Sekai de Ichiban Atsui Natsu

Reviewed by: sukting

June 16, 2012

Rating: two-point-five

How long
10 episodes

Daisuke Kami is the chief private secretary of a powerful parliamentarian, Yuji Tojo. He inspires to be a politician and changing Japan. Daisuke looks up to Tojo as his ideal of a clean politician. Tojo also wants him to be his successor. Daisuke is very busy and hardly has any time to spend with his wife Kumiko and daughter Chiemi. Despite this, Kumiko is very supportive of Daisuke.

One day Daisuke's fellow private secretary, Ryoko Enomoto shows him a document with his signature on it. It indicates that Daisuke accepts a payment of 50 million from a construction company. He denies this, but Tojo accuses him of doing that. Daisuke is now alone and an intense pursuit by the police and media begins. He has to clear his name.

Story/Introduction on characters
1. Kishitani Goro as Kami Daisuke He inspires to be a top politician and spends all his time on this. He wants to help Tojo to become the PM and he himself will run as a member of parliament for the next election. He barely spends time on his family to rush off for meetings. It is only due to his colleagues' advice that he finally remembers his wedding anniversary to celebrate with her. His life makes a dip when he is being wronged. He runs around and can't return home as policemen are around. He has nowhere to stay and feels helpless.

He initially fakes his death but later all know that he is still alive. He stays in the slums and becomes a rag-and-bone man with the rest. From here, he gets to know many friends and they help him to clear his name. He finally runs for the member of parliament post on his own with his family giving away flyers as he gives speeches. He doesn't trust any party now as his previous party is corrupted. His friends are grateful to him as he helps them to gain their confidence back to work in the society again.

2. Wakui Emi as Kami Kumiko She is Daisuke's life and he leaves her to deal with their daughter's upbringing. She has voiced about their daughter's unhappiness in the new school to get engaged into fights but he will not listen to her. Her ring is broken but she prefers to wear the old one rather than a new one that Daisuke intends to buy for her. She is bitter that he has changed and hardly has time for them but keeps her unhappiness to herself.

She insists that he is innocent even though he is dead. She has wanted to return to her hometown with their daughter till she sees Daisuke at the river bank. She changes her mind and returns home. She is under police survilence all the time so Daisuke's new friends have to take turns to bring their diary so that they can pen down notes to exchange with each other.

She misses him to go to the playground to wait for him but forces herself not to see him upon seeing policemen at the spot. She realises that she should not have believed Ryoto and guards against her.

3. Hara Sachie as Enomoto Ryoko She is a ruthless woman. She looks down on Daisuke of graduating from a third rate university. Yet Tojo doesn't think of her as his successor. Thus, she becomes a willing party to cause Daisuke's downfall. She plans everything for Tojo. She doesn't only use bribes – she also threatens others to kill themselves by providing them poison. She tells Daisuke to kill himself or she will hurt his family. Luckily, Kumiko stops him on time. All must be happy that she is finally arrested.

4. Kazama Shunsuke as Takashi He is abandoned at birth and he only has a photo of himself. He longs to find his parents although he looks upon Yabu-san as his father. He is now 16 years old. He once throws the photo into the river bank out of anger and Daisuke has to jump into it to get it back for him. Upon knowing who his mother is, he becomes withdrawn but later accepts her. He hopes to be a doctor one day to fulfil Yabu-san's wish.

5. Yanagisawa Shingo as Mappo He comes from a family of policemen. His father is a police station commissioner and his younger brother is an inspector. After breaking the law, he becomes a gangster. Ryoko sees through his greed for money and bribes him, causing Daisuke's arrest. He feels guilty and later gets him out from the patrol car. He becomes a traffic controller and is glad to find a decent job.

6.Yamaguchi Moe as Kawai Reiko She is a salesgirl who helps the people staying in the slums. All accept her and are glad when she is able to provide them first hand news of latest happenings. Mappo also changes due to her.

7. Suzuki Shiro as Suzuki-san He is the owner of the construction company. Daisuke gets information from Masaki to track him down. He bribes Tojo and never expects Ryoko to keep threatening him.

He pleads with her to let him off but to no avil. He has at first thought of helping Daisuke after his repeated pleads but later kills himself. Ryoko then frames Daisuke of killing him. Luckily, Kumilo manages to find the suicide note at his home to help him out.

8.Yamashita Shinji as Masaki Jun He is Daisuke's senior who plays rugby with him during their university days. Ryoto is annoyed with him for being able to take photos of her bribing others and has to give in to him. He has thought that Ryoto has loved Daisuke to hate him so much but he is wrong.

He is a professional photographer. He pretends to betray Daisuke once to earn Ryoto's trust. He informs Daisuke of Suzuki's schedule so that he can follow him. He tries to help Daisuke to get the crime CD but Toji has bribed the policemen to destroy it. Daisuke gets shot by a policeman due to this and he helps him to a doctor that he knows to seek treatment. He calmly thinks of other ways to help Daisuke. He also takes photos of the slums, to alert the public of the people who need help.

9. Ono Takehiko as Tojo Yuuji He is the politician who frames Daisuke as he is the real one taking bribes. 10 years ago, he is at an orphanage. Touched by his kindness, Daisuke decides to follow him.

