Good Luck!!

Reviewed by: sukting

October 15, 2003

Rating: four-point-five

How long
7 vcds/10 episodes

The story provides good insight into the work of airport staff and I really like it. Many parts are hilarious while others touching. Sorry for the Chinese names but I am clueless on how to write their Japanese names as I follow the Chinese subtitles when watching it.

I bought this set for S10 during a sale. I was quite amazed that it came out so soon in the same year. It is not easy to get Japanese vcds now as the Japanese television stations are stricter their exports. Thus I apologise for the long and detailed summary below.


1. The retirement of Yuan’s teacher
Yuan is sunbathing at the beach and realizes that he is late. He hurries to the airport. The CA manager, Tai Tian acts as a tough customer to train a newcomer, Shen Pu. Air stewardesses are attracted to Yuan after seeing him for the first time. Yuan recalls that he left Captain Shui Dao at the hotel and he hurries back. Shui Dao comments that Yuan needs to work as he needs more time to graduate. Yuan only starts working for a month.

Suddenly, Shui Dao feels a pain in his back and entrusts Yuan to land the plane. Yuan lands with a jerk. An aircraft technician, Xu Chuan sneers at him. The chief captain and operation audit supervisor, Xiang Tian reprimands Yuan for not even reaching the semi-professional standard. A sick pilot is unsuitable to fly as landing must be perfect. As Shui Dao’s student, he is as useless as him. Yuan is so offended and demands to know if Xiang Tian has been sick before. Xiang Tian replies he will resign if he gets sick on duty.

Fu Jing tells Yuan about the passengers’ terrified response. He can’t be forgiven although he is a newcomer. Yuan wonders why her tone is similar to Xiang Tian. He describes Xiang Tian as an autocrat. She assures him Xiang Tian doesn’t bring personal feelings into work. Yuan doesn’t mind Xiang Tian’s comments about him but he is angry with him for humiliating Shui Dao. Fu Jing is disturbed upon knowing it.

Yuan flies to France with another captain, Nei Teng. Nei Teng says he doesn’t like Yuan. Yuan has offended other pilots because he refuses to join their ‘matchmaking sessions’ with CA. Nei Teng feels they need CAs to spice up their lives. Yuan dismisses it with a laugh, saying that the sessions are idiotic. Nei Teng demands if Yuan considers him an idiot. He calls Yuan a stupid fool!

Yuan finds a feather in one engine before boarding the plane and demands Xu Chuan to recheck if a bird is in there. He doesn’t wish to put the passengers’ lives at risk. Xu Chuan says that it is common to have feathers since birds fly everywhere. Nei Teng finds Yuan too strict and tries to talk to him in vain. Upon checking that it is okay, Yuan has hurt her self-esteem. Jokes aside, the two pilots get along well.

Shui Dao has a spinal problem so he decides to retire after the next day’s flight to LA. Xiang Tian asks Fu Jing for her opinion of Yuan and Shui Dao. He suspects that Shui Dao is keeping something from him and wonders if she knows his health condition. He gets no answer and worries that it will be too late if a disaster occurs. He still keeps a straight face when Fu Jing mentions Yuan’s comments about him and tells her to leave when she talks about how similar both guys are.

Yuan apologises to Xu Chuan. He became a pilot because he likes all work as a team. Xu Chuan has thought of him to be a skirt-chaser and is only interested to get the high pay so her impression changes.

Xiang Tian follows to check on the two pilots as the supervisor. The LA airport catches fire. Shui Dao decides to fly back because the fuel is just enough for one trip. A passenger insists on going there as he needs to sign a contract to save his company and creates a scene.

The other two pilots want to let the CA handle it but Yuan charges out when CA are unable to pacify him. Shui Dao asks Xiang Tian whether he dislikes Yuan but he says nothing. Yuan explains the dilemma. Xiang Tian takes over his job when he is away.

Yuan feels so sorry that his teacher’s retirement ends this way and not after 9 hours on air. Shui Dao assures him that this is the best flight that he enjoys. He hopes that Yuan will be the captain the next time he boards as a passenger. He gives Yuan his position rank piece as a parting gift.

2. Yuan’s planned resignation
Xiang Tian grounds Yuan and deducts his pay for a week. He has said earlier that a pilot’s job is to stay at the cockpit but Yuan has defied him. Yuan is fed up with him for insulting his teacher and nearly hits him. You will be amused when rumours fly that he has given Xiang Tian a bruised nose! Xu Chuan tells Yuan to apologise as he is in the wrong but he refuses. His boat captain father tells him to reconsider his act.

Fu Jing finds Yuan’s punishment too harsh. Xiang Tian replies that he can even dismiss Yuan. Xiang Tian has very high standards and expectations for pilots. She is in no position to interfere into his work.

Xu Chuan returns to find that his shift is replaced. He confronts Xiang Tian. Seeing that Yuan hasn’t reflected his mistake, he extends Yuan’s punishment. Yuan decides impulsively to resign. He is surprised that Fu Jing remembers his taste for coffee although they have only known each other for a month. She tells him about her past of being touched in the butt by a customer. She stays on as she likes the job. What about him?

Xiang Tian informs Yuan that he will raise his poor performance to the directors to make him part of the ground crew because of his poor attitude. He later tells Xu Chuan to check his plane as the third engine makes noises as it lands. He is not unfeeling to her because to him, she is a dedicated technician.

The flying crew gives Yuan a farewell celebration. All give bad comments on Xiang Tian. He stops talking to one air stewardess when she drops a cup of juice on a passenger. One complains that Xiang Tian is so sharp to criticize that her make-up is too thick. Nei Teng says that other departments can’t get along well with him for not mixing around. So the operation audit room is the best place for him to punish others.

Tai Tian makes sure that those flying the next day touch no liquor. Yuan admires his working attitude. Tai Tian tells Yuan that he was grounded for 2 years before. Yuan is stunned. A drunk customer complained about him and Xiang Tian was the captain of the plane.

Xiang Tian punished him as to him, anyone who gets complained will get a black mark. It helped Tai Tian to understand the customers better, though. Although Tai Tian disagrees with his act and is still sore over the punishment, he vows to prove Xiang Tian wrong.

Xu Chuan knows of Yuan’s decision and looks down on him. Yuan then realizes his great love for flying and apologises to Xiang Tian. To Xiang Tian, nothing matters more to the pilot than controlling the helms. Yuan doesn’t think that he has done wrong. The most important task is to save lives and protect all.

To Xiang Tian, Yuan is not perfect. He wants to dismiss him but his decision is rejected by the directors’ board. The airline has spent a lot of money and time training a pilot so Yuan has to repay it through work.

Yuan is given an assignment by Xiang Tian. Fu Jing finds out that Xiang Tian hasn’t brought Yuan’s case to the directors. He is not heartless after all. Be ready for a surprise. The aloof Nei Teng allows Yuan to read announcements to the passengers on the way to Hong Kong!

3. Yuan’s first flying experience with Xiang Tian
Yuan wakes up late upon receiving Nei Teng’s call and rushes to the airport again. Laugh when he is relieved that Nei Teng isn’t there yet and asks for the flying weather report. He has a bigger surprise in store for him. His colleague replies that he has just given to the captain. Yuan is shocked when Xiang Tian is already there to check the report and to replace a sick Nei Teng when he passes the report to him!

