Ice Point (Hyoten)

Reviewed by: sukting

March 16, 2005

Rating: three

There is another old version of this serial produced in the 80s. I watched it but I can't stomach the slow pace and horrible ending. How did this new version fare? A malicious mother tries to kill her adopted daughter after discovering that her natural father killed her daughter.


Xia Zhi and Qi Zao are happily married with a daughter Liu Li Zi and son, Che. Things start to change when a new doctor, Chun Jin, joins the hospital. He is interested in Xia Zhi and tries to woo her. Xia Zhi tries to avoid his advances in vain. One day, Chun Jin comes to their home to remove something from her eyes and kisses her forcefully. Xia Zhi vents her frustrations by playing the piano and discovers Liu Li Zi missing. On this fateful day, Liu Li Zi is murdered and her parents are upset.

Qi Zao becomes revengeful, thinking that his wife is unfaithful to him after learning that Chun Jin is in their house then. Thus he adopts a baby girl who happens to be the murderer's daughter. He gets Gao Mu to find the child from the orphanage. Xia Zhi dotes on the girl but is puzzled why Qi Zao treats her coldly. She wants him to give her more care as a child will die without affections. He replies coldly that was what happened to Liu Li Zi. She is taken aback by his reply.

Now Yang Zi is 8 years old. She draws a portrait of Qi Zao at work and rushes to give him. She overhears the couple quarreling and walks away. She is nearly knocked down by a car but Qi Zao saves her on time. He is touched to see the drawing and hugs her tightly. But he is still unable to treat her better.

Yang Zi is 16 years old. The family is on an outing and Xia Zhi is uneasy to see Chun Jin again. Qi Zao takes over the hospital from his father-in-law who has retired as the next director. He is uneasy too when Chun Jin chooses to work here as a doctor. Qi Zao is still unable to accept Yang Zi and feels tormented upon seeing Yang Zi daily. He has thought to make Xia Zhi suffer but never expects himself to feel the same. He writes an email to Gao Mu to tell him that. However, he decides against sending it out and saves it in his hard disk. Chun Jin happens to see it and sends the email to Xia Zhi.

Xia Zhi is shocked upon knowing Yang Zi's identity. She can't love Yang Zi the same way anymore. Chun Jin deliberately gets near her but she wants him to keep this from Yang Zi. The word hatred isn't enough to describe the feelings towards her. Chun Jin deliberately lets Qi Zao know about their meeting to make him jealous. Yang Zi is selected to be the representative for story telling.

She tells the news to Xia Zhi happily but she is indifferent. She thinks that her parents have quarreled. Xia Zhi's father recovers from Chun Jin's operation. Yang Zi wants to bake a cake for him and Xia Zhi deliberately misses buying the ingredients she needs. Qi Zao comes back on time with a cake. The old man even invites Chun Jin home to make the couple uneasy.

Chun Jin buys a dress for Yang Zi but Xia Zhi is furious that the design is the same as the dress which Liu Li Zi wore when murdered. She tells Yang Zi not to wear it anymore to make her confused. Yang Zi's topic is on her family. Xia Zhi is angry upon reading it and destroys the papers. Yang Zi doesn't know what to do and Xia Zhi waits for her to make a fool of herself.

Yang Zi recalls Che mentioning that she has a dead elder sister so this becomes her topic. She knows her existence but her parents never mention this to her. This shows how they are being tortured by her death. They have tried to conceal the wound to be closely knitted. Yang Zi is happy to have them as her family. This leads her to win a prize but Xia Zhi is angry and tormented. Seeing her with the trophy makes her wish to push her down the stairs. She promises herself to kill her one day.

A reporter interviews Yang Zi and mentions abouot Liu Li Zi's murder. This makes Xia Zhi angry and she looks for Chun Jin at the hospital. Chun Jin offers to settle this matter for her. to stop the reporter from harassing her. He pities her and feels that Qi Zao should be blamed. He wants Xia Zhi to be with him but she wants to continue to pretend to love Yang Zi in front of Qi Zao.

