loss

A chef is sent into hospital because of a broken leg. His wife is later hospitalized too because of stomach ulcer. She is unable to tell the chef that they have lost their home and shop in the earthquake. So she requests the staff to do it for her. All hold the meeting together. Chun Zheng and Ri Bi Gu think that it is a personal matter that they should not interfere. He Ye reminds Ri Bi Gu ho cold he is - to be the first doctor to leave right after the earthquake.

Finally, there is an empty bed and Yi Sheng moves his wife over. She should tell him personally. Feng reaches Yu Shu's home and his family is devastated. All mourners blame on the earthquake and Yu Shu's misfortune not being able to marry her. They switch off the television so as not to upset her. But still, it is a hard blow for her and she suddenly faints.

Zuo Cang wonders why Yi Sheng places the couple next to each other. Ri Bi Gu finds Chun Jie too young to understand the thought of losing homes although time is the best solution. Later, Ri Bi Gu tells his mother not to return home as it is ruined. He promises to search the photos for her when he gets home.

He Ye has warned the volunteers not to get near to the homes at the back because of the warning signs. But a man still gets hurt. He Ye panicks when he feels no pulse. Yi Sheng presses his neck and decides that he needs delibilator as his heart is weak. He Ye learns something from him. Feng is diagnosed to be suffering from over exhaustion by an old doctor. He Ye is remorseful as volunteers come all the way but get hurt. Yi Sheng wants Ze Ren to tell the truth about careless volunteers to the public.

Ze Ren refuses - what if this stops volunteers from coming? Feng calls Yi Sheng to inform him that the funeral is over. She wakes up and can't sleep anymore. She doesn't wish to see anyone. She can't bring herself to leave Yu Shu and can't do anything at all. Yi Sheng shares the sorrow as he is reminded of Zao Ji. After she died, he spends a lot of time to get back on his feet. She asks if time can solve everything.
To him, time isn't the solution. He tries talking to people to get in touch with feelings so he gets back. He tells her not to coup up and get fresh air from the outside. Feng looks at her ring.

Shen Wu asks when she will return. Yi Sheng knows the children are worried so he wants them to get well and look for her if she isn't back. Zuo Cang tells the chef how he knows that his rented apartment is burned only watching the news. He loses all his precious rugby collectables but is glad to be alive although he has nowhere to stay now. Chun Zheng overhears him and decides to help him in his benefits that he deserves or to re-fix his salary but Zuo Cang blushes, trying to get away from him.

Ri Bi Gu also recounts on why he returns home. He is worried for his family. He tells others that it is fine but he loses his house. His mother has wanted to spend her remaining days in his house but she is already 70 years old. He doesn't know how to break the sad news to her .He then shakes his head - what is the point of telling the couple? (Notice that even the cold Ri Bi Gu is heeding Yi Sheng's advice to talk to others now.) The chef laments to Chun Zheng - what is wrong with his staff - all complaining to him?! But they can work anywhere with a certificate.

Yi Sheng reminds him that he is a chef too. The chef snaps that it is easier to say than done. Feng goes to the beach for a walk but gets frantic when the ring is missing. The old doctor passes by and both search through everywhere to find it in the end. The chef's wife admits that she is worried that she will lose him after he knows that the shop is ruined. The chef tells Yi Sheng that it is not easy to start again.

Feng watches the news to see Ze Ren telling volunteers to know the critical condition in Tokyo. They have to care for themselves. Those staying in Tokyo will not leave their friends and families. Feng decides to return to the hospital since everyone has a part to restore the glory as she recalls Yi Sheng's words. Ze Ren now hates politicians who talk and take no actions. He hates to become like them now.

He is now about to wash the toilets when he gets a call. Ze Ren's time has come to be a Cabinet member. The chef straightens his thoughts and thanks Yi Sheng when both discharge. He will invite all to his new noodle shop when it is ready. Ri Bi Gu jokes that they should leave difficult patients to Yi Sheng in future. Chun Zheng thinks that it is not a bad idea to talk to patients as they are victims this time. Feng returns and all come out to receive her. Yi Sheng smiles at her return. She now wears the ring around her neck.