All are uneasy and feel threatened to see Xiang Tian. Xiang Tian remarks those who lack self-control to be sick or late cannot fly the plane. Yuan protests he is on time but Xiang Tian says he is nearly late. Yuan should take note of the schedule a few days before hand.

Xiang Tian wonders why the cabin crew has not contacted them. He tells Yuan to make the initiative. It is found that 3 passengers are still not on board and Yuan is displeased to know that one is a senator.

The senator looks drunk. Tai Tian gets nervous as it reminds him of his past. Will he be grounded again because Xiang Tian is on the plane AGAIN? The senator demands to get off after it is flown for 20 minutes. Xiang Tian asks Yuan what he will do. Tai Tian and Yuan think they should continue flying. Xiang Tian asks for Fu Jing’s advice. She suggests to retreat, as the senator is breathing abnormally.

Xiang Tian decides to fly back, to Yuan’s displeasure. It later proves that Xiang Tian’s decision is correct. The senator has fear of flying and is about to suffer from a heart attack. All passengers are transferred to another aircraft. Xiang Tian tells Yuan that every passenger is a life, regardless of their position.

Yuan is prejudiced because the senator is rich. So Xiang Tian gathers that Yuan will give in if the passenger is an old woman. He wants him to be impartial and not to forget that the plane has people he likes or dislikes. He has the responsibility to look after all of them – like a rubbish bin!

Tai Tian prepares durians for the technicians for checking the aircraft again and Yuan helps him. Tai Tian realizes his mistake of forgetting the most important thing. Yuan tells Xu Chuan that he can’t believe that someone is afraid of flights, not knowing that she is one of them. She has never flown on any plane because her parents died in an air crash. But she is due to fly to Honolulu the next day because of work.

4. Xu Chuan’s fear of flying
Fu Jing thanks Xiang Tian for trusting her but he says he believes only her ability. She is amused that he always likes to twist his own words. Why does he deliberately take on an unlikable role to make others detest him so much? It pains her to see him doing that. Xiang Tian still blames himself for causing his senior’s death. He feels so depressed that he rejects her invitation to visit her home.

Yuan gets to know of Xu Chuan’s fear and tells her his past. His trainer managed to help him when his plane nearly crashed. Doesn’t she trust the plane she repairs? To pacify her, he even volunteers to change his shift with An Tian to fly the plane to Honolulu – how romantic! He tells Tai Tian to take care of Xu Chuan for him. She gets hysterical later. Yuan talks to her from the cockpit, coaxing her like a child.

The captain is amused – saying that he is stupid, impulsive and stubborn. It is difficult to cure stupidity but Yuan can retain his impulsive and stubborn self to help others. Can you believe this can happen?

She gets off the plane and Xiang Tian asks her about her well-being. He respects all ground crew as they manage to cooperate well with the flying crew to make a plane fly. Xu Chuan promises Yuan that she will fly when ready. Yuan volunteers to fly with her. He asks whether she can see the sun from the way she stands. They are looking at the same sun from different countries so he is sure that she can make it.

5. Is Fu Jing going to transfer out?
8 tourists are injured in a fire incident in Beijing and ANA is arranging a VIP plane to bring them back. The pilots get excited. Nei Teng declares he will not return to a place that reminds him of sad memories of his ex-wife. In actual fact, he is looking forward to it.

An Tian comments that Nei Teng will not be approached anyway since he is not the best. Nei Teng gets angry and quarrels with him – is he implying that he is not fit to be a captain? Yuan laughs, saying that he himself can dream since he is the youngest.

Yuan is asked to see the cabin crew director. We can see that he is really a greenhorn. He doesn’t even know what the position stands for and even has to refer to the position board to find out his office location!

Yuan is shocked to learn that he is to be the assistant pilot of the VIP plane. The other pilots are unhappy and puzzled. An Tian complains that he is better than Yuan. Fu Jing is asked to consider the CA trainer post so this VIP flight as a manager might be her last.

Yuan is speechless to know that Xiang Tian is the captain of the VIP plane and he selects him to be the assistant pilot! The cabin crew director trusts Xiang Tian in his decision as he is usually calm and makes accurate judgment. Yuan leaves the office in fear and also confusion! Shen Pu also wants to be on the VIP plane and begs Tai Tian for the chance. He turns her away as he himself is also not selected!

Xiang Tian chairs a discussion with the cabin crew and the technicians. Fixing of the plane is to finish by 7pm sharp as Xiang Tian wants no delay. When Xu Chuan asks Fu Jing where to place a bed for a seriously injured Song Tian, she is distracted and doesn’t answer her.

Xiang Tian is unhappy and answers for her that it is to be near the left window. He doesn’t wish to waste time to repeat questions. He claims that many will replace those who are not careful, making Fu Jing embarrassed.

Fu Jing comments to her colleagues that Xiang Tian over dominates the whole session as his flying skills are very good. Xu Chuan says that he is right to be very strict as this case is urgent. Fu Jing apologises. She tells him that she is considering the promotion. He replies that he knows about it and that is why he wants her to be in the crew to have a nice ending.

Xu Chuan wonders why all think Xiang Tian is ruthless. He is strict but as the captain, he is right in every detail. Yuan cherishes working relations more and doesn’t agree with Xiang Tian’s way of handling issues.

Many are impressed when Xiang Tian only needs 2 hours 50 minutes to reach Beijing. Xiang Tian reminds Yuan to use less than 41 knobs to reduce the jerking in the plane upon seeing that he forgets on their return.

Yuan asks why he is chosen. Xiang Tian tells him of the past of a captain who chose the best assistant. Yet he could not show his full potential because he was pressurized. In the end, more risk is involved.

Yuan thinks he is sarcastic as he doesn’t need him to make any prediction since he is already so good! Yuan points out that he is quite unfeeling to Fu Jing who is on her last flight. Xiang Tian answers that every job has a replacement. They are doing frontline and not doing passenger touring.

Song Tian wakes up and refuses to return without her husband. Xiang Tian only gives Fu Jing 5 minutes to pacify her. Yuan finds him cold but Xiang Tian wants to be fair to other patients who need urgent treatment too. Fu Jing has to handle it because it is her job.

Fu Jing tells Song Tian that her husband is dead and she gets hysterical. Fu Jing replies that she loves a person and knows the sorrow of parting. He still stays in her heart so that she can survive. Xiang Tian closes his eyes in pain upon hearing it and tells Yuan 5 minutes is just enough for her.

Fu Jing accompanies Song Tian to hospital upon alighting. Yuan suggests that they should wait for Fu Jing as no one can replace her – just like no one can replace Xiang Tian. Xiang Tian says since Yuan has time to praise others, he should gauge his own performance.

No one can stop Fu Jing if she chooses to work as part of the ground crew. Yuan falls asleep upon waiting for Fu Jing to return and she is touched. He asks her to stay on, assuming that Xiang Tian thinks the same way.

Yuan has dinner with Xu Chuan and feels burdened this time although he only flies 8 people back instead of the usual 300 odd. They are all injured and unhappy. Fu Jing rejects the trainer job. She will stay till Yuan becomes the captain because she likes him. He is shocked but relieved that it is only a joke.

6. Shen Pu’s argument with Xiang Tian – the story I like most in the whole serial!
Yuan sits between Xiang Tian and Nei Teng in a plane back from a job assignment. He finds it squeezing and wonders why they end up in the miserable, economic class. Nei Teng grabs Yuan’s blanket to cover himself to take a nap. Yuan feels that CA has improved their service but Xiang Tian disagrees.

