Nanako, The Amateur Doctor

Reviewed by: sukting

June 03, 2004

Rating: three

How long
9 episodes

This is a nonsensical comedy on intern doctors in the 2nd surgical unit in Nan Ling hospital. Can a female doctor do her job well? It touch on the relationships of doctors with the nurses, patients, doctors and their family. Some are so engrossed in their work that they do not know that their colleagues are interested in them! The main focus is on Sato Aiko who is truly the female comedian to Hong Kong's Ng Kwan Yu.


1. Nana's ambition
Nana has studied 6 years in the university to be a doctor. She is going to have her practice at Nan Lin hospital. Before her first day, she dreams saving a patient in the ER. Her 2 classmates, Tian Shang and Huang Juan are also with her. The three are under Dr Ogata, Dr Jun Shan and Dr Zuo Ye. All the three are doctors in the External Surgical Unit. Dr Ogata is very famous and Nana vows to learn well under him.

On the first day, she happens to see patients injured and tries to help. Dr Ogata and Nurse Teng Tang come to work together. (They look like a loving couple but too bad they only talk about work in this whole serial.) She hinders their job instead and ends up vomiting on Dr Ogata! He gives her a dressing down and she meets an old man to comment that his hairstyle is very ugly. Dr Jun Shan gives cleaning chores to Tian Shan while Huang Juan only gets to clean the resting station. Only Nana gets to learn on the spot from Dr Ogata. The first scene is funny - Dr Ogata thinks that she is able to give a patient an injection so he leaves her alone. To his dismay, the poor patient suffers because she can't insert the needle at all!

He scolds her harshly for making the patient suffer and the three complain about their work. It is worse for Tian Shang because he has to make urine tests as well. The whole hospital to know that Nana can't insert the needle so she decides to learn it properly. Her poor victim is Huang Juan - she extracts too much blood till he faints because he becomes anemic.

Dr Jun Shan sneers at her for having the brawns and no brains. Dr Ogata lets Nana treat his patient Jing Teng. However, she has to report to him in order to confirm the correct healing procedures. Dr Zuo Ye thinks that he is putting the patient's life into danger but Dr Ogata feels that she needs to go through the process. Jing Teng is lustful and the nurses dislike him. Nana becomes his victim too but still encourages a new nurse, Ruo Cai to work hard with her.

Professor Xiao Shan Tian is coming for inspection. Dr Jun Shan wants all to make sure that the place is spick and span. Dr Ogata is past caring over it and wants Nana to enter the operation theatre with him. This scene is comical - Dr Ogata suddenly changes form the cool person to a manic. He starts singing and looks at his ten fingers like a Dracula. Nana is alarmed to see the change.

Nana is too sleepy and damages a medical machine in the end. Even Dr Jun Shan is chased out of the operation theatre with her and he feels very humiliated. The whole hospital takes it as a big joke but all the nurses worry about Dr Ogata because he is implicated. Dr Jun Shan wants to report this to Professor Xiao Shan Tian. Nana cries in the garden and tells the old man that Dr Ogata is a weird man before operations. He feels that operating gives a lot of pressure so this is the way Dr Ogata finds to relax.

Actually this old man is Professor Xiao Shan Tian. After listening to him, she apologizes to Dr Ogata and promises to work hard to pay for the damages. Jing Teng always lies to see Nana so she ignores one urgent call. When she knows that Jing Teng has fainted and his heart nearly stops, she rushes to save him.

2. Nana's resignation and redeployment

Nana finally saves Jing Teng but Dr Ogata is unsatisfied. He reprimands her for having bad impressions imprinted before saving anyone. Nurses Teng Tang and Qing Mu also complain to him about her because they don't trust her. Dr Jun Shan chides Dr Ogata for giving Nana the task but Dr Ogata fells that Nana has used the correct procedure in saving Jing Teng.

Nana apologizes to Jing Teng but Jing Teng also knows that he is in the wrong. Dr Ogata gives her another 77-year-old patient who is very forgetful. He always thinks that she is a nurse. Nana finally knows that the old man is Professor Xiao Shan Tian so she wants to impress him. Dr Jun Shan is nervous bringing him around and is alarmed to see that Tian Shang is not there. He lies that he is sick. Huang Juan is too nervous to answer questions but Dr Zuo Ye helps him. The old patient says wrongly that Nana has not visited him while Tian Shang arrives late because he oversleeps. Professor Xiao Shan Tian throws his medical records that he has written for patients away.

