Heaven's Coins II

Reviewed by: sukting

December 05, 2005

Rating: one

This sequel is a follow-up as attributed to the success of Part 1. Can it surpass the former?


Takumi is amused when Aya tells him to deliver a calf but obeys her. They kiss under the sky with fireworks. Shuichi is now the new hospital director. Yuki suddenly asks Shuichi what happens if she dies. She will not mind if he remarries but the person must not be Aya. He is shocked and when a button from his doctor’s robe drops to the ground, he misses her again. Miwa wants Shuichi to choose a doctor to replace an old doctor who just retires.

Shuichi disagrees with her to look for someone who is famous but he wants someone who has a conscience in healing. So he hopes that she will not be angry with him. Miwa isn’t as she likes the way he is but she doubts such a doctor exists – except Takumi.

Aya and Takumi are back for Yuko’s wedding. They laugh when recalling that Yuko has mistakened her future husband to be a molester – just like what Aya does to him. Takumi never expects himself to look for her in Hokkaido and she thinks of Shuichi now.

Yuki faints and Shuichi sends her to her doctor, Shummai. He works in a small private hospital and Shuichi dismisses Yuki’s suggestion of getting Shummai to work in his hospital. Yuko gets married and her bouquet lands in Takumi’s hands. Shummai’s nurse, Suki knows that Yuki will die if she insists of giving labour as she has a weak heart. Shummai refuses to tell Shuichi about the danger as he wants to help Yuki.

During her ‘speech’, Aya thanks Yuko for helping her in the past and to learn sign language to communicate with her. Takumi stands beside her to translate to the crowd. (They are sure compatible)Shuichi rushes there and both ex-lovers get to see each other. Shuichi discovers that it is hard for him to forget the sign language. Takumi and Aya visit Yuko and she keeps stressing that her unborn child will strengthen the couple’s bond. Aya can see that she is stubborn to dismiss the truth. She isn’t assured even though Aya lets her know that she is with Takumi now.

Takumi brings Aya to the amusement park and aquarium. He is delighted when she is happy. Yuki tells Shuichi that she has sold her soul to the devil and something bad will befall on her. But he must understand that she is like this because of him. Although he assures her that he is with her, she still cries.

Aya waits for Takumi at the garden near the fountain and he comes with 2 boxes. One box contains a red rose and if she chooses it, they can get married. But if she chooses a white rose, she can dismiss it. She opens it and he is happy to see the red rose. He runs into the fountain and gets himself wet happily. But he is embarrassed when she opens another box which also shows a red rose.

She jumps into the fountain to look at him fiercely with the red rose. He gets frightened and gives up all hopes but she gives it to him and smiles. He becomes overjoyed and dances with her in the water. Still, Yuki’s words remain in her mind –does she love Takumi? Really? Can she trust her? Shuichi visits Mr Nagai’s grave and meets Shummai there grieving over his ex-patient’s death. So he decides to hire him.

Takumi wonders why Aya still refuses to change her clothes in front of him and wants to peep through the door hole but she pushes the door open to give him a big knock on his head. Aya saves a 10 year old girl, with Shuichi from an explosion rubble. Shuichi operates on her with Aya’s help.
Yuki thanks Shummai for making her wish come truth and he lies that her heart condition isn’t serious. He is like a god to her. Although Shuichi should feel tired after a long operation, he has not felt so relaxed because Aya is with him. They lie to each other that they are living happily. Takumi is worried when she returns late but she can’t bring herself to tell him that she is with Shuichi.

Yuki tells Mrs Shoko that Aya has been here and she is going to give birth now. Takumi learns from Miwa about Shuichi’s saving and knows that he hasn’t slept for the night, taking care of the patient. He feels sorry that Miwa is still missing Mr Nagai and is unhappy that Aya keeps from him when she visits the patient. Shummai refuses to give an caserian operation and Yuki dies after giving birth to a boy.

Takumi can’t bear to see Shuichi so upset over the loss when he looks at Yuki’s son. He really resembles his mother. He bangs the glass till his head becomes swollen. Takumi hugs him and cries. The monks chant at the funeral parlour and Shummai kneels to Shuichi to beg for forgiveness. He doesn’t blame him as he saves his son. Aya gets slapped by Mrs Shoko – Yuki must be afraid that her happiness will vanish to die like this. The men do not know how to deal with this.

Suki throws out Yuki’s medical report in front of Shummai – he has killed Yuki since he knows her condition so well. Shummai gets so angry that hr burns the records and rapes her. It doesn’t matter what he becomes as long as he can leave here. He threatens her – she must be silent in order not to ruin her incoming wedding when he reveals the truth to her fiancé. Takumi decides to stay to help out since Shuichi is not in the mood to do anything.

Shuichi blames himself for causing Yuki’s death as she must have known that he only loves Aya. Aya is stunned by the news. He looks at the button. Takumi lies that something gets into his eyes and squats down. Aya gets worried but later he shows a blue emerald ring to her. The Hokkaido clinic is closing and he has a a small salary. So he can only get a small ring but to him, this is the star coin.

He tries to slip into her finger but it is too tight. She thinks of Shuichi’s words and weeps. Takumi asks Miwa to find out the reason. What is the real reason – he has a bad phenomenon but hopes that he guesses wrongly. Miwa thinks it might be the size is unfit so she weeps as both can’t be together smoothly. Takumi is relieved – so that implies that she still loves him. Miwa adds that it might be she thinks of another person. Takumi’s smile freezes on his face – she just jokes but he is serious.

Aya has lost her wallet so Shummai settles the supermarket expenditure for her. She leaves her nurse hostel address with him so as to return the money to him. He has a weird twinkle in his eyes when he is back on the motorcycle. Wang – the girl whom they rescued is transferred into their hospital. There are golden chips in her head and the doctors wonder how to remove them. Miwa decides to operate with Takumi if Shuichi isn’t ready. Shummai watches them from the last role with his cold eyes.

Wang presses Aya to tell her who she likes in vain. It is Aya’s job to clean the hospital director’s room again and she sees the doctor’s robe with the missing button. Shummai tells Miwa and Takumi that he has never seen his father and his mother overworks till her death. Takumi notices that Shummai’s fate is similar to Miwa. He decides that it is best for Shummai to help Shuichi after he leaves. But Miwa can see through Shummai’s cunning nature.

Aya wants Shuichi to be himself again so that he can operate on Wang. She runs away in tears wen Shuichi regrets letting her go and runs into Shummai on the way. Suki comes to work in the same hospital and she becomes friends with Aya as she knows sign language. Takumi wants Aya to visit Shuichi so that she can help to take care of his son who has just discharged. She doesn’t feel like going and this angers him. Wang is in pain and Miwa attends to her when Shummai rejects saving her.

Aya is angry and confronts Shummai. He tells her that he majors in heart operations and Wang is dying soon. Why is he wasting time on her then? Aya senses that he doesn’t know how to love as hatred fills his heart. Shummai is shocked to see Suki. Wang and Miwa look at Wang’s x-ray – the brain tumour is growing and they can’t wait for too long.

Aya visits Shummai and lets him know that she is marrying Takumi. He is unprepared for it but gives up upon seeing her so determined. Mrs Shoko comes with the baby’s things and is angry to see Aya. Can they vouch in front of the baby that Shuichi has not thought of Aya after marriage? Upon seeing him unable to take the vow, she slaps Shuichi. Aya stops her and shouts – hit her. It is like a piece of sad music to the ears. She is unable to forget him too. Mrs Shoko takes the baby away.