8. Returning to families

The Humanitarian Relief asks Yi Sheng to return to Africa but he hesitates. Feng tells Chun Jie not to get distracted during surgeries. He might need a break now. Ze Ren will tell the cabinet on the operation soon. An old woman is sent to hospital. Her heart stops beating so Chun Jie and Ri Bi Gu decide to give up. Yi Sheng gets frustrated when Ri Bi Gu claims that there is no use to save her since she is so old.

What happens if she turns into a vegetable? She has no identification on her but Zuo Cang finds a broken flower pot. He takes into the hospital to grow it. Ri Bi Gu switches on the television. All are appalled on the large death toll number. The nurses stop checking after calling the police station. Feng decides to ask if anyone from the relief centre has seen her since she is her doctor. She gets no answer although she goes there. Yi Sheng updates the patients' records. Seeing him getting impatient, Chun Zheng explains that the system is just fixed the day before so records on patients admitted a few days ago aren't updated.

But Yi Sheng tells him calmly that the record he is looking now belongs to patients admitted today! Chun Zheng quickly apologises to her and will get staff to look into it. A woman comes all the way to look for her husband, Shi Dao after watching the news. Shi Dao has tried escaping from his wife and daughter after his business fails. Bei Chun wonders bitterly if the old woman also abandons her own family.

Ze Ren is angry after the meeting as the politicians are only interested in the figures - not to help the victims. A little girl grows the same kind of flower but she has not seen the old woman. Shi Dao is too ashamed to face his family although Zuo Cang and He Ye coax him to return home. Both young guys are shocked to know that Bei Dao also leaves home due to the same reason. It is too late to turn back for both.

Upon seeing how Yi Sheng tells Feng to work, Ri Bi Gu comments that he really knows how to command others. Isn't it cruel to prolong the old woman's life as she has no family? Yi Sheng asks if this is why he wants to give up. Chun Jie laments that his efforts are futile as so many die. Yi Sheng becomes worked up - does this imply that the patients' lives mean nothing to them? Chun Zheng explains their situation to him.

If Yi Sheng feels that they are insufficient, he can leave anytime. The thought of so many deaths tire them out as victims. Yi Sheng contributes it as an excuse - is Chun Jie fit to be a doctor then? Chun Zheng starts to ponder his words when he sees Yi Sheng's back when leaving.

Shi Dao is touched to find food with his wife. His family has forgiven him. Zuo Cang tells Bei Chun to return home too. He isn't as useless as he thinks as he gives them a lot of help. But He Ye claims that they don't need him anymore as they have enough young volunteers now. But Bei Chun still refuses to go.

Yi Sheng rushes to a patient who has a backache. He is furious when looking through the records - the nurses only give him painkillers and have not told Feng about it as his doctor. He snaps that they are not shielding her but this is only an excuse for being unprofessional. He discovers that there is a tumour that exerts too much pressure on the aorta. It is too serious so they have to perform surgery immediately.

Yi Sheng gets Feng to be his assistant while others prepare for the blood transfusion as he removes it. All marvel at his skills dreamily. The head nurse apologsies to Chun Zheng for the mistake. Chun Zheng discovers that they have been too easy on themselves. They give up after seeing the death toll increasing. They may not be professional enough as Yi Sheng has stated. No wonder Yi Sheng is furious when they nearly lose the old woman and when they don't make efforts to search for her family.

Ri Bi Gu still treats ER as a place to repair machines but Chun Zheng reminds him that he still saves the old woman. He snaps that she isn't awake yet. The nurses need to readjust themselves. Feng looks at the flower and remembers seeing it at the relief centre. She rushes back and sure enough, the old woman's son and granddaughter are looking for her. They own an orchard she sends flowers to all secretly to cheer them up. The girl gets happier when seeing the flower and the note which tells her they should grow it together.

