My Lover, My Teacher

Reviewed by: sukting

June 11, 2007

Rating: three

How long
5 episodes

Can a teacher marry his student? That often happens in the olden days. How does a young couple cope and how hard have they hid this from the rest?


Xiang Zi marries Qi Jie at the age of 16. Her parents have not wanted her to marry so young but they are too deeply in love. Still, Mr Zhong Dao want them to sleep in separate rooms before she reaches 21 as he doesn’t want a baby to affect Xiang Zi’s studies. Xiang Zi is now third year in a girls’ high school. Little did they expect Qi Jie to teach in Xiang Zi’s high school and he is assigned to teach Xiang Zi’s class!

Both decide to keep their marriage a secret. The only person who knows this secret is Xing Zi – Xiang Zi’s close friend and also classmate. Xiang Zi is curious to see how he will teach her. She is still immature at heart but Qi Jie worries that she will be isolated by her classmates if they get to know it. On the first day of school, the charming looking Qi Jie wins the hearts of many students. Xiang Zi’s classmate, Yang Zi is attracted to him. Qi Jie shakes his head as they should focus in their studies instead.

The girls’ high have clashes with the some guys from a university. Yang Zi is about to come to blows with their leader, Feng when Xiang Zi stops them. Feng shows interest in Xiang Zi and starts to woo her. This is much to the displeasure of Qi Jie and Xing Zi – it is also love at first sight for Xing Zi with Feng. Seeing how Yang Zi clings to Qi Jie’s elbow makes Xiang Zi angry. Xiang Zi then agrees to Feng’s date impulsively. But she regrets her decision and escapes midway. This doesn’t reduce Feng’s interest in her.

Many individuals join a television knowledge programme contest and winners become famous after that. Bei Chuan submits Qi Jie’s name for the contest. (The process is truly hilarious.) Qi Jie is annoyed as Bei Chuan wants to ‘promote’ him as an idol but has to play along with the rest for the name of glory. The list of books that he goes through is alarming – not just on history and literature but also on entertainment. Qi Jie is very amused but nearly faints upon seeing so many things he needs to cover.

Here comes the shooting day and all students appear to give him support. Initially, he is too slow to answer questions. (It is surely the most unthinkable programme to include questions like what lines Takeshi has asked in ‘God, please give me more time.) But in the end he emerges as the winner to win the cash prize for the school and keeps the trophy for himself. All dance in the recording studio. Yang Zi hugs him but he prefers to hold Xiang Zi in his arms later.

Qi Jie is relieved to return to his normal life and pours his woes to his close buddy, Yi Fu. Yi Fu announces that Qi Jie’s ex, Qian Ming returns from overseas and wants to reconcile with him. Qi Jie has a headache on how to break news to her on him being married to a teenage wife. Both guys decide to keep it from her. But this makes matters worse when she constantly wants to date Qi Jie. Qi Jie finds it hard to reject her but often drags Yi Fu along. Yi Fu turns to like Qian Ming and Qi Jie encourages him to woo her.

Qi Jie is assigned to set the Maths examination paper. All girls panick as they are very weak in this subject. Xiang Zi is annoyed when he scolds at her for forgetting to knock the door before coming into the study. He is setting exam questions then and doesn’t want her to see it. But seeing her sad face, he becomes gentle again. Actually she has no intention but has Maths questions to ask him. He puts his arm around her neck – she can still ask him but can only it when he isn’t busy.

Just then, they hear a knock on the door. Both have a shock of their lives as Yang Zi and her gang come to ask Maths questions. Xiang Zi immediately hides in the balcony and nearly freezes in the cold. The young couple has hidden all their things – slippers, towels, etc but has forgotten one thing – her toothbrush! The girls question about the toothbrush and Qi Jie lies that he has the habit of using different ones!

Qi Jie is disturbed when they come so he decides to do his work outside home to avoid all this trouble. Qian Ming wonders why he keeps shying from him and suspects that he has a new girlfriend. Bei Chuan has fallen in love with a bar hostess, Candy but has no courage to marry her. Yang Zi and Feng decide to work hand in hand to get their loved ones. Two of them are party animals to go to pubs at night but strangely, they fall for nerdy people.