Yang Zi visits Cheng Zi to work for her to earn money to buy tickets for a piano performance. She notices that Xia Zhi doesn't touch the piano for a long time. Yang Zi is back home late and gets scolded by Xia Zhi. She is angrier to know that she works for Cheng Zi. Qi Zao is unhappy that she looks for Chun Jin at the hospital and quarrels with her. Xia Zhi throws Yang Zi's winning certificate into the dustbin in a fit of anger. Yang Zi sees it being crushed and is upset.

Cheng Zi buys the tickets for Yang Zi and tells her not to come for work anymore to prevent Xia Zhi from being unhappy. Yang Zi brings the tickets to Qi Zao. She overhears him talking to Chun Jin and knows that Liu Li Zi is murdered. Qi Zao finds out the purpose of Xia Zhi's visit so he wants Chun Jin not to probe into his family affairs. Chun Jin is angry because it should be Qi Zao's responsibility to take care of his family members but he doesn't do it.

Adopting Yang Zi is one example. Qi Zao is shocked that Chun Jin knows the truth and worries that Xia Zhi might find out. Chun Jin refuses to tell him and wants him to ask her himself. Qi Zao goes home and Yang Zi tells him that she knows the reason over Xia Zhi's outburst. She must be upset over her mentioning of Liu Li Zi's death. She wants to help her but doesn't know how to. Qi Zao says that Xia Zhi will understand her one day.

Qi Zao and Xia Zhi go to the concert. The pianist plays the music that Xia Zhi plays on the day of the murder. This reminds Xia Zhi of her death and she leaves the hall in haste. She sees Yang Zi outside and pushes her down the stairs. Chun Jin sees her falling and rushes to save her. (Eisaku's fans must be on cloud nine to see how their hero saves someone.)

Chun Jin and Yang Zi fall from the stairs but Yang Zi is only slightly injured. Chun Jin is injured in the head. Qi Zao thanks him for saving her. In order not to cause worry, he stresses that Xia Zhi doesn't know that Yang Zi is the murderer's daughter. Xia Zhi is torn between her love and hatred for Yang Zi. She is touched when Yang Zi cooks her porridge but she can't face her.

She wants her to move to the hostel but Qi Zao finds her too young to move out. Xia Zhi worries that Che will loveYang Zi. Che assures Qi Zao that he will treat her like a sister. However, he can't help feeling jealous when his classmate is interested in Yang Zi when he brings him home. Yang Zi seeks their help in gardening when they reach home and doesn't mind getting dirty. Yang Zi hurts her hand in the fall so she can't join the swimming competition. Xia Zhi deliberately keeps it from her coach to cause her to be blamed by her swim mates. Yang Zi knows that it is Xia Zhi's doing but she doesn't dare to say a word.

Yang Zi's birthday is coming and Xia Zhi wants to celebrate it. She invites Chun Jin and all give her presents. Yang Zi is shocked when Xia Zhi gets her a dress. She has said earlier that this dress suits Xia Zhi. Xia Zhi even gives her a brooch that has Liu Li Zi's name. She wants Yang Zi to remember her because she is dead and can't have such a big celebration.

Chun Jin asks Xia Zhi why she does this. She promises to love her husband like the way to hate him for revenge. Chun Jin worries that she might kill Yang Zi if this goes on and points out that she pushes Yang Zi down the stairs. Che can't believe that his mother can do such a thing. He wants to leave with Yang Zi. Yang Zi refuses to leave. In the commotion, Che reveals that she is adopted. Qi Zao is so angry that he slaps Che. Yang Zi is stunned but is still grateful to the love given by her parents.

Che wants Gao Mu to tell him Yang Zi's parentage. Why does Xia Zhi hate her so much? but Gao Mu refuses to tell him about it. Che thinks that it is possible that Xia Zhi pushes Yang Zi down the stairs. Gao Mu scolds him but he is worried that the family's relationship will be strained. Qi Zao tells Xia Zhi to treat Yang Zi better since they have adopted her. Xia Zhi is about to tell that she knows the truth but stops herself from doing so. She wants to continue to be a good wife in front of him.

