Emergency Room 24 Hours

Reviewed by: sukting

September 11, 2005

Rating: four

How long
It is said to have 12 episodes but I watched 13 vcds

I have wished to watch this serial all along. I am curious to know why it is reputed to be Japan's ER. But it was pricy at $28 in shops then. Thanks to a friend, Gin who alerted me to purchase the set at $6 from a 2nd hand store. I watched it after watching part 2 on television. But it doesn't really matter in sequence as the cast is 95% different.


1. Feng's disaster on the first day

Feng is excited to be posted to ER. She passes a scene and volunteers to go on an ambulance as the doctor from DuLi No. 3 Hospital. Yi Sheng is disgusted when hearing her voice over the phone to know that she is only a 1st year intern and demands her to pass the phone to the paramedics. You will know why when you watch it - she doesn't even know how to explain the injured condition to him!

His colleagues plead secretly that he will not accept the case but is dismayed when he tells them to get ready. The injured man has a big metal pipe that pierces through his chest and his pulse is weak. Without hesitation, he tells Feng to hold the pipe while he saws it. The staff splashes water from the hose to reduce the sparks and pressure but the clumsy Feng accidentally allows the water to wet her face. You Ji is delighted to work with a female doctor.

Be amused by the next scene - Yi Sheng doesn't even remember her when she apologises to him. Duo Tian praises Yi Sheng for his outstanding speed and accuracy. So he will be Feng's mentor. Feng is surprised by his way of treatment and vows to be like him one day. His reply is that he also has a shock when a green horn gets up an ambulance. She protests, saying that she wants to help. He scolds her for being an idiot and warns her not to be rash. If not, people will say that doctors are irresponsible like her. She is unhappy over his treatment.

Jie tells her to let Yi Sheng sleep. Can you imagine that he can still take a nap with a cigarette in his hand? Feng believes that ER allows men and women to work together. A man having a stomachache is sent to hospital. Jie, Ju Chi and Yi Sheng are shocked to see condoms containing pills in his body through the x-ray. If they dissect him, they might damage the cover. It looks like they have to let him excrete naturally.

They come into the ER and are dismayed that Feng can't give him a jab till now. Yi Sheng tells the rest to let him go since he claims to be ok. He knows that he will be sent back again. Jie runs after the man and sure enough, he can't even walk. He tells the man, if they contain heroin or cocaine, he will die. The man returns with him. Yi Sheng wants Feng to clear the fridge - it is better and easier than giving sedatives. He also wants her to order dinner for him. Feng is annoyed but obeys him.

You Ji finds smuggled cigarettes containing cocaine in the man's underwear and she places them on the shelf in the resting room. She thinks that it is a safe place since not many come here all the time so she has not informed all. The man is alarmed to see Ju Chi bringing a whole group of interns with Duo Tian - how is he going to excrete in front of so many people?? Yi Sheng then tells You Ji to push the trolley of knives to him while he puts on the gloves. If he can't do it, he will cut his stomach then.

Ju Chi talks to his friend over the telephone and takes a packet of cigarettes from the pack that You Ji leaves. Luo He wonders why Feng still has good appetite after the surgery. He is disappointed to know that she is attached as he has planned a group dating event. He suspects that Yi Sheng has a secret hospital lover. Feng gets nosy - is she a nurse, a normal staff or a patient? He stops talking when Yi Sheng comes in. The two doctors frown upon knowing that the suicidal patient is in again after slashing her wrist to scare her boyfriend over their breakup.

Feng discovers that the woman is Liang Zi, her high school classmate. He leaves her to do the stitches but Liang Zi is angry with Feng for talking too much and asks Jie to continue stitching for her. The police collects the cigarettes and You Ji is alarmed to find some missing. The head nurse, Tian Ye scolds her and commands her to search for them - what happens if sick people get hold of it? Sure enough, Ju Chi starts to sprout nonsense to Duo Tian. You Ji is dismayed when seeing this.

A little girl and her father inhale too much carbon monoxide in a suicide attempt. Her mother is dead some years ago. Feng tries hard to find his blood vessel but he suddenly pushes her aside and she overturns a trolley of equipment. They can't save the man and Yi Sheng wants Feng to check on the girl. How is she going to tell her that she has lost both parents? Yi Sheng tells her to find a way. She still lies to her that her father is sleeping in the next ward and comes to cry at the rooftop.

Yi Sheng is having a puff here and tells her to return home. She should give up the job since she is unsuitable to be an ER doctor. He counts the number of silly mishaps she has done in one day - how can she torture the patients? She is the worst interns among all that he comes across. Feng weeps when he concludes that she is unqualified. She feels that he has sex discrimination. Yes, she is ignorant. He is her mentor but hasn't taught her anything. He replies that he can teach by telling her to use her eyes to learn.

He agrees that she should change him as her senior as he only watches for performance. She talks back - so is it ok for him to romance with a patient? He is taken aback but leaves. Feng visits Liang Zi and is alarmed to find her slashing her wrist again. She calls Yi Sheng for help - what can she do when she has no pulse?? Yi Sheng hears her cries and tells her to calm down. He reminds her that she is a doctor. She is calm and quickly does CPR before ringing for the ambulance.

She still does it on the stretcher when they reach the hospital. Yi Sheng and the rest take over. Feng is too tired and sleeps. After that, she runs to Tian Ye, she laughs at Feng for having enough strength and persistence to do CPR continuously so Liang Zi is fine now. Yi Sheng comments that she doesn't look like a doctor. Why? Because her hair is messy and she quickly adjusts herself. He passes her Liang Zi's file as her first patient. Feng is so happy that she hugs You Ji to cry in joy. The next day, Feng sees Yi Sheng in a patient's room. He turns on the radio and helps the woman to massage her fingers. Feng checks the file - the patient is his wife, Jing Teng Zao Ji and is in a coma due to brain injury.

2. Continue to save a patient after 45 or 60 minutes?

Yi Sheng tells Feng to get out of ER and stop hindering him from saving a patient. Sigh - we can see that she still hasn't improved much. She calls the patient's younger brother but he refuses as the man has given him enough trouble. He even says that they should only call him when he is dead.

Yu wants to continue giving CPR but Yi Sheng tells him to stop. All are puzzled why he stops saving just after 45 min. He comments - even if it is 60 minutes and not 45, he may become a vegetable. It is better off dead. All are startled by his answer. Yu says that Feng is no match for him as an intern - being unobservant and also ignorant in measuring blood pressure. She even places the x-ray the wrong direction. He tells her to be serious in work.

Yi Sheng sees a little boy running in the ward and catches him. He bites his hand and overturns a trolley of equipment. The deceased's brother claims that the CPR time is too short and Yi Sheng has taken away his precious brother. Feng and Jie are disgusted by his words. He will reveal it to the press and wants damages. The director refuses to give in - when the man reveals that Yi Sheng also uses his own authority to let his wife be hospitalized here, the director says that he has no right to say that.

This is not the way to exploit money and he welcomes him to sue them anytime. He knows that man will give up soon. Yi Sheng comes into Zao Ji's room upon seeing Feng in there and wants her to get out. She asks the nurses about it. They recall - it is 6 months ago. There is almost zero chance for recovery but Yi Sheng refuses to leave ER. Because she is here, he can guard her for 24 hours. Yi Sheng sits beside Zao Ji to have his meal and looks at her.

All have a patient. Ju Chi and others run to see another patient upon knowing from a nurse that the person is a model and has broken the hip bone. Jie protests, saying that he is a professional but joins the gang when Yi Sheng says that he can handle it alone. He then leaves Feng to save a minor case. This man eats sleeping pills but not enough for death. She can't insert the tube into his throat. You Ji asks if Yi Sheng wants to take over. Laugh at his answer - it is good to let her try instead as this helps her and the man will not try to kill himself again after this suffering.

Feng catches the boy - he stays in the hospital to be close to his mother. Yi Sheng wants them to bring him out as kids are not allowed to play here. Feng and You Ji find him cold - is he sick in other areas although his medical skills are impressive? You Ji finds it hard to work with him too. All guys stare fiercely at Chang Qi - because she doesn't tell them that the model is a man - how can they be interested to look at a man's butt??? Feng tells the man to treasure his life but he finds her a busybody.

His company folds up and he is in debt. Why not let him die? Jie pulls Feng aside - the patient is agitated so doctors should answer yes. They can't scold patients. Healing is also a service as patients are clients. Later, the man is at the rooftop, trying to jump from there. Yi Sheng walks over - the man will not die jumping from the 4th or 5th floor. Most likely, he will hurt his back or end up paralysed.

He can't be helped as he will save him as this is his job. So don't blame him if he sits on a wheelchair. He tells others to remove the airbag away from the ground. All are startled when Yi Sheng suggests to him to jump down from elsewhere. Now, the man is scared and wants to live on. Jiang Tai's mother, Bang Ben has irregular heartbeat so she needs to stay for observation.

He is angry when Feng lies to Jiang Tai that Bang Ben can return home two days later. They should not say irresponsible words as the checkup report out the next day might not turn good and she needs to stay. He tells Jiang Tai to be sensible - which is more important - his mother to return home or to get well? Jiang Tai weeps and Feng asks why Yi Sheng doesn't try to understand Jiang Tai's feelings. He replies that stupid doctors should not do stupid things otherwise patients will believe every word.