Xiang Zi’s cousin, He Ren is assigned to stay with Xiang Zi on his school holiday. Mrs Zhong Dao is puzzled why her husband makes this arrangement as she can take care of him. Mr Zhong Dao’s purpose is to let He Ren spy on the young couple to make sure that they don’t have chances to get intimate together. Qi Jie is annoyed that He Ren ruins all his chances although Xiang Zi doesn’t mind it.

He Ren follows Xiang Zi to school and all the girls find him adorable. Qi Jie finds a tube of cream on his classroom table. He jumps when He Ren has revealed his secret of having piles to them. He blows up when Yang Zi even comments that his home sofa is like soft tyres so that he will feel comfortable. How can this boy reveal this easily to others? Xiang Zi only thinks that he is being naughty and asks Qi Jie not to mind it but Qi Jie has to suppress his urge to throw his slipper at him at home.

Here comes the day of Qi Jie’s observation day when parents are allowed to see how he teaches in class. Qi Jie nearly bursts when He Ren jokes that he is a lecher. Although all take it as a joke, Qi Jie has to field questions from Bei Chuan who overhears it. Qi Jie counts down to the days that He Ren should leave. He Ren suddenly becomes quiet as he has a fever. This is the only peaceful time both have when he sleeps.

Xiang Zi looks into his cute face and starts to imagine if their future child will be like him. Qi Jie laughs – he will take his child in hand to discipline him well. Still, he has to admit that this is He Ren’s only moment to be likeable for the first time. He Ren returns to his noisy self again when he recovers the next day. It is now Xiang Zi’s turn to catch the flu and Qi Jie notices that she has a fever.

He wants her to stay at home but she doesn’t want to miss her lessons. Qi Jie then entrusts Qian Ming to look after He Ren, citing that he is his cousin. (This is quite true since he is already married to Xiang Zi.) Qian Ming is exhausted when she has to run after this energetic boy in the garden. Xiang Zi still joins her class for volleyball lessons. Qi Jie is alarmed when she misses the ball to faint in front of his eyes.

He blurts out her name but still remembers to address her by her surname as he hugs her. He tells the class to conduct their own activity as he tends to her. But Xiang Zi insists that he continues his lessons. Xing Zi offers to send her home but Xiang Zi decides to return home on her own. She meets Feng on the way and Feng brings her to the motel as she falls asleep. He Ren sees this but isn’t allowed to enter Feng’s room as he chases him out. He calls Qi Jie who is about to knock off from work and he immediately runs there.

Feng changes into a bath robe and starts to unbutton Xiang Zi’s coat. Just then, he hears the ring on the door again. He gets angry – when will the naughty boy learn to leave quietly? He tells the sleeping Xiang Zi to wait for his affections later. Well, he doesn’t have the chance because once he opens the door, Qi Jie charges in like a fierce lion, demanding to know where Xiang Zi is.

Qi Jie has never been angrier – he gives Feng a punch on his face, causing him to fall into the pool. Feng is angry when Qi Jie throws another towel into his face. Qi Jie declares that he will kill Feng if he lays his hands on ‘his Xiang Zi’ again. Qian Ming gets to hear that and is disappointed. Qi Jie then runs to Xiang Zi to wake her up and hugging her tightly. He doesn’t want her to leave him again. Xiang Zi is still confused over what happens but is glad to be with him.

Yang Zi and her gang get to see Bei Chuan coming out from the bar, feeling dejected as Candy rejects him again. Candy doesn’t want to affect his career. The girls tease him and Bei Chuan suddenly opens his mouth wide. Yang Zi thinks that he can’t suffer the rejection shock to make fun of him again. Bei Chuan points to the motel in front of him and all are speechless to see Qi Jie and Xiang Zi getting out of there. Qi Jie still wears his coat but still puts his arm over Xiang Zi to protect her from the cold wind.

Yang Zi faints – how can Qi Jie do this to her? Qi Jie takes care of Xiang Zi for the night. He Ren leaves the next day and pastes a note on the refrigerator. Actually his mother, Xiang Zi’s aunt knows a man after her divorce but He Ren isn’t ready to accept him. Seeing how Qi Jie takes care of Xiang Zi and becoming a hero to save her, he believes the man actually loves his mother so he has straightened his thoughts.