Yi Sheng mentions to Feng that survivors have the responsibility to live. If they don't, they will let the dead down. Bei Chun cries upon hearing it. The old woman wakes up and her family is grateful to Ri Bi Gu for taking care of her. The old woman passes the flower to him and he accepts it. All smile upon seeing him soften for the first time. Bei Chun decides to return home now. The children give him and Shi Dao portraits on them before they leave.

Yi Sheng looks at the Humanitarian Relief letter in his suitcase and closes it. Sheng Wu's drawings on all staff and patients are being pined up. Chun Zheng knows that he makes a selfish request but hopes that Yi Sheng can stay longer. Yi Sheng reveals that he has told the Humanitarian Relief that he will stay until everything is restored. Chun Zheng and Feng are overjoyed to know that.

9. What if we can't save them?

Two firemen are sent into the hospital. One with a broken arm and another with a broken leg. The younger fireman loses consciousness and keeps saying sorry. The doctors learn that he feels remorseful for rejecting to send the injured to the hospital to go to save those from burning buildings instead. Chun Jie feels that he is like them too - leaving them aside to die in order to save others.

He Ye starts to imitate Yi Sheng in giving Feng orders. Ri Bi Gu overhears him and tells him that he is holding an extractor that smoothens the airway. The young guy gets so embarrassed that he puts it down but Ri Bi Gu smiles at it. The young fireman keeps having nightmares and Yi Sheng wakes him. He tells Feng to get him a psychiatrist. Wang notifies Feng to check on Chun Jie. Chun Jie has written that he wants 2500mg of sleeping pills instead of 250mg.

The two doctors are taken aback - how can he make such a terrible mistake? Luckily Wang spots it. Feng knows that Chun Jie is affected so they have to check on him - she decides to give him a day off and He Ye is concerned. He has never seen him in this manner too. Zuo Cang tries in vain to cheer the fireman up. Ze Ren is angry that he can't do much to help the hospital staff. The cabinet only wants him to give figures to the public. Just like a goalkeeper who only defends the goalpost and not overstepping authority. The reporters press him for an answer - are the firemen not saving people and how to rectify this problem?

He Ye and Wang try in vain to make Chun Jie eat. Food supplies come from other countries but he has no appetite at all - even though there is the delicious caviar. Feng tries in vain to get the psychiatrist. Chun Zheng knows that other hospitals also need them so they need to solve the problem themselves. Ri Bi Gu also notices that Chun Jie is unfit to work like the young fireman too. The three doctors talk to He Ye. Chun Jie is suffering from post depression and needs a rest.

He Ye tells them that his talk with Chun Jie doesn't work and Ri Bi Gu deduces that he is too dedicated. It might do him good to quit and help out at Dr He Ye's clinic. He Ye imitates Chun Jie to say no - he will regret to end his career like this. Feng suggests changing the environment to his home. Ri Bi Gu asks - will this work? She replies at least it works on her. He Ye is hesitant - he is not back to see how the situation is - what happens if their home clinic is ruined?

Chun Zheng suggests them to stay with their friends or relatives if that happens to make sure that someone can talk to Chun Jie. They tell He Ye to return with him as he can't manage on his own. Yi Sheng knows the firemen's wounds are healing and Ze Ren feels sorry for them. The children beg him to help them but he disappoints them by saying that he is no ultraman. Ze Ren requests Yi Sheng to keep the bad news from the firemen on the complains on them causing more casualties.

Yi Sheng wishes him to tell the public that they have tried their best but Ze Ren replies that he can only do reports. But Yi Sheng knows that he has given the hospital a lot of help - not just in carrying water barrels but also looking into the victims' needs. He sees him working more like a politician now.