Xia Zhi deliberately throws the sushi that Yang Zi has prepared for the family away. Yang Zi dares not reveal the truth but Cheng Zi sees this. She tells Qi Zao about it and Qi Zao worries that Xia Zhi might know the truth. Che stays overnight at Gao Mu's place and apologises to Qi Zao. Qi Zao apologises instead as he only uses work as an excuse to neglect his family's feeling. He hopes to build up a better family.

Yang Zi wants to attend a festive celebration that needs the kimono. Xia Zhi takes out her own kimono to her and Yang Zi looks forward to wear it. Qi Zao sees it and it reminds him of a young Xia Zhi. To improve their relationship, he invites Xia Zhi to a restaurant that both visit during their younger days. Xia Zhi wears the kimono and waits for him there. But he has to attend to an urgent operation and wants his nurse, Song Qi to inform her. Song Qi likes Qi Zao all along and deliberately keeps it from Xia Zhi, this makes her wait in vain for him at the restaurant.

Yang Xi returns home to find the kimono missing. She calls Xia Zhi to know that she is wearing it and she doesn't want her to wear it. Yang Zi has no other choice but to wear her uniform to the venue. Qi Zao thinks that Xia Zhi already knows about it so he goes with Cheng Zi to see Yang Zi's performance. They are astonished to see her without the kimono. Yang Zi finally breaks up and cries.

Qi Zao demands to know how Xia Zhi wants to harm Yang Zi further. If she can't love Yang Zi, they should not adopt her. Xia Zhi mentions coldly that she knows the truth. Does he hate her so much although he knows that she loves him? Qi Zao accuses her for committing adultery with Chun Jin. Che overhears them and feels that his parents are frightening and disgusting. If Yang Zi gets to know the truth, she will kill herself. He is angry with them for ruining her happiness.

Yang Zi buys a hairpin for Xia Zhi but Xia Zhi breaks it. Che quickly fixes it back and gives it to Yang Zi. Yang Zi is worried over her parents' strained relationship. She doesn't know how her natural parents are. Maybe they are people whom Xia Zhi dislikes to cause the couple to quarrel. Che consoles her. Che wants Qi Zao not to avoid the issue to be responsible for his action. Xia Zhi stays at her father's place and refuses to return home.

Chun Jin tells Yang Zi that Xia Zhi is staying in the mountain resort. This place is where the whole family always goes. Yang Zi wants to bring her back but Qi Zao refuses. So she goes there by herself. Xia Zhi is reminded of the happy times upon reaching there. Yang Zi braves the rain to look for her but she wants her to leave to let her reconsider matters by herself. Yang Zi squats outside the resort for a night in the rain and Xia Zhi is touched with the hairpin. Che wakes up to find Yang Zi missing so he is worried that Xia Zhi might reveal the truth in a fit of anger.

He quickly comes with Qi Zao to see the two together. Xia Zhi's father wishes the couple to forgive and forget before his death. Xia Zhi ponders over his words. Qi Zao decides to rebuild a happy family. At this time, Song Jing reveals her love for him but Qi Zao says that he is a married man and will never accept her. She is upset and looks for Chun Jin. Chun Jin is in a bad mood after seeing his x-ray and rapes her.

Qi Zao arrives too late to save her from the attack upon hearing her woes from her handphone. Chun Jin has deliberately called him up to let him see this ugly scene. In the meantime, Yang Zi believes that Xia Zhi will tell her her difficulty one day. Che can control himself no more and hugs her from behind because he likes her very much. Xia Zhi becomes stern upon seeing this and Yang Zi is frightened.

Che knows Xia Zhi can never treat Yang Zi the same anymore. As for him, he wants to love her as her boyfriend and not her brother. Xia Zhi tells Qi Zao that Yang Zi tries to seduce Che. Qi Zao asks her about herself and she is silent. Yang Zi wishes Xia Zhi to turn up for her meeting teacher session but she tells Qi Zao to go on her behalf. But Qi Zao is too busy with work so Xia Zhi has to go.

Qi Zao and Xia Zhi are surprised that Che decides not to study medicine when he gets into university. He can't respect Qi Zao as before and to manage the hospital. Qi Zao wishes him to reconsider his decision for Yang Zi's sake but he will not listen to it. Song Qi calls Qi Zao to bade him goodbye. Qi Zao rushes to Chun Jin's home and can't find her there. Chun Jin says that Qi Zao can't do anything for her so it is better for him not to upset her further. Chun Jin feels a sharp pain in his stomach but he endures it.