Shen Pu hurries to get a blanket for Yuan as he feels cold and knocks Xiang Tian’s paper cup down. He frowns and is unhappy upon seeing her so elated over a ballet star to ignore a passenger’s request for water.

He tells Yuan that something is wrong with her attitude but Yuan doesn’t agree. Nei Teng isn’t asleep to notice that Shen Pu talks for a long time to the star. Xiang Tian is unhappy again as this shows that Shen Pu may have disturbed others from their sleep too.

Shen Pu even tries to provide the star her name card. She has a shock when Xiang Tian suddenly holds her hand to stop her and apologises to the star for her behaviour. He drags her into the refreshment cabin, demanding to know what she is doing.

He chides Tai Tian for not disciplining her and scolds Shen Pu. All along, his tone is cold when reprimanding others but this time, he really shows his anger on his face. To him, her different attitude to the passengers defeats the purpose of her being an air stewardess and a human. How can she be carried away so easily?

He feels that she must learn right from the beginning again. Yuan comes in and requests him to lecture her after they alight because all passengers can hear them. Xiang Tian says that Yuan is too softhearted.

He must be strict to tell her mistake. She feels humiliated and hugs Yuan for consolation, pushing him into the passenger cabin. Yuan is unprepared and feels uneasy that she does this in front of so many people.

Tai Tian apologises to the cabin crew director over Shen Pu’s mistake. Although she knows her mistake, she refuses to say sorry to Xiang Tian for humiliating her. Why not ask him to reflect on his action too? She wants to sue him for defamation. Xiang Tian refuses to apologise and tells the cabin crew director that she can go ahead with the suit. Shen Pu should reflect on her mistake.

The other air stewardesses complain about Xiang Tian for being such a strict supervisor. They refuse to work with him as they don’t want to be humiliated by him in public. The cabin crew director calls Yuan in to know if Xiang Tian said that Shen Pu isn’t fit to be a human. Yuan answers yes but adds that Xiang Tian is not wrong as this is only an exchange of words between colleagues. But the director simply ignores it.

Fu Jing and Tai Tian try in vain to tell the air stewardesses to be professional. The Hong Kong flight changes the captain to Nei Teng as no one wants to fly with Xiang Tian. Xiang Tian demands to know why the cabin crew director can condone such acts.

He replies that he doesn’t wish to affect the passengers. Nei Teng sees that Yuan is depressed and wonders why he likes to work with Xiang Tian. He really pities Xiang Tian when an air stewardess relates how happy she is to work with him instead.

Fu Jing comes to see Xiang Tian. She is amused that he has all along criticized people and now he is isolated by all. So she comes to see how he is. He replies that she can look at him as long as she wants!

She finds him too serious in his work and no one understands him. He might lose his job and be freed by the incident that happened 12 years ago if sued. Xu Chuan also learns about the incident and scolds Shen Pu. Xiang Tian will not show anger without reason and she should be in the wrong.

Xiang Tian apologises to Yuan over the change of duty when Yuan reports to him after flying back. Xiang Tian isn’t informed of the suit yet but has been taken off from his duties temporarily. Yuan is concerned and asks if he can help. Xiang Tian tells him to worry about himself instead of worrying for others. Yuan is so angry with Shen Pu that he ignores her. He finds her stupid to sue her own colleague. She then jokes that he should marry her to make her drop the case.

Xu Chuan is relieved to see that Xiang Tian still looks good except hungry. He frowns but goes to the restaurant with her. He asks how she fits into a sea of men in her job. She replies that all like planes but she is unable to conceal her anger when unhappy.

That is why she can never be CA. He says that she can’t win him when coming to become the least popular. She is surprised that he can still joke and is different from the usual unfeeling man that they know. This is the other side of him that he never shows to anyone at work. They meet Yuan and Shen Pu but sit at a separate table.

Yuan asks to sit with them – this scene is funny. Yuan and Xu Chuan are annoyed to see each other with someone else. Yuan tells Shen Pu to join them so that she can tell Xiang Tian directly about the suit.

Xiang Tian still looks at her in a cool manner but she gets frightened and walks away! Yuan runs after her and knows she lacks confidence. Xu Chuan is right to scold her. He changes her mind and she wants him to hug her. He gets scared that he drives away quickly!

Xu Chuan feels secure when with Xiang Tian. He always ensures safety on the plane seriously. She suddenly talks about her parents’ death 12 years ago on a foreign airplane with ease – something that she doesn’t do freely with other colleagues and she gets so puzzled. That is why she wants others to feel safe to by being a technician. Xiang Tian becomes moody upon hearing it.

Yuan’s younger brother, Cheng runs away from home. He has wanted to quit high school to help their father in their boat business since Yuan is uninterested. Yuan manages to settle their dispute, telling him that he has at least completed high school before flying a plane. Xiang Tian arranges to meet Fu Jing on Sunday, saying that he has something to tell her.

Shen Pu retracts her complaint and forgives Xiang Tian. I am amused – initially, Xiang Tian is sitting down and looking at her in his usual, stern manner. Later, he stands up to look at her. She gets frightened and looks at Yuan who stands aside.

She is mad when he only tells them to continue! Xiang Tian can’t forgive her for being a weak member. If he gives in, she will create more mistakes. So he will still continue his style. Nei Teng is amused when Tai Tian is glad that the dispute comes to an end as Tai Tian and Xiang Tian are enemies all along.

Yuan asks Xu Chuan why she likes a middle-aged man – is she so desperate for fatherly love? He is angry to see her so happy with Xiang Tian. She is equally angry to see him with Shen Pu. Yuan asks her out. She agrees and he is overjoyed. His high spirits are dampened when it is not on the same day as she needs to work night shift! As he is flying to Beijing the next day, they arrange to meet on Sunday.

7. Yuan learns how to fly a plane under unfavourable conditions
Yuan anxiously asks about the weather forecast on Sunday to arrange a nice date with Xu Chuan. Xiang Tian is puzzled to see him so hardworking out of a sudden. On Sunday, Yuan rushes again to the airport. Seeing that a doctor needs to return to Tokyo for an operation, he arranges to have a ticket on his plane. Xiang Tian overhears their conversation and walks away.

They are reaching Narita airport but there is lightning. Xiang Tian warns Yuan to be careful. There is fog at 20 degrees which is thicker than Xiang Tian has predicted. So they have to stay on air. They are 300m above land but they can’t see the runaway at all.

Xiang Tian decides to change to another airport. Yuan is dismayed when other nearby airports are full with other planes. Xiang Tian is calm and decides to fly to Hokkaido airport. They can’t land in Narita but they also can’t wait as fuel is running out.

All the passengers complain and the doctor blames Yuan for it. Fu Jing meets Xu Chuan and both have dinner together. They have to trust and wait for the men they love. Both find each other similar to the men they love but they refuse to admit it.

Yuan suggests to land at the same location, Narita airport but Xiang Tian objects. He can’t risk all lives because of a person. Yuan replies that many wish to return home due to other reasons. Why not try out? Xiang Tian finds circling in the air wastes fuel. Yuan tells him to be compassionate and try not to give up. Xiang Tian rebukes – when does he say that he is giving up?