Dr Jun Shan demands Tian Shang to leave the hospital. Nana quarrels with Dr Ogata and decides to leave. She even throws her notebook into the river. Professor Xiao Shan Tian discusses with Dr Ogata. Dr Ogata knows the turnover rate is high and keeping an inattentive doctor will not help things work. Professor Xiao Shan Tian disagrees that Nana is inattentive. Nana bades the old patient farewell and the old man recognises her suddenly to want her to treat him. She is touched.

Huang Juan feels that Nana is too impulsive. She thinks so too and rushes to retrieve the notebook from the river. Dr Ogata drives to see her doing that and asks her if she wants to do a doctor again. She replies yes and thinks that he is going to give her a lift…….but he drives away without her and even smiles when she runs after his car! Professor Xiao Shan Tian scolds Dr Jun Shan for driving Tian Shang away. He throws the medical records because he finds them not detailed. Nana thanks Huang Juan for his help.

3. Nana tries to prove herself

Dr Zuo Ye scares Huang Juan that there are ghosts in the hospital. He is frightened because he is on night shift but is relieved that she is actually Nana. She is busy treating patients the next day and thus makes a blunder in the operation room the next day because she is too tired. Dr Ogata scolds her again. The 3 interns realise that it is not easy to be a doctor. Nana finds out that the hospital will give special rewards to interns who do well. Professor Xiao Shan Tian says that there isn't such a rule but he will still give a reward. Huang Juan and Nana decide to fight for it.

Dr Zuo Ye and Professor Xiao Shan Tian are going to Tokyo for a medical conference. Dr Jun Shan is delighted to be in charge. Dr Ogata suddenly turns like a child here. He requests Dr Zuo Ye to bring back his favourite tidbits as he misses eating them!

Dr Ogata gives an old hepatitis C patient Hei Tian to Nana. Nana is shocked to find all the cravings on his body and he is from the underworld. Nurse Teng Tang reminds her to be sensitive to his feelings. Nana drives all his subordinates away as they disturb his rest. She makes him go through a lot of tests and he misunderstands that he is dying of cancer. Teng Tang reminds her again but Hei Tian doesn't believe that he is okay. Dr Ogata blames her for being a strong front but she says that she wants to prove herself.

Dr Ogata has a talk with Professor Xiao Shan Tian. The old man feels that Dr Ogata should give her encouragement instead so that she can face the problem herself. He even thinks that Dr Ogata is an outstanding surgeon but he is not a good teacher. Hei Tian tries to leave the hospital to be a magician to fulfil his last wish before he dies but Nana keeps him.

Dr Ogata arrives after checking his x-rays. Hei Tian will die if he leaves because he needs to go for an urgent liver operation. Nana is lucky to spot the ailment for once. Before entering the operation room, Nana gives him encouragement but he requests her not to enter because she gives him stress! The two doctors return and Dr Ogata can't wait anymore. He practically grabs it to eat on the spot!

Professor Xiao Shan Tian gives her a heavy present. Nana is dismayed to find that it is his book and she needs to tell him what is written on it to him within a week. She gets so angry over it! But later, Huang Juan turns pale after finding a ghost behind Nana in a photograph. The other doctors joke that the female ghost must be very impressed by her skills to tag her around.

4. Nana's fighting for the chance to go to U.S.

Nana sleeps like a log in the hospital and the others can't wake her up. Many find her looks ugly and are alarmed that she can still sleep although the blanket is smelly. I really laugh at this - Dr Ogata can bear with it no more that he holds her chin and wakes her up by reminding her the duties that she hasn't done! In her haste, she wears her clothes in the wrong direction and the nurses frown at it.