Xia Zhi is fed up when Che wants her to go to Yang Zi's school - why isn't he concerned over his own future instead? Xia Zhi is angry that Yang Zi wants to go to a good high school so that she can be a doctor. She has wanted it since young and will work hard to be like her grandfather or father. Xia Zhi is reminded of Che's words and frames Yang Xi for stealing a book fro ma bookshop. She puts it into her bag secretly. Xia Zhi suddenly feels bad upon seeing her being taken away by security guards.

Cheng Zi finds it suspicious upon seeing her nervous when she taps on her shoulder. She is shocked upon seeing Yang Zi being brought to the police station. She informs Che and Qi Zao. Che runs to the shop and finds out that the witness is Xia Zhi. Qi Zao tells the police that he trusts Yang Xi and hopes they believe his daughter. Xia Zhi has no choice but to bow with him. Xia Zhi says that Yang Zi is getting from bad to worse while Qi Zao thinks it must be someone playing pranks on her.

Xia Zhi says that Qi Zao must have suspected Yang Zi. Qi Zao is distracted at work. Gao Mu hurries here upon hearing what has happened. Who wants to harm such an innocent child? When looking into her eyes, all should know that she tells the truth. Qi Zao admits suspecting her too - maybe he is looking at her as a murderer's daughter. He wishes to be alone.

Che finds Xia Zhi too much. What she does is a crime. How to help her from agony now? Yang Zi is gald that her family believes her. She hopes Che can treat Xia Zhi better. Qi Zao sends a injured to hospital in an ambulance with his teacher. Unpleasant memories flood him on how he finds Zhen Li Zi's body upon knowing that the injured is a murderer. Xia Zhi nearly wants to tell Yang Zi her parentage because she doesn't want to be alone with her. Suddenly, they are informed that Qi Zao's ambulance is emerged into sea. The murderer clings to Qi Zao and they sink together.

Qi Zao family rush to the hospital to see him in a coma and his head being bandaged. Xia Zhi faints so Yang Zi gets Che to stay by her side while she holds Qi Zao's hand the whole night. She believes firmly that her father will wake up soon. Sure indeed, Qi Zao dreams of himself pushing the murderer away in the sinking ambulance, leaving him to die. Suddenly it becomes Yang Zi's face, looking at him pitifully to sink right to the bottom. He feels remorseful and grabs her hand in vain.

Xia Zhi awakes and comes to hold his hand. Qi Zao opens his eyes and thinks that she is the one holding his hand all the time to give him the strength. He now realizes how important his family is to him. He starts to think that he is no better than the killer for wanting to desert him. At that moment, he only thinks of running for his own life and pushes the killer aside. He recalls on how he doubts Yang Zi for shoplifting. Upon knowing that the killer is saved, he decides to operate on him since he is his doctor.

Xia Zhi is alarmed to see him so responsible despite of his discomfort. She knows that the change comes from Yang Zi and gets angry. Yang Zi knows that no one can change Qi Zao's mind and pushes him to the ER in his wheelchair. She tells him that she is going to be a doctor like him and he is touched. Che starts to feel guilty too - he is giving up his dream but she is moving towards her dream. Both fold paper cranes for the killer and hopes that he will get well soon. The operation is a success and Qi Zao feels tired. He starts to realize how fortunate he is to see his family again. He has tried to avoid facing problems but he is now going to face it with them.

Xia Zhi wants both siblings to return home. However, they miss the last train and have to put up at a small hotel. Che confesses his love for Yang Zi. Yang Zi also admits that she likes him but still wishes life to be the same as before. He is disappointed but accepts her decision. Song Qi becomes blind and Chun Jin takes care of her. Qi Zao and Xia Zhi return home and are surprised to see the siblings not back yet. They welcome Cheng Zi and Gao Mu at their door. The siblings only return after a while and Xia Zhi sulks at it.

Chun Jin wants to resign but Qi Zao advises against it. Qi Zao reads the resignation letter to discover Song Qi's whereabouts. Both men come to see her and are shocked to see her becoming blind because of an eye cataract. Qi Zao wants to arrange for her for an operation but she says Chun Jin has arranged for her.