The suicide commotion is caused by her. Doctors are busy and they don't waste time on private affairs. She points out that he lies - doesn't he give up too - how long should the CPR be to revive patients. He replies that it should be done case by case. He has his own line to draw. She challenges him - is he afraid of facing comatose patients? He tells her not to ask since she knows it.

Yi Sheng is with Zao Ji again. He recalls the happy times he has with her. Feng's words strike him - the
time should be 1 hour. Yu sees that Bang Ben's blood pressure dips but doesn't want You Ji to inform Yi Sheng. He asks her whether he can't be trusted as an intern. He wants her to give her 3g of glucose hourly. Nurses should just listen to doctors. You Ji obeys unwillingly but is alarmed when Bang Ben suddenly stops breathing. Yi Sheng rushes there, demanding to know what Yu has given.

Yu refuses to believe - it is not him and how can he make a mistake? Yi Sheng tells him to leave the room after reprimanding him for making decisions without consulting him. Although Yi Sheng makes her heartbeat return, they operate on her. Yi Sheng and Jie take turns to do the CPR. It is past 1 h and she is still not breathing. Her family comes and stands in distress outside the ER. Feng tells him to continue because of Jiang Tai. Sure indeed, he looks at he boy and continues - calling her to return because she has a son.

He recalls the past when Zao Ji is sent to hospital. He rushes to see her (he is still wearing a white doctor's robe then and neatly dressed with a tie.) from his department to ER. It grieves him to see blood flowing non-stop from her head and he presses her heart to do CPR frantically. But she shows no response and others have to pull him aside. Suddenly, Luo He holds his hand. He looks at the indicator - Bang Ben's heartbeat is raised to 99 now.

Although You Ji and Feng are delighted, Jie and Yi Sheng are not optimistic. She isn't saved yet and the problem comes later. Her brain doesn't have enough oxygen. If she is lucky, she will wake the next day, a month later or never wakes up. Her family cries - Yi Sheng recalls the same for him when the doctor tells him the same thing for Zao Ji. He sits quietly at a corner.

The next day, all are relieved that she wakes up. Yi Sheng goes to Zao Ji's room next door. He makes her sit up and leans close to her, supporting her by the waist. Will she wake up too? He kisses her face and cries. Although Feng doesn't know what is happening behind the door, she can feel his grief. (This is the most touching scene in the whole serial.)

3. Children
Feng is too sleepy in the operation theatre. Yi Sheng kicks her leg to wake her up (amusing to see how startled she is.) and even greets her good morning for sleeping so well! Jie is writing his thesis for his conference. They receive a call and think that it is Feng's boyfriend. She is surprised to know that it is Yu from Yu Tian airport. He wants Feng to return him the hamster under his bed. Feng sets out to meet him and wants to persuade him to return.

Yi Sheng feeds ice into Zao Ji's mouth slowly. Zao Ji can't talk so the nurses are touched to see him cutting the ice into smaller pieces to moisture her lips and to quench her thirst. (A very touching scene that you must see for yourself. )An underworld boss is sent in together with 5 other food poisoning patients. Tian Ye has said not to accept anymore because there are not enough beds. Ju Chi is about reject them when Yi Sheng accepts them. He then says that Ju Chi's thesis is out on the magazine. The nurses read it and are amused to find out the content - being an ER doctor, he must try all means to accept patients. Ju Chi blushes and blames for causing the embarrassment.

Yu is at the airport when he meets Feng. A woman suddenly faints after eating a biscuit. Feng decides to send her to their hospital - Yu hesitates to return. Luo He praises You Ji for looking good as the cover girl in the Nurse magazine. He imagines how she will look in swimwear but she ignores him. The extra patients are on the sofa or stretchers. The busy doctors then discover that Feng isn't around and grumble. Yi Sheng receives another call and is puzzled why a female patient must be sent from Yu Tian. He is taken aback when the paramedics inform him that their doctors are with her.

Upon their return, Yi Sheng treats as if nothing has happened and tells Yu to get their things ready. Yu sets down to work as his assistant and his confidence returns. Yi Sheng extracts a piece of biscuit from her throat. Yi Sheng touches her stomach but all freeze upon looking at the monitor. Even the ER head is startled. The poor patient cries, thinking that she is dying.

Laugh at the outcome - Yi Sheng tells her husband that she is 46 and is pregnant for 8 months! She has implications from blood pressure and diabetics. The husband is too shocked. The director invites Feng and Yu to eat with him. Feng recalls him saying that those who leave jobs without notice are redundant to the hospital. She begs the director to give Yu a chance since he does well earlier. Yu runs away and Jie shakes his head. He laments that Feng is too stupid to hurt his pride in front of Yu for saying that.

Yu runs into Yi Sheng. Yi Sheng wants him to search for the 150 mice which escape from the laboratory to make atone for his mistake so that he can return. Yu is overjoyed by his decision. Duo Tian shakes his head at Feng's stupidity too - he only says the words in a fit of anger and has known that Yu will return. The old man blames his wife for being so ignorant. She has thought that it is menopause and she forgets the feeling of getting pregnant after 25 years. By the way, she was also ignorant the last time.

A high school student is pregnant and Ju Chi sends Feng out to talk to her mother so that he can consul the teenager. The underworld leader begs the nurses to let him leave as his friends are in danger. Upon seeing Feng calling up the gynae department to request for a bed, Tian Ye stops her. It is full of mothers and the teenager's mother has not visited her daughter to make the decision. They will just let her sleep in the ER room. Feng should check this fact since she is a doctor.

Stupid Feng - she tries to persuade the student to abort the child since it is only 10 weeks old! She gets agitated and You Ji has to calm her down. Feng later trips over the wire and makes Jie lose all his information before he can store them on his laptop. He is disappointed and tells her that a small mistake can't be amended even in ER. This is a place for professionals to save lives and not a school.

Feng starts to feel that she is giving trouble to others and says impulsively that she will go to Mongolia then. The underworld leader hears that and begs her to give him a chance to escape from the police and he will return her the favour. The old man tells Yi Sheng that he wishes to abort the child. He is 50 and his wife is 46. They are going to have a grandchild soon so how can they answer to others?

Yi Sheng brings him to listen to his child's heartbeat. The baby can hear sounds from the outside and it is a beautiful life. The student hears it too and is also touched. Feng discovers that her mother is also concerned to sleep outside the ER. Feng asks Yi Sheng whether he has lost his confidence to be a doctor before. He replies no - if she has no confidence, she should quit and avoid giving patients trouble.

A boy swallows a rubber toy and Yi Sheng extracts it out. The two women quarrel in the boy's ward and Feng is frustrated that they push the blame to each other so she snaps at them to shut up. The old woman is going to give birth and the student's mother is relieved as she thinks that her daughter is the one. Yi Sheng sees that Feng is enthusiastic on the job so he only assists her. She has trouble getting the baby and is about to give up when Yi Sheng commands her to continue.

If she escapes, this becomes habitual. She finally gets the baby girl out and she gets so relieved that she sits down in the ER. Tian Ye shows her to Feng and praises her for doing well. The old man thanks her too. Yi Sheng is shocked to know that the leader disappears and a travel agent even approaches Feng, telling her that the leader has paid for her trip to Mongolia!

4. Marriage

A young man is dying in 5 days time because of a fatal head injury at work and he is newly wed. Ju Chi takes a day off to be with his family but all are shocked to see him being sent into the ER, only wearing his swimming trucks. They are amused to know that he only inhales abnormally when getting too excited and what he has to do is only to blow air into a plastic bag. But yet, he gets frantic to ask for the ambulance. His wife is relieved to hear that but all are confused when another wife comes.

They realize that the later is the real wife and the former is Ju Chi's mistress. He gets so hysterical when his wife demands to know why he buys a ring for his mistress and keeps blowing air into the plastic bag. An
old woman who is senile and dying from liver cancer is admitted. Yi Sheng demands to know why she is with makeup. Feng explains that she hopes to make her regain part of the memory. She thinks that Yi Sheng will get mad with her. But…….he tells her that she should do a better job because the patient wants her now. She is relieved but is still afraid upon seeing his stern face.

The old woman still can't recognize her husband and keeps asking if the date is 27 Jan. Yi Sheng replies that it is 26 Jan. She keeps thinking that she is newly wed and Yi Sheng is her husband. Yi Sheng tells the old man that his wife can only survive for a week. He ponders why she keeps mentioning the date but dismisses it as impossible that she can remember it.

The young man is dead and Feng comments that his young wife is nice to keep him company. She snaps at Feng - if she doesn't do it, she will scold her. Feng even reprimands her when she is late and says that her husband is lonely. She feels tormented coming and now she is glad not to see Feng's face anymore.

Ju Chi's lover and wife meet to scratch each other's hands. The lover decides to leave Ju Chi while his wife wants a divorce. The director asks Ju Chi how long he wants to be a patient. The old woman wants Yi Sheng to stay with her and the old man leaves sadly. He requests Feng to let her remember the 50 years they have together before her death.

Jing Teng brings the old man to see Zao Ji. She is in a coma for 7 months and has no heart beat when sent into the hospital. But when she regains her heartbeat after 50 minutes, all announce that she has zero hope but the old man knows that Yi Sheng hans't given up. Jing Teng tells him sadly that it is their wedding anniversary today. Feng tells the story to You Ji - is she too much? Tian Ye says yes - it is a taboo to say that patients are lonely and Feng should say that the patients are happy to see their family.