Miwa and Shummai go to bed. She only feels the slight warmth with him – Mr Nagai has never attempted to hug her. Shuichi returns to the hospital. Suki tells Aya about her past of unable to get married as she can’t deceive herself. Aya smiles bitterly – should she be frank to Takumi although he is happy over it now? Takumi manages to coax Wang to take her medicine.

Suki stares at Shummai – she doesn’t know why she is attracted by him to follow him here. Shummai kisses her forcefully. Takumi is shocked to know that Mrs Shoko withdraws her funds to finance the hospital and is even more shocked when knowing what is between Aya and Shuichi. Shuichi doesn’t want Shummai to oppose to him but he quotes Kenji’s example as success. So he will not give up on Wang.

Takumi wants to seek the truth from Aya and can’t accept the fact. He ends up beating Shuichi. Aya has never seen Takumi reacting so violent before. She stands with Shuichi in the rain after his departure.
Shummai digs at her for being able to seduce the two rich and highly qualified brothers. Takumi has a drink at the bar and is relieved that Aya isn’t there from Suki. He becomes uptight upon knowing that Aya has a fever. He asks – what is her temperature – her temperature is normally lower than others and she will faint when getting a fever.

Upon knowing that she is fine, he is calm. Suki is frightened of his changing expressions within seconds. He has put in too much love on a person and his lover will not be able to take it. He is furious and says that that is natural. Shuichi wants the child back in vain because she only agrees to finance again if he gives up on the child. Aya tells Suki her whole story.

Suki doesn’t think that Aya loves Takumi although he is caring to her. She must be frank to her feelings. Takumi now looks from under their hostel – hopefully she is better now. A couple is rescued from a car accident. The man dies as Miwa tries her best but the woman, Rika is rescued by Shuichi. Takumi tells Shuichi coldly that he can explain the case to the policemen so he will help to make the stitches. He doesn’t look at Aya who attempts to communicate with him.

Shummai wants Suki to get closer to Takumi. She suspects that Shummai doesn’t only wants the hospital. He wants to own everything that belongs to Shuichi. Aya wants Suki to pass a note to Takumi to meet her. Aya senses someone walking by. He is Shuichi – although he seems tired after the operation, there is still the gentle twinkle in his eyes. He learns that she is ill and wants to put his hand on her forehead. But he stops the action in midair. He then asks if she has taken the medicine. (A very wonderful scene.)

She is like a child who keeps nodding her head. He is about to talk to her when he has to console Rika that her boyfriend is dead. Takumi hides at one corner of the garden, watching Aya from far. He has no courage to face her. Shummai learns about Shuichi’s past from Miwa but after that, he refuses to go to bed with her. Takumi gets the altered ring from the jewelry shop and comes with it to the garden. But he still walks away in the end. He tells Suki about it.

Suki worries as he looks as if he will collapse any minute. He has wanted to give her up but the ring tells him not to. So he drinks again. Shummai informs Aya that Takumi will not come as he is with Suki. She should stop being a dog to wait for its’ master. Aya writes that he is nothing compared to them when he asks her out for a drink. He gets angry that he thinks highly of Shuichi at this moment.

Rika tells Shuichi about her arranged marriage and she dislikes that. Shuichi finally knows that Aya loves him but she still wants to be with Takumi in order not to hurt him. Takumi comes again to the garden with the ring and bursts into tears when Aya isn’t around. Shuichi and Miwa come to the rooftop to see the new coming-up building of the new hospital with ER facilities. He wants her to be the deputy director.

He wants to let Takumi be the hospital director. He must give up everything to return to Hokkaido to look for something that he has lost. Rika escapes from the hospital. Shummai sneers at Aya trying to get a rich Shuichi but he has to desert everything for her. Shuichi finally sees Rika at her boyfriend’s funeral and allows her to cry in his arms to release her sorrow. He understands her grief as he also loses Yuki. Shummai also tells Takumi the news to upset him. Shuichi brings Takumi to the new building to show him the supposed planned facilities. Aya is now looking at the book.

Takumi demands to know why Shuichi isn’t operating on Wang the second time. Takumi gets worked up when Shuichi replies that his heart and Aya’s stay as one. He breaks a wine table and puts the cut edge glass piece at Shuichi’s right hand. Shuichi closes his eyes and is prepared to accept the fate. He doesn’t mind if this makes him better. Takumi is devastated and runs out. Suki takes care of him and he gets drunk.

Shuichi tries in vain to get Aya to leave with him. Rika is going to be discharged soon and is surprised to know that Shuichi isn’t pinning for his dead wife but another woman. Shummai is equally dismayed as he doesn’t want he to go off easily with Aya the next day – he has tried to be with him the same place to breathe the same fresh air.

Takumi waits for Aya’s arrival. He will be overjoyed in the past but now he doesn’t know what to do with her. He is apologetic for not turning up the last day but she replies that she will never do this to him. He tells her that he always ruins Shuichi’s hand. If he is a successful surgeon, he can no longer hold the surgical knife anymore if that happens. But Shuichi is willing to accept his fate. If Takumi is him, he is more than willing to exchange his life too. He begs her to stay with him and slips the ring into her finger.

Shuichi takes the child from Mrs Shoko’s home secretly and Mrs Shoko comes, demanding for him. Shuichi is past caring what happens to him since he is no longer the hospital director. Rika learns that Aya is from Hokkaido and wonders if she is the one. Shuichi brings the baby and waits for Aya at the airport. Takumi comes to the rooftop to get Aya to leave with Shuichi. It is enough to hear from her that she wants to stay with him. He is too tired to feel insecure of losing her daily.

It is good enough to have the one year memory with her. He takes down the ring and puts on her palm. She should ask Shuichi to wear for her. Both smile at each other at the airport and is about to enter the custom. Takumi is reading through Shuichi’s books to look for a remedy to save Wang. Miwa passes a note to Takumi – the construction supervisor wants to talk to him at the new site. Takumi reaches there and sees no one. Suddenly the lift goes all the way down as one wire snaps.

The two rush back to the hospital upon knowing what happens. Aya donates her blood to Takumi and Shummai hints that Takumi is trying to commit suicide. Takumi survives but is paralysed from waist down. Suki carries the baby and confronts Shummai – she suspects that Shummai writes the note and he hints it. Mrs Shoko learns that Takumi can’t be a doctor anymore. So her promise stays. Miwa turns to Shuichi to ask him to give in to Mrs Shoko.

Shuichi is usually friendly but now he reprimands her. But later, he apolgosies and Miwa shakes her head – he has made the wrong choice. Aya slaps Shummai when he says that Takumi is better than being dead. But still she can become the hospital director’s wife with guilt all her life. She can’t force herself to be blissful. Miwa knows why she is attracted by Shummai. Takumi has the gentleness of Mr Nagai while Shummai has the loneliness. Miwa looks at the records Shummai has written and is shocked.

Shuichi doesn’t know how to break the bad news to Takumi. Rika makes a public telephone call. Takumi assures Aya that he will be strong since Shuichi promises him that he will recover in 6 months time. Shuichi is distracted about Takumi in the meeting and is past caring who should be the director to keep the funds. Rika is discharged and Shuichi is surprised to see a lavish car coming for her. A man chides her for not informing him earlier as her parents worry about her.

Takumi tries to move but falls onto the floor so Suki helps him up. Shuichi is surprised to see Aya in his director’s room. It is like playing hide and seek so both smile at each other. Shuichi has to stay here to take care of Takumi. But he hopes that she will stand by him. Suki pushes Takumi to the rooftop and tells her about her past of calling off the wedding as she is being raped. Takumi tries standing when she gets some wine for him. Wang asks Aya why Takumi behaves strangely since he can get well. Shummai is amused to see how hesitative Shuichi is to tell Takumi to tell the truth and wants to be the one to open the mouth. Takumi needs a woman who doesn’t mind his handicap now.