Che finds that he can't meet his parents? expectation and wants to leave home temporary. He wishes to think over his future. Xia Zhi can't condone his decision. She feels that the person who should leave home is Yang Zi and not him. She is filled with hatred and asks Yang Zi what she has done to Che to make him leave home. Even Qi Zao is different after his discharge. She blames her for taking everything away from her. Yang Zi wishes her to wait for Che's return.

Qi Zao also feels that Yang Zi is right. Xia Zhi feels that she and Xhe can't return to the past again. She asks Qi Zao whether they are going to wait for 10 years. Will they feel blissful then? Qi Zao is unable to answer. Whenever he remembers his motive for adopting Yang Zi, he regrets his decision.

Chun Jin becomes critically ill. He suddenly feels a sharp pain in his stomach and Qi Zao discovers a tumour. He wants to operate on him but Chun Jin refuses. He knows that it is too late. He doesn't wish to owe him anything. Chun Jin feels that Qi Zao should save his family and not him. Why treat him so well as he has caused him to misunderstand Xia Zhi for being unfaithful to him? Qi Zao is silent - he just wants to get along with Chun Jin now and tells Gao Mu to operate on him.

Gao Mu is with Qi Zao and senses the change in Qi Zao too. Qi Zao decides to be a better person to atone for his mistake. Song Qi comes to visit Chun Jin and Chun Jin helps her to sit near his bed. Xia Zhi smiles as she thinks that both are becoming a couple. Qi Zao apologsies to Xia Zhi for causing misery to her and promises to make up for it. He has hated her so he adopts Yang Zi.

However, he doesn't expect her to clear his hated. He hopes to make everyone happy. Adopting her is his fault and he will face it. Xia Zhi is shocked when he hands her the divorce papers. He thinks maybe it is best that they part as he has hurt her too much. Xia Zhi is shocked so Zheng Zi confronts Qi Zao. She learns about the remorse he is shacked with running his own family. He admits being a beast and requests her to take care of Xia Zhi for him temporary.

Song Qi feels better so Qi Zao and Gao Mu request her to persuade Chun Jin to go for the operation. He is going to die in a month's time if he doesn't go for it. She finds him talking to Xia Zhi in the garden. Chun Jin tells Qi Zao that he knows his condition in London before returning to Japan. He has hoped to die in the arms of his beloved Xia Zhi but it seems impossible now.

Qi Zao wants Yang Zi to go to Hokkaido with him while Che remains with Xia Zhi. Yang Zi is unwilling to part with Xia Zhi and only wants the family to be together. Xia Zhi chides Qi Zao for being selfish while Che thinks that Yang Zi should give their parents more time to think what they should do in future. Xia Zhi moves out and suggests telling Yang Zi the truth. Cheng Zi knows that she is still in love with Qi Zao and is reluctant to part with him. If she doesn't accept and love Yang Zi, she could have told her the truth.

Cheng Zi hopes Xia Zhi will tell Qi Zao her true feelings. Xia Zhi decides to heed her father's advice to forgive and forget. She tears up the divorce letters and returns home. The family visits her father's grave and is back. Yang Zi suggests a family picnic by the river. Reminded of Liu Li Zi's death, Xia Zhi blurts the truth of Yang Zi's background. Che and Qi Zao try to console her. Yang Zi is badly affected and wishes to be alone and cries. Gao Mu apologises to Xia Zhi for helping in the conspiracy.

Cheng Zi discovers the torn divorce papers and this shows that Xia Zhi is prepared to accept Yang Zi again. The next day, she discovers Yang Zi missing. She leaves two letters - one for Che and another for her parents. Xia Zhi is shocked after reading it and rushes to the river with the letter. Feeling puzzled, the men start to read the other letter. They are taken aback and are in tears upon knowing that Yang Zi decides to kill herself at the river to atone for her father's sins.

