Love With a Superstar

Reviewed by: sukting

September 08, 2013

Rating: one-point-five

How long
11 episodes

It is a Japanese take on Notting Hill. Are you interested to watch it? This story, a somewhat funny, but romantic love story, follows the footsteps of a man and woman from very different worlds, as they experience the painful and sometimes remarkable ups and downs of love.

Story/Introduction on characters
1. Fujiwara Norika as Kirishima Hikaruko
She is a promising actress who is shattered over her actor's boyfriend's infidelity. She can be a glamour pussy cat, an arrogant woman and innocent girl all rolled into one. She is very gorgeous and elegant. Her acting career meets a close dead-end when many find that her acting is stagnant. That is why she has to act in a play. Out of spite, she makes the declaration that she likes a normal office worker. Yet, slowly, she melts by his affections but she tears her hair when he withdraws due to misunderstandings.

They live in two completely different worlds. Before either can even confess to the other, they think too much.She has to make the first move. Also nothing special from her although she improves in her acting and .looks fabulous – still wooden at times.

2. Kusanagi Tsuyoshi as Nakata Sosuke
Nakata, is a normal salesman in a food company. He is a serious guy, whose life mostly consists of going back and forth to the office each day. He is boring and also indecisive. Others have to give him a push to make things work.

Suddenly one day, Nakata just happens to meet a certain woman by coincidence-top star, Hikaruko Kirishima. Just by talking to her, Nakata is left standing feeling like he has just seen a dream. Several days later, Kirishima calls an emergency press conference.

She announces that she is dating Nakata and intends to marry him. What does Kirishima have up her sleeve as she hides behind her smile? Nakata has no idea about what happened at the press conference. He also doesn't know what lies ahead for him at work, and about Hikaruko's true intentions. He has to adjust his life again due to this declaration. Yet after many incidents, they get married.

Unlike in other dramas, Tsuyoshi gives a boring performance here. He is horribly miscasted. He looks shorter and smaller than Norika and the two don't make a good pair. He has zero appeal here.

3. Kakei Toshio as Jiya Yoshitaro
He is Nakata's married colleague who keeps complaining that his married life is a burden. He often stays back to work in the office. After his wife threatens divorce, he realises that he is wrong and uses his children to win her back.

4. Furuta Arata as Ushiyama Mamoru
He is also Nakata's colleague who is in love with Sosuke.

5. Hasegawa Kyoko as Koizumi Tsubomi
She is a newcomer who is sociable and nice. She sees that the two are an item and tries to create chances for them.

6. Anzai Hiroko as Hyuuga Reiko
She is Nataka's colleague who has been in love with him for a long time. Nataka uses her as a shield to lie to Kirishima to avoid her. She knows his intentions and hopes to be with him.

7.Azuma Mikihisa as Ichikawa Ryutaro
He is Kirishima's fiance. He is vet and his family is rich. He actually holds the engagement in his home and gets Nataka's

8. Ukaji Takashi as Saegusa Eiji
He is Hikaruko's manager. He is in love with her but has no courage to tell her.

9.Toda Keiko as Tatsukawa Midori
She is the president of the company. She knows of Hikaruko's strength and weaknesses. So she tries to help her to overcome them.

10. Morimoto Leo as Kinanaka Torao
He is afamous film director and all flock to want to shoot his movies. Hikaruko doesn't mind taking up a camero or supporting role in his movie.

11. Katori Shingo as Koda Iori
He plays a reporter in the future who is going to write a book over the star's story. Now when they are young but old after happily married.

Most favourite character
Tsubomi, she is really cute and helpful. Without her, things between the two will be stagnant.

Most hated character
Sosuke is an emotionless robor. Leave him out of the picture and everything will be fine.

This was a girly drama so I hardly enjoy it. It is far predictable and lacks consistency. It needs a lot of charm for the opening episode, but it is a disaster to look just stupid.Sosuke's colleagues are really funny. Yet the part of talking about her life was lame, even the make-up to make her look old was awful.Did the writers run of ideas at the end?

I find Sosuke to be annoying. Being too shy becomes a fault to affect everyone. Remember the scene where he coldly tells her that things aren't possible between them and then later cries like a baby? Then he keeps withdrawing into a turtle or snail shell. I have to force myself to finish the show. The two leads doing nothing and having no/llittle progress get on my nerves. Only strictly for fans.

Sukting's ratings :
On acting : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *1/2 (Scale of 5)

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