The person can never be Shuichi as he is more outstanding than him. Shummai’s hint is Shuichi should give up Aya. Since he is reputable and just giving something to a dejected younger brother should not be a problem to him. Moreover, they are not real brothers. Shuichi feels a chill down his spine – how does he know it? Aya goes to the rooftop and sees Takumi in despair as he drops to the ground.

He has guessed what happens and cries with Aya. Miwa shows the handwriting on the note and the records – they are similiar. But he denies doing that as he is Takumi’s elder brother. Takumi wants to kill himself by letting a car to knock into him by slipping out of the hospital but Suki manages to stop in time. He falls to the ground while she injures her hand.

Shummai says that her mother is a nurse who has him by Mr Nagai. He is the kind of man 30 years ago. He ditches her to marry a rich woman. But since the first Mrs Nagai can’t give birth, Mr Nagai adopts Shuichi. His mother dies due to overwork and he gets a scholarship to get into university. This is the only way to get close to Mr Nagai. But too bad, he is dead. He hates Shuichi for being the hospital director to climb above his natural brother, Takumi.

Takumi hugs Shuichi and cries – isn’t it better for him to be dead? He wallows in self-pity and wants him to return Aya to him. Aya passes a bridal shop and sees a simple bridal dress with a beautiful veil. Rika gives her a lift and she is astonished by the size. Rika knows that Shuichi loves Aya. Shuichi and Shummai drink together. He has rejected Takumi’s request as Aya isn’t a commodity. Shummai describes Aya to be materialistic. Aya is shocked to know that Takumi tries to kill himself.

Shummai lies to Mrs Shoko that Shuichi insists that Yuki gives birth to their son even though he knows her heart condition. Mrs Shoko agrees to continue to finance only if Shuichi stops being the hospital director and let Miwa take over. None of them agree as all pity Shuichi so Mrs Shoko threatens to dismiss them. Aya is worried that Shuichi will lose his post. Upon seeing him exhausted, her heart feels the pain.

He tells the story again. The naked Aya is the most beautiful and the white snow can be her wedding gown. They hug each other. Shuichi calls Miwa to thank her for her help but he decides to be a normal doctor. Miwa is now in bed with Shummai and shocks Shuichi that all decide to make him leave the hospital. Shuichi nearly stops breathing. Aya passes the blue ring to Rika.

Takumi visits Wang before his discharge and sees that Aya leaves her book with her. Takumi returns home with Aya and recalls the past. Aiko has stayed here with him and stabs Aya upon knowing that he loves her. He takes care of her in the past and now it is her turn. She decides not to be with Shuichi and Takumi thinks that she is pitying him. He demands her to burn the book to prove that she can forget Shuichi.

Aya hesitates for a while and later lits the lighter. The way Shuichi tells the story comes to her mind as she burns a corner of the book. Takumi can’t stand it anymore and climbs on the floor to diffuse the flames. He isn’t suspecting her but doesn’t wish the love between her and Shuichi to be deepened. He is grateful for the misfortune. He may have lose his legs but gets her to be with him. He clings close to her chest and sobs.

The meeting starts – Shuichi is about to leave when the door opens and a man walks in with Rika. He is Mr Tanaka and Mrs Shoko is stunned to see him. They have not met since the last meeting on management. Her face turns white upon knowing that he is here for Mr Satso. Shuichi finds the surname familiar but can’t recall where he hears it. So since Mrs Shoko gives up the post, Mr Satso will take over.

All are taken aback and Miwa yells – what happens? Mrs Shoko keeps quiet when Mr Tanaka reminds her t the consequence if Mr Satso turns up. She has to agree to it. Shuichi has a walk with Rika. He is still absorbing the news – Satso organization owns many businesses – metal, shipping, electronics, construction, finance, property, etc. He has never imagined Rika to be his daughter.

She does this as he saves her life. This is his job but she wants to help those in need. He thanks her for keeping the hospital. He should thank Aya and not Mr Satso because she buys the ring from her. Aya tells Shuichi that it is the ring that Takumi gets for her. Why is she deserting such an important object? Rika also agrees to finance the hospital – what is going on? A sense of alarm rises in him.

Rika isn’t buying the ring – but Aya’s love for Shuichi. She can’t love her anymore because of Takumi but hopes that he stays as the hospital director. He must support Takumi and although he offers to resign to work as a doctor in another hospital, she will not allow it as she wants luxury. Her parents desert her due to poverty and she doesn’t want to go through that again.

Shuichi can’t believe that she asks him for money – she also asks Mrs Shoko for money to leave him. Shuichi becomes shaky and nearly collapses – can this be happening? The sweet memory is completely removed. She comes all the way to Tokyo the last time just to meet single doctors to get hitched. Shuichi can’t bring himself to see her using sign language anymore.

His vision becomes blur and her face turns twisted. He recalls Shummai’s words – he tries to rebuke his words. This is enough for him and he turns around to write a cheque for her. He gives it to her – hoping that she will not accept it but she takes it and puts into her pocket. Shuichi feels that his breathing stops and Aya is getting far away. This blow is too hard for him to bear. Aya cries when she quits her jobs and gets out.

Aya massages Takumi’s legs for him – she has never given up hope. She works part time at Kenji’s sushi shop and also works for a vet to gain earnings. Suki tells Aya off – she is only hurting Takumi and herself. Aya will never forget the part of her liking Shuichi. Miwa wants to resign for her betrayal and but Shichi will not accept it. He is still the hospital director after all. Shummai laughs – so Aya is a stray dog looking after other stray dogs. He wants Suki to teach him a sentence for sign language.

Rika refers herself to a model which wears beautiful gowns but has no love. Shuichi tries his best to console her. Takumi knows about Shummai with Miwa and Miwa thinks that Takumi should be the director. He shakes his head - he can’t stand in the ER and his integrity isn’t as good as standing in front of the public. Only Shuichi is qualified. But when Miwa shows the sign language that Shuichi says to Aya, his face changes. Aya isn’t happy to see Shummai in Kenji’s shop.

Takumi wants Aya to return home earlier – he has baked a cake for her. Shuichi returns to the director’s office and is shocked to see a commotion there. Rika wants workers to remove the drawing imitations so that she can hang up new ones. Shuichi informs Rika that he may be the director but he draws a small salary so he will provide Aya some money monthly. Rika will rather exchange for love and he smiles. He is taken aback when she declares her love for him before going for match making the next day.

Takumi is unprepared when Shummai tells him that Shuichi isn’t his natural brother. How can Mr Nagai’s first wife give birth to Shuichi as she has a deformed heart? Shummai lies that his uncle is Mr Nagai’s friend so he knows the truth but Takumi refuses to believe it. Even so, Shuichi is his elder brother and this will not change. Now it is Shummai’s turn to get impatient. The director position isn’t important – what matters is Aya is beside him. Shummai adds that Aya will not return as she sits in Shuichi’s car.

Aya needs to work overtime as Kenji’s shop has too many customers. Kenji remembers her birthday and gets her a pair of white shoes. She isn’t back when the time reaches 11pm so Takumi gets angry to damage his wrist watch. Aya looks at the model in the shop and pretends to place the shoes on the model’s feet – thinking how she looks in the wedding gown. After she leaves, Shuichi comes to look at it too.