He wants Yuan to ask OCC to replenish the fuel at Hokkaido airport so that they can fly back immediately. He observes that the fog is moving south so 3 hours should be enough for them to return.

Yuan smiles upon hearing it. Xiang Tian teaches him to be composed to be analytical under poor weather circumstances. OCC says they need 30 minutes to fill up the oil tank. Xiang Tian frowns upon hearing it as they don’t need so much time. He tells Yuan to hurry them through Hokkaido’s control tower.

Xiang Tian predicts that they can land when the fog is clearing. He forgets to tell Yuan earlier that the captain and the assistant pilot must communicate to reach a compromise to make things work. The fog suddenly gets thicker but Xiang Tian is still calm.

They are still in the air after one hour. Xiang Tian decides to land because there is no time. He asks Yuan to identify and confirm the landing signal. They finally land and Yuan is relieved. The doctor thanks him and she will try her best to save all patients, not losing to them. Yuan apologises for the delay. Xiang Tian gives a faint smile which is hardly noticeable in the dark.

Yuan apologises to Xiang Tian for being impulsive. If they can’t fly back, reaching Hokkaido is alright but they have managed to make it. Xiang Tian asks about the time and finds out that it is already 1.30am. Both have missed their dates. What a sharp contrast – Yuan is so dismayed while Xiang Tian is still indifferent.

8. Xiang Tian’s warm side
Both guys apologise for being late. Yuan asks Xu Chuan out. She is furious with him for calling her at 2am. She softens when he confesses that although all romantic restaurants are closed at this hour, he is eager to see her. But he is so tired that he sleeps after telling her what has happened on the plane! She is so mad at him but understands that he needs the rest. So she leaves him to sleep in the shop till the morning.

Fu Jing lies that she is at home when receiving Xiang Tian’s call. She says that she has gone out with an unexpected person on a date to make him guess who the person is. But he seems uninterested to find out. She gets so disappointed and rejects Xiang Tian’s suggestion of drinking with him.

All pilots go for their checkup soon so Nei Teng eats more vegetables to ensure nothing goes wrong. Yuan asks Xu Chuan whether she is angry with him for sleeping during their last date over his handphone.

This scene is hilarious. He looks for her everywhere in the technician department, under the stares of all her male colleagues but can’t find her. This is acknowledging publicly that he likes her! She rejects all his invitations for the whole week to studying for a test coming up the following week.

Yuan is nervous over the checkup. Nei Teng jokes that he will be easily cut out by a serious person like Xiang Tian. The doctor finds a small lump in Yuan’s throat and comments that he smokes too much. She cuts a small section for a test. Yuan is dismayed that he is taken off from the duty to wait for the result. He walks out and is about to have a smoke and stops. He gets the okay result two days later.

Yuan is so relieved that when Nei Teng gives him cigarettes later, he rejects him to be in top form. Yuan is going to fly to Bangkok with Shan Shang. He is an experienced captain in his fifties but has a fit body of a 35 year-old. Yuan has another shock of his life upon knowing that Xiang Tian will be their supervisor over the flying surveying test. This test will determine whether they are able to continue flying.

Fu Jing comments that Xiang Tian must have worked a long time and is so experienced to be Shan Shang’s supervisor. She requests him not to be too strict to Yuan. Fu Jing tries to ask Xiang Tian out but he refuses to tell her what is on his mind to ask her out for the earlier date. Yuan is so glad to touch the handles again. He invites Xu Chuan to have dinner with him but she jokes that he will never have the chance because Xiang Tian will fail him! Yuan is so annoyed with her.

The plane is flying to Bangkok. Xu Chuan takes the test at the same time. Shan Shang comments that Yuan is good in contacting the tower and controlling the computer. Xiang Tian replies that they will only know the result after the whole trip.

Shan Shang says that although Xiang Tian looks serious sitting right behind them, he was a newcomer and trained under him in Galaxy Airlines. Suddenly, there is turbulence but they are still going into it. Shan Shang assures Yuan that there should not be any problem.

He stops Yuan from adjusting the plane higher and switching on the headlights, saying that he can see clearly. Xiang Tian observes and says nothing. Later, Yuan sees Shan Shang drinking wine at night and the next day, Shan Shang tells the crew that he is retiring.

Xiang Tian sits in the passenger cabin this time on the return flight but he still checks documents and declines Fu Jing’s offer of coffee.

Yuan blames himself for the error but Shan Shang tells him that Xiang Tian wants him to bear the responsibility for the mistake. He is too carried away. Shan Shang can’t only trust his own ability and this may make a fatal mistake. If the captain and his assistant can work together, they can iron the problems but Shan Shang is too proud and only cares for himself.

He has ignored Yuan’s suggestions and thus has no right to be the captain. Other supervisors may find it difficult to tell him his mistake because he is very experienced. Only Xiang Tian has the right to make him resign and gives him the courage to do it.

He tells Yuan about Xiang Tian’s past. 12 years ago, he was sick and let his senior fly a plane. All died in an air crash. Xiang Tian felt that if he was the pilot, he could have changed the fate. He was so badly affected that he initially refused to walk into the cockpit again. That is why he is so strict with others. Xiang Tian and Fu Jing were lovers. They were frank to each other but because of this incident, he changed completely and became isolated from her till this day.

Shan Shang tried to change him by introducing him to work in ANA. This is the only regret he has for not being able to help him at all. Yuan recalls Xiang Tian's comment – if a pilot is sick due to flu, he might as well resign from the post. No wonder his remarks give him the bitter memories.

All greet Shan Shang to give him a grand retirement at the airport. Yuan asks Xu Chuan about her exam results. She passes. Yuan wonders why Xiang Tian is not around with the others. Later, he sees him bowing to Shan Shang with teary eyes outside the airport entrance.

Shan Shang is moved that Xiang Tian wants to bid him farewell personally. Yuan finds it unbelievable and touching that Xiang Tian conceals Shan Shang’s mistake to give him a grand retirement. He finds that Xiang Tian isn’t heartless. He blurts out Xiang Tian’s past to Xu Chuan and she leaves in tears, leaving him puzzled.

Yuan comes to look for her in the technician department but she hides from him. During a flight, many students request to see the cockpit. Nei Teng rejects flatly, saying that Tai Tian should say no to them. Both pilots ask why he makes such a special request.

He replies that they remind him of his son who is about the same age. Yuan is reminded of the past of being allowed into the cockpit to take photographs with the pilots. So he wishes to share his experience with them.

Yuan makes an announcement to reject but he introduces the parts in the cockpit to them. Nei Teng continues the talking. All are overjoyed and clap. Nei Teng praises Yuan for saying well. He also hears of Xiang Tian’s story and is impressed that he overcomes the hurdle. If both are the ones, they may be afraid to fly again. Yuan agrees with him.

9. The complicated relationship between Xiang Tian and Xu Chuan
Xu Chuan’s colleagues wonder if Yuan has bullied her upon seeing how distracted she is atwork. She denies but hurts her hand. Yuan has a chat with Fu Jing and finds out that the past still bothers Xiang Tian. Yuan says that he is so retarded to know his past but she says that he has respected Xiang Tian all along to sense that. Xiang Tian was like him to be happy to fly when he was as young as Yuan and was also eager on the job.

Both were together on the fateful day (Actually they should have shown this part as a flashback instead of narrating it as the impact will be greater!) Xiang Tian developed a high fever and she took care of him.