The brothers return home and everyone is back on their feet despite the ruins. Chun Jie is still disturbed by the sight. A senator doesn't want Ze Ren to answer questions but to give figures alone. The reporters still demand for the truth. Why does the fire department fail them? Ze Ren decides to answer and stops the senator from walking over. Ze Ren shows that the firemen learn their mistakes to come up with their emergency manual. There are many fire spots caused by the earthquake.

Their first rule is to control fires. If not, they will blaze out of control. The situation doesn't aggravate because of the firefighters. Do reporters seriously think that they don't help? Each fire engine has only 4-5 men. If one goes down, they will encounter the same thing later. All engines will be stopped and their loved ones will be trapped and killed in the fire. Only the firefighters can stop the fires from spreading.

Ze Ren mentions that he has seen them full of self-repoach. They must ignore the crowds to save the fires. The public must spare a thought for them. He can't point a finger at them so it is up to others to decide whether to criticize them. Civilians aren't the only victims. There are others who suffer from emotional trauma. That is his report for the day and he can't be bothered by the consequences. (What an inspiring speech!) The hospital staff has tears in their eyes. Yi Sheng plays this news on the radio to all so that the firemen can also listen to it. He tells the young fireman that he has a wife who is worried over him, many grateful people, concerned colleagues and also a politician on his side.

Zuo Cang also gives encouragement based on a gynamist's story. He begs him not to regret being a fireman. The fireman decides to undergo physiotherapy to get well and tells his senior to give him the time to get back to work. Shen Wu describes Ze Ren to be a man of justice and Qian Xun is proud of him. All are relieved over it. The brothers reach home and He Ye is happy that the home clinic still stays. Yi Sheng looks through the leave schedule to know that Chun Jie is on leave.

10. Independence

A businessman dying of cancer is worried when his only son is too independent on him. His wife is already killed in the earthquake. They own a provision shop and he is angry that his son can't manage the business alone. Their counterparts refuse to sell the mineral water and toiletries to them at a reasonable price and their competitors try to jack up the prices to earn profits.

But he is so nice to the little children. The nurses think that he only knows how to make money and is too harsh on his son. Feng suggests moving Shen Wu to another room as it isn't suitable for him to be beside a cancer patient. The old man's son is reluctant to leave his dying father but he insists that getting the toiletries for the victims is more important now.

All hospital staff respect the old man now and Ri Bi Gu is proud as he supports him all along. Ze Ren loses the power to make speeches as the other MPs are jealous of his popularity. He Ye is angry with Chun Jie still wallowing in despair. When is he going to pick himself up? But the hospital is in need of volunteers so He Ye rushes back. The young businessman tells his father happily that he has succeeded. He bursts into tears after bade him the final goodbye.

Chun Jie is taken aback to know that Dr He Ye is once given the assistant professor post in the university. But he turns it down so that he can take care of the patients. Chun Jie feels shameful of himself for being so conceited and becomes proud of his father. Ri Bi Gu calls him back as the staff suffers from food poisoning. Upon arrival, He Ye is shocked to see all vomiting as they have eaten expired food that the volunteers give them. Da You can't even stand and Yi Sheng has to carry her to a bed.

11. Is the effort futile?
Two third of the medical staff contract severe food poisoning. Chun Zheng is about to reject another patient from coming in when Chun Jie returns so he gives the approval. Chun Zheng fixes a schedule to make all only sleep for one hour daily. All agree to it - Ri Bi Gu brags of his highest record of working continuously for 3 days but the nurses are doubtful.

They soldier with the minimal manpower. A boy is sent to the hospital with 80% burns on his body. He holds Feng's hand tightly. The doctors hope that he will not develop a fever as the skin centre is also ruined due to the earthquake and they can't do a skin treatment on him. Ze Ren senses that Chun Zheng's voice is very tired over the telephone and knows that something is wrong.