A European lady comes to look for Professor Xiao Shan Tian. Nana is ashamed for not being able to speak English but Nurse Teng Tang does a wonderful job. The lady is his niece, Dr Linda from a well-known hospital. She is here to look for an intern for an exchange programme. Nana is scared of flying so she decides to stay. Huang Juan longs for the chance and works hard - hoping to impress Nana too. Later,

Nana decides to fight for it after knowing from Dr Jun Shan that the U.S. hospital has many outstanding doctors. The doctor that Dr Ogata respects most is in there too. The nurses do not have confidence in her.
Dr Linda talks to Dr Ogata before an operation. Nana is alarmed to find Dr Linda equally weird as Dr Ogata - both are like Draculas, which are eager to suck blood from patients!

Dr Linda joins Dr Ogata's operation and is impressed that Huang Juan does the stitching well. Nana wants Dr Ogata to let her insert the tube into a patient's stomach. This turns into a disaster when the poor patient is tortured till he faints and the tube is broken into two. I can never forget the baffled faces on all. Dr Ogata is the first to regain his composure to remind Nana that she has to pay for the damages again!

Dr Linda tells Nana that they can't accept such a mistake in the U.S. Huang Juan is happy when he has a better chance. He hastily removes a patient's bandage when her wound which has not healed and Dr Ogata reprimands him. Huang Juan and Nana quarrel so her brother, Tou reminds her that friendship is more important. Huang Juan takes care of the patient till he gets overtired and faints. Dr Linda decides to cancel the selection but Huang Juan begs for a last chance.

He wants to insert the tube to prove his ability. Nana decides to be the guinea pig. Huang Juan fails for a few times and Nana inserts the tube on her own although she feels painful. Huang Juan is touched and decides not to go. Huang Juan confesses to Professor Xiao Shan Tian that he likes Nana but Tian Shang is angry that he doesn't tell her that. Dr Jun Shan blames the three for the failure but Professor Xiao Shan Tian says that he has no intention to send anyone abroad as they are still inexperienced.

5. Nana learns from the nurses
Nana always forgets about the time limit for the nurses to complete the tests and they are angry with her. Nurse Qing Mu doesn't tell her the procedures and she takes off the tube from a patient to anger Dr Ogata. Dr Ogata decides to send her to the nurse station to learn from them.

Nurse Teng Tang reminds her to ask them for their opinion. They are unhappy that she might make mistakes. Only Ruo Cai supports her. Nana finally knows their difficulty when Da Shan rings the emergency bell just for a chat or to eat something. Nurse Teng Tang tells her that some patients do it because they are lonely. When it comes to the changing of the shift, all are alarmed when a thermometer is missing. They search everywhere and are angry to find it on Nana.

With better understanding, she rejects Huang Juan and Tian Shang when they are late to hand the records to them. Dr Jun Shan complains of letting Nana troubling others at the nurse station. Da Shan disappears and they look around for him. He is at the rooftop talking to another female patient. Nana reflects that she is too conceited to think that she doesn't need to depend on nurses while Nurse Teng Tang also realises that interns do make mistakes. They become good friends. Dr Ogata transfers her back and this time when Nana is slightly late in giving the nurses the records, they decide to bend the rules to help her.

6. Dr Jun Shan's operation (one of the funniest episode)

Dr Jun Shan suddenly faints and Dr Ogata discovers that he has to operate on his big intestine. But who should be the doctor taking care of him - who should be the mouse to tie the bell around the cat? Dr Zuo Ye and Dr Ogata are unwilling parities so they threaten the interns - it is so hilarious. They fix Dr Jun Shan's picture in the centre with lots of lines to link their names to see who will get it. Nana finds a gap too wide and adds a line. After the joining, the victim is Huang Juan. I really laugh when he blames Nana for adding the line! Dr Ogata gives him Dr Jun Shan's medical records and he frowns when others clap for him!

Dr Jun Shan opposes to have an intern to be in charge of his illness. Professor Xiao Shan Tian thinks that a teacher should be able to teach a student from a patient's point of view. Dr Jun Shan is harbouring for a promotion all along so he listens to him. He laments that he will lose his flawless skin soon. The doctors joke that he must have gone to a beauty salon for massaging. But he bullies Huang Juan and even wants him to carry him. As a result, he injures his back and needs a rest. Now who should take over?

The senior doctors discuss again as they look at Nana and Tian Shang. Suddenly they spring on the two and jump on their backs! Tian Shang falls while Nana still manages to carry Zuo Ye. So Nana is selected! What a way to choose! She gets bullied now. A young man, Jing Jin is hospitalized to be in the small ward as Dr Jun Shan. Dr Jun Shan says bad things about Nana but Jing Jin still trusts her.