When his fever went down and felt better, they watched the news to know the tragedy. She never forgets the anguish on his face. It was too tormenting so they parted. Yuan knows she still likes him. He hopes they can overcome it to forget they are trapped in the past.

Yuan is worried and runs to the medical care unit upon knowing that Xu Chuan is hurt. He wants her to be careful and her hands are precious on the job. He grabs her coat and offers to send her home – how can she ride a motorcycle in her state? Yuan isn’t surprised when she talks about her past. He has guessed it. She wonders how she is going to face Xiang Tian now.

To her, Xiang Tian is devoted to his job but he is trying to make amends. Yuan says possibly this is what Xiang Tian thinks in the beginning but Xiang Tian has always admired her working attitude. Xu Chuan does not hate the foreign airline or Xiang Tian now.

Yuan tells her to let Xiang Tian know that she is well now and he should treat her normally. She finds it hard to say to a person she has respected all along but yet he is indirectly involved in her parents’ death.

Yuan brings Xu Chuan home to meet his father. Xu Chuan finds out that Yuan’s mother died after giving birth to Cheng. His father was back 10 days later from a trip. Although Yuan was only a secondary school student, he had to arrange the funeral and look after his baby brother. He was once bitter towards his father but they managed to reconcile. He is actually a nice guy.

Xiang Tian sees Xu Chuan before flying the plane. He is still apologetic for not taking care of himself to get sick to cause the disaster. She returns the money he has sent to them all these years. Why do it when he didn’t cause it? He is too conceited as the incident is caused because of the system’s fault and has nothing to do with the pilot. She knew the reason because of her job and her relationship with the deaths.

She doesn’t wish hatred to follow her so she chooses the job. But the money that comes yearly from him reminds her and her sister that someone pities them. She doesn’t want him to send the money to them anymore. She requests him to treat her like the technician in the same way she treats him as a pilot. Xiang Tian pushes the envelope containing the money across the table after she leaves.

Xu Chuan tells Yuan that everything is over and wants to fly with him. He decides to fly with her to Hawaii the next week. He touches her injured hand and she screams in pain. He comments that she is so fierce as he should be angry for waiting in the cold till now for her. She then holds his hand with another hand.

10. The accident during the emergency training exercise
Xiang Tian is the person in charge of a life emergency training exercise and explains procedures to all participants. All have to treat it like a real situation. Those who treat it as a rehearsal should leave right now. Xiang Tian looks hesitant when walking past Xu Chuan after the meeting.

Yuan is late again upon entering the cockpit. He is stunned to know that he is the captain in this exercise because Xiang Tian is the supervisor. Seeing that Yuan is hesitant, he asks him what is wrong. Yuan quickly regains his composure. I find this part so hilarious – Nei Teng complains why he ends up being a passenger and not the captain. This is so unfair that Yuan gets along better with Xiang Tian!

Yuan tells Xiang Tian about his coming trip with Xu Chuan. He also looks forward to see Xiang Tian coming out from the dark. Xiang Tian replies that he will think about it after the training. They pretend that the wheels are not moving well and all try to escape.

Xiang Tian reminds Yuan to check for all dangers before helping others to escape. When he gets to the passenger cabin, Yuan sees that all have gone down the plane except Xu Chuan. Xu Chuan puts up a forced front as it reminds her of her parents’ death. Xiang Tian remains at the entrance and sees them together.

Both men watch her sliding down and she nearly slips out from the cushion below. Xiang Tian gets anxious and nearly trips when he is about to go down to help her. Yuan drags him aside but ends up falling down from the plane! He lands with his right leg first before his head hits the floor. All are stunned and run to him. Xiang Tian tries in vain to wake him up.

In his dream, Yuan recalls his training in 1999. He was so excited to see the sun then. His trainers were so amused and said that he would get bored after flying endless times. Yuan’s father and Xiang Tian listen to the doctor’s verdict.

The doctor allows Xiang Tian to sit in as he is anxious to know if the injury is going to affect Yuan's career. Both are shattered to know that he cannot continue flying. He can walk but the tendons in his leg lose the strength and he can’t step on the accelerator for long.

Yuan cries upon waking up and seeing his uniform by the side. He wishes in vain that it is only a dream. 2 weeks later, all question over Yuan’s condition. Shen Pu demands to know how Xiang Tian can be still on duty as his mistake is unpardonable. All stop talking and are scared when Xiang Tian suddenly appears behind them as he has just returned from a trip. He goes with Tai Tian to see the job director.

Both are dismayed to know that the job director recommends the plane manager post to Yuan after his discharge. Tai Tian knows Yuan will not like it although the job still allows him to be in the air. To Tai Tian and Yuan, they will not like other positions more than the present ones. Xiang Tian must have agreed with him as he says nothing too and understands Yuan well.

Xiang Tian hasn’t visited Yuan in hospital as he decides to bear responsibility. Fu Jing knows that Yuan is a young pilot and he will not give up without being the captain. Both men share the same passion. Is Xiang Tian going to hide from him forever? Being responsible and strict is just to cover his weakness. Yuan has tried to understand a despaired him. Why can’t he do the same?

Yuan goes for physiotherapy for 20 weeks and is still on crutches. His doctor tells him that complete recovery is impossible. Yuan refuses to smoke like he usually does as the pilot’s health is important. His father suggests him to be a ship captain instead. Yuan refuses and quarrels with him. Xiang Tian hears them as he reaches outside the room and leaves without seeing him.

A month later, Yuan returns home and places all his flying manuals onto the shelf. He sees the position rank piece given to him by his teacher and is upset. Xu Chuan reminds him of his promise. Yuan has given up hopes to fly again and yet she mentions it again.

She drives him to the beach and he looks at the sun on land. He misses it and decides to try to fly again. Although all say that it is impossible, he decides to try to fulfill her wish. They can leave their first kiss to the moment then. Both hug together.

11. Xiang Tian’s resignation
Yuan requests for a longer leave for physiotherapy. The job director remarks that someone refuses to resign because of injury while another good pilot wants to leave. Today is his last trip. Yuan is stunned to know that Xiang Tian is the one and grabs the resignation letter. He hops on crutches to the viewing gallery.

Xiang Tian holds the handles in the cockpit in reluctance and his eyes gets watery after landing. He stays in the plane after all have left. Yuan’s blood boils upon seeing him bowing in the pilot cabin to thank all for their help. What kind of joke is this???

He confronts Xiang Tian. Yuan will only regret if he doesn’t save Xiang Tian. Xiang Tian finds no other way to make amends to him except to resign. Yuan is mad with him – he pleads with Xiang Tian not to give him up. Xiang Tian didn’t wish to give up this job 12 years ago and so is Yuan now. If Xiang Tian feels responsible, he should stay with him till he becomes the captain.

Xiang Tian tells him that there are other more capable pilots but Yuan only wants him to coach him. Only those who love the sky as much as him will deserve his request. He wants to try together with him and hands Xiang Tian back his resignation letter. Xiang Tian’s eyes are teary as he looks at a take-off plane. He tears the letter. Yuan works very hard in the hospital and Xiang Tian accompanies him.