Chun Zheng turns to Ze Ren for help. He needs 6 doctors and 7 nurses. Ze Ren asks him to hang on for 5 days while he tries to get help. The skeletal staff slaves round the clock. Chun Jie wakes Ri Bi Gu before he sleeps while Chun Zheng is so tired that he must put himself on drip to retain his energy. We can see that Ri Bi Gu is really tired now as he looks for his spectacles reluctantly. The doctors and nurses try to bring the boy's temperature down when it goes up.

The staff is upset when they can't save a construction worker. His colleague cries - what is the point of rebuilding when towers and houses keep collapsing? Tokyo can never be the same again. Chun Zheng starts flaring up too due to lack of sleep - how long can this take? 7 days pass and no help is forthcoming. He has used up all the drips. Yi Sheng surfs a website and sees something interesting.

He Ye is in tears - it is all his fault not to check what volunteers give them to cause this serious mistake. Chun Zheng doesn't allow him to help the doctors as he isn't qualified. He wants to go to another hospital to beg for help on his knees. Feng loses Yu Shu, Chun Zheng has not returned home till now and Chun Jie is also exhausted. Are they going to give up at this stage after so long? Yi Sheng consoles him - this is not the end to him and they should hang on.

Chun Zheng turns to Ze Ren who requests to have more time. During the meeting, Ze Ren is angered that the MPs don't keep their word. What difference does it make since foreign medical groups request to help them but they reject them? Japan is in the need of help and he storms out after making the request. This group of politicians only makes safe checks in their equipment and do nothing. Yi Sheng tells Feng to sleep for an hour before he calls her back to work. She answers and sleeps immediately before he can say more.

Chun Zheng is puzzled why a patient is eager to get well to return to work even though he has part of his lung removed. He replies that he is a postman. All along, he has thought that his job is insignificant but through the earthquake, he sees the importance. He gets cash registered mail so he will have to go to the victims' centre when houses are ruined. When the parcels contain mineral water, he has to climb stairs of buildings to give to the owners. Chun Zheng and the old nurse admire him for his effort.

Yi Sheng requests a news agency to send photos to him. It shows photos of Kobe before and after an earthquake taken from the same angle. He encourages the staff - there is still hope and they should not give up. Zuo Cang recovers and joins the team. All gain strength from seeing the photos. Ze Ren informs Chun Zheng that 7 doctors and 8 nurses are coming to help them. Chun Zheng is so relieved.

The boy pulls through and all are glad. Feng tells Yi Sheng that she knows that he has a strong keen to stay alive from the grip he gives her. She also thanks Yi Sheng for getting the photos which give her strength.
Things get better and He Ye pins up drawings on the wall again. Ze Ren is proud when Qian Xun declares him to be the person she likes most. This is happier than winning 32000 votes in the last election.

He knows that Chun Zheng has a daughter too and asks how she is. Chun Zheng really misses her and decides to return home next week. Ze Ren jokes that he is often frightened when Chun Zheng approaches him as he often gives him difficult tasks. Chun Zheng makes another request - he should not quit his politician career. Ze Ren agrees as the civilians trust him. Shen Wu's parents have recovered and they are coming to fetch him the next day.

Yi Sheng gets another call from Humanitarian Relief. They ask how things are and he replies that he sees hope. Two years later, Chun Jie tells He Ye to greet the staff. All joke that they never think that he can make it here. He is proud to pass all his exams. Wang is a nurse here too. They discuss how to call him - there is already a Dr He Ye in the hospital (Chun Jie is now a doctor) so should they call him a longer name - Dr He Ye He Ye? He Ye has dyed his hair black and cut it shorter. Gone are his days of the wild.

He Ye looks at the pictures that Qian Xun and Shen Wu has drawn which are framed up. They are donated by Ze Ren. Feng is going to be his mentor and shakes his hand, giving a firm handshake to make him yell. He asks where Yi Sheng is - Chun Zheng doesn't know where but knows that he is somewhere treating patients under Humanitarian Relief again. Feng looks at Yi Sheng's drawing and recalls how he helps them. She smiles before getting back to work. (Actually they should show where he is now instead of giving us clips of the past!. Maybe as a cliffhanger to make way for the telemovie after this one?!)