When she returns home, Takumi sneers at her – thinking the shoes are from Shuichi – an insult to his disability now. He smashes the cake and pulls her – why doesn’t she allow him to hug her after getting hugs from his brother? He then reveals Shuichi’s parentage and where have both gone for dinner? She can’t pull away from him and both fall to the ground. Takumi sees that her chin has a wound caused by a broken plate. Aya picks up the new shoes and runs out barefooted to seek refuge in Kenji’s shop.

Shuichi comes to the astronomy centre and recalls how he sneaks out to meet Aya in the past. Aya is here too but they don’t see each other. Shummai wants Suki to go to Takumi. Rika pulls Shuichi to the bridal studio – which wedding will he choose? He chooses the simple one that Aya also likes. Rika wants it and the assistant get too nervous and when she removes the veil, she accidentally causes a mark on the model’s face. Rika doesn’t go for the matchmaking as she wants to marry Shuichi.

Suki sees the mess in Takumi’s home and clears for him. Shuichi has a meal with Rika – this woman always likes to scare him. She smiles – isn’t he happy with her? Her moods will calm down and he is her light. Suki knows that sign Aya makes to Shuichi when Takumi shows her – she has never forgotten him. She is about to tell him that she teaches Shummai that when Takumi laments that he loses everything.

She tells him the past of being raped. Both console each other – that is why she is attracted to Takumi. Aya gets a new watch for Takumi and runs away when seeing them hugging together. Shuichi is stunned upon seeing Rika wearing the wedding gown – the one he chooses. He lowers his head and walks out – she is pretty but his tone is flat. Shuichi gets into the lift and closes his eyes – it will be pretty on Aya. He signs it with his fingers upon seeing the snow outside.

Aya sees the model in the dustbin. Coincidentally, her wound has the same mark as on the model. She puts the shoes on the model’s feet and gives a helpless smile. She still returns home. Shuichi sees Aya in the astronomy centre but doesn’t dare to approach her as he doesn’t know what to say to her. Mrs Nagai is puzzled why Takumi doesn’t visit her in jail and Aya is the one who comes. Shuichi operates on a patient in another hospital and gets extra money. Takumi decides to tell Aya to leave so that Suki can stay.

Shuichi is with Rika and she is worried as he looks tired. He doesn’t tell her about his ‘part-time’job so he lies that he goes to the astronomy centre. She hopes he will bring her to the romantic spot but he only wishes to be there alone. Takumi is rude to Aya as he doesn’t know how to face her. The nurses guess that Aya often comes to the hospital to visit Shuichi, even though she is seeing Wang. Wang is in pain but Shuichi can’t operate on her because she is afraid unless Takumi is the one.

Suki tells Aya to leave Takumi as she will take care of Takumi and Aya only loves Shuichi. She has nothing to say. Mrs Nagai thinks that she isn’t a good mother but Aya signals ‘mother’ to her to make her happy. Riwa finally forces the truth out of Shuichi – the money is for Aya. He doesn’t want her help. He still believes that Aya hasn’t changed. If he accepts her money, the past he has been Aya is futile. Rika is angry – she is the sponsor now and why is he still loving Aya? She cries.

Aya still has hope for Takumi’s recovery and wants him to operate on Wang. Takumi refuses and another struggle again – he falls from his wheelchair to crawl back into the bedroom on his own. (This is happening too frequent that I grow sick of him. Spare the poor man, please.) Mrs Nagai hangs herself in prison and leaves letters for Aya and Takumi. She is grateful to Aya for being with Takumi and hopes she will be her daughter. Shuichi keeps the other one for Takumi and Aya decides to be the one to tell Takumi the news.

Both decide not now as he is in despair. Shummai reveals that Yuki’s son isn’t Shuichi’s. Yuki has begged him to have it through IVF. It doesn’t matter to her who the father is as she doesn’t want Shuichi to leave her. Shuichi is pitiful to bring up the unrelated son. They prepare Mrs Nagai’s funeral and Shuichi wishes Takumi and Aya well. Aya will not need any wedding veil as the snow is her veil. Both smile and he passes Mrs Nagai’s letter to her.

Suki and Takumi looks at apartment information to decide which one to rent. But Aya wants to bring Takumi back to the hospital to operate on Wang. If Takumi stays with Suki, he will sunken into further despair to lock himself is darkness. Aya is different from her – she can’t speak or hear but this doesn’t hinder her life. Suki is startled – Aya seems small in build but she looks strong. Aya informs Suki that Mrs Nagai is dead as she kills herself as not to affect his future.

Since she likes him to be in the doctor’s robe again, she must make her wish come true. Aya pushes Takumi to see the dying Wang. He trips to fall on the floor again after seeing her in a coma and Aya slaps him – he must do it. She massages his legs – she is tired that Takumi always doubts her to meet Shuichi whenever she is out. He digs at Shuichi when he comes to visit him. Is he here to sneer at him after knowing that Aya is working? Shuichi finds him pitiful and discloses that Mrs Nagai is dead. He begs and wants Takumi to try. Takumi reveals that his right hand shivers after the accident and Shuichi loses all hopes. Shummai refuses to drink with Miwa at the bar.

Shuichi doesn’t wish to remarry for the sake of getting the baby a mother. Aya survives well without parents too. Aya passes the letter to Takumi and leaves him to cry alone in the bedroom. Takumi’s face has no more hatred the next day. He thanks her for visiting her mother. He has thought of her dating Shuichi. Because of his suspicion, Shuichi cries over it too. Takumi decides to visit Wang again to give her support. He lies to her that he operates on her.

Miwa asks Suki if she joins the hospital because of Shummai. Suki sneers at Miwa - without the doctor’s robe, she is a normal woman like her. The women slap each other so a saga starts. Takumi rejects Suki’s offer to stay with him and Aya accepts Shuichi’s cheque. Shuichi apologises for revealing the truth but Aya thinks it is best as he knows him better. She has thought it might not help but Shuichi is clear about it. He tells her the news of Takumi’s hand. She is sunken into despair.

Shummai comes to Kenji’s shop repeatedly and gets a call that Wang is missing. Wang is at the rooftop and Shuichi quickly rescues her from there. When Shuichi opens her scalp, he is astonished. Kenji brings Takumi to hospital and he stays outside the ER with Aya. Wang’s brain has bloated due to the metal piece in the head so Shummai wants them to stop. There is only 50% chance for survival even though Shuichi operates personally. The way Wang pleads not to die flashes in his mind. He is considering whether to stop or continue. Takumi understands why he hesitates as Wang is only 10 years old.

Not just Shuichi, anyone will react the same way. Takumi looks at his shaky hand and wants Aya to help him to dress the operation gown. Takumi comes in and wants to look at Wang. Let him do it – his voice is full of confidence and everyone looks at him. Even for a slim hope, they have to do it. It is harsh to make the child suffer all her life. His shaky right hand lifts the scalpel which shines under the light. He suddenly uses his left hand to leave a cut on his right hand. It doesn’t shiver anymore.

Takumi heaves a sigh of relief and smiles. He has fulfilled his promise to save her so she must work with him. The brothers and Miwa work well together. Shummai wants Suki to go to Hokkaido with Takumi and she knows that he wants to be the hospital director. She also detects that he loves Aya. Aya has what he lacks. She can get along with others and expresses her feelings. Shummai lacks that so he hates it but gets attracted. He is waiting for Aya’s help like Takumi.

Takumi removes the metal piece successfully. Shuichi is pleased that he is stronger than before. She runs to see Takumi and Shuichi gets depressed. Takumi looks tired but contented even with a wounded hand. Suki sees that Takumi still stays beside Wang’s bed and is unhappy that Aya is changing his stained clothes. Shuichi is shocked that Riwa cuts her hair short. (You must not miss Shuichi’s expression. It is even shorter than Aya’s length like a man – her initial length reaches the waist like Miwa.)