However, Dr Ogata notices that Jing Jin keeps all the medicine and often gets out of the room so he wants Nana to check on him. Jing Jin and Dr Jun Shan refuse to be operated. Nana finally knows that Jing Jin has wanted to take part in a jogging race before his high school graduation and this is his final chance. She tries to find out from Dr Ogata whether he can postpone the operation. Dr Ogata finds no other cure and his life can be in danger if he postpones the date. He reminds Nana not to show sympathy but to save him on time.

Jing Jin's classmates come to visit him to tell him that they have given up on the sport to concentrate on their studies. He is upset over their decision but in actual fact, they still train but only want him to rest. Nana brings Jing Jin to see how they train and wants him to know that they wish him to recover soon. Jing Jin finally agrees to go for the operation. But when all know that the marathon is not a major event, Nana is furious. Dr Ogata chides her for not checking the facts but his eyes are wet upon seeing the students who are so close to each other. Professor Xiao Shan Tian agrees to join in Dr Jun Shan's operation.

The actual day is here and Dr Jun Shan looks at Professor Xiao Shan Tian's equipment proudly. He only wants semi sedation so as to see how the operation takes place. But to his dismay, he asks Nana to do the operation! He gets so frightened that his blood pressure goes up! it goes back to normal when it is announced that Dr Ogata is operating on him. It shoots up again when Dr Ogata wants Nana to do the stitching. Dr Jun Shan regrets not wanting to be heavily sedated to escape from this torture.

7. Nana's first public presentation

Dr Zuo Ye is organising a wild trip and wants the interns to think of an item. Professor Xiao Shan Tian discovers that Nana's invention can be presented at the national surgical seminar so he wants her to get ready. Only top doctors can attend the function so Nana is delighted. The other doctors are not thrilled. Dr Ogata feels that she isn't ready for it and refuses to help her in her research. Dr Jun Shan wants to curry favour with Professor Xiao Shan Tian so he volunteers to help her.

All look through the slides and are amused to find that the last trip has many funny shots. Seeing Nana busy, Huang Juan and Tian Shang decide to practise the skit on their own. Huang Juan imitates Dr Ogata but the result isn't good. I crack up when Dr Ogata appears to correct him by showing the chilly expression with his slender fingers! Dr Ogata frowns upon not seeing Nana and wonders if she can cope with the job.

Dr Jun Shan gets her many books to read while Dr Ogata gives her a new patient, Mrs Sen Tian. Nana is tired over the heavy workload. Mrs Sen Tian is a bossy person who picks on food and Nana. Dr Ogata is angry with her for applying makeup as he can't see her natural face colour when he is doing the rounds. Nana complains but Dr Ogata tells her that doctors do not have a choice in choosing their patients so she must treat all equally. Huang Juan and Tian Shang offer to help Nana and she treasures their friendship.

Dr Ogata sees that the research is affecting Nana's performance so he raises this to Professor Xiao Shan Tian. The old man thinks that Nana must go through this process to grow up. Nana still tries to insert more information into her laptop during the trip but she is so careless to delete all the files by mistake! In the meantime, the other doctors have a nice time and they even snap shots. The day before the presentation, Mrs Sen Tian's condition worsens and Nana puts her research aside to care for her. She insists of saving her with Dr Ogata. In the meantime, Dr Jun Shan is waiting for her anxiously at the conference hall.

After the operation, she rushes there with the notes and the slides. The day before, she has mixed the numbers as she trips and the things are no longer in longer. Dr Ogata sees them and sorts them nicely secretly for her. Nana is so nervous that she trips and falls on stage. The other doctors are impressed with her speech but when they ask questions, she is unprepared and can't answer! She even accidentally shows a photograph of Dr Jun Shan impersonating as a woman on the trip.

Dr Jun Shan is angered at being ridiculed. Only when Dr Ogata arrives to answer on her behalf, she then realises that he has helped her all along by her side. Dr Jun Shan is furious to see him in the limelight again. After the conference, Nana thanks Dr Ogata but he still reminds her that she should have checked the slides beforehand even though he has tidied everything for her. (I wonder if he has placed the slide in to test her deliberately.) Professor Xiao Shan Tian is also happy that Dr Ogata helps the juniors. But the happiest person is still Nana when Mrs Sen Tian finally accepts her as her doctor in charge.