Feng returns and sees Yi Sheng with Zao Ji. He feeds ice into her mouth again. Ju Chi has no sexual relationship with his lover as this woman is a mamason and he only wants to have fun. Feng asks Yi Sheng to impersonate as the old woman's husband. He looks at her - is this a form of treatment? Doctors will find it a joke. She reminds him that he is also waiting for Zao Ji to be with her daily too.

The old woman is dying the next day and the old man comes with a ring. He has promised to celebrate today - their 50th wedding anniversary. This is the first time he remembers. Feng and Yi Sheng are stunned so Yi Sheng can't turn him down when he requests him to slip the wedding ring into the old woman's finger. Upon touching her husband's ring, the old woman recognizes him and dies peacefully. (This is the most heartbreaking scene in t he whole serial.)

Ju Chi believes his wife will return since they have children. But all are amused to see him kneeling in front of her to ask for forgiveness later and to maintain that he has done noting discreet with his 'lover'. She forgives him and requests others to take care of Ju Chi. Luo He envies that it is nice to get married while Feng comments that Ju Chi has a good wife. She is remorseful as she is reminding Yi Sheng about his misfortunate although he agrees with her. He is back at the rooftop, smoking in loneliness again.

5. Who is more important?

A policeman and a criminal are admitted together. The policeman's colleague is displeased that Yi Sheng doesn't save his colleague first. Yi Sheng wants him to work according to the rules and Jie is late when attending to the policeman who has heart trouble before. Yi Sheng quickly takes over from Jie in doing the CPR but he is dead. The policeman hits Yi Sheng and says that he kills him. He lodges a complaint.

Feng knows that they have done their best. Zuo Tian reprimands all for being incompetent. Yi Sheng has not seen him for a long time and he knows that something always happens when Yi Sheng is around. He scolds him for saving the patient first. The policeman is not ordinary - he is the MP's relative. This matter will be blown up as a scandal and the unit head is apologetic but Yi Sheng doesn't think that he is wrong. (The war between the men creates lots of tension in here.) Why is Zuo Tian so hostile to him?

The hospital managing director once has a heart attack. Who is called in to save him - it is neither the hospital director nor Zuo Tian but Jing Teng as he is known for his skillfulness. Thus Zuo Tian is jealous of him from then onwards. But the man is still dead and Jing Teng feels bad after that too. Zuo Tian tells Jie that he considers him for a promotion - to be the deputy head of external unit. But he has to make sure that he reports to him whatever Yi Sheng has done.

The copy that Jie does for him as his presentation receives good response. This jerk actually publishes his work under his own name! Jie's daughter, Mei Hui wants Yi Sheng to pass something to her father. Yi Sheng can't recognize her at once but Luo He knows her immediately - because he can't forget the women he likes. Feng, Yi Sheng and Luo He smile at her answer. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up. Laugh at Luo He's response. Feng isn't as adorable as before after being an intern and she even wears the wrong socks to work. Mei Hui should marry him before that happens.

She tells Jie that he is seducing her but she rejects him to become a doctor to save lives. Jie feels guilty. The policeman comes to hand the autopsy report of his colleague - the man has died because of a damaged artery and not due to heart attack so it is his mistake. Jie knows that it is his fault but is silent. Yi Sheng looks calmly at the policeman and he will make sure that Yi Sheng loses his doctor license.

Yi Sheng looks at the x-ray of the deceased - Jie is in charge of it and Feng knows that Yi Sheng can't bring himself to tell in front of Mei Hui. They don't see the damaged artery at all - that means that there is nothing wrong with their examination earlier. Zuo Tian insists that the policeman is right and wants them to find out any other complications. He scolds Yi Sheng for using ICU as his own to put his comatose wise there. Even though she is his closed one, he should put her elsewhere in order not to waste resources.

All feel uneasy over his words and worry that Zao Ji will be forced to leave. Zuo Tian is going to present all the x-rays to the others during the conference. Yi Sheng, Duo Tian and Jie will be present then. You Ji knows that Yi Sheng hasn't given up on his wife and she should wake up soon. She visits Zao Ji but the nurses tell her not to wipe Zao Ji's body for him as Yi Sheng will do it during his free time.

She still does it and assures her not to worry as Yi Sheng will stay with her till she wakes up. She sees Zao Ji's ring and envies her. Yi Sheng often massages her fingers and she wonders what she is doing. (Is she in
love with him?!) Feng vows to be more successful than Yi Sheng and looks at the x-ray again. Feng looks at the x-ray names. Someone might have stolen it.

You Ji tells her that one x-ray is missing. If that is the one that Jie steals to replace the policeman's x-ray to cover his deed, he will be safe. The real x-ray may have the detail. Feng wants to tell the truth but Yi Sheng prevents her from doing so. Jie gets nervous when the date approaches. Zuo Tian vows to teach Yi Sheng a lesson. Yi Sheng confronts Jie - he makes Jie nervous by keeping silent. Jie comes from the village and knows that the coming promotion chance will not come the second time if he misses it.

He wants to give Mei Hui a better life and can't lose his license. So Yi Sheng gathers that he knows that he knows his mistake but still wants to keep from him. Jie takes out the real x-ray. Yi Sheng looks at it - if Yi Sheng is the one, he will detect it. But Jie is not that observant and he only listens to instructions. Jie can't admit to blow up the matter to lose everything. He begs Yi Sheng to help him but he is silent. Yi Sheng has a weak spot - his wife will not be accepted by another hospital. If Jie has the power, he can help Zao Ji to stay. Yi Sheng gets so mad that he nearly hits him for threatening him.

6. Can Zao Ji and Yi Sheng stay?
Jie knows that he is too much that Yi Sheng despises him but he has to care for his family. Yi Sheng replies that he has a family too and storms out of the room. All are nervous over the hearing - Feng hasn't found
the real x-ray. It is now with Yi Sheng in Zao Ji's room. Feng knows that Yi Sheng will not hand it out if he has it. Yi Sheng arrives with the x-ray to the conference room. Jie wonders if Yi Sheng is going to expose him. Yi Sheng takes out the x-ray.

Zuo Tian points out that it is funny that the experienced Jing Teng can't detect it. Jing Teng doesn't explain but promises that this will not happen again. So he takes the rap for Jie. Jie feels remorseful when meeting Yi Sheng at work. Yi Sheng visits Zao Ji and sees a new drip there. He asks who changes for her as he has not instructed it. Luo He is the one who does it. Yu works hard so that he will not make mistakes.

This reminds Jie about it and Feng looks at Jie, recalling Yi Sheng's words. Yi Sheng doesn't want Luo He to take care of Zao Ji but is dismayed to know that he isn't the doctor in charge for Zao Ji. Feng's mentor turns to Jie. Feng is worked up - is this Yi Sheng's punishment? Duo Tian says that Feng should not make a wrong diagnosis and she has no right to protest against the change. Yi Sheng signals her to stop talking. Jie feels bad for Yi Sheng as he leaves the room in anguish.

A patient is sent in and Yi Sheng is dismayed that Jie insists on using medication without the patient's records. What happens if the wrong diagnosis results a heart attack? Jie is angry that Yi Sheng doesn't trust him and all refuse to listen to Yi Sheng. Ju Chi even takes over. You Ji is dismayed to see Zuo Tian using Zao Ji as an example to teach interns how to treat comatose patients. (This fellow is too much - telling them how to watch out using the torch to flash into her left eye.) She rushes to tell Yi Sheng the news.

Duo Tian tells the interns not to touch Zao Ji like a corpse and Yi Sheng rushes in, demanding them to stop.
This jerk even tells Yi Sheng to demonstrate how he does everyday Yi Sheng gives him a punch when he tells all that Zao Ji has no hope of recovery. They should even come more often to make practices! (Poor man - he can't take it anymore.) Feng can't accept him from bring framed and brings the real x-ray to see Zuo Tian to tell the truth. Stupid woman - he burns the x-ray after she leaves! She should have brought it up to the ER head. Yi Sheng stays with Zao Ji and leaves reluctantly when Duo Tian wants to see him. The verdict is out and Yi Sheng has to stop his ER duties.

Yi Sheng can only treat outpatients and has to wait for the final verdict. That means he has to look for a job elsewhere now. Jie hears it and gets worried. Yi Sheng walks out of the hospital - well dressed in a suit and tie. (All must see this as Egochi is so dashing in the dark blue suit and tie with a light blue shirt.) He has been to many hospitals and they don't accept him. Finally a hospital agrees even after knowing that he is sacked. The hospital will not let him display his talents due to lack of patients but Yi Sheng will not choose patients. The hospital also agrees to let Zao Ji be admitted.

Zuo Tian tells Jie that he knows the truth and Yi Sheng must leave. Feng and You Ji are puzzled why Yi Sheng leaves early in the morning. Luo He says that he is out to look for a job but it must be tough for him. Yi Sheng's negative news is published in the magazine. This is too much - especially when the x-ray incident is also included. Feng realizes that she is being made used of. Yi Sheng returns and meets Jie. Both have nothing to say to each other when they pass each other.