She wants to be single like Shuichi and Shuichi gives a reluctant smile. So the two ‘men’ can go for a drink. She returns the ring to Shuichi and he will pass it to the couple. Takumi sleeps beside Wang and Suki weeps. She can only put her hand over his hand as she loves him too much. Shummai follows Aya home when she gets new clothes for Takumi. He has a knife in his hand and wants to rape her. (Remember that she is nearly raped in part 1 too? Enough repetition.)

Aya picks up a piece of glass and strikes at Shummai. Shummai loses his cool – why is she glaring at him in a strange way? He doesn’t know if she is looking far or at him so he runs away. Takumi is glad that Wang hears his shouting in the ER to wake up. He jokes that her late grandmother gives him a call to tell that Wang can’t join her to being her back. But he needs more time as he sits on a wheelchair. His eyes are red when he allows her to touch his cheeks with both hands and she exclaims that his hands are warm.

Takumi informs Aya that he has once hated the medicine smell but not now. He thanks her for helping him and he takes to heart that she doesn’t need his help to do anything for her. Suki sneers at Shummai – that means that he likes Aya to let her off. He shakes his head – her eyes are like a mirror to reflect his anger and desire. This scares him – Aya is past caring what will happen to her from the day she gives up Shuichi and everything – including her happiness. So she makes the blissfulness of her man to be hers. Yuki describes him as her god while he is Suki’s devil. But in reality he is an insignificant man.

Rika wants to pay Aya’s expenses so that she can let go of Shuichi. He has worked too hard for them. Aya storms out and Kenji greets Shuichi upon seeing him walking out from another hospital. Shuichi doesn’t know how to explain himself. He learns from Kenji that Aya works for him and is puzzled – what has she done to his cheques? Shummai lies to Miwa that Suki is his ex and Suki threatens to kill herself if he leaves her. She decides to work things out for him. Shummai smiles – Suki has lost her usefulness.

Shuichi sees Aya working in Kenji’s shop and walks away. He smiles warmly – so she is deceiving him all the time. (Stupid man – why doesn’t he check his account balance monthly? Because he is too busy or too rich?!) Miwa is about to walk close to Suki when Shuichi calls her. He wants her to be the deputy director and doesn’t mind what she does to him in the past. Only she is suitable as she understands Mr Nagai the most. This is the best praise she has heard.

After he leaves, there are tears in her eyes recalling Mr Nagai’s words. How can she think of using a scalpel for this purpose – she has wanted to use this to kill Suki. Shuichi isn’t angry when Rika tells Aya all about him. He will still work overtime –what feelings has she to accept the cheques? She doesn’t even bother that he will hate her. He must not let her know that he knows about it or she will vanish.

Takumi tells Suki that he decides to be a doctor elsewhere but he hopes to leave with another person. Suki is dejected when he mentions that he cannot be strong to survive alone. Miwa meets a detective friend to check on Shummai’s background and she is shocked to know the details. A man gives Shummai a briefcase of money and he gives a ruthless smile.

Rika is helpless when Mr Satso is ill. Mrs Shoko has bought over 30% of the shares and he is so angry that he falls ill. If Shuichi rejects, she will want Shummai to be the next director. Shummai pretends to reject and Shuichi looks at him – when has he been involved in management matters? His tone leaves Shummai speechless. Miwa also stares at Shummai. Takumi tells Shuichi his decision to leave but Shuichi is surprised that he doesn’t ask Aya to be his helper but Suki instead.

Shuichi has thought of him after his accident and it is time for him to think for him now. He wants the two to be happy. He wants Shuichi to return the ring to him. He isn’t sure if he likes Suki but they need each other. Shuichi finally confesses that he loves Aya. Takumi returns the book to him and he tells him to meet Aya at the Tokyo tower. Both men hug each other. Shummai is delighted that he will be the next director soon. He knows that Suki’s desire for revenge vanishes as she loves Takumi.

Takumi looks at the building under construction and brings Suki there. He wishes to see how Mr Nagai’s wish comes true. Both of them have stayed in darkness for too long. Suki’s smile freezes – Aya is coming and he is returning to Hokkaido soon. Shuichi is about to get up the Tokyo tower when he is arrested by the policemen for taking bribes. Suki sees Aya coming – no, she can’t give Takumi to her. When Takumi is about to tell his decision to both women, Suki screams no as she doesn’t want to be lonely again.

The two don‘t understand what is going wrong with her. She pushes Aya to the middle of the road. She falls and a container truck containing the construction materials charges to her. Takumi leans out but falls on the ground instead (Why is this always happening till I get giddy?!) The driver avoids Aya but the glass falls onto Aya, breaking into many pieces.

Aya’s body is covered with blood in the ambulance and Takumi is in the ambulance trying to save her. Her face suffers from many cuts and they start to operate on her. Dr Hiroshima, an eye surgeon is also present so Miwa and Takumi become his assistant. Takumi washes Aya’s eyes and stops upon seeing how seriously wounded she is. if only he can reach her then…. he can stop the glass from failing on her. He feels remorseful and also upset. (Maybe ‘Save the last dance for me has the idea from here.)

Miwa brings him to reality. Shummai is happily telling Suki of his success and is startled to know that Takumi is still in hospital and hasn’t left. Shummai freezes upon knowing that Aya is having an operation. Since Shummai can’t do it, Suki does for him. Dr Hiroshima informs Takumi that Aya can’t see again so Takumi’s face doesn’t show any delight from completing an operation. Miwa asks why they must go to the construction site. He doesn’t answer but smashes the mirror in front of him.

Shuichi can’t explain about the bribery to Mrs Shoko and is stunned to know Aya’s misfortune. He rushes to Takumi and Takumi pulls his shirt. Now they are going to remove the bandage but she will not recover. What is he going to do? Shuichi tells Takumi to cool down since both of them are doctors. Sure enough, she shows no reflect to light when the bandage is removed. Both brothers suffer from a big blow.

Aya shows no response sitting on the bed. Miwa suggests doing a brain scan to see if other parts are fine. Shuichi is upset – it is bad enough she can’t hear and now she can’t see. How is he going to communicate with her? Maybe she has cut herself from the world. She is too tired now and behaves like a corpse. Shummai tells Mrs Shoko that greed has overcome Shuichi to make him accept all the bribes. Both of them will get what they want once Shuichi is in jail.

The police take all the documents. Miwa is worried but Shuichi believes that his innocence can be cleared. She can’t ell him about Shummai. Shuichi hopes to operate on Aya next time to make it a success. Even though he adds a sweater on her, she shows no response. (Hello – is this doctor mad – he should know that she can’t see or hear him but he keeps talking to her! Sigh……)

Shuichi shows his troubles in front of Rika. He feels that someone is framing him. He will be sued the next day and Rika promises to get him a lawyer. Her company is in trouble but she lies as not to worry him. Suki explains to Takumi that he does this to Aya as she wants him so she isn’t wrong. Takumi sighs – he brings her to see Aya and tells her about his initial plan.

Love has two sides – one is puppy love to love the other person while another is to reveal regardless of what happens – his love for Aya belongs to the second type. Shuichi’s love is to sacrifice to wish his lover to get the best. For Takumi and Suki – it is more like pitying each other so he wishes to repay her. Love can start from pity. He has wanted t o tell her that trust will give both warm before the tragedy starts.