8. Nana is doing better now
An old man who is wearing shades appears at the hospital sneaking at Nana. The way that Dr Ogata chides Nana for being stupid in treating Mrs Mu Yuan is seen by him. Mrs Mu Yuan's son, Ke Ji questions about Nana's ability. He requests right in front of Professor Xiao Shan Tian that he wants to exchange her for Dr Ogata. This has never happened before so Dr Jun Shan scolds her.

Nana discovers that the old man is her father, Shan Ban. Her father is worried over her performance so he comes to check on her. This confirms his doubts. He needs an operation and Nana wants to prove her ability by operating on him but this is against the rule. Dr Ogata lets Huang Juan to be in charge. Nana is doubtful of him, just like Shan Ban. Nana tries in vain to let Ke Ji believe that she is a responsible doctor.

Huang Juan knows that she is worried so he teaches her to build up the trust. Mrs Mu Yuan's condition worsens and Nana ignores the right method of saving. Luckily Dr Ogata comes on time to save the patient. Ke Ji doesn't trust her anymore and drives her out of the ward. Shan Ban feels that she isn't suitable to be a doctor but she still wants to pursue this dream.

A patient's condition worsens and Nana saves him with Huang Juan. Nurse Teng Tang asks Dr Ogata to examine him. Upon seeing the two using the correct way, he steps out without alerting them but finds Ke Ji also watching them from a corner. Ke Ji treats Nana better and Dr Ogata talks to him too. He should give Nana a chance since she needs more time. Ke Ji himself also needs time to play soccer too. Dr Ogata demonstrates by playing with him to prove that he is a skilful player over time.

After the successful operation, Nana approaches Ke Ji but he walks to Dr Ogata instead. He tells her that she should learn from Dr Ogata instead. He apologises to Nana in a letter and tells her about his conversation with Dr Ogata. He will wait for her to be a good doctor like Dr Ogata. Shan Ban's operation is a success and Dr Ogata decides to leave Nan Ling hospital because she is now independent.

9. Dr Ogata to teach all he knows

Dr Ogata is Nana's target to surpass all along so she asks him why he is leaving. Upon seeing her so anxious, the older doctors think that she likes him. Dr Ogata doesn't answer her but keeps giving her work to do. Actually, Professor Xiao Shan Tian intends to send one of the experienced doctors to ER to lighten the workload there. Dr Jun Shan sends the three to different hospitals for training. They get tips that the working environment is more favourable and this lifts their spirits.

Nana's hospital provides better food but she gets to take care of corpses so her appetite is reduced. Huang Juan's workplace has nicer resting rooms but the ER work is so busy that he hardly gets any rest. Tian Shang's environment has gentle nurses but all are old enough to be his mother and none are pretty. They then discover how their seniors care for them and are happy over their return.

Dr Ogata recalls that he was from ER to build up his self-confidence and this is the place that makes him realise the value of doctors. Huang Juan decides to transfer there to work to be more independent. The other two have no courage but Dr Ogata overhears their conversation. Tian Shang needs to take over his father's hospital, as he is sick. The other two decide to work hard.

Dr Ogata teaches them on how to handle the gallstones operation. He also points out their strength and weaknesses, as if he is passing all his knowledge to them. Nurse Teng Tang feels weird when he asks her to give them as much help as possible. They finally know that Dr Ogata has wanted to transfer to ER but he is staying because Nana still needs his help.

Nana decides not to disappoint him. The first patient who suffers from her injection says that she looks like a doctor now when she finally does it with ease. She also manages to calm herself to recall the procedure in removing a sweet from a child's throat when he is suffocating. Dr Ogata is at first worried that she might not be able to handle both cases but is assured that she can do it herself now.

At the farewell party, Tian Shang announces his decision to stay with them since his father recovers. Teng Tang is upset that Dr Ogata is leaving and gets drunk. So does Professor Xiao Shan Tian, he makes an empty promise to promote Dr Jun Shan but to tell him that it is a joke later to dash his hopes. Before leaving the next day, Dr Ogata gives Nana a box. She is overjoyed to get 'the golden hand's surgical knives. But when she opens it, she can only find one in it!