Duo Tian is angry that Duo Tian doesn't give Yi Sheng a chance to stay. He thinks that the punishment is too harsh. Zuo Tian just doesn't want to admit that he pales in comparison to Yi Sheng. Ju Chi tells Yu not to read the magazine in front of the patients to make them lose confidence in them. Yi Sheng is upset when the hospital can't accept him - not because of the magazine but because the staff complains about him. The director is apologetic but Yi Sheng doesn't mind. Feng tells him the truth and Yi Sheng is in anguish. He goes to see Zuo Tian. Is Yi Sheng unhappy over the verdict?

Yi Sheng wants to stay here with his wife. Zuo Tian wants him Hasn't Yi Sheng seen other examples during his intern days? Yi Sheng is forced to apologise to use the ICR like his own and hitting him. Zuo Tian still refuses to let him off. Yi Sheng walks away aimlessly and You Ji doesn't know how to console him. Yi Sheng helps in the saving operation of a patient. Although his heart stops and all diagnose him dead because of serious head injuries, Yi Sheng still does CPR. How can they watch patients to die? Sure enough, the man's heart beat returns for a while.

7. Jie's struggle

Feng tells him to stop as it is too late as the patient is dead. Zuo Tian reprimands him for breaking the rule again since he is stopped of his duties. The others look at him silently and Feng looks at Jie with a disgusted look. Yi Sheng is with Zao Ji - Duo Tian can only help Yi Sheng to the extent of making him resign within a week instead of being sacked but Yi Sheng still thanks him for it.

You Ji worries when no place accepts Zao Ji. Yi Sheng feeds Zao Ji water and stays with her. Now he is free to have time with her. Yi Sheng is going out again - with only a windbreaker over his long shirt. He goes to see the classmate he hates most - he requests him to let Zao Ji stay in his hospital. His friend treats her like a guest as long as Yi Sheng has money to give him - 10 years ago, Yi Sheng has said him to be treating patients as tools to make money in front of classmates and their mentor. So he wants Yi Sheng to apologise for his deed for exchange.

Yi Sheng leaves without saying anything. Jie is going for his promotion interview soon. You Ji informs Feng that You Ji suddenly holds her hand back but she shows no response now. Feng pages him but he has left his pager in the hospital. Feng looks through the schedule list and decides to go to Yi Sheng's friend's hospital to look for him there. Yi Sheng hurries into the ward upon getting the message.

The doctors do checks but are puzzled when she shows no response now. Yi Sheng holds her hand anxiously and wants her to open her eyes. Why is her brainwave still at the same wavelength? He plays her favourite music from the radio. Why isn't she moving her finger now? Hasn't she heard it? Yi Sheng bursts into tears. He is not behaving like a normal doctor but is a patient's family to experience the agony of failure. You Ji confesses that she lies to make Yi Sheng stay.

The nurses have looked after her for so long and she can't let her leave. Tian Ye reprimands her for disregarding Yi Sheng's feelings. Ju Chi and Luo He also chide Feng for not checking out the facts before informing Yi Sheng. You Ji blurts - is Yi Sheng committing such a big offence to be forced to leave with Zao Ji? Jie hears it and gets disturbed. Yi Sheng can bear with it no more and wants time to be with Zao Ji.

Yi Sheng lets Zao Ji hold the towels in her hands and blames himself for this. Yi Sheng apologises to his friend for his words. (This is so sad when he kneels to him and his friend laughs haughtily.) Zao Ji finally gets the transfer 3 days later. Yi Sheng tenders his resignation. Jie apologises to him for making him the scapegoat. Yi Sheng maintains that it is his own problem and he needs not do it.

Jie can accept his promotion then. Yi Sheng does the simple task as a normal doctor on his last day. He has no choice but to earn money for Zao Ji's hospitalization fees. They want o hold a party for Yi Sheng to cheer him up without Jie as he is too close to Zuo Tian. Jie looks at his family photo before getting into the interview room. The interview goes smoothly.

Yi Sheng is doing routine checkups for a hotel's staff when the waiter leads him into a room to examine a man - he has breathing problems. (He wears a doctor's robe but his rank has dropped drastically.) He finds an erupted lung after being assaulted - he is a politician and doesn't want publicity. Yi Sheng demands them to call the ambulance. Is a life more important than a win in the election?

Duo Tian frowns when all criticize Yi Sheng. Now he should be out of the medical circle for good after Jie's interview. Jie turns to tell them the truth - he can't bear to let Yi Sheng and his wife getting unfair treatment. Jie is relived to tell the truth - he is too honest but he can have a clear conscience now.

The staff are shocked that Yi Sheng is coming in with a politician. They prepare the medical stuff frantically as he can do nothing in the ambulance. How wrong they are - he uses 6 long injection needles to release the air bubbles which are blocking him from breathing! Zuo Tian warns Jie not to reveal that he burns the x-ray to get him into trouble. They are puzzled why Yi Sheng is in ER when they see him.

Ju Chi stops the press from coming in. Zuo Tian's eyes nearly prop out as the politician might be the next prime minister. The others are impressed with Yi Sheng using needles to stop the wound. Jie thrusts his suit jacket aside and comes in to help them. Zuo Tian is angry that Yi Sheng gets to show off again. He is saved and the politician's helper, a senator praises Yi Sheng for his skills.

Yi Sheng removes the operation robe and Zuo Tian wants him to meet him at 9 the next day with the senator. The senator has wanted Yi Sheng to be the doctor in charge. Jie has cleared his name for him so all his punishment is removed. He might be the next doctor in charge of another unit. Yi Sheng saves him not because of the patient's status as he doesn't choose patients. He only tries his best to save lives.

Everyone in ER will try their best to save lives and they think differently from Zuo Tian who harps on status. Duo Tian sighs - why does he say so much at this time to provoke Zuo Tian further? Yi Sheng tells Jie to forget everything since they can work together again. Jie smiles as he is forgiven.

8. Fathers and daughters

Da Yuan refuses to eat the food which is watery and tasteless. His daughter, Nai Xu Zi forces him to eat it. Jie and Yi Sheng decide to use the delivery room as ER is being used for other patients. You Ji's father is being sent in after being injured by a crane. You Ji refuses to acknowledge him although she admits that he is her father. Her mother has passed away and she is cold to him.

Her father, Ying Jing hasn't seen a doctor for his lung problem. A new batch of trainee nurses come and all laugh when Duo Tian is at a loss of what to say but to mention that he will arrange a welcome party for them. The funeral parlours' business isn't doing well and all are competing against each other. Yi Sheng wants to see You Ji when she is back for night shift.

The head nurse hears that a parlour comes secretly to get business before their arranged counterparts. Yu is now inviting a woman to watch a play. He seems to be in love with a beauty. But it seems that he can't get her. Tian Ye is fed up for the people to say that someone in the hospital is divulging information to get commission. Yi Sheng tells You Ji that Ying Jing's bone injury is fine but the lung cancer condition is serious. He has hurt his lung in the past to make it serious now and he suspects that it is cancer.

You Ji visits Ying Jing and he has difficulty breathing now. Da Yuan is beside him and makes him better. Both hate doctors and Da Yuan is here because of his daughter. Da Yuan praises him for having a good daughter. Da Yuan tells Nai Xu Zi to take care of the house. Feng explains that You Ji is too busy but Ying Jing tells them that she hasn't been home for 3 years. He lies that he is ok.

You Ji avoids meeting Ying Jing but Feng forces her to help him to remove Ying Jing's cast with her. She tells Feng that her mother passes away when she is 5. Her elder sister has heart problem as her mother so her father often stays in hospital while she is alone at home. Her sister dies when she is 17. After that, he starts to control her life and so she takes up nursing to get away from him. Feng disagrees with her act.

Ying Jing cooks BBQ meat in the ward and lets Da Yuan eat it. But he is unable to eat as he has difficulty breathing and vomits blood. The sprinkler works to diffuse the flame and You Ji quarrels with Ying Jing. They have to repair the damaged equipment. The doctors and nurses have gone to apologise to others on his behalf. Yi Sheng tends to Da Yuan and he hangs on to see Nai Xu Zi the last time.

He is glad that Long comes too - he is his son from his lover. Long's mother also passes away and they must be together after he leaves. Nai Xu Zi can't believe this - how can this be happening? She can never accept Long as her younger brother. Yu is overjoyed that his date is coming true but is puzzled why she keeps asking when a person is dying.

Duo Tian and Tian Ye are puzzled over the culprit's identity although they know the staff well. Chang Qi overhears them mentioning You Ji's name and think that she is the culprit to spread the news. In reality, the two have headaches over the cost damage that her father has created. Ying Jing is angry when nurses rumour that You Ji is the one earning the commission from the funeral parlour. He suddenly has breathing problems again and wants to have a puff.

a Yuan dies and Nai Xu Zi is angry that Da Yuan keeps from her about Long's existence. Yi Sheng wants her to hold Da Yuan's hands to tell him everything. Why doesn't he give her a chance to scold him? She tells him not to worry as she will survive without her parents. This is what she wants to tell him. Why doesn't he listen to her before leaving? She will never forgive him. She holds Long's hand to put their hands together over Da Yuan's hand to apologise to Da Yuan. (This scene is very touching.) You Ji starts to reflect over her own action. Yi Sheng and Feng have the check-up results - Ying Jing does have cancer.