Upon reaching the river, Xia Zhi is reminded how Liu Li Zi's body is found. She sees an empty bottle and Yang Zi is lying by the river. She rushes to hug her. Yang Zi is sent to hospital and Xia Zhi regrets her action upon knowing that she is in danger. Qi Zao also blames himself for ruining her while Che balmes Xia Zhi for it. Xia Zhi goes to get new clothes for Yang Zi after Qi Zao stays to look after her.

Qi Zao sits beside the bed and thanks her for making him forget his hatred. All are disappointed when she wakes to ask why she is saved. She is in shock and clams up. Gao Mu worries that this may be for life. Xia Zhi doesn't dare to see her and gets Cheng Zi to pass food and the dress to her. Yang Zi is discharged and Qi Zao urges Xia Zhi to return with him but she doesn't dare to see her because she nearly causes her death. Xia Zhi signs the divorce papers and passes them to Qi Zao.

Qi Zao apologises to Yang Zi but she says that she is also apologetic to cause misery to all of them. She looks at her baby photos and Qi Zao wishes to reconcile with Xia Zhi upon seeing this. She visits them the next day. Cheng Zi is going to Paris for a flower arrangement exhibition and suggests Yang Zi to start a new life with her. She can adopt her.

Xia Zhi thanks her. All along, she hides the torture of losing Liu Li Zi in her heart. Because of Yang Zi, she is able to start life again. She can wait for Yang Zi to accept her again. Yang Zi has their blood after being with them for 15 years. Yang Zi overhears them but still decides to stay with Cheng Zi. Xia Zhi is disappointed. She folds Yang Zi's childhood clothes and looks at her drawings. She looks at her baby shoes and cries so Qi Zao hugs her to give her consolation.

Che wishes them to find her back but Yang Zi comes to bade them farewell. She thanks them for bringing her up and leaves quickly. Xia Zhi makes the shoe into a amulet to give to Yang Zi. Yang Zi recalls the past and sees her. Can she be her daughter again? Xia Zhi nods but she is worried that her natural father will upset her. Xia Zhi doesn't mind as it is unrelated and she is her precious daughter. Both cry in tears.

Chun Jin leaves the hospital and Che discovers from the orphanage that Yang Zi isn't the killer's daughter. The orphanage president has thought that if he allows the adoption, the child will be in agony upon knowing the truth. So he gives another baby to Qi Zao. Yang Zi ties the amulet to her bag and is back in school. The family goes to the lake after reunion.

Chun Jin leaves a letter to Gao Mu. He has drawn up a will to leave everything to Song Qi. He feels bad for letting her down. He and Song Qi join the family outing. He lands his head on her shoulder and closes
his eyes. Che is a medical student now. Qi Zao is happy that Xia Zhi plays the piano again and all of them have a happy family life again.

Introduction on characters

1. Ye Kou Qi Zao - Tomokazu Mizura
He is a successful hospital director. He cares for his family but is too ruthless in seeking revenge. Upon thinking that his wife commits adultery, he adopts his daughter's killer's daughter to make her suffer. And he can keep it under wraps for so many years! However, he grows to treat Yang Zi like his own. Her innocent personality melts his thirst for revenge and he is determined to protect her to keep the truth from her. It is little wonder that this middle-aged man can still attract Song Qi. He is attractive and caring to patients. He is also repentant of his mistake and tries to make amends.

How much has my favourite actor changed here! He is no longer the slim and young actor that I know since the 80s as he is in his 40s now. But his acting power still stays. The chilling way that he keeps the harsh truth from his family is unforgettable.

2. Chun Jin - Yoshida Eisaku
He is said to be Xia Zhi's lover but Xia Zhi remains devoted to Qi Zao. He tries to kiss her in vain and causes Zhen Li Zi's death indirectly. However, he doesn't give up loving her and tells her the harsh truth, hoping that she will leave Qi Zao. He doesn't expect her to hate Yang Zi so much to harm her. That is why he feels bad and tries to keep it from Qi Zao that she knows the truth. He even saves Yang Zi from being harmed. He still has a conscience after all. But why arrange him to die? I simply don't understand it.

How much has another favourite actor of mine changed too! Sigh - reality is so harsh! He has aged so much to my alarm. He is no longer the charming man in the 90s dramas and looking so tired and haggard here. He looks even older than Mizura although he is thinner.

