Itazura na Kiss

Reviewed by: sukting

December 08, 2009

Rating: two-point-five

This is an adaptation of a Japanese manga of the same title by Kaoru Tada. It shot the leads to fame. Do you wish to know why?

Story/Introduction on characters

1. Aihara Kotoko – Sato Aiko
She is a clumsy person who belongs to the weakest class. She runs along the corridor in school and bumps into Naoki. Their lips meet and he is disgusted. But she starts to hold a torch for him from then on. After her house is burned down, she moves into his family. She is overjoyed and goes all out to court him. Her results improve because of him as she wants to reduce the gap between them.

She isn’t discouraged easily and tires hard to win him over. After knowing that Naoki wants to be a doctor, she aspires to become a nurse so that she can help him out in future. Part of the reason is also due to her results being able to get into a nursing school but not good enough to get into Toyko University like Naoki.

She is the only actress I know so far who isn’t afraid to be made fun of. Her role is as silly as in ‘Nanako, the amateur doctor’ except that she is made to be very lovesick and extremely careless this time. The part when she knocks a whole testtube of urine onto Naoki in shock is a classic – no nurse can be this careless.

2. Aihara Shigeo – Naitou Takashi
He is Kotoko’s father who is a great chef. But Kotoko does not inherit his talent and is a terrible cook no matter how hard he teaches her. Can you believe that Naoki has to cook dinner for her when the adults are not at home? He has no choice but to accept his friend, Machiko’s invitation to move in with her family when his eatery burns down.

3. Irie Naoki – Kashiwabara Takashi
He is the elder son and comes from the best class. This is why he is put off by losing his first kiss to Kotoko. He is perfect in every way – from studies to sports. He doesn’t want others to know that Kotoko is staying with him and hides the fact from their schoolmates. But he feels very stressful and hopes to become a doctor instead of managing his father’s business in future. What Takashi does is only to act cool. Not much acting is required.

4. Irie Masaki – Tokui Yuu
He is Naoki’s father who is shorter than his wife but he isn’t deterred by it. He also hopes that Kotoko can help to ‘warm’ his son as he finds him too cold.

5. Irie Yuki – Akashi Ryotaro
He is Naoki’s younger brother who is facing a lot of stress as all expect him to do as well as Naoki. He feels that Kotoko is stupid in his eyes for committing millions of mistakes. But slowly, he opens his heart to her as she is like an elder sister to him.

6. Irie Machiko – Asada Miyoko
She has always hoped to have a daughter all along. That is why Kotoko’s room is decorated in pink with lace as she welcomes her. She tries all ways to bring her and Naoki together.

7. Nakamura Kinnosuke (Kin) – Aoki Shinshuke
He is Kotoko’s classmate who is madly in love all along. His results are not good enough to get into university so he aspires to be a chef. Part of it is due to his passion for cooking while another reason is to fight for time to be with Kotoko together.

8. Matsumoto Reiko – Ozawa Maju
She is Naoki’s classmate and likes him all along. Upon knowing that he has no intention to study business, she also takes up medicine so as to be with him.

Favourite character
None as all of them are only present to provide comic relief.

Most hated character
Kotoko, some of the things that she does are really stupid. Doesn’t she know that love can’t be compelled? Brave but can get disillusioned if get rejected or insulted repeatedly.


This drama was made in 1996. The Taiwanese versions were made in 2005 and 2007. it shows how popular the manga is. I have not read it so I shall not comment on it. No doubt it is funny but it is strictly not for serious people like me. The plot is very nonsensical and slapstick comedy is involved. What is the percentage of a girl staying in her dream guy’s home to be under one roof with him and coming into contact with him? Even so, this might not cut an edge above the others for the chance.

However, it does tell about the dilemma face by Japanese high school graduates. What can they do if they can’t get into university? They have to plan their future fast. Till the end, I am clueless why and how Naoki falls for Kotoko. It just doesn’t make sense. Other than that, it is more suitable for teenagers. If you can stand lots of screaming and cheesy lines presented, you can still watch it if you are bored.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

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