Love Complex

Reviewed by: sukting

June 16, 2012

Rating: one

How long
11 episodes

Someone has been stealing money within the company and the fingers are pointing to seven beautiful secretaries. Each who look so pure (well some of them) but at the same time, each can have a motivation for stealing the money. The company hires Ayumu and Go to find out who is stealing the money. The question is can they do so without getting involved with the women?

Story/Introduction on characters
1. Karasawa Toshiaki as Ryuzaki Go
He is Ayumu's boss and also partner in the investigation. Both men are to find out the criminal. But I don't know why – Go turns into this eccentric and illogical person that can brainwash people as he wishes. He can be a ghostbuster to drive the demon out of Sada's body.

He can also be Santa that can enter the mind of anyone to make them do horrible things. He can close down companies in a matter of months. He knows powerful people but why is he satisfied to be a subordinate? In some scenes he even admits to being a god. This is left unexplained.It is hinted that he is the illegitamate son of a powerful politician, born from a mistress.

He seems to carry this complex virus, so strong that he seeks destruction to end all misery. So when Ayumu kills himself, a drop of tear came out of Go's corpse – citing that he is free?

2. Sorimachi Takashi as Shingyoji Ayumu
He sometimes hallucinates and it seems to be caused by his abusive mother. I don't even know how the two men fall out.

3. Kimura Yoshino as Arase Shizuku
She has the the inability to face a father's death.

4. Ryo as Hiiragi Sada
She has this fatal obsession over weight loss and can overspend on these products.

5. Koyuki as Ninagawa Kiiko
She has this hatred steming from a lover's betrayal and wishes to be as strong as her love rival.

6. Nishida Naomi as Renjou Miyabi
She makes some blunders at work and hides them well.

7. Ito Misaki as Nono Riri
She moonlights at night for extra income.

8. Ichinohe Nami as Shimaki Min
She will do anything to strengthen her position, that includes backstabbing.

9. Takahashi Hitomi as Sahara Ami
She is an icy lady who wears an eerie, frozen cold smile on her face to work.

10. Enami Kyoko as Shingyoji
Is she being ruled out as she is the general manager?

Song : It is Free by Sorimachi Takashi, which is the only saving grace of the drama.

I am very sorry if I get some facts wrong as my memory fails me. It is poor storytelling. This is the the worst Japanese drama that I've seen. Don't watch, definitely must not watch despite the big names here! The producer can't decide to make it into a horror, a suspense or fiction drama. It is not even a comedy of poor taste. The only consolation is to look at pretty faces.

The many flashbacks and present confuses me. Go's sad ending is said that his deeds is due to Akuma or a devil possessing his soul. When Go dies, the demon have no other choice but to enter Akuma's body. Yet, this demon is never shown. No one knows why Akuma has to jump to his death after killing Go. To kill the virus in him but why must he have to kiss Go?

My worst nightmare is how Go's Santa Claus looks like Joker from Batman with the bloody lipstick and dances around happily like a gorblin. It repeats about 30 minutes with the hellish song 'merry christmas! I call this Hellish Complex since many characters hate each other.

This gives me the wrong impression that both men are involved in complex love relationship when trying to solve the case. It is uniquely bad as I have zero understanding. The drama doesn't have to be the usual romance drama but it must at least be clear on what it tells. What we see on the VCD cover, we don't get it.

If it talks about the dark side of the working world, it certainly does. It is the destruction of the work link that leads each character to their mental breakdown or to ours. They hide their own problems and pretend everything to be fine. When a lunatic comes, all become insane with him – is that the story wants to tell us?

The worst thing about the drama is that till the very end, I still don't know who the criminal is! Love complex is too complex for me to comprehend.

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