She weeps upon knowing that she is wrong. (Blame it on Takumi for being so indirect and wishy-washy to give Suki the wrong idea.) He will not hand her to the police as Aya will not want to see this happening. She cries and hugs Aya but she shows no response. (I am curious – can Aya tell a man from a woman?)

Dr Hiroshima tells Shuiuchi that 50,000 are waiting for eye transplants and he doesn’t know when it will be Aya’s turn. Shummai touches Aya’s hair and declares that he is the only one fit of her love. Those rich guys will not know their despair. He will be the next director and she can spend any amount of money she wants. He will do anything for her. He hugs her and uses the rare gentle voice that he hasn’t said to any woman – the brothers will leave her but he will not give her to anyone. (Another stupid mistake committed by another doctor – if he shows the writing on her palm, she might gather what he says but….sigh…)

Aya doesn’t reject or accept him. (Maybe she can’t even differentiate him from Shuichi or Takumi.) Miwa stops Mrs Shoko in vain to force Shuichi out of the hospital because of the ugly bribery scandal. Shummai becomes the next director (It still beats me how he can be one as he only joins the hospital recently and I am sure that there are more senior doctors around. If not, Zaizen will not wait and struggle just for a Professor post. Maybe this hospital is too small.)

Shuichi returns his son to Mrs Shoko. He is cute and can warm his heart although he is….he doesn’t continue the sentence and Mrs Shoko knows that something is wrong. Why is Yuki getting more and more insecure nearing the delivery date? She should feel more and more firm. She suddenly gets frightened - she is like this before Aya comes. Shuichi asks if he is really his son but Mrs Shoko can’t answer.

Shummai gets mad upon knowing that Shuichi brings Aya out. Miwa stops him from following – his lie to her will be out in the light. She shows the documents her friend gives her. He isn’t Takumi’s brother at all. He gets so angry that he hits her brutally and confesses that he plans Takumi’s accident. She sprawls on the ground and faints. Even so, he never stops beating her. Shuichi brings Aya to the astronomy centre and he recalls how he learns sign language to woo her. But the next day…….he can’t be with her anymore. A policeman is watching him now. Suki tells Takumi that Shummai is the mastermind of Shuichi’s ‘bribery’.
Takumi dismisses the rumour that Shummai is his elder brother.

But why does he want the hospital? He doesn’t know this man at all. Shummai stripes Miwa and brings her back into her apartment, slashing her wrist and putting her in the bathtub. He kisses her to tell her that her kisses are the sweetest. Her blur vision only sees him leaving far and she can’t talk. The two walk out and Shuichi puts his coat over her as it is getting cold. She nearly trips and he shields her to make her fall on top of him. He picks her shoes but she is unwilling to wear them.

He smiles and takes off his shoes too. He moves her hands to his chest and weeps – even if she remains like this, he will guard her till he sees stars in her eyes or befall on her. His tears fall on her hand and she moves her hands wanting to stretch to him. He smiles and hugs her tightly in his arms. Both dance in the snow as both smile on the grass patch. He brings her back to his home and both are in bed together. (I am thinking – what if the person is not Shuichi and someone else? Aya will make the most dreadful decision.)

Shummai holds the documents that Miwa shows – he is Shuichi’s brother as shown. Shuichi is arrested. Aya holds the book and smiles. Shuichi isn’t happy to know that Miwa is rescued although she is in critical condition. Takumi and Suki come to Aya. Takumi uses sign language and gets her hands to feel it. (Phew – I finally see a doctor doing a wise act after so long.) She is dismayed but is calm.

Takumi is Miwa’s doctor and Miwa mumbles to him to look into her doctor’s robe. Takumi admires Rika’s efforts – not to get angry or give up despite Shuiuchi’s rejection. She smiles – she has not met anyone who touches her in the past but now she has to accept an arranged marriage. Shuichi is puzzled when Miwa’s detective friend visits him in the cell. Miwa has told him to contact him when she loses contact with him. He shows Shummai’s documents to him.

Takumi stops the nurse from bringing the doctors’ robes to the laundry. Takumi digs his hand into the basket and searches fro Miwa’s doctor’s robe. He finds a recorder in it. Takumi gets Summai to meet him in Miwa’s office. Shummai is impatient and he is the director. Takumi takes out the recorder and plays it. Shummai’s voice is heard – he frames Shuichi and accepts the bribes under his name. Takumi’s accident is also caused by him. Takumi stares him and suppresses his anger – so he has planned all?

Shummai forces a smile – that is only a joke. Takumi doesn’t talk but eyes him like a hawk till he can’t take it. Can he get the tape back? Takumi’s answer – since he is joking, he wants to continue the game. He wants to play it to others – for example – the police (I sure like this answer!) Shummai tries to garb it and Takumi will not give it to him. He pushes Takumi on the ground to get it (Sigh – not again!) and hits him hard. He ruins the tape and smiles. Takumi lies on the ground and looks at the clock.

It shows 4 o’clock and there is a freezing smile on his face. Shummai suddenly feels frightened and suddenly the PA plays the whole speech again. Takumi has copied it and Shummai lowers his head. Takumi demands to know who he is but he can’t answer and leaves. All stand to listen to it and find it unbelievable. He can’t stand it and starts running in his doctor robe.

Suki prepares a meal for Aya and Takumi contacts the police to take care of the situation. Suki rushes here upon knowing he is hurt. He blames her for leaving Aya alone. Riwa sees Shuichi out of the gate and is relieved. Shuichi is shocked to get Shummai’s call to know that he is at his home. What is he going to do to Aya? His sorrowful voice is over the phone but Shummai has knocked Aya out, leaving he book behind.

Takumi and Suki are in a car. Suki is driving it and Takumi gets Shummai’s call, warning him not to call the police and wanting to see them at the harbour. Takumi gets so angry that he doesn’t hear Suki’s words to call Shuichi and she has to snatch his handphone to do it herself. Miwa’s friend joins Shuichi and Rika to go to the harbour. Takumi doesn’t understand how Shummai can fall for Aya.

Suki tells him that he has thought of Aya to be his mirror. He has discovered that it is stupid to have desire and hatred but he can’t deny himself so he sunks into despair to lose everything. He must have wished to have his mother’s love. Shuichi tells Rika that Shummai is his elder brother and Shuichi is abandoned at the hospital after birth. Their mother is a terrible woman after their father’s death.

After giving birth to Shuichi, she deserts him and keeps getting involved with different men to beat up Shummai daily. Shummai doesn’t get the love he wants and looks around for Shuichi after growing up. He has thought that Shuichi will suffer more than him but never expects him to become the hospital director. How does he feel then – envy? jealous? Probably it turns into hatred in a short time.

Shummai knocks out Takumi upon arrival and Suki is frightened to see Shummai with a stick. Takumi’s hands are tied and he is with Aya on a boat. Takumi’s warning for Shummai to surrender doesn’t sink into the brain. Shummai wants to sleep with Aya here. He has wanted Shuichi to witness this but can only let the paralysed Takumi transfer the message to Shuichi, his younger brother.

Takumi knows he isn’t joking and wants him to kill him to exchange for Aya. Aya will be contented to have Shuichi. He confesses that he loves Aya deeply. Suki is tied near the harbour and is totally dejected upon hearing this over Takumi’s handphone. Shummai wants Suki to hear that – humans are sure ruthless. Takumi wants to move to him but he can’t walk at all and trips again. (Luckily this is the last time or my heart can’t take it anymore.) Shuichi is also shocked to know that he is going to kill Aya when he comes.