Tojo isn't using the money for himself but for his daughter who is dying from heart failure. When money comes in to support his election, he becomes greedy to help her. He needs the money to send her overseas for transplant. Daisuke hasn't viewed him wrongly to think that he loves money so he urges him to surrender himself. He does this after he is being elected as the prime minister.

10.Tanaka Kunie as Yabu-san He is the oldest among the people to give advice to all of them. Daisuke injures his arm and is surprised that Yabu-san fixes it. He is actually a surgeon but sinks into despair when he fails to save his son's life. Unable to face his daughter who also becomes a surgeon, he lives in the slums to avoid reality. He dies after saving Chiemi from being hit by a car. He is consoled when his daughter operates on him.

11. Kotegawa Yuuko as Hara-san She is Takashi's mother who is unable to face him. She and her husband run into debts to decide to kill themselves. Her husband dies but she is saved. She is appalled to find her son missing after returning to the river bank and has been searching for him for years.

She finds him 2 years ago and Yuba-san allows her to stay with them. Daisuke bases on his instinct to know that she is his mother as he is a father himself. Sure indeed, he is right. She reveals her identity and is glad that he accepts him when she celebrates his birthday with him. They later rent a room while she finds a job in a small firm to start a new life.

12. Aijima Kazuyuki He is the cop who is always after Daisuke. He keeps tabs on his wife from another flat near his apartment. He vows to get him at all costs as he keeps escaping from him. He is unhappy that Kyoto keeps things from him and arrests her in the end.

13.Oka Ayumi as Tojo's daughter She is Tojo's only daughter. She is sensible and gets close to Takashi when seeing him lacking food. She works partitme in the bakery and provides him bread. They start to like each other but she doesn't know that he is related to Dasuke. She pleads with Daisuke to tell her the truth and is shattered so she helps to persuade Tojo to turn over a new leaf.

14. Saori Nakane as Chiemi She is Dasuke's daughter. She is gullible to believe whatever Ryoto tells her to blurt out Daisuke's state. Kumiko has to hint to her to clam up. She gets into fights in the new school which she dislikes as people mock at her taking the MTR to school. She prefers to stay in her previous school although Daisuke transfers her here with lots of donations to keep up with high status.

Daisuke discovers what she needs and makes the change. She is initially frightened of swimming but later overcomes her fear. She is as firm as her mother to believe that her father will return home soon.

15. Daisuke's friends All sink into despair after retrenchment. Through this incident, they get their confidence back. One becomes a bookshop salesman while another works in the IT company. Thanks to them, Daisuke is able to search for information online without having to risk his life to go out to buy newspapers.

Most favourite character Kumiko, she is strong despite her weak outlook and also to instill this belief in their daughter. But all will think that she is stupid to beg Tojo to let Daisuke off. It doesn't move him but moves Daisuke's ex-colleagues to reveal Tojo's schedule so that his friends can kidnap him to give him a scare.

Most hated character Ryoto, she is capable but she is trapped by her own greed and jealousy to manipulate other lives. Moreover, this actress is wooden. No doubt this role is being deprived of emotions but why is she still this way when Daisuke hugs her before she goes to jail to offer her consolation? She should be grateful to him for not hating her after being framed for so many crimes.

It is only an average drama and is like the Japanese version of the movie' The Fugitive'. This is another drama that the two leads worked after 'Imouto Yo'. It is a bit weird for me as they act as siblings there but as a married couple here. It takes me some time to get used to it.

The bonding between Daisuke and his friends are splendid. You will feel that their feelings are genuine. However, I think Yuba's death is quite unnecessary. The producer just wants to squeeze more tears from the audience to create the melodramatic feel. They could have arranged the operation to be a success to prove his daughter has managed to break the curse. Why make her suffer again?

The part on celebrating Takshi's birthday also comes to me as a matter of fact. I feel neutral when seeing him doning on the sleeping robe that his mother prepares for me. Or am I immune to too many scenes like this? Mappo and the rest are more realistic. They are flawed in nature in some way but are levelled headed than the rest. The part where they try to protect their quarters is well done. They are not afraid of getting arrested to go on the street – they just want a place to stay and not a remote island that Tojo plans to desert them them to isolate them from the other citizens.

You may watch it but you might find it overly dramatic when Tojo is so firm to want Daisuke's blood at the beginning but to listen to his advice in the end. He gets his PM post and Daisuke is resigned to his fate to be prepared to be in jail for some years. Suddenly, Daisuke can make a speech for Tojo and he is now at the police station.

It is just too good to be true. It dwells too much on feelings. A villain is supposed to remain as one. Especially when Tojo shows no remorse all along when he still wants to continue his campaign t oseek support from his superior. Why stop abruptly when he has the means and power now? It certainly makes no sense to me and sorry, I am not bought over by the idea.

Acting wise, they are passable. Credits must be given to the two leads. Especially Kishitani Goro, who has to act many scenes in drity places. Not to mention about the escaping scenes which pose a big test to his stamina. He has really done well and proves that he can be a lead actor and is no longer a supporting actor.

Sukting's ratings :
On acting : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

On story : **1/2 (Scale of 5)

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