The doctor asks Yuan whether he is willing to try an operation. Yuan is overjoyed and blames him for not telling him. Yuan has to remove all the nerves and rejoins them again. If they are not joined properly, he may be unable to walk again. The success rate is 10% so most doctors don’t recommend it. Yuan looks at the sky and shakes the doctor’s hand. He wants to go for it.

12. Can Yuan fly again? – I love the development!
3 months later, Yuan has the flying test. The second engine wheel is too hot so he uses the other 3 engine wheels to land. The captain tells him that his right leg can’t leave the accelerator. He lands smoothly. The captain tells Yuan that he passes the test.

Yuan sees Xiang Tian in his office. Xiang Tian is looking at Yuan’s results and closes his labtop. Xiang Tian asks how he knows the result. It is supposed to be a secret. Since he is okay in the body checkup and the flying test, the final will be the flying supervising test. Yuan is arranged to fly to Hawaii. When he passes, he can resume his assistant pilot position.

Yuan asks who the captain is. He is shocked to know that he is Xiang Tian AGAIN! Xiang Tian comments that if Yuan is still the same old guy, this will be his last flight. Yuan promises to try his best.

Yuan chats with Xu Chuan and is more confident now after getting injured. She tells him that she will be on his plane as a passenger to give him support. If he fails, she will laugh. Yuan pretends to get angry. If she gets frightened, he will not save her.

Yuan brings his teacher’s position rank piece along. Xiang Tian is with Fu Jing before entering the plane. Fu Jing knows that he is most eager to have Yuan back. Xiang Tian replies that he can’t show favouritism since the supervisor is present. He hesitates telling her something and leaves her in suspense.

Nei Teng volunteers to be Yuan’s substitute. He jokes that he will not give him the flying report of the weather if Yuan doesn’t greet him. He will take over if Yuan’s performance is a disaster. I practically crack up at this scene – Tai Tian tells Yuan to treat Xiang Tian like a robot. Xiang Tian is rigid to be one anyway. He doesn’t know that Xiang Tian is right behind him and his voice gives him a shock!

Yuan is concerned over Xu Chuan and tells her to approach the air stewardesses if she is unwell. She tells him to avoid creating mistakes in front of Xiang Tian instead. Yuan declares that upon reaching Hawaii, he will kiss her. Xiang Tian gives Xu Chuan a nod upon knowing from Yuan that this is her first flight. Tai Tian has another assignment and can't join them. So he can only wish Yuan good luck from the viewing gallery.

Xiang Tian is not only the captain of the plane but is ALSO Yuan’s flying supervisor! How unbelievable – can a person perform 2 duties at the same time? He says the judgment will have nothing to do with the passengers’ response. Nei Teng jokes Yuan will still fail under such a strict supervisor anyway and the whole crew protests. Xiang Tian reminds Yuan to check that everything is in order before flying.

A child going Hawaii alone on his first journey sits beside Xu Chuan and gives her strength as he isn’t afraid. Nei Teng sees that Yuan looks dreamily at the stars and reminds him to pay attention. Does he remember that he is now flying with his supervisor? I really laugh - on other accasions, he is so frightened and uncomfortable when Xiang Tian is with him. But not in here! Yuan is relaxed as he really enjoys himself.

Xiang Tian says that Nei Teng is right and signals Yuan to look at the radar. There are many clouds and the plane might get hit by thunder. Xiang Tian tells all to fastern their seatbelts. He will ensure those who fly often or are flying for the first time a safe journey – to assure Xu Chuan that things are under control.

The clouds move left so Nei Teng and Xiang Tian leave Yuan to make the judgment as part of the test. Yuan sees that they have enough fuel so they can’t pull up. So they can move right to prevent jerks. Nei Teng says the answer is correct while Xiang Tian says that he has grown up. Yuan asks the control tower to allow him a 30 degrees right turn.

They are still a little inclined to the left. Xiang Tian wants Yuan’s eyes to fix on the radar. He turns and goes down faster to avoid the thunder and passes through the clouds. Xiang Tian gets Yuan to contact the passenger cabin. Nei Teng compliments that they pair up well.

Suddenly there is a blackout from the CA cabin onwards. Xu Chuan consoles the frightened boy that the plane is flown by excellent pilots. Yuan checks and sees that nothing is affected by the thunder in the cockpit.

The three pilots are puzzled on how the blackout is created. Xiang Tian tells Fu Jing to get Xu Chuan to find out – they have an experienced technician on board. Xu Chuan informs Xiang Tian that the wires in the passenger cabin are okay. She reaches for the engine room to check if the fault is there.

Yuan wants to follow her. Xiang Tian tells him pilots should be more calm than normal under such circumstances. Yuan assures him that he is calm but he is afraid that the short circuit might affect their earpieces and computer system. He will be the fastest to verify the problem as a pilot. Otherwise how are they going to promise the others that their flying is safe?

Yuan doesn’t mind the test result. Nei Teng agrees to replace him in flying. Xiang Tian tells him if a pilot gets into the passenger cabin, it will create commotion. If passengers get too hysterical, he has to return immediately. This is the captain’s order. After Yuan walks out, Xiang Tian makes the announcement that the cockpit is okay and will reach the destination on time.

The blackout is caused by a passenger as he leaves a shaver to recharge in the toilet. Yuan gives Xu Chuan his gloves to repair the wires. They stop as they lack the replacement wires. Xu Chuan is sure that they are separated from the cockpit so there should be no problem in flying. Yuan reconfirms with her in a stern tone to be sure about it as it concerns lives of so many of them.

Yuan explains the situation to the passengers. He tells those sitting near the windows to look at the rising sun. All are fascinated. Yuan looks at Xu Chuan’s eager expression dreamily before returning to the cockpit. Xiang Tian gives the details to Yuan for the landing task. But he is unable to do it without his gloves.

Nei Teng throws his gloves to him and wants them back after landing. The south wind is strong so Yuan reduces the speed and focuses his attention on the runway. All passengers are so happy that they clap after the plane lands smoothly. Nei Teng finds it a perfect ending.

The boy wishes to be a pilot when he grows up. Nei Teng comments that it has been a long time since Yuan meets a sunrise flight so he must be delighted. But he will leave him to listen to Xiang Tian’s verdict. What a friend! Yuan sits nervously to hear his result.

Xiang Tian finds no special correction in Yuan’s assistant pilot duty but in the eyes of a supervisor’s observation, he needs to improve. He is sure that Yuan will improve overtime with experience. The result is Yuan passes and can continue flying.

I can’t stop laughing. Seeing him speechless, Xiang Tian asks him whether he refuses to accept his harsh verdict. Yuan answers that he was once very upset for not being able to fly. He really cherishes the chance and wants to do it forever. Xiang Tian comments that the sunrise is really beautiful. Seeing how Yuan performs today reminds Xiang Tian of his first flying.

He was also as happy as Yuan then. He thanks Yuan for being his assistant and shakes his hand. Although Yuan passes, he reminds him that he still has to fly another trip back home the next day.

Fu Jing fills up the condition sheet. She has informed the technicians to fix the wiring problem. Fu Jing is delighted that Yuan manages to pass under such a strict supervisor. Yuan jokes that his next ambition is to have 4 lines on the rank piece on his uniform.

Xiang Tian is tired after the journey and sits on a passenger seat. He asks Fu Jing to go on tour with him together - not as the captain and the manager but as passengers. She is stunned but touched. Is this what he wanted to tell her earlier?