You Ji is under stress when all accuse her to be the culprit. Yi Sheng tells her the result. Ying Jing overhears the funeral parlous worker coming to get business and stops her - where does she get the news? Because of her, You Ji is under suspicion. The woman runs away and both trip down the stairs. The woman sprains her ankle while Ying Jing is in pain. You Ji rushes there, thinking that he is violent to a patient's family. She tells him not to fool around as he will die of cancer soon. Yi Sheng and Feng look at her sternly while Ying Jing is silent over the news. You Ji runs out.

9. Family ties

Ying Jing wants Yi Sheng to be frank to him but he will only tell him the next day when the thorough result is out. You Ji cries at the rooftop. Yi Sheng intends to tell the truth to Ying Jing. The other patient happens to be Yu's date. Ying Jing can't be completely cured but he will try his best. Ying Jing can only survive for 6 months if he doesn't have the operation. You Ji apologises for what has happened. This is the first time Yi Sheng sees how a hospital staff reveals the illness to the patient and Yi Sheng tells what really happens.

It is because of her but You Ji is still unmoved - Yi Sheng will never understand her. Duo Tian wants Yu to apologise to Yi Sheng and the rest although his act isn't intentional. All laugh upon knowing that he is the spy and wants him to write an apology report. Yu is unhappy with her for keeping it from him. Luo He coaxes him to have match making sessions instead.

A teenager being hit by a pillar on the head is sent in. Jie examines him and he is in critical danger. His friends describe him of picking up a mitten to prevent it from getting dirty. His brain has stopped functioning and his parents are upset - he is only 18. Jie and You Ji don't know how to console them. Tian Ye wants You Ji to do the cleaning for Ying Jing.

Ying Jing refuses treatment while You Ji refuses to meet him. Ying Jing regrets not taking care of You Ji to make her hate him. He knows his refusing of treatment will cause death but he is scared. Yi Sheng tells You Ji to persuade Ying Jing to go for the operation. She can't face him so Feng asks if she will regret. You Ji says that she will not shed a tear. She only thinks that he is weak now.

She has wanted to be nicer to him but she can't do it. Yi Sheng doesn't want to hear this - what has she actually see - this is a saving place and she is one of them so she must wake up! Yi Sheng is obviously fed up with her. You Ji runs out and Feng follows her to have dinner together. You Ji assures her that she is fine but Feng is here to tell her that her job is her choice.

She wants to do lots of things for her boyfriend, Yu Shu but she has no time. If only she can be frank to him. She knows that You Ji is worried for her father but she says that she hates him and Yi Sheng. You Ji calls back and wants Yi Sheng to send a drunk Feng back to the hospital with her. Jie and Yu come on his behalf since You Ji has morning shift the next day. The two have a meal there.

Feng mumbles that Yi Sheng doesn't know the feelings of women and only knows how to work. Both men are shocked to hear that and so is Feng to see them. The two then tell Duo Tian and Ju Chi that Feng drinks well - she is the one who makes them drunk. You Ji feels bad seeing the young man dying and promises to send the mitten to the police station to find the owner. His parents bade him goodbye before Jie removes him from the life support. You Ji recalls Yi Sheng's words and suddenly a mother sends her son to hospital who nearly drowns in the bathroom.

The staff tries their best to save him. Ying Jing suddenly goes into a coma and Yi Sheng is shocked. He gets there with Feng. Since the ER is being used, Yi Sheng decides to conduct the operation on the spot. Yi Sheng demands You Ji to be around. You Ji tries to keep him warm - the mother must be too terrified to ask for an ambulance to send him here instead of her car. You Ji pacifies a petrified her.

You Ji is still hesitant and avoids seeing her father even after knowing that Ying Jing is in danger. She promises to go after this. (She is such a stubborn woman and I might slap her if I were Feng instead of standing there.) Yi Sheng hears Ying Jing mumbling You Ji's name and wonders why his blood pressure runs low when nothing is wrong. The boy is saved when he spits out water. You Ji only runs to Ying Jing's ward now but he is already dead. She cries but Yi Sheng assures her that he is fine.

Ying Jing can't sleep so he has taken some sleeping pills secretly. Yi Sheng pushes her to talk to Ying Jing. He doesn't want a funeral but You Ji wants him to receive treatment. She wants him to continue living for her sake - she has seen too many sad cases. He finally agrees and she hugs him. You Ji apologises to the other nurses for causing the trouble. She also thanks Yi Sheng for his advice and believes Zao Ji will wake up one day. Sure enough, Zao Ji's left finger starts moving and touches the towel. But Yi Sheng doesn't get to see this when he enters to eat his food and keeping her company. (Sure wrong timing for both of them!)

10. Yi Sheng and Zao Ji's condition

Yi Sheng is performing an operation when he is told that Zao Ji's condition worsens and she dies when he is in her room. Yi Sheng breaks a cup and wakes up, relieved to find that she is still breathing. He leaves the room and Zao Ji opens her eye slightly. Xiang Zi sees a stalker and wants You Ji to change shifts with her. She tells Luo He about it but he doesn't take it seriously.

A motorist is sent in with his girlfriend. She is disfigured as many bones are broken. Yi Sheng wants her to take an x-ray. His vision suddenly becomes blur and he can't insert the needles properly. The woman refuses to stay with other patients in the same ward in ER as she doesn't want to face others. After so long, Finally, someone discovers Zao Ji moving!

Yi Sheng asks for panadols as he feels unwell. He gives his files to Feng - she will need to make reports for him and tell him how to communicate with the patients' families. Yi Sheng rushes to see Zao Ji upon knowing that she opens an eye. He calls her name but she shows no response. He is about to give up when she slowly opens her both eyes slightly but closes them again. This is not enough for recovery but all hope that it is a good sign. Yi Sheng stays beside her - it has been too long for him since the 8 months.

Xiang Zi wants to work in a normal ward and has asked for a transfer. She is afraid that someone is harassing her as he sends her a tape on her to the hospital. Luo He watches the tape with others and realizes the seriousness. They finally find out the stalker is a university student who stabs himself thrice in the stomach to be sent here before and is mentally unstable. The woman refuses to believe her condition is fine.

Yi Sheng plays music to Zao Ji and holds her hand. Jie doesn't wish Yi Sheng to rush issues. He walks out and suddenly Yi Sheng feels faint to break a glass drip. He still assures Feng that he is fine and is just too tired. Feng knows something is amiss and helps him to fix the things back. She has wanted to ask him how to provide treatment but seeing him so tired, she decides to work out on her own.

The woman removes the bandage and screams to faint when she looks into the mirror. Her boyfriend is worried over her condition. She has refused to see him and wants to cancel their wedding. Is her condition so serious? She doesn't want treatment and Feng is helpless. She will take care of other patients now. Chang Qi worries when Yi Sheng wants strong panadols from her but refuses to tell her what is wrong. Feng assures her that he might be too tired and needs it but she is suspicious now.

Luo He and Yu find that the new patient has a big brain tumour. He often has headaches and often asks for strong panadols after that. He can't see things clearly and will knock into things easily. Feng recalls that all these symptoms match with Yi Sheng's case. The man works too hard and is too busy to see a doctor. He might not recover completely even after his operation. Yi Sheng listens calmly but Feng doesn't tell all the rest although she looks at him.

All are shocked to know that Xiang Zi and Luo He are getting married but are happy for them. She will work till the end of the month and resign soon. The male doctors pester him - how can he keep from them for so long? He is so cold all along and yet he gets the most delicious dish. The woman still refuses to marry her fiance but Feng knows that it is impossible for her to let go. They patch up finally.

All attend the party for the couple and the stalker tails them. Feng wants Yi Sheng not to keep from her but he still insists that he is too tired. Luo He has dated too many women to give them trouble and all laugh when the head nurse recalls how popular she is then. Ju Chi can only listen to the event through the phone as he covers their duties. Luo He announces that they have a shotgun marriage as Xiang Zi is pregnant.

He has seen many pregnant women but none of them are as pretty as her. This is the only time to tell her this and he puts the ring on her finger. All are touched by the event. Yi Sheng recalls how he places the ring on Zao Ji's hand when they get married too. Luo He promises to live only for Xiang Zi's sake and all clap. Chang Qi confesses that she has broken the electronic dictionary that Duo Tian's daughter gets for him.

Seeing him so badly affected, Yu takes over the M.C. job. Yi Sheng also says something - he congratulates them and hopes that Zao Ji will wake up soon after so long. He thanks all for supporting him all this time. They clap for him and after the party, Luo He mentions that he is touched over Yi Sheng's speech. Feng mentions that the nurse breaks it by dropping it into the fish tank.

Yi Sheng reminds her that they should not mention something bad over a happy occasion. Xiang Zi doesn't mind but the stalker arrives to stab Luo He in the stomach. The three get frantic and rush him to hospital. They remove all the things from the florist's van and Feng drives. Luo He feels cold and Xiang Zi tries to keep him warm. The hospital is completely filled and Feng pushes a stretcher. He tells Feng to get the tranquiller quickly to help him to do it right outside the ER.

