Honke no Yome

Reviewed by: sukting

June 26, 2011

Rating: two-point-five

How long
10 episodes

What happens when a woman is newly married? Can she adapt to the new lifestyle? It is an adaptation of a comic of the same title.

Story/Introduction on characters
Nozomi (Xu Ruo Xuan) is married to Shinji (Nakamura Shunsuke). He is a Japanese businessman staying in Taipei while her father is a Japanese while mother An (Weng Qian Yu) is a Chinese. She has never stayed in Japan as her parents often travel overseas. They both have a great relationship till they are forced to return to Japan to take over the family household. Shinji's elder brother and sister-in-law leave home.

Nozomi faces lots of opposition from her mother-in-law, Mrs. Yamada (Iwashita Shima). She is very strict with her. Her life is more interesting when Shinji's three sisters and grandmother also watches on her. Nozomi is used to stay in the urban area and is unused to the countryside life. The home is ancient with no new facilities and the family's thinking is very traditional. She has a hard time adapting to this but is determined to be a good daughter-in-law.

An comes to visit her from New York and is horrified by the surrounding. Why can Nozomi be treated like a washing machine when the home lacks one. She buys many electrical appliances but Nozomi's mother-in-law returns them to An. An wants Nozomi to return to New York with her but she refuses. An is badly affected and leaves on the very same night.

Nozomi's father (Kishibe Ittoku) also comes along. Shinji realizes why An is so upset. She has defied her parents too to marry Nozomi's father too. Despite her trying hard, Nozomi's cooking is still terrible. Shinji's ex-girlfriend (Sakai Noriko) comes to visit them. Nozomi feels inferior upon seeing her pretty and cooks well with ease. Her sister-in-laws want to spite her so they lie that she has hugged Shinji.

Nozomi has felt better under An's encouragement and gets mad with him. Luckily, the air is cleared. Mrs. Yamada is eager to have grandchildren so she tells the young couple to go on holiday. She gives them a hotel room key. Both feel pressurized. The sisters also come to spoil their mood. Somehow, they resolve their differences and they treat her better.

An comes from New York to tell Mrs. Yamada that she sees a vey modern her. The family feels strange and sure indeed, another Mrs. Yamada appears. An is so frightened to see a ‘ghost' that she faints. This is no ghost but is Mrs. Yamada's twin sister. She has eloped with her lover 40 years ago and is chased away from home. Mrs. Yamada is still mad with her but Nozomi lets her stay.

Many have thought that the old woman is generous but later find her weird. She learns of the warehouse having jewels so she urges Nozomi to steal the key. They are disappointed in her but she mends her ways. Shinji meets his pregnant sister-in-law and finds his elder brother. His brother wants to be a boxer but he urges them to return home to apologise to Mrs. Yamada. She chases them away but Nozomi wants her brother-in-law to try his ability in the ability match.

All turn up except Mrs. Yamada. Shinji's brother loses and wants a divorce in order not to implicate his wife. She is upset by his decision. Mrs. Yamada suddenly faints at home at this time and all rush home. They are relieved when she gets well again. She announces that Shinji will be the successor so his brother needs not return home. Shinji and Nozomi decide to return to Taipei secretly. Shinji's father is normally weak but now he insists that his elder son and daughter-in-law must inherit their business so they go back.

Life becomes normal again but Nozomi misses her in-laws. Shinji's ex-supervisor comes and they learn the whole truth. Mrs. Yamada has tricked them by feigning ill the last time. She wants the two to return to Taipei with a free mind. She decides that both of them are too educated to become farmers. She has not wanted to drive Shinji's brother to despair at all but she is just too proud to admit the fact. The two are touched by her gesture and rush to visit her.

Most favourite character
Mrs. Yamada – she is a capable businesswoman but she doesn't show her feelings openly. It is hard for others to know what she thinks.

Most hated character
Not one but three – Shinji's sisters – they are very annoying!

The title is 'Marry Me' by Xu Ruo Xuan.

This drama scored 10% in Japan when it was shown. It can be considered a comedy but it tells a lot on family values. It is very questionable on how forgiving Nozomi can be. I doubt someone can be so magnanimous. It is only an average drama but the spotlight is definitely on the cast which has not worked together before. Do catch it as it is unlikely that you will get to see them working again.

Sukting's ratings :
On acting : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On songs : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

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