Xiang Zi smiles – He Ren has grown up now. Qi Jie leans over her shoulder to read the note and also feels her forehead. He is relieved that she recovers but a storm is in store for them when they are back in school. Bei Chuan demands to know why Qi Jie brings Xiang Zi to a motel. It leaves them no choice but to reveal their martial status. All are affected by it. Even though Xing Zi reminds them that Qi Jie treats Xiang Zi no different from them as their teacher, they are not convinced.

Xiang Zi’s parents urge her to divorce Qi Jie and transfer to another school for his career while Qi Jie is ready to resign to teach in another school. Qian Ming now knows Yi Fu’s love for her and accepts him. All are touched by the deep love that they show each other so they arrange another wedding ceremony for them. Even Candy attends the wedding and agrees to Bei Chuan’s proposal. So all have a happy ending.

Introduction on characters

1. Fu Yuan Qi Jie
He is a dedicated teacher and husband. He never expects his wife to end up being his student. Even though he is surrounded by women, her love for Xiang Zi remains firm and unchanged.

2. Zhong Dao Xiang Zhi
She is only a high school student but tries her best to play the role of a wife at home. She knows what she wants in life and knows how to distinguish her duties well. She doesn’t see why she can’t marry young. She knows that she will not change her mind once she loves a man. But she feels threatened when knowing that Qi Jie’s ex, Qian Ming and the school’s rose, Yang Zi fall for Qi Jie and they are prettier than her in looks.

3. Mu Chun Feng
He is a handsome looking final year university student who likes excitement after school. He regards himself as a modern Romeo. Once he likes Xiang Zi, he seeks her out like a prey even through despicable means. Little does he know that he has no chance to win her heart as she is married.

4. Sheng Qi Yang Zi
She is rich and also intelligent. But she tends to neglect her studies to go partying at night. She doesn’t become a pair with Feng although both are so alike in character.

5. Shan Pu Xing Zi
She is sweet and gentle Xiang Zi’s classmate but is also a loyal friend to keep her secret. In fact, she is one of the few people to witness the couple’s wedding with Yi Fu. She likes the handsome Feng but is upset that he likes Xiang Zi instead.

6. Xiao Lin Qian Ming
She is Qi Jie’s ex-girlfriend. They break off because she spends too much time on her air stewardess job. She is the one to initiate the breakup but regrets later when recalls how nice he is. Thus she takes leave, hoping for a chance. She doesn’t know that he gets married within a short time during a short time.

7. Po Yuan Yi Fu
He is Qi Jie’s buddy and thinks that it is absurd that Qi Jie marries such a young wife. He bets that trouble will befall – not just on the age difference but also other factors. How right he can be but seeing how deeply in love they are, he is their mediator. He is a quiet observer to see how hard Qian Ming tries to win Qi Jie back to get touched to fall for her.

8. Bei Chuan
He is the school discipline master. He is jealous of Qi Jie’s popularity with the students so he tries to set him up every now and then. He often pinpoint at his weakness but Qi Jie bears with him. He has a secret that he doesn’t dare to reveal to others. He likes Candy but doesn’t have enough courage to marry her.

Favourite character
Qi Jie, he knows that Xiang Zi needs time to grow mature so he is very patient with her. He is also fair to all his students and is careful not to be close to the women who love him.

Most hated character
Bei Chuan – he likes to dig others’ secrets but guards his own protectively.

This is one of the most nonsensical dramas that I have ever watched but I can’t help laughing at the comic scenes because ALL of them are born comedians. Many parts are unbelievable but they are so funny that you can forgive the scriptwriter for coming up with such tall stories.

The actor as Bei Chuan is the best – he is in a coat and a hat whenever he goes to the bar. The young couple also tries hard to keep their marriage fact under wraps – they only wear their wedding rings at home. Sometimes Qi Jie and not Xiang Zi can forget about it! Xiang Zi’s parents are the exact opposite – Mr Zhong Dao likes to intrude into the couple’s personal life while Mrs Zhong Dao trusts Qi Jie completely.

The last episode can be quite draggy as the producer is only trying to squeeze tears from the audience. It is very short at 5 episodes. I don’t see this drama vcds on sale anywhere. So this is a short review to share with all. If you like light-hearted mini-dramas, it is a good choice to brighten up a bad day.

Sukting’s ratings :

On acting : ***1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : *** (Scale of 5)

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