Feng tells Xiang Zi to do with her. She obeys her and Yi Sheng decides to dissect him there. Feng brings all the tools for him to operate on Luo He. They give him the medication and it works. Feng has to look for an operation theatre while he will continue to take care of him. Yi Sheng's vision suddenly turns blur but he hangs on. Luo He is rescued and is fine to get admitted. Xiang Zi nearly collapses and Feng stays to take care of her. Yi Sheng goes to Zao Ji's room and suddenly feels the pain in his head when he tries to hold her hand. He struggles and Zao Ji can feel it.

11. Yi Sheng's illness

Feng sees him in pain but he still insists that he is fine and wants her not to tell others. He says it has nothing to do with her and wants her to get back to work. He keeps taking pills to reduce the pain. The others approach her after learning what happens to Luo He. She stops Jie and tells him what happens. All are relieved that Luo He survives and luckily Yi Sheng is with him then.

Jie demands Yi Sheng to look at him - how many fingers has he put out? Yi Sheng avoids his glares and Jie stops him. This is a normal symptom that interns know - how can he ignore this? Can a normal headache be so painful? Yi Sheng ignores him and leaves. Feng comes and Jie tells her that her guess is correct. Yi Sheng walks out and suddenly feels the pain again.

Yi Sheng recalls how sad he is then to find Zao Ji in hospital. He injects water to moisture her lips and suddenly his vision blurs. But he can see that she drinks the water on her own. Jie and Feng see that too but Jie insists that he has a check-up. He wants them to keep from the rest as he can't bear to leave Zao Ji when she is recovering. The two do the checkup for him secretly. The report is out - there is a tumour in the brain but they can't tell if it's cancerous.

But it is so big that it blocks his eyesight and he might die from it. He may even suffer from internal bleeding anytime. Jie wants him to have the operation immediately. Yi Sheng asks - can't taking medicine help? He still doesn't want to go for the operation now because he will have to stay in bed for weeks and Zao Ji may be waking up. Feng points out to him that he can't work properly now - what's the difference?

Luo He is recovering now. He laments that it is bad luck. He gets flowers from Hui Mei - but a person he doesn't know will not send the flowers here. Xiang Zi gets jealous while he tries not to answer. Yi Sheng holds his own x-ray but holds Zao Ji's hand with another. Jie approaches another colleague from the neurologist unit. His colleague finds out that Yi Sheng is young at 33 years old - all doctors will tell him to go for the operation. Isn't Jie studying the same thing? Jie claims that he is the senior so he is better to give advice. His colleague frowns when looking at the x-ray again.

Yi Sheng isn't in the ER as he has blur vision again and he nearly trips down the stairs. The pain is also unbearable too. All wonder where he has gone. He tries to give himself an injection but he drops the needle. He then sits down to have a rest. Feng sees him and reports on the new case. She knows that he can't move earlier. If not for Zao Ji, he will accept treatment. Zao Ji is fortunate to have him loving her so much. But what if she recovers and finds out that something happens to him, the significance is gone.

Jie comes and tells Yi Sheng that there might be a way out. The three walk into a room. His senior suggests him going for laser treatment to prevent the tumour from growing and this can delay the operation for a while. Jie feels bad for troubling his senior. His senior can't reject him as he pleads with him and he will keep it a secret. Jie helps Yi Sheng all the way because he owes him too much and he is an outstanding doctor. So they can't let him die like this.

Yi Sheng says he feels better after the treatment. He sees a man leading his wife home and envies them. Yi Sheng returns home and looks at the photos taken with Zao Ji. He looks at the calendar - it stops at 6 June 1998 and her watch is damaged. The roses that she puts in the vase have withered. Her cup is still there. He recalls her smiles. He gets to the balcony and wipes her shoes. (This scene has no dialogue but it shows how much he loves her.) He sets the watch to tick again.

He returns to the hospital with her shoes. Seeing her opening her eyes, he switches on the radio again. He tells her to wake up slowly despite being disappointed that she closes her eyes again. He will be with her. A female patient comes and laments that Luo He is too handsome to be an ER doctor. He should be a model instead and can she visit him when ill? Xiang Zi gets fierce to take his blood pressure and sees another bouquet of flowers from another woman, Xiang.

He claims that it is from a man and gets uneasy when seeing the love sentence on the card. His pulse becomes fast and Luo He has to tell the patient that Xiang Zi is his wife. The woman quickly returns to her seat and Xiang Zi wants Yu to move the bouquet out. Yu bursts out laughing with Feng and Ju Chi in their resting room. There are lots of bouquets there for Luo He and they wonder how many women he is out with then. One card even says that she is happy to know that he is stabbed. Ju Chi claims that flowers represent jealousy and revenge. Jie wants Feng to cover Yi Sheng's duties when he brings him out for treatment.

Feng doesn't want the nurses to trouble Jie or Yi Sheng although they are shorthanded. A girl has fever after coming in with her grandmother who has sprained her back. Tian Ye praises her for looking like a doctor now. After treating her, she looks at the child and she has a high fever now. Yu runs here and discovers that the temperature is too high and she might have viruses in the brain.

Luo He is in the same ward as her and says that she will be pretty when she grows up. Xiang Zi gets jealous although he doesn't mean it. Duo Tian wants to know what happens - why Jie and Yi Sheng are not around then. Yi Sheng then apologises and reveals his condition. All are shocked by the news. Why keep the serious news from them - because of Zao Ji? Duo Tian will approach them on his behalf as their superior.

If Yi Sheng's condition becomes serious, he will have to trouble them. Ju Chi doesn't mind doing night shift daily for him and the nurses promise to take care of Zao Ji for him so that he can have more rest. Yi Sheng is touched by his colleagues' concern for him. Duo Tian doesn't want him to keep from them anymore and they hope Zao Ji will wake up soon.

The tumour doesn't reduce the size and Jie's senior wants Yi Sheng to go for the operation because something might happen to him these few days. Feng and You Ji think that Zao Ji is a lucky woman. Zao Ji starts moving and You Ji hurries to call Yi Sheng. Jie is devastated over the result - that means Yi Sheng has kept it from him all along and he doesn't get better.

It doesn't matter to Yi Sheng as he wants to concentrate on Zao Ji - even though this costs him his life. Yi Sheng feels the pain again but rushes to see Zao Ji upon hearing the news. He runs so fast till he trips to fall on the floor. He has flashbacks of their happy moments together. So he staggers to walk to her - she sits up straight to smile at him and he is delighted. But alas - this is just his dream.

She is having breathing difficulties now. What happens to her? She has a virus attack and is having pneumonia now. This often happens to comatose patients. She is in danger now. he holds her hand tightly and touches her face in horror. Her shoes are placed beside her bed.

12. Will Yi Sheng go for the operation?

3 days later, Zao Ji's condition worsens and the couple may die if this goes on. Jie reports Yi Sheng's condition to Duo Tian and others. Yi Sheng wipes the sweat from Zao Ji's forehead and recalls how happy they are in the past - to shop in the mall and have meals together. He continues observing her progress. Feng is upset over the result and comes to the rooftop.

Yi Sheng suddenly has a headache and his vision becomes blur again as he drops Zao Ji's medical file on the floor. He bends to pick it up but faints. You Ji and Jie quickly send him to the ER. You will never believe this - he still clutches the file tightly although he is unconscious. They look at his CT x-ray - there I no bleeding so it must be weariness. He doesn't sleep for 3 days to keep Zao Ji company. Luckily his condition hasn't worsened.

Luo He looks through his notes and finds his writings on the dosage used and also the results of every check. However, his clear handwriting becomes faint towards the last few pages. Duo Tian decides to let him off duty so that he can concentrate on taking care of Zao Ji. Tian Ye asks - what hospital is this to have 2 doctors lying in the ward? Luo He also wants to recover soon to get married but Xiang Zi ignores him. Duo Tian laughs at Luo He being popular with women.

Feng sees Yi Sheng asleep and takes care of Zao Ji. Her hand starts moving again but she doesn't notice it. Another nurse detects that her lips are moving. A youngster is engaged in a fight and gets badly injured to be sent in. Jie tests Feng on her knowledge - both operations on his chest and the head must not be delayed and Jie says that she is good. The x-ray turns out that the skull has broken.

Duo Tian praises her for her correct analysis and she has grown up. She wants to prolong her intern period. She is supposed to be in external surgery next week. Duo Tian considers that they are short of manpower as Yi Sheng isn't around and he will talk to the person-in-charge. She continues writing notes on Yi Sheng's notebook on Zao Ji's progress. Yi Sheng's stethoscope is beside his bed when he wakes up.

You Ji and Luo He assure him that Zao Ji is fine but he still goes to see her. Feng refers to medical books when she is unsure of phrases. Yi Sheng doesn't want her to help. (He is very stubborn!) He doesn't want Feng to stay - she will not learn if she doesn't experiment. That is why she wants to stay. But she is just an intern - will he understand the relationship between him and Zao Ji.

Flowers again for Luo He - it is the 28th bouquet. It is from Jing Teng You Ji Li. He goes to see her and Xiang Zi is jealous. It is only then she recognizes her as his ex-patient. Her face was seriously wounded then but she has recovered now. Actually she should also thank Yi Sheng more. Her wound was very serious in the explosion but Yi Sheng insists of keeping her leg. There were also 20 over cases like this so all oppose to his decision as they have no time.