Introduction on characters

1. Jing Teng Yi Sheng - Yosuke Eguchi
Yi Sheng is a dedicated, observant, and skilful doctor. He works for the Humanitarian relief but due to the earthquake, he stays in the hospital to help out. Although he is unfamiliar to all, Chun Zheng trusts him and even entrusts him to take over his duties when he is tired. He is willing to share his experience with others and is also their pillar of strength when they are down. Having worked in harsher conditions before, he can't condone mistakes and gives them reminders when they surface.

The insistence of saving lives within a short period of time makes Yi Sheng give up saving a woman dying from head injuries and Xiang Zhi. Facing a crowd who hurls abuses, he hardens himself to say 'seriously injured 80%, survival chance less than 2%' to apologise to the families. Only when an old uncle is about to punch him and sees a tear in his eye, he stops. If the earthquake scene is the beginning, the tear that rests in his eye to flow down finally is the most explosive firework in the serial.

Other highlights of him will be how he shows off his medical skills using limited equipment. A pair of pincers to stop bleeding and also bringing people from death. It is like performing magic! He is already fast and quick in making decisions in the past. The experience overseas trains him to be more able to work under harsher conditions so he makes correct judgment every time. Even Chun Zheng listens to his advice.

His acting is still good but I think his role isn't as touching as the previous parts. His character becomes one dimensional. This serial makes him to be a deity to help all in distress and less humane. In the past, we can get to see him getting anxious or worried over the women he love. Why no romance for him this time?

The main concentration is only on his job. I find him very cold - only eager to get things done although he is still caring to patients. Maybe his presence is to calm all after the earthquake to give the victims hope. His superb healing skills and his ability to read through a person's thoughts helps all to tide over the crisis.

2. He Mu Chun Zheng - Xiang Chuan Zhao Zhi
He is in charge of ER department. His responsibility is not just saving lives. When all get frantic and the staff becomes helpless with lack of equipment, he has to handle it. He is also dedicated but is too soft towards his staff. He does little counseling when their morale becomes low. He also doesn't attempt to make his staff stay when they return home after the earthquake.

But he is very nice and approachable so many like to work with him. He feels very bad to cause Yu Shu's death indirectly due to lack of equipment although he has tried his best to get them. Knowing that Feng and Chun Jie are going through a hard time, he grants them leave immediately. And he only contacts his family by phone although he yearns to see them because all need him at the hospital.

3. He Ye Chun Jie - Chuan Gang Da Chi Lang
He is the most conceited intern that I have come across. Being Feng's student, he is eager to learn but his arrogance towards his family puts me off. How can he look down his father and He Ye? His confidence is crushed when he sees many patients die. In his mind, he only thinks of Dr He Ye as a small village doctor but upon knowing the sacrifices he makes, he starts to reflect on his own actions.

4. He Ye He Ye - Xiao Li Xun
Because of his elder brother's success, he plays truant and refuses to return to the university to study medicine. He feels that Dr He Ye neglects his mother because of work too. After sending his injured mother to Chun Jie's hospital, this place causes him to be a mature and responsible volunteer. When he mentions to Chun Jie how handsome Chun Zheng is when he works, he might have seen Dr He Ye in his eyes. The disaster makes him realize his mistake and pick up his books again.

After seeing how Yi Sheng works, he dreams of becoming a doctor. Ri Bi Gu senses it and encourages him. This actor really resembles Tomaya Nagase in looks! And he acts quite well as the playful brat in the beginning to a mature lad who tries so hard to help Chun Jie to get back to his feet again.