Shummai presses Aya to his chest and Aya feels insecure and pushes him again. Shummai suddenly becomes weak and mumbles – is she going to beat him again? She has drunk too much and his mother should die with him. Takumi uses his might to crawl towards them and sees the ring on the deck. A pang of fury moves him – he suddenly feels strength in his knees and although he falls again, he finally stands up and moves to Shummai. His hands are tied and he uses his elbow to hook Shummai to fall into the water together. (This is another unbelievable miracle besides Mei Lan’s surprising recovery in ‘Phoenix’. It seems that physiotherapy isn’t working and all have to depend on luck.)

The two sink but Takumi keeps hooking onto Shummai’s neck and refuses to release him. Shummai is helpless and faints. He takes out a knife and wants to stab Takumi’s back but he feels faint and the knife slips from his hand. He also sinks to the bottom of the water. Takumi has no more strength to catch up with him and also sinks too. He sees Aya’s reflection in the water and calls her name in his heart. Is this the end? Takumi’s vision is becoming blur but he seems to see Shuichi’s face and he has a calm smile.

Soon the water splashes waves and the two brothers reach the surface. Shuichi tells Miwa that they can’t find Shummai in the water. Miwa apologises for knowing Shummai’s plot but doesn’t tell them. Shuichi doesn’t blame her – it might be Mr Nagai saving her. His forgiving smiling face gives Miwa assurance. Mr Nagai has told her to continue living to take care of patients. Mr Ngai will not blame her as he accepts her love before dying. He might even feel sorry for her. Even though Miwa is a doctor, she is also a woman but he pushes all the work to her. Miwa cries.

Takumi wakes up shouting Aya‘s name. He sees Suki by his side. Although Suki tells him that Aya is safe, there is a sad expression on her face. Shuichi tells Mrs Shoko that Takumi is recovering well. Mrs Shoko gets gentle and the baby is with her. Shuichi has known Yuki’s feelings all along to use IVF. He can’t stop her from doing that and this makes him feel terrible.

Mrs Shoko thinks the child might be Shummai’s son but she will bring him up as Yuki’s son. She no longer hates him and he calls her mother again. Takumi walks with a crutch and Rika gives him the wedding dress that she has chosen. She is marrying another man to save the company to buy back the shares. She will not look for Shuichi again. This is chosen by Shuichi so it doesn’t suit her but Aya. Aya stays in Shuichi’s home and Shuichi is glad to be with her again. He is her eyes for now.

He decides to leave the hospital to go to Hokkaido with her. She replies that she can see the star in his eyes and will not survive if he dies. Takumi sees this and smiles – he leaves the wedding dress and the ring outside the door. It is their wedding day and Kenji is excited that Aya wears the shoes he gives her. The brothers are still in hospital. Shuichi is apologetic to Takumi but he is determined to be Shuichi’s only brother. He has thought that he will never stand up again. Both of them are doctors and don’t believe in miracles or god. But this incident makes them realize that medical science can’t explain everything.

Shuichi forgets that he leaves the ring in the director’s room and returns to get it so Takumi goes to the church first. When he gets into the office, Shummai is there to stab Shuichi in the stomach. Takumi is attracted to see that Aya is so pretty. Shuichi rushes t o the venue in a taxi (This is the most absurd decision – why can’t he receive treatment right at the hospital and postpone the wedding?!)

He struggles to get there but all are shocked when he arrives. He sees the beautiful Aya for the last time as she stretches her hand. But he can’t reach her and he falls on the ground in a pool of blood. Takumi staggers with the walking stick to push the guests to get his way to the front. Shuichi has a sweet smile on his face with his eyes closed. Suki tells Aya that she is going to have a cornea transplant and the wedding can come later. Dr Hiroshima operates on Aya and Mrs Shoko knows what happens too.

Miwa can see that Takumi is very upset when he is with Shuichi at the mortuary. Shuichi has died for 2 weeks and all choose Takumi to replace him. His eyes look empty and he goes to visit Aya. They can’t keep from her now. Aya can see now and looks around for Shuichi. The others leave and only Takumi is with her. He tells her that Shuichi is very near her. Aya realizes that and puts her hand over her eyes. Aya runs out and sees that Shuichi’s apartment is empty.

She visits Shuichi’s grave and Takumi arrives to hug her to allow her to release her sorrow with tears in his own eyes. Miwa sees Aya’s medical report and is taken aback by the result. Takumi recalls the past – Shuichi nearly faints but puts the ring into Takumi’s hand to hand Aya over to him. Suki decides to leave as she only likes Takumi in the wheelchair. Takumi loves Aya to stand up again. So she hopes to find someone she loves too. Aya recalls the past with Shuichi and comes to the rooftop with the book.

She is about to jump down when Takumi staggers in haste with his walking stick. He is sure that Shuichi will not want her to do that. Death isn’t scary to her but the scary part is he dies and she survives. Miwa comes to tell her that she is pregnant. So Shuichi isn’t dead. Aya weeps and Takumi holds her back. Shummai is locked in an asylum and the doctor tells Miwa that they can only wait for his recovery.

Miwa will come to visit him weekly. He is drawing and he draws two brothers holding hands to stand in front of a house. He has been drawing that since admission. Takumi holds the ring in his hand at the airport and recalls Shuichi’s words. He prepares two boxes again – one has a red rose – if she chooses it, he will be the sun to love her again and they can get married. Another has a white rose – he will be the wind to guard her forever. She gets the one with the white rose and he begs her to choose again.

She smiles and he gives her the ring. He replaces Shuichi to put it on her finger. She can look for him if she gets into any trouble. Both weep and promise to have good memories. Miwa wonders why Takumi doesn’t bring Aya back. Takumi knows that Shuichi already places the stars on Aya so she chooses to go to Hokkaido. – the place they meet to look for the stars. There is no place for him.

When Miwa leaves, he takes out 3 cups and a bottle of wine. He needs flowers so he opens the box that Aya hasn’t chosen. It also has a white rose. He puts the rose into the wine bottle and smiles. Aya recalls the book’s story and embraces the stars in Hokkaido, waiting for the baby’s arrival to share her joy.

Introduction on characters

1. Aya Kuramoto – Noriko Sakai
Aya gets too weak in here. I dislike the arrangement – I don’t think Aya is this kind of person to endure suffering like this. She is unlike the person who really dares to love or hate. She gives up her love for Shuichi to get ill-treated by Takumi. She is letting loose of him and not giving him help. Shuichi has done the correct thing to drill sense into Takumi’s head. Noriko acts well but too bad her character sends frustrations to us as she keeps hurting the two brothers due to her hesitation.

The only thing I like about her is she cares for Wang and Mrs Nagai. She also rejects Shuichi’s money to support Takumi through her own means.

2. Takumi Nagai – Yutaka Takenouchi
Takumi becomes mature and sensible but after his accident, he becomes irritable and temperamental. Not to say that he becomes dependent on Aya for a living. He also gets on my nerves when sunken into despair. I certainly do not like Takumi’s 179cm tall frame to be trapped in a wheelchair for so many episodes. Neither can I accept him to be arranged to crawl on the ground repeatedly. Moreover, his character is being twisted to become overly suspicious to turn into a paranoid.

3. Shuichi Nagai – Takao Osawa
He is the most touching role in here – his love, affection, selfless, warmth and tenderness wins hands down this time over Takumi. The love of him for Aya is beyond description and s so beautiful – probably to make up for lost moments that he doesn’t have with her in Part 1. Many will blame him for wasting time but he needs to think of the hospital’s interest. He is the only catalyst that inspires me to watch on. But I am also disappointed in him – he should know well enough that Aya will never accept his money – why doubt her?