Yi Sheng even manages to see 10 cases from this ordeal on that day and treats every patient well. They recall how capable he was then. Jie worries that Yi Sheng doesn't sleep at all and demands to know how many panadols he has taken. Jie wants to take over in the writing - no one will know what he writes then with his handwriting. Yi Sheng gives in and tells him what Zao Ji needs when she wakes. She must not lie on the bed and don't force her to remember him.

Jie demands to know what he means - then what is the point of writing so much? To write what he remembers now and to note when he isn't here anymore. Jie is depressed and leaves. Zao Ji wants to talk but she can't. She lifts her hand but he can't see it. Jie meets his senior and hopes he can persuade Yi Sheng to go for the operation. He doesn't want him to lose his life. His senior is helpless as Yi Sheng doesn't listen to anyone. He meets Feng at the rooftop - Yi Sheng has told her to mind her own business.

What can she do now? Jie sympathesizes with her. Feng can't get along with Yi Sheng right from the start. Duo Tian wants Feng to go with him to ask other neurologists to help Yi Sheng. Ju Chi wants Yi Sheng not to force himself to read books but he insists that he is just a little tired. The neurologists are shocked by the result - how can they want they to stand by 24 hours just for him? They don't have so much manpower.

Yi Sheng should go for the operation now and not delay it. They have thought Duo Tian to be reasonable but they can't agree to it. Feng agrees that Yi Sheng is hard to deal with. He will scold patients and make children cry. He nearly loses his j ob by hitting Zuo Tian. He is her mentor for 3 months and he often scolds her. But he teaches her - to save a life, she must not give up.

Now, he is treating his comatose wife and has given all his time for her. Even though he might die, he gives up for her. Is this too much? Yi Sheng is taking painkillers again. She hopes that they can help. (Nanako shows improvement in her acting now as she proves that she can cry.) Still, all reject this request. The neurologist unit head, Dr He Yuan says that she meets a good senior. His mentor is also a great man. Because of him, he is where he is now so he accepts Duo Tian's request. (This is too good to be true.)

The three doctors stay because of this. Dr He Yuan laughs that they don't have to do that because of him as he is retiring soon. They are young but promising so Dr He Yuan feels safe to let them take care of Yi Sheng. Yi Sheng is with Zao Ji again but he feels terrible. He struggles to hold her hand after changing the drip for her. She fights hard to touch his hand when he falls on the ground. He is delighted and calls her, holding her hand. Does she know that he is there?

He has been waiting for her to wake up. She opens her eyes and says that she knows. She sheds a tear and he wants her to recover so that they can return home. He kisses her forehead and weeps. (It is such a touching scene.) Duo Tian wants Feng to go with him so that she can do something for Yi Sheng. They need sincerity to touch others - he touches his heart.

Feng is with a patient in the lift when it suddenly breaks down. There is a power failure. Ju chi tells all to cool down and check the equipment when the power is back. But the lift still doesn't move after that. The patient's condition becomes serious but no one hears them. Feng looks through the things they have but no one answers the telephone as they are saving others.

Yi Sheng happens to be there and answers the call. He gets there immediately but can't get in. He asks Feng about the medical record. Yi Sheng tells her how to treat him and Duo Tian arrives. Probably the arteries are blocked. They can't treat him in the lift but they have no time. Yi Sheng will guide her as the patient will die if they don't do anything. She can do it as she has followed him for 3months.

She is a doctor and she will try her best. He teaches her to insert the needle using the CV line since they don't have the blood suction tube. He tells her not to panick and do it. Yu and Duo Tian are glad that she is successful so they are relieved. They run to the lift as it is working now. Yi Sheng suddenly feels giddy again but he hangs on, guiding her on what to do next to stop the wound.

She tells Yi Sheng that the patient is fine and he praises her for doing well. She is delighted as this is the first time he does this. (We know how stingy he is with words and this is very rare.) So she has some use after all. He feels too painful to answer her now. She gets worried and rushes to the doctors' resting room when she hears no reply. Yi Sheng faints and both women panick upon seeing him lying on the floor. Feng cries and wants all to come immediately. He is being led out of the room and doesn't wake up even though Jie calls his name. Feng cries alone in the room.

13. Will both survive?

Feng is not in the mood to work and all have no guts to answer the telephone when it rings. The neurologist unit will inform them when the operation is over. The nurses also get restless and the head nurse chides them for stopping their work. This episode shows flashbacks of the past moments he has with the staff and with the patients so I will not go through again.

Jie tells You Ji to that he will check on Yi Sheng's condition now. He walks up the stairs, recalling how he owes him. You Ji recalls the advice he gives her to improve her ties with Ying Jing. The operation is still on so he waits outside the operating theatre. Ju Chi worries that they can't remove the whole tumour. Feng looks at Yi Sheng's table and the sofa at where he sits. He isn't sitting there to scold her now.

Luo He is also down and asks how Yi Sheng is. He knows that he will not leave his wife behind so Xiang Zi also doesn't want him to leave earlier than her. Jie pours Feng coffee and all look at the telephone when it rings again. Duo Tian answers it. A year later on April Fools Day, Feng gets back to work at the same hospital. You Ji trains the trainee nurses. Ju Chi and Yu lament that she hasn't change. Yu has changed his uniform to wear a green set because he is now a certified doctor.

The head nurse also tells her to work hard. She passes by the empty room where Zao Ji is supposed to be and recalls how Yi Sheng is there with her. All welcome her back. They clap for her and they show Luo He's son's photo to her. She says that he looks exactly like Luo He. A patient is sent in and she is shocked to see Yi Sheng with him. (He isn't in the usual blue uniform but is dressed in the doctor's robe and tie.)

He wants Feng to show him what she has learned. All smile and observe how she works now. After the operation, Yi Sheng is in a black suit and a bouquet of roses. He walks past a graveyard with a grim look and comes to a park. Zao Ji is there, sitting on a wheelchair, waiting for him. He passes the flowers to her and she welcomes him home. So does him to tell her that he is back. How romantic when they have a walk together. (Do you get tricked to think that Zao Ji is dead by the earlier scene? I was!)

Introduction on characters - Yi Sheng's colleagues and close ones

1. Jing Teng Yi Sheng - Yosuke Eguchi
He is a senior doctor in ER department in Du Li No. 3 hospital. He is picky on others and has a sharp tongue because of his comatose wife. He is a genius but yet he can't cure his wife. No one can understand the pain that he goes through. I totally melt at the scenes where he is with his wife. His expressions are so sincere and real - very touching indeed although little words mention.

We will admire and respect him for his professionalism in making wise decisions in saving lives. He is passionate over his job and weighs the facts right, treating all equally. He also has principles - not to treat patients as guests but human beings and is past caring over their status. Do not think that he is an unfeeling man - he is caring to his patients and works on their best interests although he can hurt their families by telling them the truth of their conditions.

The only thing I dislike about him is his stubbornness. He will not listen to advice. I can tear my hair when he rejects treatment. He doesn't allow others to take care of Zao Ji. What is the point of staying beside Zao Ji when he is seriously ill? Yes, it is her critical moment but this man isn't taking care of himself at all and he is toying with his own life. This is not going to help if she survives to find him dead.

Another thing is he seems to have discrimination against women, thinking that they can never become good doctors. I have the feeling that he is hostile to Feng to force her to leave the profession but her persistence changes his mind about her. Eguchi matches the image well - suave, tall, manly and also looks like a hero. He often appears when help is needed and he is the hope. You will feel secure with him around. He has the guts, brains and also the size - who doesn't like this role? This is one of my top favourite roles and Egochi really acts very well.

2. Xiao Dao Feng - Nanako Matsushima
It is a disaster for her since Day 1 as an intern in ER. A worker is seriously injured, a gangster who swallows heroine, a father and daughter committing suicide, a man who tries to kill himself because of business failure - all these cases happen but she can't handle properly. She gets reprimanded by Yi Sheng and is unhappy with him. So when she chides him for not giving attention to a patient and he isn't qualified to be an ER doctor, their mentor-student relationship turns sour.

Without Yi Sheng's harsh training, she can never be a doctor. Just look at the multiple blunders she creates at work to let others pick up the broken pieces for her. She is too soft-hearted to tell patients or their families their real conditions. She is concerned but she is too blunt and direct to cause harm than consoling.

She doesn't understand why Yi Sheng is so harsh to others. But his unique style starts to influence her and everyone. The two come to compromise with each other. He is glad that she finally grows up. Many were not happy with Nanako's acting. Why is she still as weak as before? Feng lacks responsibility and healing skills so she likes to hide when she has setbacks. But some said maybe this is to make a contrast to make all feel that Yi Sheng is a strong man since she is only the sidekick.

3. Ying Jing You Ji
She is a junior nurse who just starts working there for 1 year. She is a dedicated nurse. I suspect she likes Yi Sheng. No wonder she gets along well with Yi Sheng. Both can be equally stubborn - she is hostile to her father too for neglecting her when young. That can be very unreasonable as he has tried to make up to her after her sister's death but she doesn't accept him. What does she really want?

4. Dr Ju Chi - Jing Tian Ming Fu
He likes to flirt although he is married but he is also comical to create laughs. Still, he is serious on his job.