You will be amused when they can’t decide the place to go. She wants Paris but he has gone there 3 times in this month. He suggests London but most of her flight destinations are there. She weeps and holds his hand, placing her head on his shoulder. He holds her hand gently in return too. This scene is quite touching.

Yuan explains to Xu Chuan for being late as he needs to wait for all to get down and is relieved that she just pretends to be angry. She congratulates him over his success. She had no time to be frightened earlier but she is happy to see the sky clearly now.

He wants to kiss her but stops to play with a crab! She is so annoyed with him. He suddenly places his pilot cap on her head and kisses her abruptly. She says that he is a lousy kisser. She gives him a long kiss and they both hug each other.

What happens later? Shen Pu gives up Yuan and all try to guess her next target – is it Nei Teng? Nei Teng still jokes with newcomers that he doesn’t like to fly with them. All are still working in the same position.

Introduction on characters

1. Xin Hai Yuan –Takuya Kimura
I have never seen Takuya as smart in a pilot uniform before. Yuan is forgetful, immature, cheerful and impulsive. However, he is completely different at work. He is very serious – by confirming facts with Xu Chuan when it concerns the passengers’ lives although they are a couple. I am very amused by scenes when he wakes up late and rushes all the way to the airport.

He is so lucky to have so many seniors who guide him. Unlike other pilots, he wears the long-sleeved uniform sometimes – because of the cold weather?

However, he is too sentimental on working relationships. In any industry, the turnover rate is very high. Pilots can work longer but definitely not for air-stewardesses. I also frown at certain measures that he tries to take without considering the consequences.

I don’t think any pilot has left the cockpit before. He gets emotional too easily. All could have perished in the air with him if not for the senior pilots’ judgment and presence to help him out in the flying.

All should not miss Takuya in here as he is very natural. It is very touching to see how depressed Yuan is when he is unable to fly again. It is also funny to see Yuan eating bananas to release stress. But the most hilarious scenes will be how he reacts to know that he is flying with Xiang Tian. His expression either shows shock or as if he has reached the end of the world.

He has mixed feelings towards him. Initially, he disapproves of his attitude. See how displeased he is when he walks past Xiang Tian upon knowing that Shan Shang is retiring! Later, he respects him to agree completely with his actions. He even sides with him from time to time. His lively personality is a complete opposite of Xiang Tian’s quiet nature. But he understands Xiang Tian well and can read his thoughts.

Both guys are an unbeatable combination. They lure viewers to watch on as they change from opposite grounds in having disagreements to agree with each other.

This character is very likable. Takuya looks surprisingly young and so innocent in scenes where Yuan goes through training days. Although he works with Kou for the first time, both pair up quite well. They create a lot of laughs that will amuse you from time to time. However, their chemistry isn't that good as Kou is still inexperienced in acting.

2. Xiang Tian Yi Shu –Shinichi Tsusumi
He was a top pilot from Galaxy airline before working in ANA. His occupation is not just being the chief pilot but also the operation audit supervisor. He treats all senior and junior pilots equally.

He demands a lot from the CA too. Those who get complaints will be grounded or fired. So harsh that many get frightened of him and by mentioning his name strikes terror in their hearts. Yet they are also impressed by how he flies the plane to destinations on time.

Although he can be too direct to point out his crew’s weaknesses in public, I believe that someone has to be the ‘black-faced judge’ to make things work and to provide the best service. But sometimes, he can be too strict to pilots. I agree with Yuan that he is too unfair to his teacher to shoot sarcastic remarks on how incompetent he is. How can pilots not fall sick at all?

He has the authority to choose the crew for his flights like a king. Even his pilot uniform looks different – other captains and assistant pilots wear a short-sleeved shirt but his uniform is of long-sleeved length to show his high rank. He is often made the person in charge of meetings or exercises. And indeed, he is an authoritative person in delivering instructions and discussing issues.

He will find the best solution to solve every problem and not act impulsively during emergencies. He looks so steady in the flying scenes regardless of any circumstances – in fact more convincing than Takuya!

His most frequently used sentence is –‘anyone can replace you’. Although he is very demanding to Yuan, it is obvious that he shows favouritism to him. If not, why does he allow Yuan to sit beside him so frequently for so many flights? Maybe Yuan reminds him of his past so he is very generous to share the expertise with him and points out his mistakes.

Yet, he can be sarcastic to him too to spur him to improve himself and seem arrogant with his skills. Their relationship is complicated – from enemy to a senior.

But he has emphasized too much on duties. I find him very unfair to Fu Jing after the tragedy. It has affected them 12 long years. Doesn’t he know that the poor woman is waiting for him and is often hurt by the way that he treats her?

I enjoy watching the scenes of him with her – he knows that he can’t conceal secrets from her but he still puts on a false front. But he can be so biased to treat Xu Chuan better because he is guilt-stricken! And he creates his FIRST mistake because of her during the emergency exercise!

I can’t believe my eyes when I first see his refreshing image. Tsusumi is tall, confident and cool. He is so different from the simple or stupid way he acts as Osuke in ‘Perfect Woman’. He gave such a raw and unnatural perforamance in there.

It is amazing to see him changing completely. I had suspected that he is another actor as he is so nicely dressed in a business suit or the pilot uniform with short gelled hair! Moreover, he gives such a wonderful performance which shows that he has worked very hard to improve himself.

With a commanding air, he comes alive as the serious person who wants the best service and perfection. We can’t blame him as he needs to ensure the safety of hundreds on board of a plane.

As a supervisor, Xiang Tian may be sitting behind pilots and not saying anything. But he is still eyeing their performances like a hawk or a killer! Many can feel his strong presence although he is a man of few words. It is needless to describe how it will be when he is sitting on the captain’s seat.

Tsusumi’s eyes betray Xiang Tian’s emotions secretly and we know that he can be soft too. He is so convincing not to let tears flow down his cheeks and they can remain in his eyes to show his sadness. This is even better than crying. He is really remarkable in his acting.

3. Fu Jian Dian Zi – Hitomi Kuroki
She is the senior air stewardess who gives valuable advice to the juniors. She is professional to give her best services on plane. Although it is unbelievable that she gives up her chance for promotion, she injects an air of passion to the job. She tries so hard to change Xiang Tian to cheer him up with her easy tone but he only gives her a straight face all the time. Her wait isn’t in vain and it is happy to see her in joy finally.

Hitomi is good in the role – she even looks younger than in ‘Golden Bowling’. She matches well with Tsusumi. Too bad they are not involved in any romantic scenes at all as they only talk about work throughout the serial...

4. Shen Pu Li– Rina Uchiyama
She is a junior air stewardess and only dreams of getting married young so she isn’t that serious on the job. This character can be as childish as Yuan. She is interested in Yuan and wants to win his love. She looks down on Xu Chuan, commenting that she is a total mismatch with Yuan as her technician status doesn’t compliment his pilot status.

Rina is okay but her role is quite limited. I have wished to see more of her – like Shen Pu trying to get Yuan from Xu Chuan. That will be quite interesting than being a destined loser right from the beginning.

But she acts well as Shen Pu in heated argument scenes with Xiang Tian. All along, Xiang Tian speaks in a cool tone to all and never loses his temper. But his tone turns angry for the first time upon seeing how unfair she is to customers. That is sure a classic scene.