3. Gao Mu - Masuoka Tom
He is Qi Zao's friend and colleague who helps in adopting Yang Zi. He doesn't feel that it is right but still agrees to it. But when he sees Qi Zao doubting Yang Zi, he can't help but standing up for her because he likes this cheerful and thoughtful child.

4. Ye Kou Zhe - Toba Jun
He is Qi Zao and Xia Zhi's son. He aims to be a doctor like Qi Zao to be his successor. But upon knowing how his parents have hurt Yang Zi, he feels so disgusted. He initially protects Yang Zi like his sister but later discovers that he loves her.

5. Xia Zhi - Yuko Asano
She is Qi Zao's wife. At first, she doesn't understand why her husband treats her and Yang Zi coldly. Upon knowing the truth, she becomes vicious to harm Yang Zi every now and then. She is worked up when all start to protect Yang Zi - from Chun Jin (for saving her at the steps) , Qi Zao(for trusting Yang Zi for not shoplifting) and Che(for loving her) and Gao Mu couple(still treating Yang Zi as well as before.)

She is fabulous - the revengeful ways she ill treats Yang Zi is extraordinary. I have seen her in comical roles but she is excellent here as the malicious mother.

6. Yang Zi - Suenaga Haruka
She is the couple's enemy's daughter. She doesn't understand why her mother's treatment changes drastically. She still tries hard to win her back but is devastated to know the truth.

7. Cheng Zi - Hyoten
She is Xia Zhi's close friend and Gao Mu'swife. She gives advice to Xia Zhi and treats Yang Zi like her own daughter. They are close when she comes to work for her occasionally. She also falls for Che but to her, family ties is more important and she doesn't dare to do things to make Xia Zhi angry.

8. Song Qi- Takagi Rina
She is Qi Zao's secret admirer. You will be baffled to see how she tries to hug him from behind. Qi Zao is still level-headed to reject her, remembering that he has a family. She gets raped and is devastated. She goes blind but starts to like Chun Jin then.

Most favourite character
Yang Zi - she is so sweet to everyone. No wonder all love her so much. You will find her so pitiful when Xia Zhi says or does nasty things to her.

Most hated character
None, because all have a reason to have a twisted face.

The theme song ?infection? is by Onitsuka Chishiro. A sad song which all will like.

Interesting facts
The serial only sores 9.66% viewership when shown in Japan. The cast was slightly disappointed as they have placed in their best. They attributed it to the fact that it was a direct translation of a novel from San Pu Ling Zi that all knew too well. Moreover, it had an earlier adaptation in the 80s so many could have remembered the story to compare the two productions.

This is not the first time Mizura acts as a doctor. I have seen him in "A Small Country Doctor" - which spanned 3 sequels. He joked that he wasn't having enough of it although this was his fourth attempt. He is looking forward to the fifth try!


It pains me to see how the actors have aged but this is part and parcel of life. No one can stay young after 10 or 20 years. However, it is still a pleasure to see how their acting scales to greater heights. The pace of the drama can be very slow - so slow that I can fall asleep at times. That is why I can understand why this drama fails to charm the Japanese audience.

What is the highlight of the serial? The first will be the seduction part where Chun Jin is with Xia Zhi. Although the two leads aren't young in their 20s, it is hot. Xia Zhi tries to tell herself repeatedly that she is married and must stay devoted to Qi Zao while Chun Jin oozes his charm everywhere. Unfortunately, he only makes the young hospital nurses drool and fall for him while Xia Zhi remains unmoved.

The second will be scenes where Xia Zhi tortures Yang Zi. It is not just physically to frame her but also saying hurting words to her. The main draw will be how she pushes her down the stairs after imagining herself doing so after the story telling competition. This is so scary. Qi Zao will just keep his hated to himself but Xia Zhi can break the law just to seek revenge.

This serial brings an important message - that is to forgive and forget otherwise you may feel sorry for your choice. This is very true of Xia Zhi - she initially hates Yang Zi but discovers that she actually loves her as her own child all along. Thus it is important for us to cherish what we have.

This serial is not really outstanding but it is still worth watching. You may wish to relish old days if you are fans of the actors or interested to watch a serious drama.

Sukting's ratings:

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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