5. Dr Yu Zhi Hong - Tian Dao Da Fu
He is another intern. He is short but my, he likes to put on airs! He is terribly conceited, thinking that he is mistake-free and likes to pick on Feng whenever she makes blunders. But a wrong diagnosis that he creates in nearly killing a patient strongly hits him so he loses all his pride and confidence.

6. Dr Jie - Chi Chun Yi Shu
He is stiff and only obeys orders. Although he is older than Yi Sheng, he isn't as observant and talented as him. I wonder why he helps the jerk, Zuo Tian in writing his thesis and he to claim all the credit. I do hate him for wanting Yi Sheng to cover up for his mistake. However, he is a nice guy who is wiling to show the juniors the ropes. He also has the courage to admit his mistake to be honest.

7. Dr Luo He - San Ben Zhe Tai
He is young but also talented. He has curly hair and clean cut looks. That is why he is popular with women. He already has a steady girlfriend who is a nurse but never changes his philandering ways. He is cute here with all his jokes. I laugh when he is so hot with his ex-girlfriends while Xiang Zi dumps the flowers away when she takes care of him.

8. Dr Zuo Tian - Chi Chun Ti Shu
A very vicious man. He is the deputy hospital director who is very jealous of Yi Sheng's talents. I hate him for belittling the ER unit whenever he has the chance. Just admit that he loses to Yi Sheng but he will not do it. Instead, he also uses Jie to write thesis for him. What a brainless idiot but how on earth does he get such a high flying post even better than Duo Tian? Through connections?!

9. Dr Duo Tian - Qing Shui Zhang Wu
He is the head of ER unit. He protects all the doctors from harassment and backs them up when they meet unreasonable patients or families. He tries his best to help Yi Sheng who needs treatment. All will wish to have such a nice superior.

10. Jing Teng Zao Ji
She is Yi Sheng's wife who is in a coma. This worries him day and night. How special she is - what she needs to do is to lie on the bed and sleep. No lines at all - very unique indeed.

11. Head Nurse Tian Ye
She looks stern and she is very strict with her nurses. But she will apologise on their behalf to the doctors when they make mistakes.

12. Nurse Chang Qi
She is a very careless nurse but she is observant to detect that Yi Sheng is ill by asking for strong painkillers from her. However, her big mouth in spreading the news that You Ji accepts bribes gives her lots of trouble and worry.

13. Xiang Zi
Another nurse who is Luo He's wife. She is sweet but is strict with Luo He because he is too popular with women. A pity that she quits her job after their son is born.

Favourite character
Yi Sheng wins hands down. He is the kind of doctor where all wish to visit. His perseverance in waiting for Zao Ji to wake up will win support too.

Most hated character
Who else but Zuo Tian - he is so detestable and all will definitely disapprove of his low handed ways.

The music 'Calling of a miracle' is by Zhong Chun Zheng Ren from 'Dreams come true'. The subtheme song 'dawn will come again' is also by them.

Interesting scenes

Feng getting scolded for her mistakes. She deserves it for being so silly.

Yi Sheng's conflicts with Zuo Tian. I can assure you that this man is an eye-sore! My blood boils whenever I see him. I like the scene where he punches Zuo Tian most - this idiotic man is using Zao Ji as a practice for the interns to hurt him.

Jie and Yi Sheng's argue over Jie's mistake. This shows how a person will go all out to save his own skin.

Yi Sheng looking for a new job. He will endure any humiliation in order to get a place to place his wife. Even to the extent to face the person he dislikes most.

Yi Sheng with Zao Ji. He crushes the ice to place into her mouth and refuses to leave her even though he is ill. Especially when she develops a high fever, he refuses to leave her bedside for 3 days. Who isn't touched? Definitely more touching than the way Paul cares for a comatose Jackie.

Yi Sheng returning home to get Zao Ji's shoes. It is turning back the clock to their happy days and the time stops right at the calendar when her disaster happens.

Luo He's engagement with Xiang Zi - sweet, warm and touching.

Interesting facts

Many think that Egochi doesn't lose out to George Clooney. He left the small screen for a long time and cutting his signature long hair makes him looked refreshed. Many gave this serial a 5 * for its earnest story and also touching moments. The whole cast went understudy with the real doctors before filming it. They also built a realistic ER.

This serial was the most watched drama in 1999. Nanako was the most popular artiste in this year because Mr 30, Takuya was busy filing '2046'. Nanako's 'Emergency Room 24 hours'(No. 1) , 'Terms of a witch' (No. 4) and 'Ice world'(No. 8) got into the most popular drama list in 1999. Many regarded her as the most promising Japanese drama queen.

The average viewership was 20.9%. It was regarded as Japan's ER. At the same time, Hong Kong's 'Healing hands' was also shot. When this serial was introduced to China and Hong Kong audience, it was Japan's 'Healing Hands'.
It was considered to combine ER's reality and Healing
Hands' story. It started showing Yi Sheng's talent and Feng's ignorance to pit against each other.

Egochi grew up with many of us from the 90s. From the Casanova in 'Tokyo Love Story' to the warm elder brother in 'Under One Roof', he is considered the prince of idol dramas. Because the impression was too great in both dramas, he found it hard to change his style. His career reached the bottle-necked stage. An accident in 1998 caused him to injure his leg and he lost his chance to act the whole year to be hospitalized for 2 months. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise to observe how the doctors worked and played the role well. He showed the maturity of a man who is over 30 years old.

He got this role when he was well and cut his hair. Thus the cool and cold way that he appeared in the first scene became so different from the past. Egochi was attractive in handling his needs - the attentiveness in dealing with patients and the skilled gestures showed how experienced Yi Sheng is. It seemed that Yi Sheng was the no-nonsense kind. His only weakness is to be anxious over his wife's health - this main point brings out this devoted doctor's character. This change made all deeply impressed by him.

Thus it was no surprise that he was elected in the 20th Japanese drama awards as best actor. He also won the same award for the later sequels in 2001 and 2005. How rare and difficult it was - 3 in a row!

Many overseas viewers were curious on why the Japanese ER doctors wore sandals or slippers in their workplace although they don uniforms. They have no answer for that, unlike doctors in 'Healing Hands' wearing track shoes which look more professional. I noticed that they switch to black shoes in ER 24 hours III which are so much presentable and all certainly look better in them.

Naanko was a newcomer and she only slept 3 hours a day to act well. Her deepest impression was to remember the difficult lines. The themesong by Dreams Come True was also popular to be elected as the best song in the drama awards too.

I can't help thinking that Healing Hands copied part of the storyline on Yi Sheng waiting for Zao Ji to wake up. It is like Paul waiting for Jackie too although Yi Sheng isn't responsible for Zao Ji's plight like Paul.

Because of its popularity, Part 2 was shot in 2001 while Part 3 in 2005. Both sequels also had telemovies as follow-ups due to popular demand.


It initially showed the rivalry between the two but later showed how a case is dealt with. Both manage to settle their difference to be understanding to each other's needs. Although each patient doesn't appear again, Yi Sheng's indifference to warmth and Feng's ignorance to maturity become interlinked. It doesn't feel sloppy as the short 45 minutes has an exciting plot.

All have thought that Feng and Yi Sheng are going to develop a love relationship. It proves us wrong but it should not be as Yi Sheng is too devoted to his wife. The final scene fools us that Zao Ji is dead. This serial is more in depth than the Americans and also cut the romantic scenes short as often seen in Hong Kong dramas. Most love scenes are only mentioned by mouth - leaving you to guess who the characters are involved. And they make you crave for sequels to come up to tell you more.

The story show many realistic hospital cases which make the atmosphere touching but sometime deliberately sad. Yi Sheng raises some important issues - ER doctors save lives and they are doing their part to treat those with serious injuries first. That is why he treats the injured criminal before tending to the policeman despite's the colleague's complaint. He shows his professional side well.

Should they treat patients who lose consciousness for 40-60 minutes as they can become vegetables after saving? Yi Sheng stops after 40 minutes and Feng is unhappy with him. It might be better off dead as he experience the pain. Can others take it? This serves a question to ponder.

The story becomes dramatic when Yi Sheng is isolated by his colleagues. It brings the audience into another level of excitement. Yi Sheng needs to look after his wife and he also understands his colleagues' needs promotions.

Thus in the power struggle with the deputy director, he chooses to sacrifice himself and this touches the viewers. So the ending is perfect with Zao Ji waking up. But many grumble that it is unrealistic that we know in reality, doctors can't treat their immediate families as patients. But a question comes to mind - Paul also operates on Jackie in 'Healing Hands' - is this against the law although they are not married?

Many regard this as the most desired ending. (But they finish her off in the sequel, though.) Although the scenes aren't as realistic as ER, the pace also needs adjustment, the Japanese producers are still experienced after all to explore into the human nature.

Is the VCD set worth buying? A definite yes! I have watched all the 3 versions and this is the only version that I own. Why? Because Yi Sheng is more humane here with feelings and flaws, unlike the later versions. all will melt to see how caring he is towards Zao Ji and strict with the housemen.

Plus the happy ending - what more can I ask? It also gives realistic scenes on how the operations are done. Please get it when you see it. You will not be disappointed by the fabulous acting provided by the cast.

Sukting's ratings :

On acting : **** Scale of 5) (Must cut down although Nanako improves in the end as she gave a terrible start.)

On story : ***1/2(Scale of 5) (Certain stories can be too deliberate to try to get tears from you.)

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