5. Yu Shu - Fan Dao Chun
He is Feng's fiancé and has waited for her a long time to marry him. At first, he doesn't understand why Feng is reluctant to go to Seattle with him. How touching to see how he walks back to the hospital to look for her because he is anxious over her safety to worsen his condition! After seeing how she works, he respects her decision. However, his death parts them and this upsets Feng.

6. Ri Bi Gu - Xiao Shi Men Tai Lang
One of the most unfeeling and arrogant doctors in the hospital. He has a goatee and is bespectacled, treating patients as equipment and doesn't inject feelings in his work. He likes to call Chun Jie an intern. He doesn't believe in wasting time in developing close relationships with patients. All blame him for leaving the hospital in dire straits but they don't know that he returns home because he worries for his mother. His heart aches upon losing the house but Yi Sheng causes him to be more humane as there are smiles on his face when patients manage to warm him up.

Upon seeing that He Ye is interested to be a doctor now, he helps him to develop the interest. He is initially curious - wanting to spar with Yi Sheng over his medical skills. Sometimes, he finds it absurd that Yi Sheng has a tone to command others to work. What is so special about this younger doctor who replaces him when he is away? But upon seeing how professional he saves others, he knows that Yi Sheng wins so he becomes humble. He also becomes more helpful to the others.

7. Dr He Ye - Zhong Chun
He is an old doctor who opens his clinic in the village. He has the chance to become an A.P. in the university but he gives up the chance to treat his patients. He wins their respect but the saving of the earthquake victims tolls on his health and he becomes ill instead. Yi Sheng knows that he is stubborn so he gets his sons to persuade him to take a break.

8. Zuo Cang - Da Quan Yang
A male nurse who is helpful and cheerful. He is well-liked by all although he is very talkative. Many patients like him as he loves to crack jokes with them.

9. Si Quan Ze Ren - Zhong Chun Che
He is a politician who is arrogant, power hungry and deprived of feelings. His main aim in life is only to get into the cabinet. The earthquake makes him care for his family and the victims. Seeing Yu Shu's death and how Qian Xun shares with others, it wakes up his conscience.

Working as a volunteer and fighting for their benefits makes him a very approachable man. That is why many seek his help when required. In the past, he will hide the figures but now, he will not be afraid to tell the public the truth. Even the media respects him and gives the coverage required.

10. Xiao Dao Feng - Nanako Matsushima
She is Yi Sheng's former student and is no longer a green horn to be an ER doctor now. She is mature and experienced but is a workaholic. That is why many tell her to consider her marriage plans as she has reached 30 years old. She realizes how much she loves Yu Shu and is about to marry him when he dies. But she manages to pick herself up his death to work again. She knows what Chun Jie is going through and tries to help him as his mentor.

Nanako ages and looks haggard although you can't complain on her acting. She is convincing as a doctor and the pain she suffers is beyond description. Yi Sheng is able to concentrate on saving lives although he is worried over his beloved in the last 2 serials. Many have found his acting compassionate.

So it is a test to her now. When Yu Shu's heart stops and Yi Sheng tries to save him in vain, who can forget how she cries on how he promises to marry her. But upon knowing that other patients are sent in, she becomes calm to walk out of ER. The sobbing over his death, the soft-spoken way she is to him when she is with his body and how she loses concentration at work - Nanako makes Feng comes alive. The way she treats the kids well makes you wonder if she is also caring to her daughter at home to give her the humane touch. This is very different from the other cold roles that she has received.

11. Ji Bu Wang - Jing Ye Qin Mei
She is formerly a nurse but resigns because she feels responsible to cause a patient's death. Thus she hides from her family to try to forget the past to become a teacher in Tokyo. The earthquake causes her to face herself and she takes on the job to help other nurses. Her alertness prevents Chun Jie from having a sleeping pill over dosage. It also helps her to improve her ties with her family.

12. Shen Wu
A boy who suffers from asthmatic problems but is cheerful to brighten up others' days with his wonderful drawings. He is very close to Qian Xun as she treats him like a younger brother.