Be amused when she wants to sue him and yet is so afraid to face him because he is so right about her! Her role is quite small later as she never gets to say much and is easily neglected in the sea of air stewardesses.

5. Xu Chuan Bu Shi – Kou Shibasaki
It is rare that a woman is interested to be an aircraft technician and drives a motorcycle to work. She proves her ability among her male colleagues. The actual reason is she likes to stand on the ground and finds excuses not to fly. So Yuan finds it ridiculous that she fixes her ‘enemy’ daily and always shoots sarcastic remarks at him for not being a good pilot.

She is the only person besides Yuan who understands Xiang Tian for being impartial. They are similar – both are frank and don’t hide their disgust when angry. They voice out their opinions and are not afraid to offend anyone. See how strict she is with Yuan although he is of a higher rank than her? She also scolds Shen Pu too. No wonder she and Yuan can become lovers.

She acts quite okay as Xu Chuan but not in sad scenes over her parents’ death. However, the sense of loss of not knowing how to face Xiang Tian is real. She is still cute in scenes with Takuya.

6. Nei Teng Jane - Naoto Zakenaka
He is a senior captain and is a master of languages. It is quite hilarious that whenever he flies to a country, he will talk to Yuan in the country’s language and the pathetic man doesn’t know how to answer him.Do laugh at the way he address Yuan as 'Yuen Zai' in Cantonese - treating him like a younger brother!

Whenever he is with a newcomer, he lies that he doesn’t like him at all. He has 3 failed marriages but he never gives up looking for a new love. He is often joking to others but he is serious to senior captains. There is a scene where he pats on Shan Shang’s shoulder, thinking that he is another junior pilot. Upon seeing who he is, he turns serious and treats him with respect.

However, he can be so boastful to tell all that he is in the pink of health to pass his medical checkup. He can be so mean to reveal to Shan Shang that Yuan just passes marginally despite his protest!

He may sound jealous of Yuan but he is really his good buddy. Knowing that Yuan likes to communicate with passengers, he will give him the chances to make the announcements. He may look unconcerned but being a proud person, he can actually agree to be Yuan’s substitute.

He sits with Yuan to give him support and pointers to pass his flying supervisory test. Especially the scene where he throws his gloves to him for landing the plane. It is quite touching. He is helpful and always jokes with him. This actor is witty and you will laugh with him. Despite his age, his dyed golden hair fits him well as an open person. I like this character – this is one of the most outstanding supporting roles that I have seen so far.

7. Tai Tian – Yasunri Danta
He is the manager of the flying crew who is also a serious worker. See how he focuses importance on the outlook by adjusting Yuan’s tie for him? Although he dislikes Xiang Tian, both share the same sentiments to respect the technicians. Tai Tian will give them treats if the CA has to trouble them.

Favourite character
Xiang Tian, because of his dedication to the job and also his high expectations of working standards. Yuan will be a close second as I adore his warm personality and not being afraid to admit openly to declare who he likes. Third will be Nei Teng, I like his jokes and his good sense of humour. He is very nice to his juniors too.

Most hated character

The themesong is ‘Ride on Time’. Quite a nice song.

Interesting scenes

All scenes of Xiang Tian and Fu Jing together. What a contrast – one is warm while another is cold.

All scenes of Yuan and Xu Chuan together. They are really a cute couple despite the arguments.

The scenes of Xiang Tian and Yuan together. Yuan looks so uneasy but is still eager to learn from him. Initially they have a lot of conflicts but later they compliment each other well at work.

‘CA’ stands for ‘cabin attendant’. Does ‘I have’ mean that ‘I have the ability’? I notice that Nei Teng says ‘You have’ to Yuan whenever he does well in flying. Xiang Tian says ‘I have’ in many scenes but in the end, he says ‘You have’ to Yuan. Is this to show that he has admired his flying ability finally???

Please forgive my ignorance but may I know what ‘good luck’ stands for besides ‘I have’? A cheer or encouragement between pilots for success? Other pilots are amused when Yuan mentions ‘good luck’ to passengers as this is an exchange among the flying crew but he thinks likewise.

Interesting facts

Takuya and Tsusumi are two playful actors off screen who like to make fun of others. Once, they took out scary masks that they had prepared and tried to scare Kou. But she was prepared and wasn’t shocked at all. The two guys found it so boring.

It was rumoured that Takuya showed special treatment to Kou. He looked extremely happy and even prepared drinks for her. Of course, it was only a tactic of the television station to lure the viewership. He is 9 years older than her and treats her like a younger sister. He would laugh at her when he found her weird looking with spectacles in some scenes.

Many Japanese serials didn’t do well for 2002. Many focused their hopes on Mr 30, Takuya. He was given the nickname as his works always break 30%. It was said if ‘Good Luck’’s debut viewership had more than 22%, Japanese serials would still have hope then. If lower than 19%, there would be no hope then.

This serial was shown on 19.1.2003. The first episode was 31.7%. This was the third on the viewership list. The second episode had 27.5% and the third 28.6%. The fourth had 30% after the birth of his second daughter, Guang Xi. The 5th episode reached 30.9%. Many were surprised as most serials would only do well for the first and last episodes. Even the producer didn’t expect it as this happened for the first time.

Tsusumi and Rina act as bitter enemies in the serial but they become a couple off screen. How unexpected!


This serial is special to include some lines in Mandarin, Korean and Cantonese. So as Asians, we will feel a sense of closeness. You will also notice that exciting incidents happen mostly when Yuan is on the plane. He can be a jinx that gives all a stroke of bad luck, resulting it to be nearly hit by thunder, trapped by fog, having a blackout or the destination having a fire! But still, it is interesting to know how the pilots handle when this happens.

All look so stylish here and smart in their uniforms and act well too to project the air crew’s professionalism although certain parts can be unbelievable. A friend of mine commented that she had not enjoyed such high standards of service on any airline so far.

The part on Yuan’s injury can be too draggy and unreal – can an injury recover so soon? This slows the pace down and makes Xiang Tian a weak man to evade from responsibilities. I prefer Yuan to stumble a difficult problem at work and overcome it - eg. on how to handle a plane with a lost wheel or wing. But all artistes’ realistic and natural acting will win you over and forget the defaults. The pace is fast for most episodes.

I find Tsusumi stealing the glamour from Takuya. Takuya is impressive but he is excellent! His role is too eye-catching. My eyes are glued to the set whenever he appears. Yuan is attractive but can be childish. Xiang Tian’s role needs more exploration into his inner feelings. Most of the time, he has to rely on his eyes to relate his emotions. This is a great test to his acting ability. And he really does well!

The love relationship is not being fully explored. Unfortunately Shen Pu isn't a strong love rival. Yuan's Korean neighbour who mistakens him as her ex-boyfriend seems like one but they have very few scenes. The ending as her being an air stewardess. Is she going to be one later if there is a part 2? I don't know.

But still, I enjoy the story as it gives a different picture showing that love isn't necessary to make up a heavy portion for every serial. This is considered a man’s show as it involves more on the pilots. Even the other actors as guest star pilots dominate the screen. Actresses are their sidekicks and are allowed lesser room to develop. But I don’t mind it as all these stories are interesting.

More stories can be developed with the same characters. Will there be a part 2? When will Yuan be promoted or is any couple getting married? I am looking forward to it. Don't miss it - you will like it as much as I do!

On acting : * * * * 1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : * * * * (Scale of 5)


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