4. Miwa Koizumi - Tanaka Minako
You will sigh at her wrong choice in trusting men. In Part 1, she believes Komori’s lie to cause Kenji’s accident. In here, she believes Shummai and nearly causes Shuichi’s downfall. In part 1, she is jealous of Mrs Nagai and here she is jealous of Suki. To the extent of nearly wanting to kill Suki and ruining her own future. When will the mistrust and hating end for her? She is nearly killed by Shummai in here and she needs to apologise to Shuichi – just like she has to aoplogise to Mr Nagai in the past. Poor woman……she misses Mr Nagai too much….The producer should give her a man – why not Takumi?

Minako delivers a good performance – better than in Part 1 – showing that she isn’t a doctor who is capable of the deputy director post but is only a vulnerable woman here looking for love.

5. Rika Satso – Hosho Mai
She is rich but lovable and approachable. The way she loves Shuichi isn’t as forceful as Yuki so Shuichi is willing to reveal his thoughts and secrets to her. It is unfortunate that Shuichi can’t repay her as she has given him a lot of help to strengthen his director position when he needs it.

6. Suki – Toda Naho
She is a nurse and Shummai’s ex-assistant. She can communicate with Aya as she knows sign language. She is initially helpful to get Aya to reveal her true feelings to Shuichi – thanks to her, if not, she will not let Mrs Shoko and Shuichi know that she has not forgotten Shuichi at all. She comes to seek revenge after Shummai rapes her but she later loves Takumi who is trapped in a wheelchair. I am convinced as both prefer to stay in darkness and it is hard to forget the wound inflicted on them.

7. Shummai – Sawamura Ikki
He is Shuichi’s elder brother who suddenly appears from nowhere. Where does he come out of the blue? People will turn giddy by his pack of lies – to all the women and also the brothers. Right from day 1, he lies to Yuki that he can save her and the baby. Then, he claims to be Takumi’s elder brother. It is strange that he is so overbearing but yet Suki and Miwa are attracted to him. He loves Aya instead as he feels that she is the only person who understands him. Dramatic acting from this actor – I don’t really like it.

8. Yuki Shoko – Hosokawa Naomi
Shoko marries Shuichi but she has an unhappy marriage. She fails in getting love from him. She always lives in Aya’s shadow, afraid that she will grab him away from her. She fails and Shuichi regards her son as his own. He marries her out of responsibility although he knows the child isn’t his. He needs her money to keep the hospital going – practical but we can’t blame him. What can he do since Aya leaves him? Serves her right for not using the right way to win the man she loves.

9. Mrs Shoko
She has strongly opposed to Yuki marrying Shuichi and is irritated by Aya’s presence. She feels that Aya causes Yuki’s death but later, she learns that Yuki has brought that upon herself so she forgives them.

10. Kenji
If not for him, Aya will not have a shelter over her head after quarreling with Takumi. He is also nice to give her a job and get her shoes on her birthday. He is like a younger brother to her. We must thank him – he also saves Aya’s life in Part 1 and is with her through her dark patch of life to tell Shuichi the truth.

Favourite character
Shuichi - this poor man has to juggle his director post with his love life. Moreover, he also has to take care of the baby who is not his son. He is really the kind of man of every person’s dreams. The second is Rika – she is also sweet and tolerant towards Shuichi liking Aya. For the sake of her family, she is willing to marry a man whom she doesn’t know well. What a big sacrifice to make!

Most hated character
Aya – she messes up everyone’s life by trying to please everyone to make the wrong choices. The two brothers fall out because of her. Suki hates her for getting Takumi so she is hurt by her. Luckily Miwa doesn’t know that Shummai loves Aya or she might be her target and not Suki.

The second is Shummai – he is too jealous of the brothers’ success that he comes up with evil plots continuously. He also manipulates the women to make them work willingly for him. Suki comes to help to drift Aya apart from Takumi. Miwa even wants to Shuichi to leave the hospital under his instruction – despite their long-standing working relationship – what has he duped her in bed?

It is needless to doubt – Yuki’s son must be his. Due to his scheming nature, he might have thought of depending Mrs Shoko in future if anything goes wrong. He might not have disclosed it since Mrs Shoko has already pushed him to sit on the director’s chair.

The third will be Takumi because he is really bad in here. Although I understand that the accident really has a bad effect on him, but can’t he face it since Aya can also handle her handicap well? Moreover, Aya also helps to massage his legs to help him recover so even the more, he should not give up.

‘The skirt in the mirror’ is also sung by Noriko. I like it better than the song in part 1.

Interesting facts

The success of part 1 led to the shooting of part 2. It was shown in October 1996. The result was also delightful – the average viewership was 23.4% to become the biggest winner for the winter dramas. Because the viewership was good and many complained about the sad ending, they shot a telemovie to end it. It was shot in Mar 1997 but shown in Apr. this could show its popularity.

Many had thought of stopping to watch it if Takumi was drowned but luckily he didn’t. But the part he wanted to sacrifice his life and he actually stood up sent gasps to them. So am I? Can it come true?!

But please don’t watch the telemovie – it only tells you that Aya gives birth to a daughter. She is initially frightened that she will be handicapped like her when she doesn’t cry. But she is relieved when the doctor smacks her and she cries. Later, she grows into a little girl and Aya ‘tells’ her the story. Do you think Takumi will look for her? So sorry – no – he leaves her to lead her own life.

Many complained about this telemovie – they only cut clips from the 2 parts and show a few new scenes. Not many will like to see flashbacks. I must confess that I am one of them.


Sigh – why must those women who like Takumi want to hurt Aya – she is stabbed in Part 1 and becomes blind in Part 2. It seems that they are never levelheaded when they love him so much. Shuichi has the fortune to get the help of another rich woman when the hospital runs into difficulties again. Aya nearly gets raped again and attracts another doctor to love her. Aya tries killing herself again – in Part 1, she tries to drown herself and in here, she tries to jump of a building. Rika also cuts her hair shorter to look like Aya – just like Aiko. The producer has run out of stories to tell us – is he trying to make Part 2 a twin for Part 1?!

I strongly disapprove with what Aya is doing – she is pitying Takumi and not helping him. All her happenings are so unbelievable. It is like riding a roller coaster. She is a deaf mute and later blind. Yet she knows who the man in bed with her is Shuichi. This thought flashes in my mind – if she also loses her sense of smell – what else can she do?! What happens if he is Takumi or Shummai? How do they communicate – I crack my brain and can’t figure it out. The cologne they use?!

Takumi has turned into an insensitive and violent person. And making him falling on crawling on the ground repeatedly is so torturing. This is 180 degree change that I can’t stomach too. The loving gestures he gives to her come too late in the end. The only saving grace is Shuichi has more exposure to show his love for Aya. It gives the serial some consolation and happiness to make it less gloomy.

The story is unbelievable and sappy. Acting is okay but the plot definitely fails. Too many illogical things happen. I keep telling myself to endure till the end but it is a big torture for me even though I only watch an episode weekly over Singapore television. They throw too many things into this ship to make it sink like the Titanic. If they are not prepared to do a sequel, please don’t just eat into the cast’s popularity to give us a horrible one where everything goes wrong to give the dramatic appeal.

Don’t watch part 2 – watching part 1 is enough. The pace is slower than part 1. It is strictly for the artistes’ fans. I am flabbergasted by it. Too dark, gloomy and I have to see how it is doomed to be ruined in the end. It is only saved by the love the brothers have for Aya….Can we all pretend that it is not done at all?

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : *** (Scale of 5)

On story : * (Scale of 5)

On song : ***1/2 (Scale of 5) (the only saving grace of the serial)

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