13. Si Quan Qian Xun
Unlike her selfish father, she is very generous to share with others whatever she has. She idolizes her father and believes that nothing can defeat him, which gives him the strength. He gives her food secretly but she will give to others. She stays with Shen Wu all along in the hospital to keep him company since his parents are unable to be with him.

14. Head Nurse - Shen Ri Jia Na Zhi
She is very strict to the nurses but often gives them encouragement and advice. She is strictest with Zuo Cang as she knows that he can be immature at times. But poor man - he does so much running when the hospital lacks basic facilities due to her commands!

15. Nurse Da You Ye - Megumi
She is a young nurse who puts her family on the top priority. After getting a scolding from her mother who is an ex-nurse, she returns to work and tries hard to perform to make amends.

Most favourite character
Yi Sheng - he is always there to give the staff moral and also medical support.

Most hated character
Chun Jie, his attitude to his family can be so overbearing to hurt them continuously. I think that he is worse than Ze Ren - at least Ze Ren will not do that to his family although he ignores them.

It is from 'Dream comes True' again. This is also third time they sing for the same serial. The title is 'No matter how many times'. It is their first EP to celebrate their 15 year anniversary in the music scene. The first day when it was out, it was among the top 3 position. Partly because the serial received good comments to like the song too. The duo is made up of a female and male who were popular all this while because of their touching lyrics. There was a line - even if there is a failure of 10000 times, there is still a chance to change the result in the 10001 attempt. This is quite related to the serial where the doctors do not give up on their patients easily.

Interesting facts

Part 1 and Part 2 won the best drama and best actor awards. Egochi's acting was splendid - the judges found that he surpassed his past performances in the last two dramas. He made history clinching the best actor award the third time for the same role. Da Quan Yang won the best newcomer award while the serial also won best script writer and best director awards.

The producer has described this serial of the two working together again as a miracle. Egochi's nickname as 'the doctor heavenly king' while Nanako's nickname as 'Japanese drama queen' once again brought all into the world of doctors with their brilliant acting. It was Nanako's first drama after giving birth to a baby girl. It is also the first drama after a break of two years after 'Beauty and the beast'. The ratings weren't too good at times and many thought she looked haggard although she acted quite well.

It was based on a true story of an earthquake which happened in 2004 so it brought unpleasant families to the victims' families. They even called up the station to demand it to be axed. Although the storyline was serious, the acting was sincere and all acted well. So even though many serials didn't do well, it managed to nap an average of 19.1% which had showed that it had won a battle successfully.

The ratings for each episode are as follows : 1st - 21.4%, 2nd - 19%, 3rd - 19.7%, 4th - 18.4%, 5th - 18.9%, 6th - 19.9%, 7th - 18.8%, 8th - 17.3%, 9th - 17.7%, 10th - 18.4%, 11th and final - 20.6%. Many serials had lower than 15% viewership so the producer was quite satisfied with the performance. Just like part 2, a telemovie is made as a sequel to this part as well due to popular demand.


'Emergency Room 24 hours' is not a serial that can be accepted easily. Those who love romances or comedies will be reluctant to face or think of serious human problems. We have to use our heart to feel what actually happens in the ER. It can be old-fashioned to keep maintaining that there is hope in life but this is essential to let all believe in it to survive through a disaster.

I must comment that the earthquake scene is very realistic. Who can expect everything to turn upside down in 20 seconds and rebuilding a city takes so much time? There is zero humor in here because it is a serious drama. The loss of wealth and love ones can't be compensated. However, as compared to the earlier parts, I can't help feeling disappointed. It lacks the past glamour. The cast's acting can be a major drawback as they can be very exaggerating at times. Will there be a part 4? I am looking forward to it. Hopefully, the local station will show the telemovie soon to tell us where Yi Sheng has gone to make my review complete.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : **** (Scale of 5)

On story : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

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