Dr Ogata wants her to report to him after each successful operation. Only then, he will pass each knife to her. She finds him petty but decides to work hard. Dr Jun Shan is now in charge of the three and they decide to work hard towards their dream.

Introduction on characters

1. Shan Ban Nana - Sato Aiko
She is very funny! But I don't think such a careless doctor will appear in real life. She will put all lives at risk. She is only there to create jokes for all of us. I must admit that I laugh non-stop when she is there. Does she love Dr Ogata? I doubt so because it is clear that she treats him as a senior. But she can be so blur not to know that Huang Juan likes her.

She is a born comedian although she can be exaggerating at times. Don't miss this serial if you really want to relax. Her expressions are enough to cheer you up.

2. Dr Ogata - Hosaka Naoki
He is the youngest among the experienced doctors. He is famous for having nitty fingers in performing operations. He is dedicated and talented but he doesn't reveal his feelings easily. He is always in charge of operations and keeps a straight face all the time.

However, he creates lots of cold jokes. The trailer is very wacky to cut all scenes to show him scolding Nana stupid and the woman doesn’t dare to look up to him! However, it is obvious that he treats this junior well. Although he often assigns her work to prevent her from talking to him, he is probably too softhearted and doesn't want her mushy words to get touched.

At first, he is reluctant to teach a female student, as the surgical unit doesn't have female doctors. But later, he learns the ropes from Professor Xiao Shan Tian to be a better teacher. He guides her and is not selfish to share his skills with the other interns who are not under his charge. It later proves that he isn't as cold as he seems. The way he reacts before an operation makes him look like a lunatic and the way he gobbles up his food shows the playful side of him. But one may wonder how he doesn’t realise that Teng Tang likes him?

Hosaka is good in the role. He is quite nice-looking but convincing as a doctor.

3. Professor Xiao Shan Tian - Yi Dong Si Lang
This is another joker. I don't think a professor will comb his hair like a flower to walk around. But he does share his experience and thoughts with the younger doctors.

4. Dr Zuo Teng - Liu Chi Shen Wu
He is another funny character but is serious in work. He is interested in Nurse Teng Tang. Knowing that Huang Juan has skilful fingers, he often trains him to do the stitching job when the need arises.

5. Dr Jun Shan
He is the most hilarious roles. Vain, arrogant and snobbish, all dislike to work with him. The seniors do not want to be his doctor in charge as he has loads of complaints. Without him, this serial will lack the spice.

6. Huang Juan
He is hardworking and likes Nana. That is why he fights hard to prove himself.

7.Tian Shang
He is a good friend but is careless at work. He tries hard to create chances for Huang Juan to woo Nana.

8. Wu Tian Ruo Cai
She is a new nurse and like Nana, she is muddleheaded so the other nurses like to make fun of her too.

9. Nurse Teng Tang
She is the head nurse and is also serious like Dr Ogata. She is his capable assistant who is kind and helpful. Many doctors like her. She compliments Dr Ogata well in looks and ability. She has many chances to reveal her feelings but she doesn't have the courage. She only does it on his last day of work during the party but it is too late - because he doesn't get to hear it because he is also drunk! This actress is good too.

10. Nurse Qing Mu
She is a cool nurse and is interested in Huang Juan but he also doesn't know about it. She hesitates helping Nana not only because Nana is careless but she also regards her as her love rival.

It is fast paced and pleasant but I am sorry that I have no idea who is the female singer who sings it.

Most favourite character
Dr Ogata, for being helpful to the interns and also knowing that nurses' difficulties. That is why he places Nana to work with the nurses to let her discover that being a nurse is not as easy too.

Most hated character
Dr Jun Shan, for bullying the interns every now and then.

If you can overlook the lousy storyline and be easily satisfied with the funny scenes, do go for this one. I find it comical as I laugh non-stop throughout the way. It is still worth your time if you are not picky.

Sukting’s ratings :

On song : ***1/2(Scale of 5)

On acting : ***1/2(Scale of 5)

On story : ***(Scale of 5)

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